Coldplay's FULL Pepsi Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show feat. Beyoncé & Bruno Mars! | NFL


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    Check out the entire Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show, starring Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars, ending with an amazing homage to former Super Bowl Halftime shows.
    Setlist included: "Yellow", "Viva La Vida", "Paradise", "Adventure of a Lifetime", "Uptown Funk", "Formation", "Clocks", and "Fix You"/"Up and Up"
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    1. Braulio Esqueda

      Willy es tu momento

    2. fazry AM

      Amazing 🔥

    3. Josef Richmond

      I'll be one of these people watching Bruno Mars perform live someday!!!🤩

    4. ZtonioX

      oe y qeu wea porque elton jhon no aparecio quieo mi dinero

    5. Liam Jay

      Thank you China for ruining this world...

    6. Greek Freak

      I saw you when you skipped Coldplay’s performance 😂

    7. David J

      8:30 gettin started

    8. Blomatik Geek

      Probablemente uno de los mejores vídeos que he visto en mi vida

    9. Vu Boi

      Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.

    10. Ta Thu


    11. Already Dead

      The last good halftime show

    12. Charlie Morgan

      The end gave me chills. This means so much to me especially now

    13. Jens Azubuike

      That last part made me cry.😭 When Fix You began to play❤️❤️.

    14. Jens Azubuike

      I love COLDPLAY so much❤️❤️

    15. H B

      Nice of him to open for Bruno and Beyoncé’s concert. 😆 Personally, out of the 3, I would like only choose Bruno to do the whole show.

    16. Sam Aris

      everytime i watch this, always make me goosebump


      09:16 what song this here

    18. Tanh Ngu

      ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

    19. Ptty Sng

      Im indonesian, and i feel so amazing to watching this concert in youtube.

    20. Ly Ta

      Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.

    21. Flo

      The man in the left corner lmao 1:18

    22. Alan

      2:20 mode willy rex 😈🤙

    23. Ray Taino

      The Homage to past Half Time performers was epic

    24. Rajveer Chouhan

      Legendary 🔥🔥

    25. Rajveer Chouhan

      What's the first song Coldplay is singing??

    26. Belle LIU

      Why the texture of this video makes it look like it was 10 years ago 😂 But they three really slay it 😭💕✨

    27. Жека Чолан



      I love cold play

    29. Julián Kennedy Ramos

      The best Super Bowl of the 10's

    30. Park JD

      I'm here

    31. Andrew De Silva

      Chris has a great team ♥

    32. Aidil Saharuddin

      I start to cry at 10:11 ..... those old good days without social distancing and facemask.Everyone is so happy

    33. A conservative take

      I love how these incredible artists used each other’s songs and did them together in such a cool way. This really is one of the best super bowl halftime shows in recent memory

    34. Jonathan Moreno

      We should all celebrate WORLDS DAY and make it official worldwide celebration once we beat this virus once and for all

    35. Ha Ta

      Yang pilih allah like.

    36. Tru Bac


    37. MJ Mind Is The Magic

      I wish Michael Jackson performed as well but he saw them from heaven

    38. Martim Ventura

      Look 5:41 ned from spider-man

    39. Amy Yang

      I missed one of the greatest halftime shows for 5th grade history homework 😑

    40. Boi Gan

      Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

    41. jazmin peralta

      this makes me feels alive 🙏🏻

    42. Jack Reacher

      The best Halfetime Show ever existed!!!

    43. Clement Hans

      Lebih bagus daripada lagu kpopler

    44. Joann Moseley

      While Coldplay is incredibly talented, this is not the best showcase for their music. On the other hand, Bruno Mars got everybody up on their feet and totally rocked the stadium (as did Beyoncé). But, all three coming together at the end was awesome

    45. Victor Hugo Montoya


    46. Emilio de Juan-Roncero

      Positivismo puro

    47. 1slandgirl Caribbean

      One of the best halftime show, EVER!!!

    48. Nguyenviet Thanh

      I love this movie.

    49. Yana Stratulat


    50. Tyler M

      Probably the worst Super Bowl and halftime Ive seen besides Super Bowl 53

    51. Jojo Zomuankima

      11:34 hits different in 2020

    52. ハクんそんそ


    53. Lilian Otiso

      True we miss 2017

    54. Aljay's WorkSide

      Once Bruno Mars came in I thought it was a concert.

