Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #30

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    Time for a new compilation!
    Cyanide and Happiness delivers daily comics to your face-hole on since 2005!
    To Save A Life
    Crash Landing
    Monkeys Paw
    The Finger Trap
    Something Sentimental
    A Very Special Christmas

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    1. Moblin 999

      The crash landing plane is ryan air lol

    2. Anirudh Rai

      Can someone explain The Santa Bit?

    3. Balistick

      Bro atleast he is still alive with the whales kidney no matter what

    4. Anthony Malone

      Santa has the same VA as vegeta and all might

    5. Shanelle Biddle

      The preist I know not lol

    6. Your Local Texan

      He’s how to get what you want from Monkey paw, wish for the opposite to get what you want

    7. Rhianne gail R.frilles

      Wait green+blue DNF

    8. Zander M.Ganaden

      It's not touch. It's touching. Edit:Or touchy i dunno you pick whats better.

    9. Henry the Gamer boi

      0:59 i aint crying you guys are

    10. Rocelle Mejia


    11. Matas cernevicus

      bro just cut the finger trap by the middle

    12. Kyle Bostrom

      Old men using bro talk sounds weird

    13. Samuel Cole

      4:10 That’s an interesting way to clap…

    14. dogegamer 2995

      Say what you want, but the first one was probably the most wholesome thing ever

    15. ShameyT

      The first one was actually a good story ngl

    16. charles Charles

      The priest knows way to heaven😂🤣

    17. peloquinful

      woke mainstream Explosm isnt funny at all

    18. Joel Martins

      The kidney one got me. 😂😂 That was a good one!

    19. Will Camick

      C&H Has Gay characters in a skit that has nothing to do with the fact they are Gay. Most big studio productions can't even manage that. It makes someone like me feel included in the joke with out being the butt of it.... Because im more of a Top :D he he he,

    20. AJ Animations

      4:10 PLSSSS 😭

    21. Nova

      Wholesome in the wrong way

    22. will bachman


    23. Kenneth McCormick

      :v Butters?

    24. Bread

      The last part is cursed af

    25. 刺客河

      I know the way..hahaha

      1. 刺客河

        No gay stuff unless you're actually gay...

    26. BurgR

      The monkey paw one was strangely wholes- oh nevermind

    27. Princess Kenny

      4:24 vaguely reminded me of Hara from Secret World of Arietty.. Sorry about spoilers for people who haven’t watched it yet..

    28. gg God

      You know u can never truely save a life but delay death

    29. Mr.SMILEY 15

      I just gonna strange forward this is awesome and funny 🤣

    30. Masked Demon

      5:30 *breathing intensifies*

    31. Masked Demon

      4:23 another major plot twist

    32. Masked Demon

      4:05 major plot twist

    33. e_lxngx _jr

      Monkey paw s**😂

    34. ZacLavineProductionsFan

      Capn Jack made it to the big double hockey stick 😭

    35. ZacLavineProductionsFan

      Hmm. Yeha. He’s dead.

    36. ZacLavineProductionsFan

      That whale one made me so happy for 10 seconds

    37. filipe Overbeck

      So that is why santa didnt delivery my gift

    38. Gamer65 Jog

      Who else thought he would kick the baby

    39. cationic armour

      Get it off step bro

    40. Cyber Luffy

      Yo tell me that guy don’t look like an abnormal Titan

    41. Gabriel Murphy

      why fly to the sun to die??

    42. Death Skeleton


    43. I FRAZIX I

      4:10 😳

    44. I FRAZIX I

      He took them to heaven 😂

    45. Dark Phoenix

      Atleast he can live 😁


      That guil is kinda thicc

    47. Slender Woman

      the first one actually wasn't morbid, I'm surprised but not upset.

    48. lorrian san

      Bros till the end

    49. lorrian san

      The monkey paw story was a sad 1

    50. Deleigha Dixon

      Damn checks the fucking hat

    51. Kory Cerda

      4:08 XD

    52. CJ the small gamer

      How come when the anchor was in the plane, it had no effect but when it came out it went 1000 pounds heavier

    53. CJ the small gamer

      The Walking Bean

    54. jimmy Beast

      10:08 umm is that WAS THAT CU.. this comment has been age restricted

    55. Red Riot 5661

      Man that is one big kidney

    56. Mr Kay

      Hahaha lol tq u all i love all

    57. Drew O'Connor


    58. Shane Evans

      I guess Santa came early this year huh?

    59. van


    60. Themrlupo

      Priest knows how to fly plane: flys into heaven instead of the airport

    61. lamar

      Why was the first one unusually wholesome

    62. zodgod580 2

      Are you "KIDNING" me?

    63. Tj Rocks

      I dropped it on purposssssssse😵

    64. Charlster Borda

      He really tookbem 2 heaven

    65. The samuri Alianderp293

      I literally died here 4:08

    66. Jake Mask


    67. Ricky Audette

      also the one that involve a falling plane... so the priest knew how to fly the whole time and did not speak up?

    68. FBI

      1:31 Ryanair

    69. Kārlis Sietiņš

      the monke paw winger in the hole

    70. Karma Bun

      He was sitting on a ladder?

    71. Sonic Kirbys

      I’m surprised you got Chris Sabat aka Vegeta, Piccolo, Shenron, Baby Vegeta, and All Might voice actor in this!

      1. Adnan Yusuf

        Yes we had to

    72. DestroyersFist

      They really got vegeta voice actor to play Santa

    73. Kenneth Marquez

      I start watching this channel when I was 10 year old

    74. Mikey Moose

      The whale one reminded me of how ridiculously huge they actually are-

    75. Caidon Smith

      Doesn't Santa has ms claws

    76. Chest0

      10:07 the worst part is that thats probably asbestos

    77. TheDoctorinblackYT

      Now he can drink 9000% more

    78. average scotland enjoyer

      That first one was so respectful..sacrificing your kidneys for the people

    79. Amauriyeet

      How many times they said bro 👇🏿

    80. Cellina Wagner

      Cyanide and happiness should have their own TV show.

    81. Green Penguin07

      The last one, it's a Christmas miracle

    82. Luke Wroten

      I mean the beginning of corse

    83. Luke Wroten

      That was so unexpected holy shit

    84. zukeman

      that whale just gave that guy a thumbs up...

    85. Tim V110

      I still want to know if that was Chris sabbot VA for Santa...if this is true that guy the is God of voice acting everywhere possible lol

    86. Hero Slayer Wolf Rider

      The hand shows reverse slavery but on a hand

    87. Kingjp1


    88. A_Saiyan_With_An_Afro

      0:00 Damn Butters must of had a rough time.

    89. jaddere [ jade ]

      He saved the whale’s life, so he saved his.

    90. Lavi Hayoun

      0:35 "Twenty years later" Both guys age like 60 years

    91. the dimension muffin

      I mean the first one was kinda wholesome

    92. Bronanaz

      Brooooooonanaz :)

    93. MR. GOOSIFY

      The first one is very wholesome

    94. MR. GOOSIFY

      The first one is very wholesome

    95. Death- PW

      *B E A N*

    96. Nesta Dunn

      Fun fact when a whale dies its body fills with gases to the point where it explodes and chunks of whale fly everywhere

    97. Captain Jurgh캡틴져

      So he got the kidney transplant from a Whale which is much bigger Does that mean he's also younger now?

    98. Skii Babie

      The finger trap one was slightly wholesome ngl

    99. chloerogers

      The finger trap one could have been solved if they said no homo