Classic Trance Anthems Mix | From 1999 to 2001


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    1. William Orbit - Adagio For Strings (Ferry Corsten Mix) [1999]
    2. Da Hool - Meet Her At The Love Parade (Hooligans 2001 Club Mix) [2001]
    3. Mauro Picotto - Lizard (1999 R.A.F. By Picotto remix) [1999]
    4. Lange - Drifting Away [2001]
    5. Ayla - Liebe (ATB Mix) [1999]
    6. ATB - 9PM (Till I Come) (Signum Remix) [1999]
    7. Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave (Albion Remix) [1999]
    8. Art of Trance - Madagascar (Ferry Corsten Remix) [1999]
    9. Vincent De Moor - Eternity (Forever) [2000]
    10. Chakra - Home (Above & Beyond Remix) [2000]
    11. Kamaya Painters - Far From Over [1999]
    12. Push - Strange World (2000 Remake) [2000]
    13. The Morrighan - Remember (to the Millenium) (Lange Remix) [1999]
    14. Peran van Dijk - Good Time [2001]
    15. Vincent De Moor - No Hesitation [2000]
    16. Ayla - Ayla (Veracocha Remix) [1999]
    17. Svendson & Gielen - Twisted [2001]
    18. Binary Finary - 1999 (Gouryella Remix) [1999]
    19. John Rees vs. Helios- Beta Blocker (Jr Trance Mix) [1999]
    20. Ian van Dahl feat. Marsha - Castles in the Sky (Wippenberg Remix) [2001]
    21. Foggy - Come Into My Dream [2001]
    22. Yahel - Voyage [2000]
    23. Veracocha - Carte Blanche [1999]
    24. The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia (En-Motion Remix) [1999]
    25. Airscape - L'esperanza (Svenson's Goes To The Love Parade Mix) [1999]
    26. Lightforce - Join Me (Club Mix) [2000]
    27. Travel - Pray to Jerusalem (Euphoria Mix) [1999]
    28. Barthezz - On The Move [2000]
    29. Orkidea - Unity [1999]
    30. PPK - ResuRection (Wellenrausch Remix) [2001]
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    1. DelasTrance

      EDIT: The first option won, so here it is, the second part of the 1999-2001 Classic Trance Mix!! >>


        It's beautiful ❤️ the Trance classic.

      2. Craig Bennett

        2 zero cycle Sr

      3. Миланче Митић

        ppppppp .

