Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Gameplay Trailer

Cyberpunk 2077

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    In this world, consumed by neverending conflict, sometimes only an outsider will get the job done. And that's you.
    Cyberpunk 2077, an open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia on December 10th, 2020. The game will also be playable on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles when available.
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    About the game:
    Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.
    Learn more:
    Title: Come Close
    Created by: Sebastian Robertson and Daniel Davies
    Title: Suicide
    Created by: Geno Lenardo feat. Valin "ZEALE" Zamerron
    Title: Makes Me Feel Better
    Created by: Kevin Hastings

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    1. Kemmy The Krafter

      its taking too long now.. the hype is gone

    2. Adhitya Pratama safe'i

      Is it basically a futuristic first person gta v ?

    3. Noah Puryear

      Holy crap this game looks so good

    4. Samiyul Islam

      What's the 2nd song called in this trailer?

    5. _ANormalName _1000

      This game reminds me of Florida

    6. Grind Sultan

      Johnny Mnemonic rebranded as an overhyped video game. not!

    7. JSFILMZ

      i cant wait till 2077 when this game come out man im stoked ill be 87 hope ill be alive still

    8. Adam Sanchez

      "A dark future... with America left in ruin over nuclear conflict." Ummmm awkward... Seems like we'll be there well before 2077.

    9. Yami Ryuu

      Alright, I’m sold. I’ll get my copy next paycheck. Looks amazing guys!

    10. Lord Invader

      Fallout 4 then?

    11. Stefan Djalminha

      is there anyone here that is like me who does not really care about shooting/killing but enjoys customizing your character and vehicles over anything else?

    12. SharkLB

      The Keanu Reeves part is so badass

    13. NightSwift66 _

      4:41 xD 😏🥴

    14. jordan rausch

      Will it support dolby vision? Like it on the dolby site?

    15. Meric Setan

      If you live in Turkey, life is very expensive.Have fun everyone who can play the game:)

    16. Eyad Almarhoon

      And we all know driving physics gonna suck!

      1. Allenpoe17

        Not long until we find out if they do or not.

    17. Trippy_panda

      Yup my pc will not blow up definitely not sarcasm nope!!! Help😂😂😂😂

    18. Baseilus

      Gettin the Akira vibes

    19. J-FAMILY

      13 more days guys!!! ;) V is comming!

    20. InsanityPlea100

      I thought 2077 was part of the title boys, not the release date.

    21. Exclusive Grant

      You guys will just delay it again

    22. Lem0n Ju1ce

      my pc is too good for this game

    23. werty

      This reminds me of a call of duty / GTA game

      1. Allenpoe17

        @werty Ah ok. Thank you.

      2. werty

        @Allenpoe17 google

      3. Allenpoe17

        @werty Where did you rob it from if I may ask. And this game is an RPG.

      4. werty

        @Joshua Bull gta is open world and cod is a first person shooter soo fuck of

      5. werty

        @Allenpoe17 kinda robbed it

    24. Shahzaib Khan

      Just tell me How long will it take to be cracked ?

      1. Joshua Bull

        It physically can't be cracked.

    25. nahuel gta0922

      Es horrible ese juego muy futurista da asco si lo avian echo normal como gta estuviese estado bueno pero es un asco el juego🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

      1. Nitro Droiid

        nadie te pregunto amigo

    26. Marco

      Only 11 days until next delay.😍

    27. Niksu Räsänen

      4:06 is this adam smasher in 2020 and possible johnny dead scene?

    28. Levi Hayes

      This is kinda like assassins creed plus gta 5 and watch dogs 2 combined

      1. Nitro Droiid

        @Levi Hayes that's a mechanic of the game, but this is a RPG game

      2. Levi Hayes

        @Joshua Bull you steal cars you hack stuff and your stealthy so yeah yeah yeah and idc

      3. Joshua Bull

        No, no, and no This is an RPG buddy

    29. Simon Wang

      Cyberpunk 2077: Please insert Keanu Chip directly into brain.

    30. Khayrul Islam Tamim

      Oh boy! I Don't any pc or a gaming laptop🙂 Why am I then watching it🙂

    31. Hayden Houldsworth

      Welcome to the free state of Northern California, 47. Night City, a coastal metropolis lodged smack dab between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Your target is Alotsof El'Delays. Known for his numerous Delays in the release of deadly weaponry. Be alert, however, as his reliable unreliability makes him a hard target to find as his time keeping skills aren't always what one would call, top notch. Get in, Get out. Good luck Agent 47.

