Can Intel Beat the Ultimate AMD Gaming PC?

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    Today, we find out which manufacturer, with an unlimited budget for the rest of the PC, has the fastest CPU for gaming.
    Intel Build
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    AMD Build
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      i wish i had a gaming pc

    2. GameStudio

      All dislikes are from Intel fanboys

    3. laveenr

      still remember him saying the same question but with amd, times change.

    4. stephen davis

      What do they do with the pc ?

    5. That1_kid 124

      wish pewdiepie

    6. Technology

      Can you build me a desktop

    7. TuffleGirl UwU

      Amd already calling it

    8. M p

      really you should have used the 6900xt with the 5950x since it has smart access memory. my 5900x with 6900xt at 5c out performs the 5950x with 3090 on that same godlike mobo.

    9. SR Millar

      5800x beats 11900k also lol

    10. Κωνσταντίνος Κοροκίδας

      That's why next gen consoles prefer AMD.

    11. Big Basher

      buying the most powerful gaming PC... to play Roblox...

    12. edgaras seredzius

      Intel cheaper... Cooler temps, less power consump... Sad that linus advertising just amd even if its crappy

      1. Radplay

        "Cooler temps, less power consump" Yeah, right, especially 11th gen lmaooo It's cheaper because 1. Silicon shortage 2. It's bad and not a lot of people buy it "linus advertising just amd even if its crappy" Hmmm... If AMD is crappy, why does their stock sell out every time it becomes available?

    13. Justin Terry

      What do you do with the pc's you build?

      1. Radplay

        They tear the builds down to use the parts in the future

    14. Oh?You’re approaching me?

      any way i can get 1 of them pc's ????

    15. LONE WOLF

      with the masks on? smh stupid lol

    16. 369

      @Linus Tech Tips wanna send me the Graphicscard ?

    17. StarGazer

      i need some help on picking out some good only parts

    18. St1lts

      With Microsoft Direct Storage, you can now load GTA 5 2% faster.

    19. Eric Enache

      if only I could get a pc that good :( My cpu throttled when it reached 100 Degrees C to about 80% its performance. DO I need to change the thermal paste?

      1. Eric Enache

        @Blahdimir thx a lot! Gonna do that!

      2. Blahdimir

        could help if your pc is over 5 years old

    20. Ibrahim Arif

      You can get a ryzen thredripper which is much more powerful and its 3000 dollars

      1. Radplay

        Threadripper isn't meant for gaming.

    21. Jim Page

      How would these do for a video editing setup (using premiere)? what would you change if anything?

    22. Grzxm

      What in the hell do they do with all these pcs they build

    23. Hot Wolverine

      In our country we get ryzen 9 easily .

    24. Knox

      Me being a person that does much more than gaming with my gaming setup I'm probably going with amd just for the sheer better general performance also render times with amd cpus are a lot better though I only render with the GPU

    25. Phoenix TD

      God I miss tinkering and slowly upgrading my build..

    26. Jay Lipovsky

      Who the hell plays Rock Paper Scissors and throws on Scissors instead of shoot?!

    27. FeedMeSalt

      waitis 3600 14 really that wild? i got a 3000 at 3200 14 right now 130$

    28. Nicollas [more than wards]

      and I'm here just trying to get money for a 11400f and a b560

    29. Bivor

      If I can buy one of them ... In dream

    30. Concerned Citizen

      Lose the face masks.

    31. J-F B

      bought my Antec PS 850W (best i could find) in 2008 and its still overkill in 2021.

    32. ItsWasowski

      does anyone know what benchmark test they use to see the temps and stuff

    33. Paulo Jorge Araujo

      What happens to the computers you mount? Do you sell them?

      1. D7ag0nX Playz

        They get disassembled to use the parts later

    34. signor don

      wanted to see the multithread showdown

    35. peter c

      What is best for gaming 11700k or the 5800x?!

      1. peter c

        @Radplay What motherboard is best to pair with the 5800x that is from 180 to 220?

