Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial 2020


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    This Christmas, give something only you can give.
    Be it in person, over an awkward video call, or just a quick message, making time for the ones you love is what makes Christmas truly the most special time of year, no matter how you do it.
    Wherever you are, we hope you have a good one.
    Merry Christmas

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    1. Cassie

      Wouldn’t It of been easier to mail it in the post box! Or am I just a cynic...

    2. Rio Playz

      My teacher showed my class this

    3. Malcolm Hollis

      Fun Fact this commercial was directed by none other than Taika Waititi

    4. AsFewFalseThingsAsPossible

      1.39 It's The Edge !

    5. Leonard Jennings

      Visual representation of trying to get a PS5

      1. Cassie

        i applaud Coca-Cola for making this wholesome ad, thank you very much guys

    6. MravacKid

      So silly and predictable, but still so wholesome... :)

    7. Лизаветка Буянитъ

      Кто ставит дизлайки на это?

    8. Sam Esq

      Кажется это лучшая реклама в химической индустрии!

    9. Ben Wrycraft-Jane

      It's a soft drink. It really isnt this deep.



    11. Ally Rosenberry

      The- the whale

    12. Veronica Cucco


    13. Katysa Yusupova

      Почему так та слез😭

    14. Adolfo Morales


    15. Abu Huraira

      What a faul add this is 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    16. Sarah Bulhões

      Ah deus... chorando

    17. Marta Isabella

      Never thought a CocaCola Christmas commercial would made me cry THIS hard

    18. Имечко Фамильев


    19. LucasSanga

      i applaud Coca-Cola for making this wholesome ad, thank you very much guys

    20. Moon Child

      im in tears...

    21. Kayven Goh

      okay im being heart-touched by this srsly honestly and deeply gotta go and cry now.

      1. Kayven Goh

        Add-ons: if this is a movie, i gonna watch it istg 😭

    22. Itz_Ye Boii

      I cant believe the Cohen Holloway was in the ad

    23. Victor Hugo Jurado Chavira

      Like si les gusto

    24. Victor Hugo Jurado Chavira

      Que bonito😅😅😅

    25. Teresita Ovando


    26. Antonia Mendoza

      Canciones de los Acosta

    27. Antonia Mendoza

      Canciones de los Acostas

    28. Humberto Pelaez

      Coca-Cola ,mucha trava para uno tomarse la foto ,con Coca-Cola todo es difícil y mucha azúcar en sus bebidas

    29. Ask to seduce Miss

      Taika is truly on another level than any other director right now.

    30. Imelda Rodriguez cardenas

      Aquí viendo anuncios de coca

    31. Efrain Garcia

      Feliz navidad guádalajara Mexicot

    32. Ceci Hernandez

      Hola buenas noches yo quiero saber si es verdad mis sospechas de una traición de mi pareja

    33. Samantha

      I guess in their country, their post offices don't have special letter boxes where kids drop their mail to Santa!!

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        He should have just stayed.

    34. Лада Котова

      Плачу. Почему это так трогательно?..

    35. Ravenclaw 27

      Why am I crying 😭

    36. Erik Matonickin

      You are watching Coca Cola commercial. But, you are actually watching Man vs Wild.

    37. Kreig Rastalovich

      I'm in absolute shock - it's not woke like everyone else's commercials! The last remaining people using twitter will be frothing at the mouth with rage!

    38. Sarfraz Ahmed

      Why did i find this ad funny?😅

    39. Richard Simith

      I cried a lot,the Coca -cola truck drive is a hero.I drank 2 2-liter bottles of coca after this video, now my cheeks are huge !

    40. LOS GAMER O.S

      No le entendí al anuncio

    41. Julia B.

      It's actually a very good ad.

    42. scheis123

      I don't generally like commercials, but I've always loved Coca-Cola commercials going all the way back to the 1960's! It's the Real Thing!

    43. Kashyap Joshi


    44. Stephany Vicente

      Todo lo que es capaz de hacer un verdadero padre por sus hijos.

    45. Faiskaly Castillo

      No estoy llorando, no estoy

    46. A.J Boys

      This llitery is so sad

    47. Sarah Marie Sarmiento

      He should have just stayed.

    48. Milos Ristic

      Divna reklama :)

    49. Edgar Lugo

      No me sirve en inglés, debes ponerlo en español

    50. Jim Ginder

      Would like to see more Budweiser Christmas commercials centered around horses and dogs.