    32. Evan Sands

      Can’t wait to play this game on December 10th, 2077

    33. TheElfsHeadStore

      So GTA and Hitman but in the future?

      1. Joshua Bull

        No, this is an RPG kid.

    34. Potato Lover

      Bro why was my man silver in 2010

    35. SuburbanScvm Gaming

      13 more days!!!! Can't wait to see what this looks and plays like on my series x!

      1. Allenpoe17

        I second that. I just got a new tv today for it.

    36. Calvin Greenham

      Is that you, Karen Bowman?

    37. STaSHZILLA

      Will this be released on the PS6?

      1. Joshua Bull

        Possibly, and if it does it will be a free upgrade

      2. Andrzej Brudniak

        Nope, only PS7, sorry

      3. David Jasso

        I’m a Xbox boi

    38. Dontker

      gtx 1650 i3 9100f i have 8gb ram do you think i can play it at low settings

    39. Phantom Assassin

      You know I'm honestly down to play this game it's totally not just because Keanu Reeves is in it lol I'm kidding

    40. Nick Howland

      so u hear that alot but what it we had a computergame series i duno ... u start on a planet can travle diferent paths explore the universe deep seas and get a nice dunelike storry .. untill u realize that there is something wrong with your universe and that it might be a simulation .... from this point on you have a new mission and everything else becomes secondary .. you must brake out of the simulation .... and your goale is to crash the simulation / game and barake out or at least end the simulation ... in episode 2 you would start memmory whiped just the simulation (engine) is better .... i would love that game and it might get realy crapy at the 13th game of this series or so ;) so is there any such game ? (i probably just hope cyberpunk does that...)

    41. Jonathan Jollimore


      1. Allenpoe17

        Hell YEAH

    42. Marcus Bonham

      Akira motorcycle send its regards

    43. Akif Akça


    44. bowen voowy

      The game will be released when the future will be exactly like they described in the game

    45. LilMrPizza

      0:57 It's pronounced "Nuclear", not "Nucelar"

    46. Dillon Haims

      I think that this game will be released in 2077

      1. bowen voowy

        I might just spend 100 hours learning to drift like I did on gta

    47. Nerox989

      Does anyone know the name of the song at 3:19 ?



    49. Yeethaw489

      futuristic games are always ass, I don't know why people are excited for this game.

      1. Yeethaw489

        Bendak Starkiller TitanFall 2 was very good

      2. Bendak Starkiller

        @Yeethaw489 That's 2 games out of them. Titanfall 2 didn't sell well, but that doesn't mean it's a bad game.

      3. Yeethaw489

        Bendak Starkiller I'll admit I like a couple of those games but they all flopped, Destiny is horrible now and Titan Fall 2 never sold and the new borderlands is a waste of money.

      4. Bendak Starkiller

        @Yeethaw489 Titanfall? Warframe? Destiny? Star Wars Battlefront 2, Jedi: Fallen Order? Borderlands? Deus Ex?

      5. Yeethaw489

        Allenpoe17 Name one person on this planet that liked Infinite Warfare xD

    50. KubanKunt

      This is new state of the art technology to help you complete your mission 47, take your pick

    51. Allwyn Robert

      So, it is just a GTA 6 Planned to release in the year 2077.

      1. Marcus Lopez-pierre

        This game is very different from gta

    52. Abdul Azmeer

      I swear if they're delaying it......

    53. l0IlIl0IlIl0I

      So close now, I can taste it...

      1. Polar Grizzly

        i'm sure it tastes like neon

    54. Ggermann

      Only Buy For Matrix Hero

    55. Darklord 79

      The game looks good but im just wondering how much nudity is going to be in the game cause my parents probably won’t approve.

      1. Joshua Bull

        Then wait until you aren't a kid

      2. Allenpoe17

        I got my little sister running around my house. So I gotta be careful.

      3. Dirty Harry

        you can actually turn it off if you want

    56. Kevin. A

      This game is gonna push my Xbox one to the limit until I can get the ps5 lol

      1. Allenpoe17

        I hope my PS4 can hold out

    57. Ritesh Kumar

      Baba Yaga...😎

    58. Enzo's World

      benis & bagina: the game

      1. Marcus Lopez-pierre

        You can also have neither

    59. Hydro Sheep

      Me: wow this game is great! My pc: dont even think about it

    60. Señor Muzik

      I’m gonna be sad as fuck if they don’t have an Akira bike dlc type shit

      1. Polar Grizzly

        didn't you see the bike at the end of the trailer

    61. Kaclo Arod

      I might just spend 100 hours learning to drift like I did on gta

    62. X t h r a x

      This looks overwhelmingly huge

    63. von

      I would like to play this.

