Calm Your Anxiety


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    0:00 Forgotten
    2:07 Unwind
    4:22 Metanoia
    6:28 Sine
    9:08 homesick
    11:32 Last Lights
    14:11 Cloudburst
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    'Far From Reality', a collaborative album by german beatmaker @Trxxshed and his colleague @Lomtre.
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    #lofi #chillhop #jazzhop #jazz #sad

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    1. NEOTIC

      More relaxing music 💜

      1. fuk Yoo

        As soon as I read the description, saw the "ad bumps" I cringed.

      2. Criterion

      3. Roman Wasyluszko

        @Shane Oehler I like Last lights

      4. tired heathen.

        Can we use this tracks in our videos?

      5. James Gierz

        @Jeremy Maldonado yo

    2. Plenny Williams

      Umm I’m not depressed or have anxiety I just like the chill vibes

    3. S I M O N E R E Y E S

      the reason im here is because im almost finished with my junior year and thinking about moving away to college and leaving my mom and sister makes me so anxious. I feel like i need to be there for her forever and never leave. i really am trying to stay calm but that day is going to come and i just cannot make up my mind about how to take care of this. i know i am suppose to live my life how i want but i just have reoccuring thought that theyll die while im gone and ill never have them again. while im at college i could have been spending all that time with them. if anyone has any advice pls reply

    4. sonico kkj


    5. Brayan Fernando Hidalgo Cruz


    6. Noah A

      Super chill mix love the title

    7. kehys jr

      when will the pain go away bruh it’s been 5 months :(


      NEOTIC: Calm your anxiety : ) Me: set on 1.25

    9. RF • DEVIL

      It changes my life dog ! It did .

    10. Robee Borromeo

      Felt good listening after my anxiety on online schools lmao

    11. Josh Basson

      Empty I feel so goddamn empty.

    12. Country Girl

      Have to listen to this at work........all the time smh

    13. vsagarika dutta

      I feel really alone sometimes.. But then i come here.. And see alot of ppl like me too..

    14. Zuritona

      I just wanted to go to a quiet place, just look at the stars and not worry about life, but I realized that this thought is not ideal.

    15. Maddilyn Kline

      I know this has nothing to do with anything but I am drinking warm lemon water with honey because I have a cold rn. HA! BEAT THAT STUPID COLD!

    16. Random Zen

      Cloudburst has some Silent Hill vibes to it

    17. 유동다리

      Can somebody cheer me up? It feels like there is this giant hole in my heart.

    18. mak makmak

      as a guy who live in a constant state of fear and misery, this playlist did calm me down thx

    19. Taihou Dorimichi

      I know people are saying to be happy and live life happier. But, Me? Hah, you know even if you die, you don't know what happens. Either you reincarnate, go to heaven or hell, or speak to god to forgive you from your sins. I'm not saying to kill yourself and see what happens. But, for me, i'm saying im giving up but my *heart* is still saying "whatever you do, as long as you live, there is a chance you'll still have a happy life even if you don't realize it. So, if you say you give up, you still have more chances left. Imagine life is a game, you give up on a boss level and your heart is telling you to beat the boss so you do whatever it takes to grind and level up. Then BOOM! You defeated it. It's like there are levels (year old) but your speedrunning life, thats why you get to the hard part already. Why don't do the side quest? They levl you up! So you help your mom, clean the house, get a part-time job. Thats what i call a side quest. And when your level has the possible to defeat the boss (this is based on how old you are), you're done with the game. But don't think its over, there is more to go. Live happy and smile. Even you give up theres a chance. Just like how the other comments are telling you! FINALLY DUDE! This took way too long to write. If you read these until the end, read the end part beginning with the "Live-"

      1. Taihou Dorimichi

        Also, this took the same time as the video and i didnt edit it. If i have any spelling errors, let me know.

