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    Dear gamers,
    here's CD PROJEKT’s co-founder’s personal explanation of what the days leading up to the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 looked like, sharing the studio’s perspective on what happened with the game on old-generation consoles.
    For more details about the progress being made on Cyberpunk 2077’s further development, including information about updates and improvements, free DLCs, and more, please visit

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    1. Moerlboro Cop

      Your customer base isn't falling for your shit. You ruined your reputation and you aren't getting it back. Hope you guys at least lift yourself above the rest of the corporate scum that has infiltrated the gaming industry.

    2. Federico Pighin

      They really just took 8 years to release a game with GTA Vice City's physics and Skyrim's graphics uh

    3. DieDie SuperPie

      “We’re not sorry we released a broken game. We’re just sorry that you caught us”

    4. Jimmy The Bus*

      I'm rat rsed. Laughing at this woke up with

    5. Jami Palmroos

      Lets hope that next witcher game is not bug simulator

    6. Pong Little

      I love this game. Can be fixed and better? Glad to hear

    7. martin pikart

      Cyberpunk 2077: *Exists* Arthur Morgan: *I do my utmost to avoid you*

    8. Hadi Adi

      YouYou know the water splashes hahahha don't forget to add it

    9. Laki Luke

      We wait ?

    10. Blake Bentley

      This simply shouldn’t have been released on last gen hardware.

    11. Smokey

      I personally hope your company crashes and crumbles just to prove other triple A companies that sells unfinished games that there's no such thing as too big to fall.

      1. PsychoCaki

        UbiSoft and EA and couple of more doing it for years and they dont even apologize so yeah. Best is that they will fix game, while buggy fallout games , and other ubisoft unoptimized games are still out.

    12. Black

      tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.

    13. gltile

      No Man's Sky: The Sequel

    14. shunnie

      its amazing how quick people can form a hate mob, jesus christ, please do something else with your life instead of blindly following a hate train there are people that have over 150+ hours played but they leave a negative review because hating on CDPR is cool now, this is ridiculous form your own opinions people, honestly at this point you people are no different than the npcs you guys make fun of all the time

      1. shunnie

        @PUKHRAJ GREWAL I'm not getting paid. I just dont like how you guys bash something you didnt even play, I feel bad for the game developers. I pre-ordered the game, had one or maybe 2 game breaking bugs at most. I fully completed it. The game wasnt the "game of the century" they marketed it as, but its better than most of the games out there.


        how much were you paid

    15. HonestCyrus

      Yeah keep apologizing it will fix the bugs,fix the optimization for all of the platforms,bring back the futures that were shown and the other millions of things that are wrong with your...should I call it a videogame?

    16. MiKeBlaze

      "Coming when it's ready"

    17. Rai Zeleuo

      I accept your apologies, don't repeat it


      cyberpank 😌 GTA 5. 😏

      1. Lightning Striker

        yep gta 5 is king

    19. AnyelOFF

      Aguevo carnalito échenle ganas ese juego nomás unos arreglos y va a quedar bien mamalon

    20. White Witch

      What a waste of everything, game is so bad I can't even say is "ok". I wanted to refund but could not because of the shitty ps system. Enjoy the disgusting money you get, that's whats all about. The lies is beyond tolerable, not even a full remake would make me beleive a word you say or any CDPR product. To think I didn't bought Ghost of Tsushima for this garbage. Really upseting. Never again.

      1. aashiq mohamad

        Same for me, it pains me that I used my hard earned money to buy this massive failure excuse for a game, rather than investing it in Ghost of Tsushima 😢

    21. Inna Skott

      Would there be any other videos on this channel? WTF happened to Night city wire? Something would be nice :) Anything...

      1. Alem DevP

        @Inna Skott don't worry bud. I read your comments.

      2. Inna Skott

        And yes, i always like my own comments. And I know that no one ever read them nor gives a single f:::k about it )))


      Wow so much like , that interesting

    23. GamingFps

      The mid of march is coming soon. Where is the main hotfix patch?

    24. Marcin Iwiński

      I'm so sorry everyone...

    25. Greg G

      I’m also sure he’s sorry about not paying his team a much needed bonus

    26. Dany Cervantes

      I’m enjoying the game. Continued support, updates and extensions to the game, will make this a great success in the long run. 👍


      All this sh*t could have been avoided if you just announced the release date 04.16.2021 instead of 04.16.2020 on that E3 presentation with Keanu. I'm playing the game for the second time now and really enjoying it. Still the thoughts of how much better it could be if the developers had at least one more year keep haunting me..

    28. videojohnson

      so they basically said "sorry for releasing unfinished game", but what they should have said instead is "sorry for falsely advertising our game going as far as making a completely fake demo just to trick people into preordering our game"

    29. Renato

      Lies and more lies. by 03/07/21

    30. Pr0GrEsS!vE

      Multiplayer please :/

    31. Wyluzowany Bocianek

      i have to be honest san andreas is way better than this even watch dogs is better its just insane how dissapointing cd project red is making game like this such a schame ...

    32. Ikki Purana

      cyberpunk is dead

    33. DivanteScrollsYouTube

      Really annoys me that you guys think the console versions were the only problem for this game.

