BTS (방탄소년단) 'Save ME' Official MV

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    BTS (방탄소년단) 'Save ME' Official MV

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    1. Des Malou

      Ayg kabalaka di ra ikaw galantaw ani mv karong tuiga... Daghan na ta!😆

    2. Civciv Kookiem

      Sırada Life Goes On Görüşürüz save me #ÇikolatamSeniÇokÖzledim

    3. Heal

      Love yourself Relay2887

    4. Civciv Kookiem

      Seni ve çikolatamı çok seviyorum Save Me #LoveFromAzerbaijan

    5. ლBTS fanboyლ

      Save me😘

    6. ლBTS fanboyლ


    7. ლBTS fanboyლ

      Maitri sis is here wow 😘😊

    8. Hurt me


    9. Hurt me

      Pls save me 😭🙏🏻

      1. ლBTS fanboyლ

        No sis

    10. Hurt me


    11. •Lila Yumeko•


    12. Putri Thalita

      Hi I'm from Indonesia, whoever reads my comments, I just want to ask if it's true that BTS will disband please answer no which means yes and please answer yes which means no, because I don't believe If BTS disbands, please answer in the comments🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭😭😭

      1. Putri Thalita

        @Hurt me what do you mean?

      2. Hurt me

        Idk 😟

    13. Irene T

    14. Vaso Vakouli

      Save me save me i knead your love before i fall

    15. Hana mhmd

      this song is legendary bts is legend

    16. Chim Chim

      It's 2021 and I still can't get over Jin wearing ripped jeans *; P*

    17. ⟭⟬I don't know⟬⟭

      Don't wanna be lonely just wanna be yours 💜


      Give me your hands, save me, save me I need your love before I fall, fall ~☆

    19. Syifa Zahra Dzakirah

      i really love this song

    20. Poupée de Chiffon

      B❤️💚💛🧡💜💙 BT❤️💚💛🧡💜💙 BTS❤️💚💛🧡💜💙 BT❤️💚💛🧡💜💙 B❤️💚💛🧡💜💙

    21. pimpam sister

      This song is out of this world I can never get over it especially when I am sad it's to good to be true i love it

    22. Yoongi is my Moonlight

      R2.28 - BTS, "Save Me"

      1. MXXNCHILD

    23. Francis Ryan PEREZ


    24. Helena Paguyan

      Me:In beach Not full screen Reading comments Using airpods Listening this song Sister:in beach Full screen Using gaming headphones Listening this song

    25. Soni Lee-mbo


    26. Helena Paguyan

      Omg there's a storm

    27. adyllh

      SAVE ME

    28. Aditi

      Me **listening to save me quietly** My father - what are you doing? **coming to my room to see what am i doing** Me - save me, save me~

    29. Jeon Junggukie

      Save me, save me... ❤❤🇧🇷

    30. Jeon Junggukie

      Tão perfeitos, eles realmente merecem a fama de hoje, e que cada dia ganhem mais, que Deus os abençoe, amém 🇧🇷❤❤❤

    31. anais marín

      Esto es ARTE!!

    32. Marinet Dyupenchen

      I thought it was I'm fine in the first place

    33. Sejal Soni

      Simplicity is best

    34. Diamond


    35. Sejal Soni


    36. Niurka Martínez


    37. Connect

      Love yourself Relay2887

    38. Sharon Lo

      I need BTS to save me

      1. 「기쁜쁭아리シ」

        18초 전 덜덜 😯

    39. hosoek's sprite

      I need ur love b4 i fall

    40. • Linh TaeKook •

      I am not here every day but I am here every week

    41. Mia Huh

      Just wanna be yours

    42. Jaimie McDowell

      2:53 namjoom STILL wrecks my bias

    43. Ana louise youtube oficial


    44. Ana louise youtube oficial


    45. Ana louise youtube oficial

      sucesso pelo conteúdo e paixão pelo trabalho

    46. Lily


    47. banana milk

      Anyone here in 2021?