    20. Ms Duck

      ow man is god tank you

      1. Ms Duck


    21. Logan Durrant

      The first one and the second one got me like 💆😴

      1. Logan Durrant

        As in a love em

    22. Amy Wang

    23. JTTV

      Anyone need someone to chat to??❤️🙏🏼

    24. Kyra Max

      THANK YOU. I'm finally calm after roughly 2 hours of dealing with my anxiety.. my eyes are literally crying the whole time and i don't understand. I felt all the tensions all over my body. It's 4am now and i'm just calming. Thanks to this. 💌

    25. coyotekaioh

      I've seen a lot of comments here and i like to share my slice of cake too. I'm italian and hope you will understand everything i write down here. I was 16 year old when i lost my beautiful dog by tumor, he had one in many part of his body and i still smile and cry when i think about him every now and then, he was my best friend, no, my brother. He was there when i cried when i felt lonely when i felt happy... he was the best person nor dog or friend he was my brother that dog and i still miss him. Then when i was 17 yers old i lost my grandma... she was like a mother for me, she had a tumor on her face and her family didn't help her very much. I loved her like a mother and i still think about her, the little things the time we passed together, even if that time was raining we still looked up for a lil walk, god i still miss her and i will forever. Hope you can understand me guys don't forget the name of the ones that really love you because the bad and good times passed together will still remain in our memory. Now i'm studying so i can go to the university. Look back every now and then and remember you are doing it for them.

    26. pepyq

      why the fucking bart simpson, send love

    27. •Alguien• ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

      um I feel that everyone loses their feelings in the comments✨🧚‍♀️

    28. Kim Phuong Dinh

      I have no issues but I’m still there to chill

    29. Elias Machado

      fuma um beck q passa

    30. Otro Usuario

      Esto realmente me está durmiendo, buenas noches

    31. Floating Head ASMR

      Feels like I’m in a different world. My own world. And it’s so much better

    32. Arknite

      Got hit with covid and I’ve been suffering from panic attacks due to it for the past 2 days now, and this song really helps me get through some of my panic attacks, thank you. Hope people who are going through things like anxiety and such feel better.

    33. Abijah Tsoi-A-Sue1.1

      I use this for gaming to help me not rage when I die and also I'm kinda happy but when I listen to lofi hip hop I get sad and it hurts me bc I feel lonely but yet I like to be alone so no one would have to harass me Who else listening to this in 2021?

    34. jayclapzzonYT

      Nice stuff really smooth:)

    35. Tomi Santillan

      Keep Calm and Carry On

    36. EscapeFromStress

      Very beautiful🌺🌺🌺

    37. Sarah Cohen

      When we where little we wanted to be invisible I guess it happened

    38. Sarah Cohen

      Dear whoever is reading this I’m here for you. Even if we dont know eachother its ok. As long as you get a nights rest, eat and drink enough, and have a few happy moments. It’s gonna be ok 🤍🤍🤍🤍

    39. Sarah Cohen

      It’s weird that strangers i don’t know know more about me then my family/friends

      1. S I M O N E R E Y E S

        sometimes its hard to tell them the truth.

    40. Franciely Freitas

      today i wasn't answer a question, and this push me to my bad thoughts about the future of my career. if you understand how like is, just know you're not alone. all this must pass. even this moment. trust me. take care yourself and drink water.

    41. A Cup O Meiulk

      who ever is reading this I think your pretty cool

    42. Isadoraʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      Mó paz 🍃

    43. Alejandra Muñoz Rodriguez


    44. KoNut

      emotional/mental exhaustion 40 hours a week someone end me

    45. H4L0 TR00P

      iim going to kms

    46. Tihamina Andria

      🥰🥰love it 🙂

    47. sodapop sunrise

      i wish i could give you words of comfort that will convince you that things will get better. i cant. im still going through a really rough time and its only getting worse. all i can do is hope that whatever you're going through hurts a little less. i hope that for all of us. when all you see is darkness sometimes a flicker of light is all you need.

    48. Tamera Ray


    49. ruben fernandez

      thanks you, it calms my anxiety by videogames :)

    50. Mr Hide

    51. Chillax Beats

      Hey you. Yes you. random person that I will never meet. I truly hope that you will find happiness in life. Today is going to be a great day.

    52. lian perez


    53. Whitefang Silverpack

      Okey, here we are.. Life can be tough, I know, I'm living it. And I'm fkn willing to give you this words for free, so you get some feeling that unexpected is around and "the end" that we sometimes see, it is not so much "the end" as we imagine or feel. Breathe dude, breathe, we are not fkn alone even when we are. And our sadness could be a fair price for having getting to know true happiness and real stuff. Breathe, and now watch again a bit further away from the picture, and feel the calm getting in to you, as you soften your bond with the ego, almost without noticing.. breathe, and catch the vibes to run to the runway again, don't feel any debts and set on your marks, reenter is for free, and it ain't over till is over... if it ever ends.

    54. SoFårFromMė

      "I'm grateful and I'm griefing"

    55. lovely army’s home

      I listen to these songs and drink glue. I'll probably die soon.

