CallMeCarson and Katerino: THE AFTERMATH

Andrei Terbea

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    Over the past couple of weeks, all hell has broken loose with Carson, Katerino and Fitz, along with all the secret boyfriends popping up like mushrooms. Today we take a look at the entire situation and try to make sense of it all...
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    1. Andrei Terbea

      You guys brought to my attention that I didn’t have the full picture when speaking about the “4th boyfriend” (a.k.a. IWillDominate) It seems that he’s a well known streamer with a large community on Twitch, and it was ignorant of me to assume (without doing the proper research) that he was just seeking attention. I always try to be fair and impartial when covering stories like these but this time I really blew it. I appreciate you guys calling me out when I do a poor job, and I will take this as a lesson to do better.

      1. Beowulf

        Do the call me Carson jail drama

      2. NimeNom 2886

        This guy is such a role model Humble, kind and doesn’t like to take sides

      3. bill cipher ツ

      4. Sugar_

        Respect man

    2. Langshen Shiu

      Love your videos Andrie 😄🤗

    3. Anneliv

      This aged well, didn't it?

    4. dinnis danny

      Oh my god what a slu-poopy

    5. 4gility

      Love how Wilfur is in the image of Kate’s boyfriends

    6. Leila Kemboi

      I love this channel

    7. The king Dedede

      1. Rileyman69

        @The king Dedede lol

      2. The king Dedede

        THATS why

      3. The king Dedede

      4. Rileyman69

        Why lol

    8. aesthetiqski

      lmao they really FINESSED us with this shit.

    9. Chloe Pereira

      This drama is dumb

    10. より駅ケelise ;;

      This entire comment section didn't age well..

    11. Zeapsin

      If you scroll bellow you'll likely see "this didn't age well" everywhere.

      1. Francisco Pereira

        i don't think they know what that means

    12. HedgehogGaming

      carson = gaming pog kate = no

    13. Joshua Michaud

      I think the “lost and Confused” was just her wanting to get more d

    14. Heroflame

      Man, why has this been getting loads of views lately?

    15. Miroslav Daniel Roshal

      Which is worse: Windows XP source code leak or CallMeCarson DM leak


      2020 was wild

    17. Dat Irish Knox

      Lol he don’t deserve any pity tho

      1. 1 month ago

        This was from months ago

    18. Owais Shah

      Well I don't think callmecarson is a the best dude anymore

    19. Isak


    20. brando1001

      tbh i don't care how damaged she is, she damaged a multitude of other people for something so common in morals that she can't even admit she's wrong. Obviously, no one wants her to get to the point in which she seriously harms herself, but she deserves every bit of criticism for what she's done. Her heart is not worth more than Carson's.

    21. Samuel Doherty

      Well this didn't age well

    22. Duck Smile

      Well this didn't age well did it

    23. Chase Andersen

      It wasnt cancelled culture as much as it was all her veeuwers not liking her for obvious reasons

      1. WhyThisYT

        I’m having a stroke reading this.

      2. Mason Witham



      This didn’t really age well so Disgusting and yikes made so many people angry these two guys not fair

    25. Ransell Ramsaroop

      To all the people saying poor carson in the comments. I hope you still feel the same way

    26. MckCheezy

      Honestly i dint agree with canceling someone allow her to make content but I m not going to watch it or share or anything like that and I hope many others do the same i wont share to tarnish her name and i hope others do the same but at same time everyome at this moment I hope she changes but until I feel she has and you personally do also I say avoid her until then

    27. Henry Hooper

      Call me incarcerated

    28. Hannah Nicole

      Knowing what we know now about carson (especially the narrator drama) I think carson made it public to hurt kate n fitz on purpose 😐

    29. Nathan Clark

      This has aged like milk

    30. The yeetmuffin inc. Project

      This didn’t age well

    31. yolka

      fucking punished

    32. Nate Myrick

      I don't even like carson

    33. iiCamaxtli

      Can't believe people give a crap about streamer drama. Super cringe.

    34. Jenne Kim Jung un

      Apparently, 17 is Carson's Lucky number.

      1. MachoBrochacho 69


      2. Big Niccc

        Ooooh my days 🔥

    35. Anelk


    36. Gaming Plus

      This video did not age well.

      1. Aaron Hawkins

        i literally just said that.