    51. Pinya2510 Pinya2510


    52. Rob Marshall

      Кто с катакраба?

    53. A. Samar

      Coca Cola holiday commercials are great, but the product sucks - unhealthy

    54. Loran Alterman

      Say whatever you want, there will never ever! Be a better commercial than the old coca cola video with the song "holidays are coming"

    55. Mr Mac Melon

      OMG did u see santa at the end guys !!! 2:27

      1. Mr Mac Melon


      2. Pochi


    56. Leonard Ray

      I love this.

    57. Mina

      I'm about to cry but the comments literally ruined the atmosphere

    58. Marie Le

      Το τζαμπο κ η κόκα κολα έχουν από τις ωραιότερες χριστουγεννιάτικες διαφημίσεις ♥️

    59. All_Off Stream

      They should now self-quarantine!

    60. Женя 777

      В письме написано, дорогой санта закрой папину ипотеку к рождеству. До слез просто🥺

      1. bodoti qwiu

        OHh was nice

    61. Simpson Mania

      Не знаю как так получилось, но я в конце заплакал

      1. bodoti qwiu

        LOVE IT! Yes, only gift one can give ... sometimes, it's just yourself!

    62. wazzuuuuuuup


    63. Olivier Chayrou

      One of the best ads I have ever Seen

    64. Μαρια Αραπιδου

      bruh tell my I started crying

    65. Danix Playz

      Just beautiful! 😍❤️

    66. K PD

      Sugar water’s coming

    67. Артем Стружка

      Коротко о том как мой дед добирался в школу

      1. Ирина Трофимова

        У нас в России в селах до сих пор так добираются, не везде есть школьные автобусы.

    68. Clara Gamez

      Que hermoso 🤩 me encanta 😊 amor 💓

    69. Artemios Filatov

      Just keep destroying my planet Coca-cola while I'm crying watching your pseudo-social adverts

    70. Ruslan Iskaliyev


    71. Joseph Farquhar

      Must have been an trump vote

    72. Just Thinking

      Hey Coke! With the exception of this ad. We're in the middle of pandemic and your still pushing non-social distancing ads on YT. ?

    73. Alex Berezkin

      Ахуенно мужик на работку сходил :)

    74. Helen Hamada

      LOVE IT! Yes, only gift one can give ... sometimes, it's just yourself!

    75. Lucas Pareja

      OHh was nice

    76. Kelly Powers

      It's a good thing she didn't ask for any other gift....since dad left work and went on a long tedious Journey to deliver the letter he missed out on a good 2-3-week

    77. Christian 1994

      Very powerful message 👏👏👏

    78. Zenn22

      All I want for Christmas is obesity 🥤😘

      1. bowen voowy

        I like new year

    79. Zenn22

      show Santa's waistline! 🥤

      1. bowen voowy

        I wasn't generally for it but the ending was pretty cute.

    80. S Pugsley

      Where are the polar bears?

    81. Gustav Mix


    82. kalep tv luciano

      WOW dad :D

    83. Zain

      Cool ad but I’ll still prefers Pepsi

    84. Flynn Moore

      Soo ok why is the TV so bad ?

    85. Ola X

      thx for the english homework content

    86. BagelCrisp


    87. John Doe

      1:50 Full beard 2:16 Why beard short or beard from the beginning? Continuity department, you're fired!

    88. Yerson Ato Sanchez

      Excelente coca cola

    89. Yerson Ato Sanchez

      Asu mare me partio el alma. Que pena pero hermoso

    90. Mr Jason

      He almost cost her his dads life writing that letter. Maybe his dad is coming home for xmas anyway after his work...seeing how he loves his daughter so much he wouldve gone home. Instead he went on to a useless trek that was meant for him to be home aswell. anyway..its just a joke

    91. Roberto Balzi

      When truck stops, it transform into Optimus.

    92. Aaron D

      I wasn't generally for it but the ending was pretty cute.

    93. Robototexnika Uz

      I like new year

    94. Master Chief

      Place minute of silence, Santa Claus just died of the coronavirus because he didn't wear a mask

    95. Master Chief

      And then they spend the next few years in lockdown happily ever after

    96. abaho samuel

      Am watching this every day my aunt used to buy for us big coca cola on Christmas and she died on xmass rest in peace my sweet aunt

    97. SHO lupus


    98. mikin lirou

      This is how my parents claimed they got to school everyday

      1. Zenn22

        cool copy paste bro

    99. Martin

      Who's cutting onions!?