CORPSE Husband Meets Corinna Kopf in Among Us & OUTSMARTS the entire crew! 666 IQ Plays

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    CORPSE Husband First Time Meeting Corinna Kopf in Among Us & OUTSMARTS the entire crew mates! 666 IQ Plays
    Welcome to another gaming video on Corpse TV. Today we are playing some more among us and chill w/ Toast, Sykkuno, Poki, Valkyrae, Lilypichu, Dream and more!
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    Music by Kevin MacLeod
    Thank you for watching!

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    1. Corpse TV

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      1. Fake Aurxra

        @Jeanette Zanola he streams on HUfast on Corpse Husband channel

      2. Not-Corpse

        choke me like u hate me:)

      3. Owl 1031

        Hi I am dmon I like ur vids and it inspired to make my own character and play among us more

      4. Hxney

        @Haven Kessler thats not actully corpse

      5. Sarah Elsayed

        You the best keep it up

    2. Kah Bix

      A forma que eles discutem de forma calma Vey kkkkkkkk se fosse o metaforando ali, o gaguejado do Corpse e ele abaixando o tom de voz já teria pegado ele como impostor.

    3. Richard Nojara

      Starting:CORPSE said everybody shut up

    4. SrDragan

      i feel conflicted every time i hear him i LOVE HIS VOICE EPIC he should work as voice for some anime or movie but at same time i know that he have that voice cause of Health problem so i want him to get better Such good and smart man

    5. Owl squad :d

      Your voice is so deep

    6. amanda Kirkman

      why dont u talk that much?🤔😐😑

    7. amanda Kirkman

      i love ur voice

    8. miguel angel garcia garcia

      7:58 the real voice of corpse

    9. Edwin Henriquez

      I actually like his voice I wish I could have that voice.

    10. jasmine

      don’t think they dislike nor like eachother like that, corinnas pretty but lowkey don’t think that’s his type who knows though.

    11. VC シ MEGMA


    12. Ian Widow

      This man is a fucking genius

    13. lThellRockl

      Ha! Nice AP Bio joke in the beginning Corpse.

    14. X. Izzy.X

      Honestly guys STOP shipping Corpse and Corinna you know it makes him uncomfortable, quit it.

    15. Brandon Francey

      Watching some of these Among Us videos, and I don't know who the fuck any of these people are or why they are insanely popular.

    16. Maesa Smith

      You're so good at lying, I swear you actually believe yourself, until you're killing your friends.

    17. dEAThShoT36

      I simp for Corpse

    18. dEAThShoT36

      He could probably buy a ps5 for half the price with that voice

    19. Addison Warrell

      Omg what do CORPSE like look like tho ?

    20. KAILA boss

      How can I play with himmmmmmmmmmm😫😫

    21. Evan Heavey

      finally he isnt scaring anyone

    22. BTS editor

      Corpse:ok,everybody shut up Everybody:*shuting up* 😂😂😂

    23. John Mraz

      If there's a 50/50 and corpse is involved it's probably corpse lol

    24. Ex lags

      Corpse is gay?

      1. BTS. ARMY


    25. x0Little _Devil0x

      Okay so I dont rlly understand why ppl are hating on Corinna for absolutely no reason If you say that she likes him shes a simp no she was nervous Cuz always ppl when they meet someone they never imagined to meet so they would be nervous its bc she doesn't know how he is like and she was shy is there any problem with that?

    26. T H E D O O M S L A Y E R

      guys i swear to god im not a toxic fan idky i just dont ship it fsr pls dont make me a toxic fan ;-;

    27. Nafisa Heart

      Everyone talking about the cringey Corina comments but im still looking for these hate comments 😂

    28. Elaine

      Can people shipping corpse just shut up?

    29. Tris

      Where the fuck are the hate comments

    30. Holly Kins

      Its okay Corpse, people hate me for my voice too.

    31. Little Red

      I would so love to join the discord playing among us with them looks really fun 😂

    32. Higg Bands

      Corinna is HOT not beautiful... Check Joe Rogans video on this topic for a better understanding of my statement...

    33. SusanFreeman

      Corinna was awesome in this! Loved the video Corpse 💙

    34. Jassar _447

      CORPSE Husband Meets Corinna Kopf in Among Us & OUTSMARTS the entire crew! 666 IQ Plays

    35. Erika Ly

      Shipping Corpse and Syknunno is so disrespectful considering that they both said it makes them uncomfortable . Just in general shipping real people that didn’t confirm a romantic relationship is so disgusting, especially in this case where both sides confirmed being STRAIGHT. Before you come up with sh*t in the reply’s or call me a homophobic put the “I respect others sexual attractions” in front of it.

    36. Ralek Kelar

      For keyboard is there a hot key for report and kill?

    37. Opee Pc

      I train myself from corpse's play



    39. Keri Ogletree

      THAT INTRO THO🔥🔥🔥🔥

    40. xX StarXx

      Alright y'all I've seen some comments about ppl shipping Corpse and Sykunno! Stop it now they both said they were STRAIGHT I don't even know why we are shipping real ppl in the first place!