      2. Fenny Foxy


    37. Tiny Mouse


    38. Kitsune

      Well this didn’t age well

      1. Oceana Yilmaz

        Hantsubomi Oh, well that's sad to hear. I'm a little surprised... Thanks a lot of telling me, I appreciate it. :)

      2. Hantsubomi

        @Oceana Yilmaz Apparently he is accused of (sexually) text a minor 2 years ago, the girl was 16 or 17 I think? And he was 19 he was practically legal at that time so the whole thing is illegal. And Carson confirmed it. Also the girl was a fan of him and people are hating on him because he used his popularity to 'manipulate' her. Sorry, this is all I know by now, you can also check on Twitter or Tiktok, the whole thing is there too. Hope I helped!

      3. Oceana Yilmaz

        Hello! I previously was a fan of Carson, I haven't watched him in a while. What happend while I was gone?

    39. Bernardo Santos

      umm, are you touching on the new *thing* about... well... you know

    40. Kit Kat


    41. Lman Boi

      O U T D A T E D [PS] now there is 7 and im a year late

    42. William Arens

      This comment section aged well

    43. CoolbonnieXD

      Omg i thought this was from 5 4 days ago lol

    44. Mr. Sandman


    45. Ale B

      Don't believe her, dude. She's just lying. You're smarter than this, and this is the first video I've watched from you, but your channel seems live a very good channel, Andre, and I want to keep watching it. But don't believe her lie that she's dealing with mental health issues. Don't believe that lie, man. You're smarter than that. Anyways, happy Sunday!!! :)

    46. untitledcatz

      Oh boy-



    48. Rain

      the final message of callmecarson didnt age well uh...

      1. Dykurt

        lmao u stole from my tongue holy shit

    49. Luke Chambers

      bro with the recent stuff with Carson being exposed this is in a new light

      1. 1 month ago

        @Gh0st you should watch Schlatt’s video dude.

      2. kyoto

        @Gh0st they were never dating to begin with tho

      3. F-A4 Survival Military Shovel Kit

        @Gh0st why did his friends abandon him?

      4. Gh0st

        Yes, but the guy has been through a lot his girlfriend cheated on him, and his friends abandoned him

    50. Fneffy

      This is not a gamer moment

    51. Mirmo14

      In the future callmecarlson's career gone down

    52. Dt Dylan

      Is this a Jared from Subway?

    53. T8bit

      dang it

    54. Ditry

      "sort by, new"

      1. Fenny Foxy


      2. Bernardo Santos


      3. Dykurt


    55. ParanoiaMMIV

      half these comments aged like milk sitting out the fridge

    56. Ian Reynolds

      Depersonalization doesn’t cause you to manipulate others. It makes you feel detached from yourself and reclusive. It makes you feel like you’re body isn’t real. Also it’s caused by clinical depression left untreated or other neurological disorders. As a person who suffers from it makes you feel incredibly numb and feel like you’re watching a movie of yourself in your head. That’s the best way I can describe it. Depersonalization ruins relationships because it makes you withdrawn not a lying cheat. (Edit)

    57. JustPlainKenny

      We all came back after what happend

      1. Hantsubomi

        yes sir

      2. Danny Toons


    58. UrAvgCopperV

      Funny how this is recommended to me after the Carson underage shit

      1. Alvaro Munoz

        @Gh0st no

      2. Danny Toons

        @Alvaro Munoz it’s exactly like the age of a high school relationship

      3. Gh0st

        @Alvaro Munoz still illegal

      4. Alvaro Munoz

        He did nothing wrong. The girl was 17 and he was 19

      5. Danny Toons


    59. Silent Massacre

      There is more callmecarson drama, new video pls

    60. Yeet Yeer

      dam if I was her I would break up with the other boyfriends and stick with callmecarson

      1. Sulfurical

        Have you not heard the drama.

    61. Szymon Borecki

      You call out people for seeking out attention and here you are covering someone elses drama and telling everyone publicly that it should be dissolved privately. The hypocrisy of this video is strong.

      1. Gh0st

        @Szymon Borecki you are making so many different points

      2. Szymon Borecki

        He acts like this is some kind of lesson for us and he is the right teacher

      3. Szymon Borecki

        I expected covering of the drama, which I got, but I did not expect narrator to patronize anyone, especially for seeking out attention and telling everyone to stay private, when he himself did this for views and brought light to this matter.

      4. LLama & Sophia Productions

        its a drama channel what do u expect -_-

      5. Szymon Borecki

        I hope you will come back to this video someday and see this

    62. Yipyqp

      aaaand we're back

    63. Aditya Chaurasia

      This Comment section didn't age well.

