Content cuck? Idubbbz girlfriend exposed!!

Pear Fax

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    This was a collective work made by a bunch of amazing individuals who love and appreciate pear! we just want the world to know who she really is! slay queen!


    Edit: had to reupload it due to our kawaii queen and her promotion pony trying to copyright claim it.

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    1. Pear Fax

      For those asking, yes this is a reupload, you can thank Icuckz and pear chan and their bs claims for that

      1. Afonso Mota

        @Memology 101 Yea why wont you just make a post?

      2. DaveyionXProductions

        Damn didnt know idbz gf is akkadian’s bae lmao f league

      3. Azure

        @Pear Fax Why keep up this facade that you love her when you're clearly love exposing her instead? It's like not even sarcastic of you to do that, nor funny, it's just... "why even?".

      4. Pear Fax

        @G_Boy this is a reupload

      5. G_Boy

        but it said the video was privated...

    2. Norman Agbayani

      Damn cris really tapping that ass

    3. Nexaes

      She is one of the purest example of sociopath (not a functioning one as advertised in Sherlock). Poor dubbz. They are masters of manipulation...

    4. kevin reese

      this bitch is like a 6 tops. idubbz beeen fuckin up lol. dudes a fuckin millionaire. he must have self esteem issues or some shit lol. I could understand if she was cool as shit and had a great personality but she doesn't lol. she must be sloppin his top somethin decent all up in the shit sloppy af maybe a quick lil toungue action on his gooch n shit.

    5. God of Grass

      I'm high as shit right now and this is the 3rd video about this tonight and it is keeping the hype train going, thank you for the quality!

    6. pff

      She looks sick, go get a burger.

    7. Lucy Baker

      I feel terribly sorry for Akaadian, but at the same time I am happy he dodged that trainwreck of a bullet called Anisa. He deserves better. I wish him the best.

    8. Mr Mavado

      The best part was all those simps in discord trying to encourage her to leave Ian lmao

    9. suqd

      A few seconds of listening to her speaking and I already knew she's a chronic liar and a scam artist. It's sad that so many people lack the common sense to notice it.

    10. Sir Spoony

      Well, your talent in deception is apparent. Different times, in different years and given opportunistic situations that are not directly related at the time to this situation, but can be made over time into a misleading point is easy to do. Anything definitely can be added up over the years to make such a piece of shit and fake situation to be believable yet 100% misleading into a collection of video clips just like this. This is just bottom-feeding on situations, but leaving out the whole truth, so its believable...shame that this will fool people.

    11. Chaostyty Gaming

      12:43 WHY THE FUCK is that man wearing a pc with rank INDOORS on a STREAM. bruh take it off. you aint cool for wearing it and nobody thinks you're cool. shits dumb

    12. Rustin 99

      15:28 I see why Ian's staying with her lol

    13. Ben Garvey

      You realise no-one can read the words. Leave more time.

    14. t rex the cool

      She's not even that hit anyways

    15. Trash Trash

      she reminds me of a girl in my grade

    16. Stephanie Vargas

      She reminds me of the Other Mother from Coraline for some reason

    17. hayate oki


    18. hayate oki

      His girl ain't even sexy there are people in highschool and middle school school who look better than her with her damn SpongeBob teath

    19. OrificeSorceress

      I loved the original content Ian put out, and he knew that was his gig and he stoops this low for a copycat useless shady corners of the internet coattails riding internet reject? I see why he’s losing viewers. Until he sorts or explains the resulting fuck up of this mess I can’t accept anything he produces from this point forward. FIX IT.

    20. McDiddlyee

      maybe ian does love her? maybe that's why he's with her, maybe she's nice in the sack too

    21. Conor Palmquist

      Incells in the comments getting mad over nothing

    22. Hayato Bonds

      Pear face merch would be hilarious

    23. B-chu

      She looks like Meg Griffin

    24. JulietsaJuJu

      Idk, I mean yeah, all these things are annoying but don't make her the worst person in the world. Seems a bit nitpicky to me. She's a girl with insecurities clearly, but I dont think it makes her a bad person. I don't get the obsession with it

    25. Quis

      You hate to see it...