    41. Jennifer Gu

      Corpse: "alright everybody SHUT UP"

    42. Hxney


      1. Hxney

        @VIBaJ 16 oh

      2. VIBaJ 16

        @Hxney Yeah, well of course this CHANNEL is not the real Corpse, but I thought you meant the person playing the game wasn't

      3. Hxney

        @VIBaJ 16 if you go to corpse husband and go to channels this channel doesn't show he only has 3 channels Corpse Husband, Corpse Husband Gaming and Clips, and CORPSE

      4. VIBaJ 16

        Hxney how do you know? Why do you think that?

    43. Mal_911 Ouellette

      Love your videos please don't do a revel if you don't wanna

    44. Lonely Wolf

      The real ship is Corpse and the knife

    45. Gna Cat

      That was fun.

    46. Ya boi Kyle

      His voice sounds different like softer

    47. Slasher Kitten

      Corpse. ~ (˘³˘) *Chef Kiss For Video*

    48. Karlayna Foster

      Honestly if he never reveals his face I’ll be fine

    49. Jeffrey Munoz

      *Corpse is REALLY good at this game lmao*

    50. Carolina Granados

      What app do they use to play??

    51. Olivia S

      I've been watching ur videos from the other day and hiiiiii ur voice is soooooooo mhhh idk what to call it oh I think I mean attractive 😏😏😏😝😝😝😝

    52. QR


    53. Glimmer

      imagine joining a game and seeing corpse its game over lol

    54. Josh Duban

      He lit said at the first round: alright everybody shut up🤣😂😂

    55. Family and Friends

      Corpse voice is so satisfying

    56. Rosé Bubu

      It’s the 15 year old girls that are jealous of corinna 💀 she ain’t even a bad person, once you see a woman with confidence you don’t have yall attack for nothing cause of jealousy lmao she’s literally gorgeous and playing a game little game with corpse, she even knew the toxicity she would receive if she even said hi to him 💀 (he doesn’t belong to any of you guys) 😂

    57. nicky is Thicky hehe

      0:05 lol

    58. PwG Equalize

      LMAO the elevator music

    59. Bryan Geronimo

      You sutup



    61. Andrzej C

      It’s always toast 🥲🤚

    62. LUXUY _TIPZ

      Sykkuno and corpse Is a Real Wholesome So i aint even mad at em✊ i stan Sykkorpes

      1. LUXUY _TIPZ

        @bruh Huh🤪

      2. bruh


    63. Seth Hungerford

      this is the 3000th comment

    64. Alt Account

      **Tfue is typing**

    65. Shahveer Khan

      who is corpse?

    66. Derek King

      his voice lime omgg he sound like one of them wolves and vampires no offense imagine me trying to do that but my voice just dies .

    67. Corrina Sykes

      😂😂😂😂 my name is Corrina

    68. Francisco Alvarez Jr

      7:55 I dont know if that his real voice anymore 😵

    69. _Mousse__

      I’m confused by some of these comments 👁👄👁 Calm tf down🤌✨

    70. Adrian_ TheGamer

      7:04 to say the least

    71. Elite

      when he said edison and rae it reminded me of edison rae the tiktoker

    72. Camila Fernandez


    73. leaky Submarine

      corina more like corona am i right or am i right

    74. TURBOCHADS biggest fan

      C=aring H=hopeful A=wesome R=espectful L=oving I= m just kidding

    75. TURBOCHADS biggest fan


    76. TURBOCHADS biggest fan

      Choke me like you hate but you love me lokey wanna date me

    77. karam hagag

      you are a god

    78. Ouma Shu

      y'all gonna be dissapointed if corpse is actually an ugly guy...

    79. Tyler

      He said it’s rae 😂😂

    80. Ilaria

      So now, we mustn’t ship real people because it’s Corinna but when it was Sykunno y’all were loving it?? Makes no sense.

    81. arsenic619

      Toast said “that’s a cap!”😂

    82. Wraith Omen

      Corpse has such a unique voice. He seems like such a chill dude. 🖤🖤🖤

    83. Diane Adams

      when the real ship is Corpse and Sykkuno

    84. qtdak

      Wait corpse i gay

    85. Harley Quinn

      God bless everyone! God is amazing! Jesus Christ is amazing!❤️🙏🏽

    86. Stale

      Pokey WHAHAHHA 🇵🇭!!!!!

    87. Aniah Lucero

      i simp for you

    88. Kyro fn

      don't simp she already got a bf

    89. SlightWork

      Are we just going to ignore the fast forward edited parts says rewind 🤦🏻‍♂️

    90. Jack Johnson

      What’s the intro song?

      1. Gustavo Carvalho

        It's his song, e girls are ruining my life

    91. Sushi Gamer

      dont ship oof

    92. Marco Scott

      WTF is that intro song called?

      1. Marco Scott

        @Sierra Green Thx!

      2. Sierra Green

        I think it was, e-girls are ruining my life

    93. Mr October

      Logic tells you it's Rae Emotion tells you it's Corpse Emotion wins this round.

    94. Jaypee Martin

      Who is shipping for Corpse and Sykkuno? Me!!!!!! 👇 👇

    95. Velkus

      corpse sounds a bit like me but just slighty deeper

    96. Fancy Blue

      Corpse: ight shut up Everyone: .............

    97. Evnu Reza

      don’t hate on corpse

    98. MUI Supreme

      Corpse: says hi to a woman *And then everything changed when the shipping nation attacked*

    99. The one true Colby

      All these people just want likes on their comments which is more pathetic then imaginary shippers. There are none that ship these two.