      1. Joe Stone


    64. hbenabda 1

      This didn't really age well, yikes

      1. Bernardo Santos

        specially after knowing what was happening around this time

      2. Богдан Чупрынин

        Yep, now Carson knows how to establish a healthy relationship

    65. G G

      Looking back at this I'm glad that what happened to Carson actually happened.

    66. Gio Peregrin


    67. BruhBoi ._.

      Well this is complicated

    68. Team Cringe

      Who’s here after Carson hits on a minor 😂

      1. OscR

        He had hit on a minor before this when he was 19

      2. scott Stiglich

        That makes two of us

    69. Chad 4341


    70. OverLeague

      What I just don’t get (with recent info) is why did Kate and Fitz make apology videos/tweets?In Kate’s apology she states that they weren’t dating and now with Carson ALSO saying they weren’t dating, thus confirming that they weren’t together in a relationship, only a friendship. Now also with Anything4Views’ tweet, Fitz also knew that they weren’t dating and was given the ‘all clear’ to get with Kate. So with all of that info, my question arises again. Why did they make apology videos/tweets? They could’ve defended themselves and state that Carson is just setting his fans against them and that it was perfectly fine for them to interact in any sexual way.

    71. Woobat Studios

      Boy were we wrong

    72. pokee

      Callmecarson and kate were not dateing fitz asked carson if they were dateing and carson said no the they smashed so kate did not cheat on carson

    73. Cluskcull The angel dragon

      I’m gonna agree with you with a thumbs up lol

    74. Kaden boi


    75. Sam The X

      Where’s the 50 people making unoriginal jokes about Carson being groomer here?

      1. Богдан Чупрынин

      2. Ineeddatpizza

        way more than 50

    76. ღMiniLilღ

      this aged poorly

    77. Bonnjust


    78. BreadGod

      Um this aged differently

    79. HamzIsAThing

      And here Carson is In the wrong

    80. GM 221

      Who's here... Actually, you and I both know god damn well why we're here. I shouldn't have to say it.

    81. gamedevperson

      I Came To Say This Was Fake. Fitz Asked Carson For Permission To Hang Out With Katerino. Carson And Katerino Were Never A Couple. Carson Is Straight Up A Bad Person. Katerino Lost Sponsors. Fitz Lost A Year Of Money

      1. Fenny Foxy

        @gamedevperson thanks

      2. gamedevperson

        @Fenny Foxy Keem Star

      3. Fenny Foxy

        Wait where did ya get the information??

      4. gamedevperson

        @BushBoyBilly I Know

      5. BushBoyBilly

        @gamedevperson My point was that the video wasn't fake

    82. Amwot

      well. *this comment section didn't age well.* (btw im talking about the CallMeCarson allegations if you didnt know)

      1. CreeperSwag

        I figured lol

    83. Chib

      8 months later, here we go again

    84. Lemonchips

      I just whish Carson is okay rn.. the current situation rn . Um that guy needs help .

    85. N_Aerial

      too bad they werent really a thing, fitz for the win i guess

    86. Ava LeGarde

      these comments did not age to well

    87. Randybnubz

      Welp. Kate and Fitz don't seem so bad anymore.

    88. Sadinator

      Hahahaha. Ha. haha.... yeahhh.. So uhm. about that- *Sweats in what's happening recently*

    89. Ma Ab

      Wow Carson is awkward LMAO

    90. Yehia Rizk


    91. maayan depicciotto

      Do u think he cheated on kate with a chil

    92. That Guy Named Rai

      this vid hits different

    93. Mr Gavino

      Make a video about Carson now

      1. King James Dela Cruz

        @thanos uhhh, accusation of grooming a 17 yr old? I dunno just search it out

      2. thanos

        What happened with Carson?

    94. BLACKFIRE _X

      Majority of the comments in this video about Carson didn’t age all that well.

    95. Anumoss

      Oh no Carson

    96. Cyl

      The information from carson's last statement didn't age very well. What was SkyDoesMinecraft's joke? "Why is it so difficult for people to just be a minecraft youtuber without being a f···ing pedophile?" (Edit): Actually the joke was more off than I typed. "Can you explain in detail how to be a minecraft youtuber without being a pedophile?". I thought he cursed. My bad.

    97. Carton Waffle

      Looks like it’s time to come back to Carson

    98. Bumbling Beez

      This didn't age well :(

    99. Milan Edwards

      The informaton is only entitled to the parties involved shpeel can go for carson now tbh