    26. IoST


    27. GxneBøy

      You remind me of someone who supports Suzy Lu

    28. 용

      I thought the things listed in this video about her were just about cheating and stuff but holy shit.

    29. James Edward S.

      The problem here is that idubbz thinks this woman is his "girlfriend." If he was able to understand that she was just something he picked up along the way and was going to let go at some point then it would all be different and he would still have some remnant of dignity left, if not actual self respect. As it is he looks to be nothing but a sad sack loser and a stupid one at that.

    30. asd

      She's gross inside and out. I really don't understand why any dude would be into that.

    31. The Whatever Kid

      Diss track on Idubbbz and his girl

    32. Michael MacKay

      Well he's no PewDiePie but he'll do for now I guess

    33. 1989 Forever

      Never, EVER, wife a chick who's cheating on her bf to be with you.

    34. Kyle Harmon

      Why the fuck are you talking about your problems with your other.... online where everyone can fucking see it? a truly garbage human being lol

    35. Kyle Harmon

      I press x to doubt she really listens to Grateful Dead

    36. Michael brown

      Oh my God. She is like a girl i dated once. a leach, a Parasite that, at first, is all oh super and nice and stuff everything is fine but after awhile she wears down on you with text that she is freak out and stuff and after awhile she whould tell me she talked to people and she is unsure. Pressuring you till you cave in and have her way with you for a time. It's not gold digging since im better now then what i was with here. It's like she wants to grind the mind of one down and, after she had her fun searches for another to drain him/her. Happend to Idubbbz to. First with the whole he is against Zoes Hoe Squad now he is okay with that. Remindes me of my past situation. EDIT: Thanks Pear Fax for sharing all this didn't know alot of that.

    37. Ava Woodard

      this is just a shitter version of Brittany Ventis' video

    38. pepperoni playboi

      How old was this video first uploaded? I remember watching it years ago but not sure when

    39. Sevven

      Can you tell me name of the song in bonus part plz, thanks in advance

    40. 0 y3ah?

      Damn you a wizard dude. I still remember watching this before the simp issue.

    41. Tired Veteran

      this chick is no joke not even hot. and her voice sounds like there's too much saliva in her mouth or something.

    42. Fredy_The_Yeti

      I like how in the discord convos people are saying things like "oh he needs to be ready to change", then moments later " if he's trying to change you that's a big red flag."

    43. Fredy_The_Yeti

      It only took 5 minutes for me to know exactly the kind of girl we are dealing with. If you've had one of these in your life, it's one too many.

    44. Brian ‘Unga’ Unger

      Hearing her talk gives me such a headache

    45. Faye M

      I'm not sure about the whole OCD thing though. Like, the comments were a bit off base at times. I'm Swiss, but my OCD was also diagnosed by a psychologist, not a psychiatrist (granted, I did talk to a psychologist once, but that's not the person who told me I had OCD). I watched her video, and some of it sounded very familiar to my experience, so either she's legit, or she got it from a really good source. In any case, I wouldn't just easily trust an internet comment that says "only a psychiatrist can diagnose you with OCD".

    46. squishy ice


    47. Ebisu

      Fuck this mean bih

    48. Call Me Kegan

      It's funny how Ian tolerates her. There are several other girls far better than she is

    49. Snakes On The Square

      it’s kinda weird that ian doesn’t hang out with max and chad anymore...

    50. bella

      Ugh I remember before this channel blew up and when everyone was piecing all the info together

    51. RC Adams

      Women like this are responsible for Mgtow

      1. Postumus

        No, pathetic, insecure men are responsible for Mgtow. You are probably one of them. Having a hate boner for women because they got hurt or called out for their shitty behavior. Same with incels who want to blame anyone but themselves for the situation they are in. One example, Elliott Rodger who wasn't bad looking and could have easily find a girlfriend, but his creepy ass wanted only 10/10 blonde cheerleader types. Or that fat dude who got scared after I invited him to play TF2 with me. Those are the types bitching online that women are horrible and that they can't find a girl while wanking online to E thots who are way out of their league.. I'm not hating on men or bitch online because I won't get my perfect fantasy guys who are not even chads.

