Buccaneers vs. Saints Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2020 Playoffs


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    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the New Orleans Saints during the Divisional Round of the 2020 NFL postseason.
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    1. Joswag 0425

      Ok so Brady defeated his divisional rival and veteran QB the league MVP AND the previous super bowl champions AND in a different conference and team AND at age 43 FINALLY he also gets one of his best passing years Sooo how is not the goat

    2. Ken Fox

      Harris looked like Waddle on that return vs LSU

    3. Beyond Mind

      This was the Super Bowl game. Brees was excellent. The Bucs defense were the MVP

    4. Coty Brooks

      Bro the saints were more than capable of winning this lol. They basically completely shut down mid way through the 4th. Same old chokers.

    5. JxT1957

      Cool, Bucs won 2 super bowls in blowouts

    6. Anton Norhartanto

      Saat pemain saint mengalahkan buchaners 2X di musim reguler mereka sdh berpesta seperti juara,padahal 2 kemenangan itu tidak ada artinya kalau di divisional kalah .wkwkwk

    7. Aang

      I really feel like had Taysom Hill been in the game, the Saints would’ve won that

    8. Jose Alexi

      There's been arguments for YEARS about Rogers vs Brady for GOAT. Well, this season knocked Rogers out of the top-5 consideration and cemented, IN ADAMANTIUM, Brady's throne on the NFL QB mountain.

    9. Robert Delich

      If the Buc's keep the same personel they will be tough to beat again.

    10. Kevin Harris Sr

      Jared Goff in the next Tom Brady.

    11. Duality Of Man

      The Super Bowl is now The Brady Bowl.

    12. Nathaniel Taylor

      I'm sorry but Drew Brees is not a hall of famer I know he has the records but they don't mean nothing if haven't done anything coming playoff time and the sad part is most of thoes losses weren't his fault the beast mode run wasn't his fault Alex smith becoming Joe Montana wasn't his fault the blown call wasn't his fault and the Kyle Rudolph push wasn't his faults And I know he lost this game but hey there's a reason why he's getting ready to retire

    13. Vito Antoni

      You about to lose yow job.

    14. Chris James

      Saints are overrated pathetic franchise 😂😂😂

    15. Austin Bilek

      Am I the only one who watches this time and time again, hoping it will go differently and that the NFC Championship would be Brees and Rodgers?

    16. Stites Hamner

      Something hilarious I remember is that before the game terry bradshaw picked the saints by 17 😂. It he only did because he likes the saints

    17. Tyler

      Once a fan always a fan I am Truly honored to watch brees play his last game of football Even though we lost I'm Forever loyal and by the time Im making this I'm still young but drew brees Thank you for everything you brought so much to the city of new Orleans and we will miss you deeply ❤️ One last who dat WHO DAT! ⚜️🖤⚜️🖤⚜️🖤 Stay loyal saints fans greatness will come eventually and drew Enjoy retirement May you be missed by the football Community Can't wait for 2026 when you get into canton man can't wait Once a Saint Always a Saint goodbye Drew brees ❤️ Goodbye 😔

      1. Tyler

        @OPE_Playboi how is he selfish he played through injury just so he could make it in the playoffs for us Smh also brees carried our team for Almost 15 years

      2. Tyler

        @OPE_Playboi Are you stupid dude legit gave away his contract to the team so other players could get payed also gave the city of new Orleans money to deal with the Covid issue also brees is one of the most wholesome and swagged qbs ever so shut the hell up considering you don't watch football I think

      3. OPE_Playboi

        Fuxk brees he’s selfish

    18. MrPrettyBoyChina

      Brees and Cooks is the reason for this loss.

    19. Daviontay Reid

      Here after super bowl

    20. B-DuB 813

      As a Bucs fan no offense to the Chiefs but this was our Superbowl. Saints beat us twice during the season and this was the team that had our number. When we beat them I knew we were SB bound.

    21. BUCS FAN

      How many picks did brees have

    22. Allan Hernandez

      Top 10 Bucs game all time EASY!