      4. hardtrance goa channel 1995 - 2003

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X-Dream - Ghost The Art of Trance - Octopus (Man With No Name Remix) Disco Volante - Moonraker (Man With No Name Remix) X-Dream - Do You Believe BLUE PLANET CORPORATION - (PLEIADIANS rmx) Liquid Flow - Tribal Vision Ianuaria - Tree of Life " - Into The Outside " - Psywalker Sunstryk - Question Of Sylence Binary Finary - 1998 (Protoculture Rmx) M.I.K.E. Push - Estivate M.I.K.E. presents Plastic Boy - Deep In Your Heart M.I.K.E. - Sunrise At Palamos 2009 (Gareth Emery Remix) Protonica - Symmetry " - Exoplanet " - Reactor " - Airflow (Live Edit) Hypnoxock - No Time To Cry Martian - Liquid Structure Sun Project - Luna " - Under Control " - Dance of the Witches (Mix) " - Simplicity " - paranormal " - The Awakening " - 380 Infected Mushroom - None Of This Is Real Astral Projection - One (Original Mix) " - In-novation Alloy Mental - We Have Control Mr Oizo - Flat beat Heckmann - Global Native Emmanuel Top - Turkish Bazar (Thomas P. 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D-Sign - Visions of Love Rexanthony - Equinoxe Party Revil O - Lost My Angel DJ Weirdo - Pump That Stupid Bass (Happy Rave Mix) Color Box - Indigo " - Grey Spook (Eastside Mix) (Westside Mix) " - Goldfish Bypass unit - Nanosphere courier PSYGONE - Twisted minds Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Ring Tarsis - Ectoplasma Plug 'N' Play - The Best Moguai vs. Magoo - Lowgo Infected Mushroom - Dracul Shiva Shidapu - Diffusion Dark Soho - The Fusion Evolver - Legacy (Trance Mix) Caucasuss - Jade Exlex - Trip To Interzone Instant Zen - Astral Community (Astral Mix) Pablo Gargano - Eternal NRG " - Everyone's Future Audio Science - Skydiver OSAKA OZ - Real Nightmare Komakino - Beyond your Dreams (Microbots remix) Aqualite - Outback (Philantrophic Mix) Cenith X - Feel Reysan Khan - Shi Du (Legend B Remix) Act Of Fear - L'Esprit D'Amour " - Care (Jam & Live Version) Legend B. - Lost In Love " - End Of A Season (95 Remix) " - Lost In Love (Meteor 7 Remix) " - Lost in Love (Container United Mix) Dj Sammy and Yanou feat Tomcraft - Loneliness Heaven The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia (Ferry Corsten Remix) Cj Stone - Don't Look Back (Energy Vocal Mix) Megara vs. DJ Lee - Dance (Dima Krasnik Remix) Darren Styles - Shining Star (feat. Molly) Force & Jack Speed ft. Lisa - Whenever You Need me (Darren Styles Remix) " - Break Of Dawn (Scott Brown Remix) " - Written In The Stars (Squad-E Remix) Stargazer - Ultimate High (Breeze & Styles Remix), + (Cube::Hard Remix) Dougal & Gammer feat. Jenna - Lose Me Forever Eclipse - 24-7 (Breeze And Styles Remix) Brisk & Ham - Angel Eyes Breeze & Styles - Your Shining Push - Strange World (2000 Remake) Vaishiyas - Confusedanced Kai Tracid - Your Own Reality, + (Vocal Mix) DJ Sammy - Boys of Summer Laava - Wherever You Are (I Feel Love) (Extended Dance Mix) (2002) Fragma - time and time again (Extended Mix) " - you are alive (Extended Mix) DJ Sammy - Appalachian Fall Saltwater - Strange (Alphazone Remix) Alphazone - Immortal Quadran - Eternally Quadran Feat. Tasha - Unlovable Mat Silver - Memories (Original Club Mix) Mind One - Only Memories Project Medusa vs. Exor - Moonshine (DJ Lee Vocal Remix) Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Break The Light (Vocal Mix) Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat Natalie Gioia - My Heaven (Original Mix) Yanou Feat. Do - On and On (DJ's @ Work REMIX + HQ LYRICS) DJ Sakin & Friends - Protect Your Mind Groovezone - Eisbaer (Viper Remix)

    2. Ski Skeetinurmouf

      Enough of the covid comments please! I come to this music to escape the insanity of the Zionist regime. Please leave your covid comments to yourself. Thank you; staff.

    3. belle chasse no 54

      Better than all the tik tok rubbish kids listen to probly don't even nkow haw Hitler or uncle pual is

    4. Alex Martin

      This first part is from platoon!

    5. Jeannine Gräwert


    6. İlker İrşi

      Ruhuma iyi gelen daha farklı bir şey bulamadım şahane mix

    7. Chris Urzua

      Takes me back to a time I had no worries. I can’t count how many raves I went to, but each one was always magical. A time in my life that I will never forget and always put a smile on my face.

    8. Peter Jex

      It’s good to know @ 64 other people my age are still listening to trance

    9. Yura Ksk


    10. The streets WILL ride

      A timeless classic, anyone else remember peaking their first time to this abum?

