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    Musical guests BTS performs "IDOL" to kick off a special week of performances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.
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    Közzététel: 3 hónapja


    1. Capsnow Starbuck

      We should learn from them! Love yourselves 💖🤗

    2. Us

      Love yourself Relay2497

    3. Abshar Kausar

      No words to appreciate their energetic performances..


      Просто тот факт, что они стали мужчинами и уже в том возрасте, стать отцами - просто убивает. Реально. Они так выросли...


      Живое выступление - всё-таки живое выступление. Так круто. Они ещё раз доказали, что они знают своё дело

    6. Kosar Samimi

      tnx btsssss

    7. Kosar Samimi

      tnx jimmyyyyyy

    8. Kosar Samimi


    9. Together

      Love yourself Relay2493

    10. Bangtangers

      Şarkıda Jin'in esamesi bile okunmuyor bu çocuğa daha çok part verilmeli Bighito...

    11. Louica Pyrophobia

      Omg how in the hell can sb have such an angelic voice.. damn jimin😭😭😭

    12. Sara Favotto

      THIS Jungkook

    13. Together

      Love yourself Relay2490

    14. Random person who likes anime

      ey yo Jimins growl’s so hot-

    15. Abby Rudh

      Aigoo jimin shi 😍

    16. BaNGTaN Army


    17. Deepshikha Upadhyay

      V"s running man running man and jimin"s you can"t stop me loving myself DAMN!!!🥵💜❤

    18. We

      Love yourself Relay2486

    19. Adriana

      This is one of my favourite performances ever

    20. Tracy Taylor

      I can literally watch BTS videos for hours and NEVER get tired. Appreciate every member, set the bar so high, no comparison 💜 ARMY 💜

    21. Zaidatul Ashirah

      BTS i love you ♥️♥️😘😘

    22. Ayse Ozturk

      Amazing I LOVE YOU BTS ❤️

    23. Fatema islam

      Nice... song and deanc

    24. 나는 나

      Watching this again after argument with Chinese about kimchi. Watching it after the argument makes me happy again just few minutes ago I was about explode. Met a 😇😇 in this video 😭😭😭

    25. Mashang !!

      3:33 heavenly~~Jimin. King of improvisation periodt

    26. Italiangirl27

      I'm 52 and damn straight I'm proud to be an Official Army✌💜these guys Kickass!!

    27. Diane Brunke

      The rest of bts: “so we’re all wearing black right?” Yoongi: “I’m obviously the main character so I’m wearing navy”

    28. nadee nuthsara

      Junkook is real attractive man.

    29. Asiacheetah

      Idol is such an epic diss track

    30. Love

      Love yourself Relay2484

    31. Burakhakkı koç

      Çok tatlı hepsi

    32. Valentina Petit

      Me: getting in my phone to see BTS Me:I see that they came out with a new video The look in my face: ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    33. Ranya Ganboure

      Tooooooop. BTS 🎀

    34. naisa alifia yuriza nay

      Kim namjoon Kimseokjin Min yongi Jung hosek Parkjimin Kim taehung Jeon jungkook Bts

    35. Silvia azam

      Why the picture is soo bad?😕

    36. Diya Shah

      jk's ponyyyy

    37. Disgust D

      THE OUTRO😭😭 And so proud of you bts💜💜

    38. Mr TvPc


    39. Dope Paraphies

      3:05 jiminssi you're so fine

    40. Krim Marwa

      Waaaaaw mazing BTS I l'OVE you

    41. Seoul

      Love yourself Relay2484

    42. BTS JK


    43. Barbara Tompkins

      Happy Holidays, and, Happy New Years:2021!!!

    44. Barbara Tompkins

      To love yourself!!!!

    45. Loveis

      Love yourself Relay2480

    46. Balmaceda, Sheila Grace L.

      Can we talk about how this has almost no backing vocals and they're singing live.......while doing intensive choreography??!!!!! Famous western groups could never!

      1. Accurate

        @Balmaceda, Sheila Grace L. 😂 BTS makes everyone get hyped

      2. Balmaceda, Sheila Grace L.

        @Accurate My bad, the performance kinda hyped me up a bit and I got carried away 😂 will edit my statement.