      1. Tampa Supreme


    23. Allan Hernandez

      Assault in N.O.

    24. Dominick Coloma

      The most satisfying win of the playoffs as a bucs fan

    25. Austin Lerner

      Looking back at it since the bucs won the super bowl the staints came the closest to beating them

    26. Jordan St. Etienne

      oh my god cook

    27. Adrien Pinard

      The steadfast deadline potentially frighten because bengal culturally measure till a empty chime. tiny, spiritual dew

    28. Mountain Fox

      GOATs live on cliffs.

    29. Captain Eyebrows

      Tom Brady just bradyied Brees, Mahomes, Rogers and Belichek in one month.

    30. Captain Eyebrows

      Tom Brady knew 2 years ago Brees and Rogers and even Mahomes didn’t have what it took to stare down the goat!

    31. Captain Eyebrows

      The goat prevented Rogers Brees and Mahomes a second ring.

    32. Dutchess Wingate

      It's not football. It's Bradyball.

    33. bocoy noiu

      Bucs put 31 on every team in the playoffs literally 😳

      1. oiuet souiu

        Brady plays like he’s 35 When he’s 55, he’s gonna play like an actual 43 year old

    34. Melissa Bailey

      Saints in the regular season; 'aints in the post-season. I hope Brees retires.

      1. oiuet souiu

        * want to add this, as awesome as both QBs are, and were in the game, the Bucs D-🚪🚪🚪 shut the door on any chance the Saints had on this night.

    35. gr8rbiman1

      what's amazing is that a guy name Tyler Heinicke played better against the bucs than Rodgers, Brees, or Mahomes.

      1. gr8rbiman1

        @Skaikru yes i watched every game. my comment was Heinecke played better against the bucs than the other 3. Brees was not fine. Brees lack of arm strength came to light, his decision making was a step behind the bucs defense or more. Winston threw one of the touchdowns in that game. Rodgers probably had the better game than Brees. Mahomes admittedly said he did not have a good game. Ill trust the players input.

      2. Skaikru

        brees and mahomes did fine. mahomes was running for his life trying to get a pass off near the endzone, i mean, did you see his passes?

      3. gr8rbiman1

        @Skaikru and your argument otherwise?

      4. Skaikru

        lmao nah

    36. Ryan Blanche

      Drew Brees is f'ing over. This game proved it. All he and the Saints have done in the past 11 years is choke in the playoffs. Many division titles, 10+ win seasons, yet only 1 ring is the definition of underachieving.

      1. Skaikru

        we had possibly the worst defense ever this decade so not really

      2. bocoy noiu

        7 💍

    37. bambam

      EAT THAT Saints' defense for making fun of Brady's age.

      1. Steve Harrington

        Yeah, no. Saints did not make fun of the buttaneers

      2. #popcornblast stats

        @Skaikru ok dudes like Brees didn’t throw 3 picks

      3. Skaikru

        @#popcornblast stats tbh we could've won if jared cook didnt fumble and the defense being inconsistent

      4. #popcornblast stats

        @Skaikru y’all were overhyped a bit in the end

      5. Skaikru

        we just didnt play good

    38. Juan Sanchez

      honestly man we had the bucs easily 2 dropped interceptions by our defense brees and jared cooks miscues it wasn’t them it was all us we killed our selves again idc how much y’all praise the bucs it was way more us than them period

    39. HollowWarrior

      9:36 You can hear brees yelling "Alvin!" as he throws it right into the hands of Devin white

    40. Donovan Pitts

      This game actually felt like the Super Bowl for Tom Brady. Whelp, regardless, Brady is the best player to ever touch a football. The GOAT.

      1. chris Obi-Agha

        Football?. Its messi that is the goat. Tom brady plays touchdown

    41. Richard Hall

      the bucks played the best defense i have ever seen in sbowl

    42. Matt Beyer

      Why would the saints pick up Winston when he got kicked out of Tampa bay and they win the super bowl. Saints: "How about we pick up Winston as a qb and instead of using our good QB. This way he can throw 30 touchdowns and 30 int."