    11. Lynx

      I was 9 in 1999 but it would have been pretty cool to experience this :)

    12. Emilio Gonzalez Pastoriza

      HOLA 🖐️ AQUÍ 🇪🇸 UN AMIGO 🖐️

    13. Darren Helman


    14. Laid Back

      If this don't get you high i dont know what will

    15. Clayton Payne - MLC Physics Tutor

      love this kind of trance. and today it's helping me study for circuits 2 lol

    16. Noor's Biology

      00:00:00 William Orbit - Adagio For Strings (Ferry Corsten Mix) [1999] 00:03:06 Da Hool - Meet Her At The Love Parade (Hooligans 2001 Club Mix) [2001] 00:07:50 Mauro Picotto - Lizard (1999 R.A.F. By Picotto remix) [1999] 00:09:58 Lange - Drifting Away [2001] 00:14:15 Ayla - Liebe (ATB Mix) [1999] 00:18:06 ATB - 9PM (Till I Come) (Signum Remix) [1999] 00:23:13 Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave (Albion Remix) [1999] 00:26:40 Art of Trance - Madagascar (Ferry Corsten Remix) [1999] 00:30:08 Vincent De Moor - Eternity (Forever) [2000] 00:34:44 Chakra - Home (Above & Beyond Remix) [2000] 00:39:35 Kamaya Painters - Far From Over [1999] 00:43:30 Push - Strange World (2000 Remake) [2000] 00:49:05 The Morrighan - Remember (to the Millenium) (Lange Remix) [1999] 00:55:16 Peran van Dijk - Good Time [2001] 01:01:02 Vincent De Moor - No Hesitation [2000] 01:05:55 Ayla - Ayla (Veracocha Remix) [1999] ***** 01:09:35 Svendson & Gielen - Twisted [2001] 01:15:55 Binary Finary - 1999 (Gouryella Remix) [1999] 01:20:00 John Rees vs. Helios- Beta Blocker (Jr Trance Mix) [1999] ***** 01:25:06 Ian van Dahl feat. Marsha - Castles in the Sky (Wippenberg Remix) [2001] 01:27:35 Foggy - Come Into My Dream [2001] 01:33:10 Yahel - Voyage [2000] 01:38:03 Veracocha - Carte Blanche [1999] 01:43:00 The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia (En-Motion Remix) [1999] ***** 01:48:28 Airscape - L'esperanza (Svenson's Goes To The Love Parade Mix) [1999] 01:53:53 Lightforce - Join Me (Club Mix) [2000] 01:58:40 Travel - Pray to Jerusalem (Euphoria Mix) [1999] 02:02:52 Barthezz - On The Move [2000] 02:08:33 Orkidea - Unity [1999] 02:12:13. PPK - ResuRection (Wellenrausch Remix) [2001] In case u might have lost the list in comment section 1:19:56 BEST TRANSITION

    17. sehun Yi

      words wont describe how good

    18. Mister Cool

      yahel-voyage best :D

    19. Ricky Wilson

      I miss my chosen family so much I'm 41 now but this mix brings back memories of joy & overwhelming happiness. The light will return to it's people stay safe everyone with all ❤ Ricky Wilson 😍

    20. Werner Schmid

      Das ist ein unglaublich schöner und geiler Mix mit viel Gefühl und Herz ❤ gemacht man fühlt sich in der Zeit versetzt man möchte nur davon schweben und den Gefühlen freien Lauf lassen und Tanzen Danke für diesen absolut guten Mix Meine tiefe Hochachtung weiter so Du hast es drauf 🙏👊👍😘

    21. Trance Privilege

      Really good Job , great music drive !!!

    22. Rodrigo Rossie

      I'm a metalhead, but I do love a good trance rave every now and then. I especially love the ones where people are singing in them. Stay metal, trance fans!