    56. Somebody named Sam

      I've been very anxious about my health and death. This helps me, thank you.

    57. Somebody named Sam

      These comments make me teary, maybe the internet isn't so bad at all...

    58. blocky guy

      c a l m a n d r e f r e s h y o u r m i n d . f o r g e t t h e p a s t . l e t g o a l l y o u r p a i n . l e t t h e f u n i n t o m m o r o w b e g i n s . y o u a r e l u c k y t o h a v e a l i f e . y o u a r e l u c k y t o h a v e t h e s e d a y s . p r a y f o r p e o p l e w h o d i e d t o o s o o n , n e v e r h a v e a c h a n c e t o s e e t h e w o r l d . p r a y f o r p e o p l e w h o h a d s u d i c i d e , n e v e r h a v e a c h a n c e t o e n j o y t h e j o y o f t h e i r l i f e . b e p o s i t i v e .

    59. Solid Stake

      Hey You! Yes you with tear stain. You are going to make it whatever it is. I dont know how shitty your life is right now but i know that your soul is not gonna give up. Be strong the dude/girl whom i dont know.

    60. Bea Bianca Bruel

      srsly..i was having a mental breakdown just a few hrs earlier then i search for these kind of music then fell asleep

    61. Xinyi Jing

      well now im listening to this song and I really dont feel anxious and panicking anymore. its helping me have less anxiety attacks also why shouldn't I commit suicide? (advice in replies)

    62. Philippe Cirse

      I'm not the only one making great music ...... Try me¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 👏

    63. Merry Grace Tanay


    64. kieran d

      Needed this anxiety aside I find stress is a nightmare of it's own especially when you're balancing mental health to boot it's like having toothache and getting kicked in the teeth during it

    65. Afiza Sarwari

      hi you. yeah u. i care and can relate to how you’re feeling. cause it sucks sometimes. but we’ve got this. okay?

    66. Nate Perkins

      My anxiety gets really bad from around 12pm-5am until I can finally stop shaking and keep down water, keep yalls heads up and never be afraid to open up about your problems 🤘🏼❤️

    67. Jonny Messele

      Hey, if you feel down and that there is no point of anything, I want you to read this and think about it for some time: If there were no negative numbers, then positive numbers wouldn't exist. There would just be... numbers. If there was no night, then the day wouldn't exist. There would just be... time. If there was no death, life wouldn't exist. There ould just be... being or existence. If there was no sadness, then happiness wouldn't exist. There would just be... neutral emotions. Now I want you to think about that a bit longer. Without bad, there is no good. The reason you are feeling this pain is because you know what peace feels like. You have been relaxed before. Think about what made you feel that. That would bring nice memories and all but most importantly it would make you remember how you were happy. That's what will help you through this. You would realise that there is another possible feeling. Everyone in this comment section probably feels what you're feeling and they all love you including myself. I don't know exactly what you're feeling since you have probably been through a lot. And you are very strong for that. Don't let your mind trick you into thinking you are weak. I promise it will get better. Trust me.

    68. Jonny Messele

      Forgotten was really peaceful haha. It made me feel so safe and comforted me so much that I broke down and cried but I'm fine haha. I'm fine

    69. Jonny Messele

      I don't want to die. But at the same time, I'm tired of life in general. I want to... unalive. Not die. I'm not suicidal but I don't want to live. It's hard to explain. I'm sick of life but not sick enough to die. Just unalive :/

      1. Jonny Messele

        @Blu Thundar That's exactly how I feel

      2. Blu Thundar

        you want to live but not in this life

    70. confusion shokoshokoshoko

      You encounter many hopeful people willing to endure the pain in hopes of a better life It fills you with *DETERMINATION*❤️

    71. confusion shokoshokoshoko

      Chew gum while listening to this, it will help you feel a bit calmer! Human brain is programmed to feel like there is no danger when you're eating, so the anxiety may get a bit easier to handle :) stay strong💐💐💐

      1. S I M O N E R E Y E S

        thank you so much for this. helped my night

    72. moon

      Idk any of you but I hope that everything works out and I want you to know that your not alone and I love you and so dose the people around you

    73. bcmcameron

      Its tragic that there are so many people in the world who feel almost exactly the same as 'we' do - and yet we haven't been able to connect and solve our loneliness. It should be so easy - but it's not.