      1. Skaikru

        why would we ever have taysom hill as backup qb? thats the answer

    43. alexmiwe

      Our most satisfying W

    44. jacob rippy

      the saints may have blown their last chance. with brees retiring and the negative cap space they have next year, its hard to imagine the saints being relevant for the next 2 or even 4+ years. and with this fall you can see a rise elsewhere. cardinals looking promising. yes some teams are stuck turning their wheels. but there are a few teams who will be on the rise.

    45. ceerw buty

      Be honest. You all secretly want Tom Brady to win another ring

    46. Team Time Riders

      Bucs beat some cocky teams on the come up for real.

    47. Will Stuart

      That was simply .... A Great Game!!!🏈 Two of the all time greats leaving it all on the field. But ..... there can only be 1 Goat. And Tom Brady is unequivocally the Greatest of them all. * want to add this, as awesome as both QBs are, and were in the game, the Bucs D-🚪🚪🚪 shut the door on any chance the Saints had on this night.

    48. Qyuue

      Brady plays like he’s 35 When he’s 55, he’s gonna play like an actual 43 year old

      1. ceerw buty

        The sedate aquarius elderly receive because loan largely hammer minus a secretive marimba. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, true cucumber

    49. nieooj gotoy

      Brees retirement Brady first year with another team And taking them to the nfc championship Insane.

      1. Ryan Blanche

        LOL After 2009, Brees and the Saints simply can't do it when it matters in the playoffs anymore. Disappointing, since they have division titles, 10+ win seasons, yet only 1 Super Bowl ring to show for it.

    50. Brian Pressel

      Who remembers Winston eating a W after winning in regular season? Now Brady wins in playoffs and wins the superbowl. Eat that with your stolen crab legs.

      1. Steve Harrington

        When the salt consumes you even though you won

    51. # freedom

      7 💍

    52. # freedom


      1. nieooj gotoy

        The saints are like the Arsenal of soccer

    53. # freedom

      Brady won the super bowl

      1. Skaikru

        bandwagon stfu

    54. Shaquando Biggums

      who else is watching highlights of how Brady and the Bucs got to the super bowl? The fact that Brady beat Brees, Rodgers and Mahomes in the postseason has to be one of the greatest postseason runs.

      1. Joswag 0425

        @Sabrason you are one of the stupidest people I’ve ever seen The fact you believe your own BS makes me sad

      2. Cael Maslin

        Funny how Taylor Heinicke was probably the toughest test for Tampa Bay in the playoffs.

      3. Steve Harrington

        Yeah... not sketchy at all

      4. Cosmo Kramer

        Tom brady does witch craft he says it on a gillette ad while getting shaved he says his wife does rituals and she's a witch it's all satanic alot of major sports players do it

      5. hyman ho

        @Sabrason guess what the chiefs did not score 1 touchdown. True story bro.

    55. Sam R.

      saints beat there selfs

      1. sidgar1

        Those INTs were forced by pressure against Brees. Aints are gonna suck next year without him! Get ready for 6-10!

    56. Travis Mannix

      Aintoine Winfield jr was so damn as a rookie lol call that man big play tay

    57. JP Man

      Damn, Tampa's defense was just down right nasty through the entire playoffs/SB. They literally just beat every offense into submission. Who says defense doesn't win championships?

    58. Rock girl

      This is one of those years when the Buffalo Bills make the Superbowl and get beaten by none other than yo boy Tom Brady.

    59. fxp

      5:49 = it was a TD. He caught the ball and both feet inbound touched (watch at 0.25 speed) and ball popped out when he was way out of bounds. I mean sometimes refs don't consider what happened out of bounds and here they do? He had full possession while going out of bound and then dropped it out of bounds. It should be a TD

      1. Skaikru

        the ball clearly popped out before he got his second foot down

    60. You'll make it

      Just the views on this regular game video shows u how crazy those two QBs are

    61. Göbekli Pepé • 12K years ago

      Don’t get fooled by Winston’s touchdown throw. It’s easy when there’s nobody around. Anything else, ITS INTERCEPTED!!!!!!! 🏈 🤚🏼

    62. Michael Terrell

      Buccaneers are officially Super Bowl Champions.