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      1. Alem DevP

        You really are bored lol. Or you are testing ur new bot.

    36. FISH FISH

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    64. lando

      Hey to be fair at least they apologized, unlike some other company’s. EA

    65. ARCania

      Seeing the witcher 3 and then this.... Man u guys gotta do Ur stuff properly else u will fall... But you can still gain redemption

    66. Fatereaver

      HUfast reminded me of cyberpunk today. I almost forgot about you guys and your shit game.

    67. Ravash Sphinx

      Do these fuckers know that the bugs arent the main problem ppl are having with this shitty game?

    68. Juan Osnaya

      Keep pouring all that money into this souless piece of trash game that no one is gonna buy

    69. глаша aaa

      What about this shitty AI tho.

    70. aditya kurnia

      fun fact : 8 years development for this scripted forgive speech

    71. КАКОЙ-ТО СаЛаТ

      Вы прекрасно знали что игра ещё сырая, недоделана, и все равно выпустили, из-за того что бы поскорее на грести себе в карман денег. А про игру вы, именно вы вообще не думали.

    72. GoochPanooch

      Lazy Millennial Devs

    73. Elec

      Moral of the story: Don't trust developers that doesn't constantly communicate with their costumers about the state of the game or you'll get a Cyberpunk 2077 fiasco

    74. Gonzalo Perez

      Never ever again I'm preordering a game. EVER.. very disappointed

    75. John S.B

      poor ps4 gamers who can't afford a pc ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) idc that the demo might has been fake and that the trailers were also some kind of fake But pc version is fine and I don't regret spending 60$ for this

      1. Acrylico

        @Mahira Mahzabeen Playing on a 450 Ti are we?

      2. John S.B

        @Mahira Mahzabeen I'm sorry for you

      3. Mahira Mahzabeen

        your lucky because I also have a good pc but mine crashes every 4 to 6 hours.

    76. The Crow of Yharnam

      Imagine scrapping 8 years of work the ORIGINAL story just to squeeze Keanu Reeves into the game beyond fucking pathetic his performance wasn't even that good as the guy is a HORRIBLE actor with no talent the ONLY reason why people like him is because of his looks and nice guy persona LITERALLY IT FUCK YOU CD PROJEKT RED

    77. 비스뀌

      Become an art outsourcing company

    78. I_Will_Devour_Your_Soul V2

      Fun fact: when they launched the first trailer of cyberpunk back in 2013, the game wasn’t finished THEY STARTED TO DO GAME AS SOON THEY DROPPED THE TRAILER

    79. Justin Vaysset

      Who's to blame then ? Nothing works . The animations doesn''t work . The quests don't work . NOTHING . WORKS .

    80. I_Will_Devour_Your_Soul V2


    81. Jermaine Moore

      I don’t know what y’all talking about the game is working fine to me and is FIRE!!

    82. The Crow of Yharnam

      This deserves 1M dislikes!

    83. Niel

      LOL. Do they really think I'm gonna believe that? He's the founder of CDPR and didn't know about the issues of the game before release?

    84. BlackHood

      This looks like a game Rockstar would've made and made better. Probably would be better if Rockstar had made the game since this looks like a game they would make and make well like their other titles.

    85. Mr Thief

      Skumbags y'all botched up big time. I've finished the game but everything bugged out in the end ruining experience. And your updates ain't doing jack. Everything still the same. Won't buy another game from y'all even if it's on gog or whatever.

    86. L C


    87. Jack Marston!

      Come on cyberpunk cdpr haters! Get faith! You commenters have NO FAITH’

    88. Mike Merezhko

      Dear CDPR, Don't quit working on improvements! The game is fantastic, no matter who says so. You'll do amazing!

      1. Artic

        game is fantastic????????


        then give me your money

    89. leonthesleepy

      Translation: Yes we lied to you for money

    90. Ooo Ooo


    91. Corey Mckee

      I blame the higherups. Not the development team. I genuinely believe that the devs pleaded for more time but the Boys in suits wouldn't give it to them. The development team are trying hard to fix the mistakes despite the bullshit from the higherups. They do NOT deserve the hate they are getting. They are dealing with enough already! Especially with the hacker bs recently.😡 Give them a fucking break already!

    92. Autism Cat

      i am about to cry when i think about cyberpunk npc AI it is worse than the AI from the mobile game blox city wars i used to play when i was 6

    93. V Cut

      Nothin huh?


      This is why I don't get excited for games anymore... Your all trying to make it so realistic.. how bout making it fun and playable.

    95. Tobiky

      I get peoples frustration with marketing, bugs, and management but god damn this HUfast comment toxicity is the same as the 2010's. Though the ones that follow marketing just shoot themselves in the foot.

    96. Matteo Huber

      Yes hes right but they relesed the game to early

    97. Stupid Pig

      Cut to march and they still haven't released a meaningful update cdpr really just exit scammed and destroyed their own company 😂

    98. Yoshikage Kira

      Even if the game had many problems, I enjoyed the story and the sidequests alot😃👍

    99. luQ89

      Zjebaliście koncertowo. Zaufanie przepadło, a było tak pięknie.

    100. Prema Chandran

      Took 8 years to make a game that couldn't compete with GTA 3