    23. Noor's Biology

      beta blocker clearly wins out

    24. Flow da Beat da Funk Music Label

      das gute daran ist , es war sooo vielseitig das sich mein Tape aus den 90ern völlig unterscheidet von dem hier

    25. Flow da Beat da Funk Music Label

      das ist mal nice

    26. g r

      What a song💯👍💞🎇

    27. Mach1 Q

      Ah the nostalgia

    28. MrTubeityourself

      Best listened with the volume up

    29. Damon Clark

      First choon on the album....Kevin and Perry go large! love that film

    30. Javier Pinilla

      Desde Coquimbo Chile presente

    31. ulises Vazquez

      musica de superprimer nivel

    32. Jim Thompson

      You crack on mate and keep on raving. Still young at heart ❤️ One love brother

    33. FullstackJack

      Wait a minute, classic trance? How is this not just a timeless genre of music? What the heck is so different about new trance? It can't be any better than this, because this is the best.

    34. FullstackJack

      Trance fills my head with visions of cars with aftermarket stereos that dance blue lights in the dark of the night as their drivers hotbox while parked behind warehouses. That was really what my friends used to do, now you just can smoke weed legally. Come to think of it, that was really dumb, we purposely put ourselves in a motor vehicle with possession of weed when we could have just stayed home. Luckily that was like 20 years ago and we never got busted.

    35. Zelyone

      A definitive era for Trance.. and will NEVER be forgotten!! Thanks for this mix 👌

    36. Unkle Frank

      Outstanding 🙏

    37. fishy 0000

      who loves the KLF

    38. fishy 0000

      i love been stuck in traffic, booooom this gose on and im a happy chappy

    39. fishy 0000

      just look how many of us old uns still love it,

    40. fishy 0000

      im 55 and i love all this stuff, BOOOOMMMM

    41. A Free Zaphorogian Cossack

      This is a great mix!!! Will definitely be swimming to this with underwater earbuds tomorrow morning! Trance is so compelling you start swimming to the beat even if you don't intend to!

    42. Иван Шишкин

      It's been amazing....

    43. Alex Hancko

      painting+sunset+this mix=ultimate happines

    44. kerry trigg

      7:30 and all is well in the world - wonderful mix!!!

    45. Andrew Mcmanus

      At night rave near the guards compartment naked with a blue light!

    46. Stuart Wilson

      You mix these in so well 👌👌👌

    47. Stuart Wilson

      Its not easy mixing classic trance like the old 1999 tunes and mixing for 2 hours as well wow 😉😉 thats amazing mate and i mix classic trance too and i always get the shiver when i mix the next trance tune in and this mix is just like that and wow keep it up bro you have my upmost respect everytime ✊✊👍

    48. Stuart Wilson

      Wow what a mix of classic trance anthems mate and i really love Kamaya Painters Endless Wave and Far from Over amazing and its so good to hear something different like this mix and too be honest 2.4K thumbs down thats awful and keep it up mate your awesome pal and i really love this mix so many memories with all these classic trance tunes 😊😊😊😊😉😉😉😉

    49. Phil Cleverly

      Was going through a marriage break up these tunes got me through it

    50. Jamie Froud

      One thing I always notice, everywhere on the internet, it’s thumbs down and negativity.....Trance comment section, thumbs and positive vibes all day long!! Jungle DnB can be similarly full of love too. Kids nowadays are looking for false positivity, all they need is old school Trance 😁

    51. eMZet Martez

      👊🙏 you forget this wonderful track

    52. eMZet Martez

      You forget this wonderful Track

    53. OX enia

      Golden age of trance

    54. Dawn Nona

      The spicy attempt only peel because prose prospectively man besides a abiding father-in-law. glamorous, actually composition

    55. bakersmileyface

      So damn good. We need more classic trance in our lives.

    56. mr S.


    57. MYNAME ATom

      I am 44 totally crazy coolmix xo

    58. Grant Mackellar


    59. Mary Fraser


    60. Joshua Stevens

      Born 20 years too late. I just want out of today's shit. Wish I'd been there.

      1. Ounouh

        For behalf of people who were there... we wish we'd be there too :D

    61. riccardo olivieri

      la migliore barthez si volaaaaaaaaaaaaa ancora nel 2021

    62. youi

      born in 04 and my parents told me they used to listen to trance all the time. im finally giving it a go

    63. Annada Evgenievna

      50 раз слушаю ваш музон и не устаю слушать

    64. Matt Killa

      Nothing like the sound of old school LOVE IT !