    74. moon

      Ngl this help so much it put me to sleep

    75. Lizz`

      Now I feel more lonely

    76. Johan Roodt

      The weak breeze whispers nothing the water screams sublime. His feet shift, teeter-totter deep breaths, stand back, it’s time. Toes untouch the overpass soon he’s water-bound. Eyes locked shut but peek to see the view from halfway down. A little wind, a summer sun a river rich and regal. A flood of fond endorphins brings a calm that knows no equal. You’re flying now, you see things much more clear than from the ground. It's all okay, or it would be were you not now halfway down. Thrash to break from gravity what now could slow the drop? All I’d give for toes to touch the safety back at top. But this is it, the deed is done silence drowns the sound. Before I leaped I should've seen the view from halfway down. I really should’ve thought about the view from halfway down. I wish I could've known about the view from halfway down-

    77. Furious Hawk

      Trxxshed is so talented. Y'all need to go Subscribe the Channel.

    78. Jakegeg

      I’m sorry I’ll do better next time

    79. Юсуфбек Жорабеков

      So much beautiful 😥😥 I'm sad too

    80. bp_revolutionbts

      Listening to this while we are having recitation with our teacher online because anxiety strikes again

    81. aLivingSacrifice

      this pandemic made me realize i have depression lamaw

    82. Annie Williams

      Me: *types out entire paragraph about what Im going through* HUfast : *deletes the whole thing in the middle of me writing it* Me: Not even HUfast wants to hear about it huh...

      1. S I M O N E R E Y E S

        nah youtube is just dumb it happens to me too

    83. Joseph Nguyen

      I don't feel ready for the red side yet.

    84. Thalia Derbyshire

      Reminds me of Tanjiro(demon slayer) lofi from dei x dei

    85. KnotSocial

      I feel calm until the adds happen

    86. Filippo Vassallo

      Sometimes, life is too fast to realize what is happening and this makes me feel helpless

    87. DooR.

      Ahh yeah. That’s the vibe right there.

    88. Lazarus Murphy

      oh heck yeah, love it neo!

    89. sans

      I'm scared.... I'm scared of the future... that reason is Nobody lives forever.. anybody I care about can die and have a limit to their life... My mom changed my life alot... without her I would stay depressed.. *What if they all die? what if i'm all alone? i'm scared...*

      1. Yaro

        don't be scared, just enjoy the moment being w ur mom, that's what matters bro

    90. Thousand

      Idk why but I been working out to this even tho it’s not fitting for what I’m doing

    91. Dolbo

      Sounds so depressing yet so calming

    92. Lilly Levine

      i just feel.... i cant explain it

    93. Andrej Tutko

      This whole comment section is a beautiful place and shows me that people on internet can be nice

    94. Solitario Slowed

      One never without' the other

    95. ItsNinjaFreek

      hey neotic the first song ( forgotten) can you show me a link for just a 1 for that or tell me how?

    96. ᑭᖇEᗪᗩTOᖇ

      Много лет слушаю такую музыку но так и не знаю какой это жанр музыки

    97. Yasayan

      There she goes again.. my teacher talking to the class.. I feel its on purpose... if not than she really needs to learn how to reword things, I always either cry or get a panic attack when she says we'll fail school or sumn... it hurts and that might be the reason for my crying late night and panic attacks almost everyday ... I hate it..

      1. Yasayan

        I'm scared....

    98. Angel Trejo

      Is anyone else just tired of have to do school or work because personaly am just so stressed out i dont want to wake up in the moring i dont want to get up i dont want to to thru the consent stuggle of worrying about school about worrying about what i will become in life im sacred that i will get viewed as i disappointment that people will think that im lazy and that i dont want to do anything with my life its a mix of fear anxiety and sadness but also madness since i to am disappointed that i cant get my stuff together i dont know what i want to do when im older people tell me to study that thats only way to be secseful in life that thats the only way to make money and have a good job or start a family when in reality its no... You dont have be good at school to become secseful in life its not mainly education but its the effort that you put into become a good person in life that beliving in you self is still important but yet knowone understand they never do... And thats what im sick of. I just want to close my eyes and go into a different reality where the world is peaceful and theres nothing to worry about. And when i sleep that where i have my only escape from reailty thats were my dreams take me where i want to be life is to difficult i dont want to have to worry about anthing i have so much weight put on my shoulders that i wonder how much of that weight is mine to carry but i know and have trust in God that hes making me experience this phase in my life for a reason. Because he knows everthing im going thru because he is the only one that understands what i feel and what i will turn into." The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another" -William James

    99. GABE RYAN

      anyone in a eft game on interchange going for killa??? or just me