    48. Bontle TSANYANE

      The song the dance wow

    49. Marga Rostand

      I love so much this song

    50. Anne С

      Perfect song Perfect dance Perfect MV

    51. Castiela No Itzel

      Escuchando esta canción me di cuenta de que en los momentos difíciles BTS estaba ahí conmigo, esta canción salió en la época más difícil de mi vida, ellos me ayudaron a salir adelante y sobrellevar mi tristeza

    52. tiya Sharma

      It was released on my birthday 🎉

    53. Jeon savage darshana

      Who is here 2021 💜

    54. Tya Rushton

      Really miss this old days❤✨

    55. да Омарова


    56. Good lisa Blink

      Listen to my heart beat.💓

    57. Good lisa Blink

      Why it is dark without you ~

    58. jeane808misc

      SaVe Me > 600M!

    59. Kochu

      I'm going in I need u TwT

      1. Kochu

        @Army ka_mela Ok

      2. Army ka_mela

        I'm am. Joining

    60. Army ka_mela

      I need your lOve before i fall~

      1. Army ka_mela

        @Kochu 🌚✊

      2. Kochu


    61. Kochu


    62. BTS Fanboyლ


    63. BTS Fanboyლ


    64. BTS Fanboyლ


    65. Kochu

      I want to cry 😭😭

      1. BTS Fanboyლ


      2. Kochu

        @BTS Fanboyლ This song is so beautiful 😭😭

      3. BTS Fanboyლ


    66. BTS Fanboyლ

      Save me😰

      1. Kochu

        I need your love before I fall fall~

    67. Lili Demeterova

      💜💜Why they got to be so perfect just why I 💜love them so much💜💜


      No les pasa que, ellos me salvaron de la depresión ✨✨✨


      Ya pasaron cuatro años Dios...

    70. Gissi

      Imagine how many armies come here everyday😳

    71. Phyo Nandar Htun


    72. Betsy Zaragoza

      Tan asombroso

    73. Ayesha Rana

      Legends are listening in 2021😂😌😌💜💜💜

    74. pri

      Save me hits different always

    75. Célio celinho

      Ora ue o V Taheyng ❤️ falou coru

    76. mariaan w jayunkuk

      ارمي اثبتو وجودكم 💜💜💜💜💜💜

    77. Creative Indonesia

      I LOVE YOU Taehyung:)

    78. Xxanam_playsxx

      This bring me tears

    79. Norma Meza

      Los únicos que me hacen sentir bien

    80. Fredrick Annan

      Bts should do a collabo with Chris Brown. What does the Army think?

    81. jeonjeykey

      Armys, if you have money can you buy their BE Essential album or deluxe ? Because in that way, dynamite could win 32st cup of music bank next week,, and if we buy more, more chance for dynamite to win the music bank and make dynamite as the song with most won cup in music bank! (Break the record of the most songs to win in music bank) I'm telling this for those who can buy the album

    82. yesi ovandoSamsumg J1

      son hermosos todos mas j hope mi bias

    83. Harraz Naufal

      *FACT* : Every ARMY's favourite.

    84. Maria Isabel Rodriguez

      Super army reportándose

      1. yesi ovandoSamsumg J1


    85. Tata

      Bitiésss eu amo vocês

    86. Karim Ali

      Best mv ever


      Who is here in 2021 👇

    88. Montserrat Chávez Orea

      El mejor video que se halla realizado en una sola toma 😍👌🏻

    89. Random Content

      Came back because this is the first kpop song i listened to in 2017

    90. Adele V.

      Bts is the only group at the moment that saved me and can do it. I used to listen to this when I felt lonely, when I was sad, during days when I used to say "jist end all of this" And during the nights, hoping not to die. Now I have so many memories and so much gratefulness for this song and bts that everytime that I hear it I cry. I cry so hard that I need to sit. Because I survived all of the things that I thought I wouldn't. And it makes me think that I'll survive again now

    91. KookieR


    92. babytetae


    93. madjid sebih

      2021 any one . I think l'm the last one

    94. Taku


    95. Hormidas Torres

      Me gustó la canción 💗,

    96. daeyapark

      My first fav bts song since i was 10 years old , i m 14 now but it still be my fav song😭💕

    97. Raghad Army


    98. Mary Contreras

      I love bts

    99. Hormidas Torres

      BTS 😍😍