    52. dunk88

      26:33 “He kept saying ‘I won’t find some one like you again and I want to make it work’ THERE IT IS FOLKS. Ian has a severe case of oneitis. You never go full oneitis. Everyone knows this. A woman is disgusted by a man that has no other options

    53. dunk88

      Why would a millionaire e-celeb tolerate such a vile bitch lmao

    54. MrCountBleck1

      For real simps, man those discord people are the simpest of the simpest, my god you can even smell that damn simpness

    55. Ruggie

      I can appreciate people creating a channel to solely expose a toxic figure. Godspeed

    56. EleCtrO Ranvier

      anyone else smell tuna thru their screens?

    57. yo mamie

      She spent a REALLY long time bent down into the camera

    58. stenpablo

      Raihnbowkidz? Lmao that’s cringe

    59. 4LaRaza

      She starts shit with people for no reason and people don’t respond back because she’s dating Ian. And it’s funny she advocates for body positivity when there’s videos of her making fun of fat people and unhealthy skinny people.

    60. Neala

      Man, she's the absolute definition of how being insecure looks like.

    61. SKIBBY

      She’s not hot and she’s annoying and weird. Wtf Ian.

    62. misfit

      Parts of this remind remind of Play misty for me if anyone knows that and 3 years ago it was play Leafy for me. 9 mins in what happened to body positivity. Good job I have good eyes as that print was small. Nice that she calls guys who give her money “trolls.” Top comment Dave North. 20.10 when you have to inform people you are making a joke, the joke was clearly not that good.

    63. Thesleepymew

      What’s the name of the piano song that played when it talked about her cheating in the first part, wrong place to ask but I’m desperate for the song like she’s desperate for money 😫

      1. Postumus

        Erik Satie- Gymnopédie No. 1. Basically one of the most well known classical masterpieces and one of Satie's top works.

    64. Taylor King

      These actions arent exclusive to this girl, every girl does these things.

    65. 420wishmaster

      She has 0 personallity herself, so the only way to survive is to adopt her bf's traits. 10/10 for being nothing by herself

    66. LuLuM96

      Her voice and blankless expression is so annoying

    67. xhelah 207

      Can't have decency in Detroit anymore man

    68. AbraRf

      She literally leeched off his subscribers! All her “onlyfans” are probably 12 yr Olds. Only reason she has that many followers is because if iDubzz . I guarantee you once she is making more money than iDubbz she will drop him hard

      1. Bichen

        she will never make more money than Ian!!

    69. Emmanuel Rojas

      This chick is cringy toxic. I can't stand people like her.

    70. Laster

      Goddamn man, he's fallen for someone as rotten as her and that rot is spreading onto idubbbz..... I believe people can change but when she's been an absolute piece of trash even before this whole simp meme is not ensuring that fact.

    71. Inglourious Batman

      She doesn't seem that bad , she doesn't seem that good but she doesn't seem that bad either🤷‍♂️ Bunch of drama queens get a life.

    72. Baba Yaga

      damn, what a video man...

    73. Low Tier Trash

      You can just tell that she was that girl from high school who was seen as a loser and see the world as her enemy.She's lucky her ex even breathed life into her or else she would just be that same girl that no one even cares about and she would have to be so desperate for attention. Wasn't good enough to be a Twitch streamer. Wasn't good enough to make her own original art. Wasn't hot enough to make her feel confident in herself,which is why she basically got plastic surgery and show the world her body. Wasn't good enough to be a Leafy clone,let alone even get his attention until now where he would say she wasn't even hot post plastic surgery. Wasn't good enough to have a decent sense of morals. Wasn't good enough to make friends and fame by herself. Lastily,she'll probably fail as an only fans user considering that the attention will fade and people are trying to spend their money to survive and not to see some plastic stuffed in a bra. Like I said,she'll be back to square one soon,alone and miserable while constantly reminded that she wasn't good enough for anything just like me.

    74. Marcus Aurelius

      We lost a angel to a harlot wtf

    75. JustusIsServed

      Bruh my instagram is the one right above hers at 22:25

    76. ami xo

      Love is truly blind

    77. beanboy :

      Damn Anisa is ugly as hell

    78. cadig

      this drama shit is so weird. it feels like a bunch of backseat drivers telling people how to live their life to people who they don't even know

    79. Doki Doki

      The irony... Idubbbz relationship started with Anisa cucking her boyfriend. And it's gonna happen to him too.