    55. Raw Nun

      Take me back to this time when earth was fun and livable!

    56. jeusu .m

      This is 2020 i saw this video for the first time in my life - and i litterley cried like a baby

    57. Jennie Cadet

      I grew up listening to Coldplay with my big brother. They are so awesome!!!!

    58. Sue Rees

      People!! Whoever can watch this amazing coming together of human beings and still accept the 'New Normal'?? Come on!! Demand your life back! Yes, just as with every illness some people will be very poorly and maybe even die, but no-one expects the whole world to shut down for the minority with every illness! Life is short! And oh so very special! Let's all live it to the full

    59. Morgan Brzezinski

      Go ahead and say whatever, but I honestly liked this halftime show more than Jlo and Shakira. I love it because it had men and women coming together, it had black and white races coming together, and it was all about love and accepting one another. A halftime show like this is definitely what we need in 2020. I feel like nowadays everything has just become sexist and racist and political. But I loved how this halftime show brought everyone together. (I am not comparing this to Jennifer and Shakiras halftime show, those two slayed but I just explained how I liked this one better)

      1. Morgan Brzezinski

        Shattered Bonez facts.

      2. Shattered Bonez

        Same, Jlo and shakira was good but this was amazing

    60. Mi Nyi

      1:44 that's the perfect shot, if the camera just a head

    61. yudhveer singh ranawat

      that Coldplay written in hindi 😩

    62. Ericson Ibabao

      The time when we were laughing, dancing, singing, we forgot the condition of our earth.

    63. Jordi E.

      Very low resolution :(((((((

    64. wisnu Setiawan

      Gilaaaaa ...ampe merinding gue dengernya...ter dabest...👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

    65. Thalita Thalita

      Como alguém pode dar deslike nessa apresentação incrível???

    66. Michael williams


    67. Rachel Meniboon

      5:30 The person that sang into the camera😂😂😂😂

    68. Cate Verde

      they were so lucky omg I’m so jealous

    69. wafi

      Was it at halftime? How could they set the stage at short time?

    70. amyoshiko zue


    71. Aleatória pelo Youtube

      I know you remember Niall Horan fetus

    72. Ligia Pinheiro

      Como é o nome dessa última música?

      1. José ailton

        Up&up coldplay😍

    73. Ömer Korkmaz

      I have worked hard, the day of resurrection written and if you like it click on the link and subscribe to my channal Sincerely yours

    74. 오기찬

      it’s crazy

    75. rebiha beloufa


    76. 오기찬

      what the

    77. ignacio perez

      Lo único que no me gustó fue paradise, no la canto willy =/

    78. Collin Stewart


    79. A C

      Beyoncé and Bruno Carried the performance

    80. Sequan payton

      This group is iconic

    81. Shepardon Olive

      Chris: "Whoever you are, Wherever you are, We're in this Together" Hits diffetently on 2020 🥺

      1. Fear Dribble


    82. Ken Arvy Chingcuenca

      Oh dont mind me im just here for my annual viewing

    83. Candy Mandy

      Coldplay+ Beyoncé+ Bruno Mars= THE BEST...BUT I LIKE COKE, NO PEPSI XD

    84. xCozYT

      Best Super Bowl halftime show

    85. LopsterSharks

      Great halftime show during a great game

    86. Alessandro Hernandez

      no irresponsible 🙂

    87. henry lee

      the time when human still can hug each others

    88. Andrielle Souza

      Just perfect never tired of see this

    89. Jeso

      Watching the Director of the Kids orchestra, i'm never gonna feel useless again in my life 1:18

    90. Izabela Mojsiewicz


    91. poesy ulven

      in my opinion this is the best halftime show EVER.

      1. Kris Fx

        Well Michael Jackson was so epic and rose the standard up

    92. Sunnie Yan

      This makes me so emotional, I cried so hard what Fix You started.

      1. Melissa Tucker

        Me too!!! All the feels!

    93. Deise Lucia Oliveira De Souza


    94. 김미숙

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    96. New Armenia


    97. Esperança Lima

      Oh ooooh oh Ohhh

    98. Juvy Villarin