      3. Accurate

        I'm not from West but u shouldn't underestimate western groups. It'd be better if u say the famous ones cant

    47. Diyaa Gupta


    48. SBH

      3:06 I'm sad Why? Somethings missing Cos this is where the fans scream, the loudest,

    49. MOON

      I love this part!! I love how Jimin turn down his tone here. Here's the replay button for you army😌 3:33

    50. Eleanor Turner

      V is my bias... but JK is stunning here!😍 they all are!!!

    51. Megan Popple

      EPIC!!!!! 'nough said . . .

    52. Us

      Love yourself Relay2478

    53. BTS_ Army

      Jimin LOVE YU ❤️😘

    54. BANGTAN OT7


    55. Walawe Thusitha


    56. Rocio Flores


    57. Hervi jimin

      Jiminaa glorelnd florel flondenrens endhe mem Byers 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    58. You and Me

      Love yourself Relay2475

    59. Eleanor Woodchloe

      I love this song and choreography, but I keep thinking of Suga's arm when he dances. I love these boys, they are very professional in all their glory.

    60. Mary RG

      IDOL es una de mis fav wn

    61. 나는 나

      They look so good with korean traditional clothes hanbok and traditional palace. I'm korean and I don't look good in hanboks 😅😅😅Gotta love this stage.


      Ok but Jimins energy at 3:20 he stands out with his moves he gives his 200% that's why he looks like fainting after doing many stages he gives his all for his passion which is dance he always stands out in every stage due to his stage charisma A true Artist

    63. Deuzina Santos

      Gente o Jimin que tem a voz mais fino do mundo conseguiu fazer uma voz grossa tô até emocionada hoje tô chorando

    64. B S

      #BTS forever forever and forever

    65. minni

      One good thing about the pandemic Bts week on fallon

    66. Heal

      Love yourself Relay2471

    67. Bumblekook

      Here, where Jungkook’s wildest strated. The man bun, showing his chest, and the undercut...

    68. Del Rosario

      JUNGKOOK's hanbok is stunning, especially with that low neckline💘 His vocals is killing it as per usual too😂

    69. Erza Malfoy

      Can we talk about how Suga et Namjoon are beautiful in these outfits ?

    70. 호호

      다시봐도 또 봐도 최고!최고!!! BTS 최고!

    71. Peace Love

      Love yourself Relay2466

    72. sore si

      they're amazing

    73. zahra pay


    74. zahra pay


    75. Palwasha Ashraf

      Can't concentrate in my studies.😅 My day starts with bts and end with bts so my days are perfect

    76. Anushka Sharma

      Jiminaah 👉 u can't stop me loving myself. V👉running man running man Jhope woah you can never be replaced by anyone in this world.

    77. Connect

      Love yourself Relay2462

    78. Neo

      Jk 💜why so cute 😍😍😍

    79. LoveLove

      Love yourself Relay2457

    80. We

      Love yourself Relay2452

    81. maku 360

      The subtitles are no longer . Thanks

    82. Heal

      Love yourself Relay2449

    83. LaLimanturDanielle :D

      1:16 that’s the comment

    84. ducktan

      Powernya pada keren

    85. Haiddy Discua

      BTS using small amounts of auto tune?? YALL BETTER KEEP THIS AWAY FROM OLI LONDON

    86. Together

      Love yourself Relay2445

    87. The Scandal

      My favorite song from BTS is Idol

    88. Farwah Sattar

      Suga's dechewta outfit style ooo 🤚ooo🤚 ooooo🤚🤚🤚🤚

    89. Claire E

      맴버들 한복 정말 고급스러워보이고 예쁘다. 감탄 감탄....

    90. Cyra Hale

      this came into youtube one day before my dads birthday wow

    91. Monica Borah

      V kil me

    92. Eunice Pina

      Junkoh is swett

    93. G89VÀÑŃ6 Balderas

      THIS IS SO SHIT .🤮🤢🤣🤡🤡💀👍☹️👀🔇

    94. JENNIE


    95. Peace

      Love yourself Relay2440

    96. Us

      Love yourself Relay2436

    97. 박건호

      중국또 자금성에서 공연 하겠다 ㅋㅋㅋ

    98. Love

      Love yourself Relay2429

    99. J_ Ferdous

      Ok I just got bias wrecked by BTS😳