    64. Yoshio B

      Here is the shocker. Cyber Punk 2077 had a “unexpected” delay and will now be released in 2021. 😂👎🏻

      1. Koyote Green

        Not gana happen now that disc copy's have been leaked and people are already playing the game

    65. Toroko12

      Looks like an action game now... not longer an rpg?

      1. Allenpoe17

        Nope. Still an RPG.

      2. tilon


    66. TheAddict Gamer31

      Why everytime these days have to show Gameplay before Relase Day so early on, like in this case 10 Years before LOL. It's so Dumb, and Annoying, because Spoilers, and Pepole get Excited too much, and Game maby fail because of This. Why don't just Make sure it's ready to sell out, and Announce Like week before Relase Day.

      1. TheAddict Gamer31

        @Joshua Bull I meant Launch fail, on No Man's Sky.

      2. Joshua Bull

        No man's sky didn't fail. It did get a lot of hate, 90% of the reason being the devs outright lied about much of it's content, even in the weeks before launch. 2077 on the other hand has been extremely open and transparent on the state of the game, and have proven their game is exactly what they said it is

      3. Joshua Bull

        Gameplay was shown 2 years prior. Show what makes your game special if you want people to buy it. That generally requires gameplay Or do I have to go over marketing on a second grade level?

      4. TheAddict Gamer31

        @Marcus Lopez-pierre Yeah, but like: No Man's Sky Failed, because people Wanted it so bad when they was seeing it, that they have to Release it too Early.

      5. Marcus Lopez-pierre

        Because CDPR is a business, and businesses have to profit

    67. Zoltan 89

      CyberPunk 2077, Game of the Years!!

    68. Zoltan 89

      Cyberpunk 2077 will consume my life! I cant wait!

      1. Allenpoe17

        I just preordered today. I'm excited well.

    69. What’s Next

      Мощно нахуй

    70. Ahsan Khan

      I will stay with the trailer

    71. Chopped Liver

      So this is robocop?

      1. Chopped Liver

        @Marcus Lopez-pierre its robocop with a twist then?

      2. Marcus Lopez-pierre

        No. In the world of Robocop, it isn't mainstream to completely throw away parts of your humanity. Corporations don't have as much of a grip on society. Humanity isn't centimeters away from self-imposed armageddon

    72. AlRōnin

      idk if anyone has said this already but am i the only one who got "fallout 4 trailer" vibes at 4:50 ? Side note: I'm a huge fan of fallout but it doesn't mean shit next to this game.

      1. AlRōnin

        @Geralt of Night City read my comment my guy, that's literally what i said. Also, you should try this thing called "relaxing"..

      2. Allenpoe17

        I'll have to compare the two. Havent watched the fallout 4 trailer since it was coming out.

      3. Geralt of Night City

        Fallout 4 was shit

      4. Geralt of Night City

        What the fuck has that got to do with fallout? Are you serious and lmao fallout WISHES it was as big as this masterpiece fallout is a hobo compared to cyberpunk

    73. Sarbuland Aslam

      So this game is wolfenstein just its is open world

      1. Marcus Lopez-pierre

        This isn't an FPS. It's an RPG. Wolfenstein doesn't have a complicated system of attributes and perks, or an in depth dialogue system, or all that much really indicative of an RPG

    74. Antônio Montemuro

      tomara que dê um pau no gta que ta tirando sarro com a nossa cara

    75. Nova

      It’s the game being delayed 3 times after going gold for me.

    76. Drudley

      When does Cyberpunk 2077 VR come out? Since it's FPS only and cyberpunk, I feel like VR is such an obvious addition.

      1. Joshua Bull

        Vr isn't nearly ready yet. There's a reason no game with half this scale exists in vr yet

      2. tilon

        @Pog Moment it will be as good as witcher3 i guess

      3. Pog Moment

        It depends on how well the game does. If its makes a lot of money and is received very well from players, then they will probably start making one.

      4. tilon

        @Drudley it would be impressive, but i don't think it happen, just too hard to create i guess, but expansions and multi are coming for sure

      5. Drudley

        @tilon Yeah, right, FPV is what I meant.