      2. peter c

        @Radplay Honestly I hardly ever upgrade that is why Im thinking the 5800x might be the better choice. But then again maybe games will skip needed 8 core and go straight to 12 or 16? Then itd be better to get the 5600x now and later upgrade to a 16 core. The fact is I dont really care to upgrade ever unless theres a game I play that needs it...I play overwatch, starcraft 2, hollow knight, and games that dont really require much cpu power or even gpu...My current pc plays every game I want pretty well. Games like cyberpunk i hold off on until its fixed & cheap...I just got around to playing doom eternal & my pc played it really well at 1440p...I honestly enjoy building a new PC so its been so long since Ive built one that Ive got that itch & with the newer consoles being 8 core newer games will need it to play well.

      3. Radplay

        @peter c Depends on how long do you want to have the PC without upgrading. Zen 4 and beyond will be on a new socket (AM5), so you'd have to buy a new motherboard. At the same time, motherboards with this socket will most likely support DDR5 RAM, and it will take some time for DDR5 prices to stabilize. And in the future, games should get updated to utilize more than like 2 cores. The 5800X is faster in single core, so it might give you some more FPS. The 5600X is also a solid CPU. You won't lose much performance, and (if you haven't got one already) you can save the money for a graphics card, since the prices are still crazy. TL;DR If you want a better Graphics card, go for the 5600X If you want more cores and a bit more single core performance, go fo the 5800X

      4. peter c

        @Radplay the 3600 comes only in cl18. The 3200 comes in 16 on bestbuy. BTW now im debating whether to just get a 5600x instead of the 5800x. I read they are back in neck in all games. I'm guessing games don't yet utilizing 8 cores? What do you think considering they are 100 to 150 dollars difference in price

      5. Radplay

        @peter c Yes, that would be good (if it has B550 or X570 chipset). Also, CL16 ram would be better. Even if it was 3200/3000MHz, you could overclock it later.


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    37. Buddysnipes

      so in CAD currency the 5950x goes for around 1149 and the 11900k goes for 739.... almost the same gaming preformance... its funny how AMD grew in popularity for being an affordable alternative with almost equal in performance to intel but now intel is taking that category in only one generation. Sounds like AMDs ego grew over night XD. Productivity though AMD all the way. However, Intel i think is the best option for gaming when it comes to value and availability

    38. Mason911

      i have the Ryzen 9 5950x / rtx 3090 in my computer and im happy with it , a beast of a cpu/gpu , i dont regret it!

    39. mazz's maker space

      I think I'll stick with my Intel i9 9960X. Even though it's PCI-E 3, I have lanes, without going AMD.

    40. Origami Boy

      I love how good the transitions are for the sponsors

    41. Ayaz Ahmad

      I wanna steal that AMD pc 😫😫

    42. Yoongilover 22

      Times i wish i was linus to get the computer

    43. Gianni Chavez

      watching them talk about all the specs and stuff makes me feel stupid

    44. Urmas K

      I've realized that GTX1070 OC-d up to about 1000Mhz MEM 100Mhz GPU is quite good for almost all games. In 1k..

    45. Urmas K

      You have 200% more GPU-s than we have.. unfair.

    46. Sharcnad0

      Sad that a chip shortage happens just as AMD takes the crown. I bet they would have surpassed double their current market share if it weren't for shortages.


      All thanks to *Mightycracks* for the unlock 🇱🇷!!


      All thanks to *Mightycracks* for the unlock 🇱🇷!!

    49. furycsgo

      i prefer the way games look on the intel setup, anyone else do the same?

    50. Brend Caluwe

      i like to come here to confirm my bias for my amd stocks

    51. Daniel Kočiš

      Give me one pc please

    52. DertBlock

      team AMD click here to join the gang ↓

    53. The Flume Unplugged

      WHAT! intel being cheaper! impossible

    54. Pepe

      Btw Linus voice like duck

    55. Pepe

      Amd now is beeing intel 👍

    56. Jon Mann

      So can u see the difference without fps counter side by side

    57. Poultry Pants

      I didn’t even know “high resolution audio” was a thing!

      1. teehundeart

        I mean with high resolution graphics being a thing it makes sense

      2. Abirah Amaya

        It's high quality

    58. SilentStorm

      Just amd need a fastest gpu as well

    59. Cam Acoustic

      I'm sticking with my intel celeron

    60. Alaqmar Indorewala

      If you cut this person's hands he won't be able to talk

    61. Mystic

      Funny this is, you need to work hard to try and hunt down a Ryzen 9 to even buy, unlike intel.