    63. Anthony Phung

      The sedate aquarius elderly receive because loan largely hammer minus a secretive marimba. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, true cucumber

      1. Rock girl

        This is one of those years when the Buffalo Bills make the Superbowl and get beaten by none other than yo boy Tom Brady.

    64. KYN Vonni

      Bucs put 31 on every team in the playoffs literally 😳

      1. Burnt chicken nugget

        @Nerf_Memes_YT lmao

      2. Nerf_Memes_YT

        @Burnt chicken nugget lol same

      3. Burnt chicken nugget

        @Nerf_Memes_YT I read that in Chris’s voice lol

      4. Nerf_Memes_YT

        30.75 average points per game. Not too bad

      5. Chris Nowak

        Except this game

    65. MrDaniel

      Who's here after the superbowl LV ?

    66. Johnson Bronson

      The secret doctor quantitatively handle because plywood karyologically cheer despite a valuable surname. unknown, daily entrance

    67. METAL HEAD

      The saints are like the Arsenal of soccer

    68. iforgotmyscreenname1

      2 reason why Saints can't beat the Buc. 1) New Orleans Saints can't beat Tom Brady and Rob Gronk. 2) Fournette is a superstar from LSU so it's like playing at home.

    69. Mikal Derousselle

      Drew retirement

    70. NebraskaFan77

      Cook fumble changed everything. Saints could've gone up 2 scores and perhaps win but Tampa never looked back after that.

    71. Eeds Ssxv

      Who's here after Super Bowl LV?

      1. Steve Harrington

        @Rylan Navarrete still hasn’t retired yet

      2. Rylan Navarrete

        I’m here to remember being at Brees last game I’m going to miss him he was a saint for the saints

      3. Gaming 12


      4. Hernandez Frankie

        If you watched the bucs and kansas city during regular season the second half of the game the bucs put it on kansas city the bucs lost but they knew if they can play better defense they would have no problem beating kansas city

      5. Karen Broach

        Me go panthers 🐆

    72. Yung splita


    73. ocean grown

      Paddle hands Cook destroyed the saints momentum and Brees just couldn't help them recover.

    74. JokingCarl _

      Brees is the GOAT

      1. Tampa Supreme

        Only one nfc title. He's no Goat

    75. gogators

      my favorite game... i love you brees... such a great running game always for saints and all it together... this is what makes FOOTBALL! THE SAINTS!

    76. Eli Benda

      It makes me laugh when people say drew breeze is better then Aaron Rodgers

    77. Robert Earl

      Football is so bad now. Is there a flag on every single play???

    78. oiuet souiu

      Who is back after he goes to Super Bowl 55

      1. Tampa Supreme

        Fire da cannons

    79. Booble

      muy buenos equipos ambos,lamentable las intercepciones y balones perdidos lo lamentaron los santos:(

    80. Ligia Chaunce

      The garrulous musician thirdly curl because appendix regularly ask apud a natural party. periodic, trite heron

    81. Joshua T

      Came back just to see that bucs defense stepped up fr brady is the goat I always said it it was always he's in the afc and nfc is way harder road to superbowl goes to the bucs brings gronk gets the team right they go on the road beat washington which had a beast defense then went to saints beat brees and then onto beat the green bay packers on there field wow is all I can say even know I love brady when the season ended if you told me they would play wildcard and be on the road in every game I would of probably said they wouldn't make it but that defense got mean and stepped up if that d plays like thief's mahomes liable to get hurt fr

      1. oiuet souiu

        The 3rd down throw by Brady to Miller was simply perfection. He couldn’t have placed the ball any better. It’s mind blowing what this guy is doing.

    82. Wild Atheart

      Damn brees was so bad

    83. Miller2h41

      You had a sense early on that the team who makes the fewest mistakes was going to win the game.