    77. Cydated

      Can i be a cult leader

      1. Cydated

        @Marcus Lopez-pierre 2/5 stars

    78. Gutt Grinder

      I wish there is a 3rd person view. I love to play this game but 1st person view gives me motion sickness (just watching the trailer alone gave me one). I'm sure my fellow gamers will surely love this game.

      1. Jan Kafka

        sadly, the game is entirely designed around first person, and half of its mechanics from dialog to movement would not work.

    79. Alexandre d'Atlanza

      It's look like a parralel univers where Biden won the US election in 2020. It's cool for a game but fortunately it didn't happen in reality!

      1. Alexandre d'Atlanza

        @Marcus Lopez-pierre 47 years of Biden. He was in the 70s,80s, 90s... That something about him. Biden 2020 > Cyberpunk 2077 just an logicial story. But ... After all it's just a story ! The reality it's an different thing. But you know the thing ? Come on man !

      2. Marcus Lopez-pierre

        But Biden won. Also, the problems of the Cyberpunk universe began in the 80's, way before Biden did (or didn't) become president

    80. kavan gohil

      It's really breathtaking 😂

    81. Balázs Szabó

      Seriously???? This trailer contains Spoilers!! Dont’t watch!

      1. Allenpoe17

        We already knew what would happen but we havent seen the scenes themselves. So it is spoilery in ways.

      2. Pog Moment

        How though?

    82. GamerManiack BR

      Is that our big man Tyrone screaming in the heli on the beggining, this is not even a joke its so similir its scary

    83. Murielle SCHERPENBERGHS

      0:27 this is clearly Pris from Blade Runner, huh? Am i the only one???

    84. MR. STW

      Im still hupe boys.

    85. OmaRoma

      Good luck, 47

    86. Will

      I'm scared to buy this cuz I don't trust it'll live up to the hype. What if it's a bad game?

      1. • Soraya •

        Don’t buy the game on release day, Watch some reviews first. That’s what I always do lol.

      2. Allenpoe17

        This is why games need to have a demo. If I can test drive a car. I should be allowed to test drive a game.

    87. Juicebox95

      "You're a dick." "And you're a cunt." Sounds like me and my brother although he would be the rocker boy part, not so much the terrorist part

    88. adam Majri

      those 5k dislikes are poeple that wanted to like but accidently clicked dislike

    89. Sjors Ammeraal


    90. huh woah

      I dont really consider this a "gameplay" trailer

      1. Rund

        Anyone who reads his comment, it's bait don't react to it

    91. INSANE Gaming

      Imagine all this hype and then GTA 6 comes and fucks this games graphics😂😂😂😂

      1. Geralt of Night City

        Who fucking cares about gta at this point same shit rockstar are so lazy can't think of anything new just the same old tired ass franchises

      2. tilon

        dude this game has 1000 reasons to buy it and graphic is far away in the list

      3. Jan Kafka

        yea, cus graphics are the reason why people get hyped about games

      4. INSANE Gaming

        @Rund #sedlyf🥺🥺

      5. Rund

        It's gonna be several years till gta 6 comes

    92. RoofTopGaming

      Want this so bad but it is too vulgar and my parents won't allow it ;-;

    93. Chetan Soshte

      Reality This is our Future of planet 🥺

      1. Shabin Mohamed

        It's kinda cool ngl

    94. Sweet Lueh

      I’ve been hearing about this game for too long

    95. Torrid 229

      I wish we could play the game in third person...

      1. Marcus Lopez-pierre

        CDPR knows that people want TPP, and for the sake of immersion, they chose to stick with FPP, so just accept that the people who worked on this game for 7 years know what they're doing

    96. Brother Shepherd

      this game sounds and looks pretty garbage. honestly, what a load of hyped up nonsense. not to mention, this is not a gameplay trailer.

      1. jesse omollo

        @Brother Shepherd so even before seeing or playing the game it is already garbage to you? Are you crazy?

      2. tilon

        @Brother Shepherd i will comeback here after it gets GOTY

      3. Brother Shepherd

        @Allenpoe17 nothing til its released. we will all see the hype disaster after it releases

      4. Allenpoe17

        What do you think they could do to improve the game

    97. Symon


      1. Eden Link

        Well just search "Judy Alvarez" on Google and you'll see if no one talk about her.

    98. RALPH

      They said the game would come out December 10th, but the secret is that it's December 10th of 2077

    99. Aryan Bindal

      What a graphics really next gen game in 2020