    62. Jesus Christ

      Without even watching the video to be spoiled I bet the Intel is slightly better in gaming but Amd cpu is better at everything else such as streaming and so on. The cat is out the bag. Most people prefer Amd because most people use their computers more than just for gaming. Intel is dying and that's why Amd's stock is going up because more ppl going with Amd.

      1. noXLar TheBoss

        maybe watch it then, or look here 13:55

    63. S

      I wonder who uses the computers and other tech that they review. I can’t imagine some people needing the kind of beefy setups they are making.

    64. theserialki11er

      How do i have and the amd and the intel

    65. Skinny ASSC

      intel won. cuz csgo is performing higher there.

      1. Skinny ASSC

        yeah yeah now you guys gonna cry like u have 800hz monitor? u have 900hz monitor? I don't have, no one has ok. It is what it means aight.

    66. jarheadthemessage

      you guys look so stupid with your mask

    67. Scotty MSU

      The monitor look better on the Ryzen CPU... Intel.. bad dog.. go back to your dog house

    68. Rh3t0r1c

      Linus! Slow down m8, you look knackered on some of your videos. Yer gonna burn out! Take a break, relax on beach somewhere.. you can afford it ;-)

    69. reywind 88

      Amd is more expensive, and newer. No new gamer intel came out yet.

    70. Maaviah animation's

      Love ❤linus

    71. xd Warmonger

      10:22 143Hz???????????????????

    72. TUBE TWINS

      Everyone’s literal dream

    73. Zach Kelly

      Ur bottle necking u need 2 3090s!!

    74. ReviewsUnder5

      meanwhile im watching this on my intel i7 2600 sandy bridge.. 🤔

    75. sherwin brathwaite

      "cuz everyone has an unlimited budget"

    76. Mark Timmins

      Does anyone know what software they are using to monitor temperature and bottlenecks at 9:53?

    77. Srijan Mitra

      I feel jealous watching this video with a ddr3 memory and i7 6th gen processor with intel HD 520 graphics ;-;

    78. Richard Stroud

      Sorry I got 5950x for $799 at micro center and the 11900ks are on Amazon for $750 so a difference if only $50. This is the reality of price difference not MSRP difference so the best thing to do is just buy AMD and forget Intel for now.

    79. all guns blazed

      Lol intel.

    80. muhammad zaky

      Free pc pleaseeeee

    81. Amir Redzuan

      10:43 I see what you did there Jake.

    82. Xe N

      lol the funny thing is that i have been team AMD for like.. 12 years now, used to like them for the price now i like them for performance

    83. Sinan Dinç

      gg intel fanboys, you can cry in the corner

    84. SnakeSolidPL

      Linus- "We're going for apples to apples comparison" Also Linus- "This is not apples to apples comparison"

    85. SMR0M

      yeah amd is the best lol but im on a budget so ill stick with my 9400F

    86. Choose The Red Pill

      Where can I buy something like this?

    87. alfredo salinas

      intel isnt in the dark side ...actually is in the death side

    88. BenjiPlayzGamez

      Bruh this makes me cringe like use an amd gpu for extra performance

    89. Adam Time

      dudes get your shots.

    90. Blizzero

      if you were running quad channel memory amd would win even more

    91. andrey vachve

      Linus SEND me one of them pls do a giveaway to make a poor gamer happy!

    92. Toni Decker

      Intel loss...every one knows it but intel fanboys still cant believe it!

    93. David Rains

      needs more 6900x vids and a 1080 ti waterforce video

    94. Christochat

      It's supposed to be the best of each, not the latest

    95. Fact Boy

      Linus I want a pc 🙏

    96. T0M3k _

      and me with i3-5005U ;(

    97. miekikem akoma

      wich one was at the left

    98. Thanny

      By choosing a 3090 you've already compromised for below-4K gaming, where the CPU is more relevant.

    99. Danielsen 55

      Why can t i run games with more than 50fps? i got gtx 960 and intel i5, please help..

    100. BlueLazerYT

      us over here trying to get a RTX 3090 Luis over buying all of them