    80. Doki Doki

      _After all these years... We're finally getting the Justice we've needed._

    81. Angela Lee

      She seems like 4 completely different people.

    82. Ty Reynolds

      How much attention can one girl need?

    83. Sleepy Dog

      I guess I’ll just live a lonely life. I do not want to deal with a voice like that 😔

    84. redbby

      not to disagree but some of us (and by us i mean me) aren’t like other girls 😌

    85. Watcher Knight

      Bruh, from just the first few minutes she seems like such a bitch, she really said "I have an extra day and I don't want to be in the same fucking room as you" to her boyfriend so she could talk to Ian, she belongs to the streets man.

    86. cam bone

      Well girls ain’t shit in 2020..I thought everyone knew that🤔ow wait that’s right🤫

    87. Shannon Carney

      I think you might be obsessed and in need if help.

    88. Johanna Carr

      the argument isn’t that she’s a shitty person for doing sex work, the argument is that she’s a shitty person bc she has spent her whole HUfast career belittling other women for doing sex work and for looking a certain way, and now she’s going back on everything she’s previously said. we are all only one bad stream away from an only fans career, right Anisa? This video makes her look like such a ugly Human being when she tries so hard to pretend she’s nice.

    89. Bruiser Brown

      This bitch belongs to ALL of us 😂😂😂

    90. The Strong Prevail

      She's trying so hard to be like Ian at 11:45, it's so cringe-worthy

    91. Ravioli Ravioli?

      I personally believe in respecting sex workers, because they’re just providing a service. BUT removing that from her equation- she’s shady and a real asshole. So in conclusion sex workers are fine, she’s just a bad person. (From what I’ve seen at least.)

    92. HomeSlice Stankbaby

      Jesus, Idubbz has lost all respect!!

    93. Jimmy Jimmerson

      Turkler is the male best friend that you're not supposed to worry about constantly talking about how she should break up over every little mistake

    94. markitopz ponzio

      She definetly has a personality disorder, she basically has no identity of her own, she doesn't seem to be doing all this weird/awful shit on purpose (most of the time). It's kinda sad actually, even sadder for the ex, and soon my boy Ian.

    95. Cr1ms0nRav3n

      I’m not convinced that’s a girl. I think it’s a trans. Look at the arms when Anis is talking and articulating, they’re very long like a boy. Even the hands, forearms and shoulders look broad. Also notice the large T-shirts Anis likes to wear, trying to draw attention away from the body proportions. Then there’s the mannerisms,....there’s nothing feminine about Anis, at all. That ain’t no girl.

      1. Cr1ms0nRav3n

        @pokeparkwii because unlike you, I don’t appreciate being lied to and deceived. Not to mention the comments Anus has made about the holocaust and other weird deprived remarks “she’s” made. People dislike “her” for a reason, and if it’s a closet trans, which I think is very likely, that’s just another check on the list. So gtfo with that phobic shit, this person is not who people think, and neither is idubbz

      2. pokeparkwii

        Cr1ms0nRav3n ... ok and ? i dont like her but dont be fucking transphobic weirdo

    96. Ki11A QuEEn

      16:11 so the person who was white knighting anisa said "it's your fault for coming to her, and then finding out she just wants to use you. Its YOUR FAULT" so he acknowledged that Anisa was using him but is still defending her. That wouldn't be me. I wouldnt stay to be fucking lectured like that. I have too much self respect for myself.

    97. Bella Stinky

      I really hope these two break up because they're so bad for each other, and ian deserves better

    98. mike ock

      I miss when idubbbz was a cute little boy

    99. Burrito

      Guys I think we’re just overreacting tbh. Ahhh I shucks I spoke to soon yeah time to go angry mob

    100. orochimarujes

      Adopting the interests of their man is somewhat instinctual in women. It would be outright healthy if things were like they were even 100 years ago, where a woman's partner count was about 1. Nonetheless, she's a pretty strong case.