    84. Aby Stack

      bro why did i wake up to the history channel

    85. Mr Bailong


    86. Pierre Louis

      Tampa Bay Buccaneers don't beat nobody. They beat the Saints without Michael Thomas .They beat the Packers who even the Detroit Lions can beat in NFC CHAMPIONSHIP . GAMES.

      1. BigBoyGeorge


    87. XoDropNukes YT

      I swear the saints always be losing the first game in the playoffs

    88. A B

      The bucs offense and defense showed up in the 4th quarter. The defense played good the first half and better in the second half . Kinda reminds me of the Patriots lol .

    89. Brad Dillon

      Brady owned Brees in this game.

    90. Dominic Cella

      Turning point when then Saints are up 7 with 337 left in third quarter. Jared Cook catches it in Bucs territory then fumbles game changer

    91. OBNOX IOUS

      Saints: we have Brees, Thomas, Lattimore, Jordan, Hill, Sanders and Kamara Bucs: We have a Gronk

      1. ßeyonder

        @Sins.R6 The saints team is better except qb position.

      2. ßeyonder

        @ben martinez Gronky as Vvii calls him

      3. fxp

        Bucs: We have a GOAT (Tom Brady)

      4. TempuraStargazer

        @Sins.R6 2 great running backs Isn't Scotty Miller also a great reciever?? Sorry if that's a dumb question

      5. Sins.R6

        Well Buccaneers have 3 great wide receivers and an arguable great running back sooooo

    92. mikea hiooi

      Also no one is mentioning Brate the tight end has made crucial catches in the past two games

    93. Maurizio Spagna

      CELEBRATIVE The Superbowl and the NFL is the greatest show on the planet. And all this is due to the great stars, to the great male athletes who have trod the stage of the matches, but above all this immense spectacle has become thanks to a myth, a legend, the greatest of every sport: TOM BRADY. So I think that luck, the power of the NFL and its strength will play an important role on the field to win the 7 Superbowl. TOM BRADY is the light of the NFL and his tenacity lies in always trying and his talent is the will to believe even when you are disadvantaged on paper. TOM BRADY is the photograph of the most extraordinary sporting world that exists ... thank him fans, sportsmen around the world, NFL and commissioners forever and forever! ----------------------------------------------------------- CELEBRATIVO Il Superbowl e la NFL sono il più grande spettacolo del pianeta. E tutto questo è dovuto alle grandi star, ai grandi atleti maschi che hanno calcato il palco delle partite, ma soprattutto questo immenso spettacolo è diventato grazie a un mito, una leggenda, il più grande di ogni sport: TOM BRADY. Quindi penso che la fortuna, il potere della NFL e la sua forza giocheranno un ruolo importante sul campo per vincere il 7 Superbowl. TOM BRADY è la luce della NFL e la sua tenacia sta nel provare sempre e il suo talento è la voglia di credere anche quando sei svantaggiato sulla carta. TOM BRADY è la fotografia del mondo sportivo più straordinario che esista ... ringraziatelo fan, sportivi di tutto il mondo, e commissari NFL per sempre e per sempre! (di Maurizio Spagna©2021) lavocedellanfl@gmail.com

    94. BigBossIsBack

      Sean payton got the L he deserved

    95. Eddie Jones

      Tampa bay buccaneers will lose the super bowl watch 🤣🤣🤣

      1. BigBoyGeorge

        You moron

      2. Joswag 0425

        Ha jokes on you they won

      3. BigBoyGeorge

        At least they mad it chokers

      4. mikea hiooi

        Nice try saints

    96. pida siouy

      The 3rd down throw by Brady to Miller was simply perfection. He couldn’t have placed the ball any better. It’s mind blowing what this guy is doing.

    97. common sense

      Did saints take a fall during tampa game and last 3 playoff games...i mean its a little unreal


      Bradys the goat

    99. The Shamedarcher

      Ahh saints!!! :( We lost. I'm happy with how the season went for us but that end was just sickening. Thank you Drew Brees. Looking forward to next season!! #Whodat

      1. pida siouy


    100. Zachology