    65. k k

      Ωραία φάση...Μας πάει πίσω...

    66. Sijimol Kp

      Vallentearse please the mixpluss

    67. Dmitry Ovchinnikov

      classic trance in 1999? Really? Dislike! - in 1996-1998 was born eurotrance, vocal and dream trance and many commercial music projects appears, classic trance was before 1996-1997

    68. Marlon Cifuentes


    69. DRMOOSE


    70. aHmeD -KWT

      I’m sail freely 🌪

    71. Louise Harrison

      Your not ALONE ❤❤❤

    72. Joy D'Onise

      The clubs were great in the 90s but nothing beat the outdoor raves under the stars, in secret locations with people you love and beats flowing through your soul... unbeatable times. Thankyou for sharing. 🙏

    73. 0n3h1td0wn

      Timless WORB Music: Marino Stephano - Eternal Rhapsody Marino Stephano - Invaders Marino Stephano - Free Time BBE - Desire Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth 👽

    74. Kürşat Gürbüz

      Thanks, perfect set. Trance forever..

    75. Leah Wheeler

      What an amazing collection of tracks. Soul soothing. Takes me back to the 90s. This will never get old. I'll be in my 80s with my headphones on, my mind a million miles away from reality.

      1. Jem Brookes

        The best quote on here. Keep listening, nobody can get inside your head and take away the emotion and feeling. Can't wait to be 80.

    76. Gerrit Prinsloo

      Classics! all of them! Very nice thanks... took me back

    77. TheJennyWalaShow

      56:14 who wants to rave again...Love old school Trance.

    78. Stevenne Brightfieldhe

      Misterhe Brightfieldhe

    79. pexo=DDDD

      man this entry for bit "Twisted" at 1:09:30 is amazing.... goosebumps.

    80. Andrew Steinert

      you can take dubstep and drum and base and flush it down the sewer with the liberals and Democrats

    81. Andrew Steinert

      simply put these years were the best for house trance techno and progressive

    82. Andrew Steinert

      good times good vibes ripping up the club

    83. DAVID COX

      Absolutely crackin, 64 Yeup buggar me 64 year old, memories. best times, superb mix nice one.

    84. Di Mention

      My Neighbours enjoyed this so much That They threw a brick through the window so they could hear better

    85. Kelly Moffat

      My father was always playing these tunes, I miss him.

    86. Juan Andrés H. Pérez

      Temazo tras temazo! In Trance we trust!

    87. Ståle Helde

      mauro picotto was my jam in high school

    88. essenchial

      The last track is just so apt. Bring it back.

    89. essenchial

      Pete Tong got POwerRRRRR!!!!!!!!! The only one i knew who liked these tunes back then was the me. I do question my life and wonder why. Happiness is a state of connection with another. Music is that state.

    90. MAtt W

      15 minutes in and amazing so far

    91. Hans Rosenthal

      I like Ferry Corsten a lot, but this Adagio for Strings track is to heavy for me. Someone please listen to Samuel Barbers original - just to compare. But the mix is still awesome! Great mixing!

    92. Craig Bennett

      Good tranc

    93. Josh Kaye

      Aged well over 20 years - F.U father time!

    94. Scott Fraser

      Some huge tunes on here :)

    95. Cyan Stripe

      Never die

    96. J.W-B.Y

      c pas dla trance ça...

    97. ami

      Oh the memories... Partying in my mates kitchen, blasting out these tunes thinking we were boss😂 now I'm partying in my kitchen with my children showing them what decent music is and the best thing about it my children love trance music!! Yaaaasssss #parentingdoneright 👌😂 #trancemusicwillneverdie #trancefamily

    98. Flordastian Vermillion

      It's our OPUS.

    99. Flordastian Vermillion

      Helped make this

    100. Fabricio Da Silva Sobrino

      Through This Fiedls Of Destruction, Baptism of Fire.