Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (cassette tape)

Aleksey Zhendi

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    This version of the album is a result of high quality digital - analog - digital conversion process. It captures very well the pleasant coloration/artifacts of analog cassette tape recording.
    1) Give Life Back to Music - 00:00
    2) The Game of Love - 04:35
    3) Get Lucky - 09:56
    4) Beyond - 16:05
    5) Fragments of Time - 20:55
    6) Horizon - 25:35
    * This is shortened version of the album to match 32 min single side of the cassette tape used.
    Sound conversion process used:
    Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (Deluxe Box Set Edition).
    FLAC, 24 bit, 88.2 kHz.

    RME Babyface Pro

    [Cassette tape]
    Record, then playback.
    Without Dolby Noise Reduction.
    Cassette tape used: Sony Type IV (metal) C-64CDX4C, made in Japan.
    Cassette deck used: Harman/Kardon CD201, made in Japan.

    RME Babyface Pro
    PCM, 24 bit, 192 kHz.

    [Result file]
    Without any post processing.
    Conversion to WAV, 24 bit, 96 kHz.
    Waveform: images2.imgbox.com/f9/78/NMMjErwa_o.png
    Spectrogram (close-up): images2.imgbox.com/ee/e1/YVq9b7by_o.png
    A/B sound comparison with the source: hufast.info/plan/vide/fY_Ggs-gtH3QeGg
    * Of course take into account HUfast's additional processing and some quality loss.
    * Video made for demonstration purpose only.
    * No copyright infringement intended.
    * I do not own this material. All rights reserved their respective owners.

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    1. combatCactus

      It would be cool if you did an A-B comparison video with the source included as well

      1. fourth panda

        Bless! This is what I wanted to hear.

      2. themeat ball

        @Aleksey Zhendi good job !

      3. Aleksey Zhendi

        And here it is: hufast.info/plan/vide/fY_Ggs-gtH3QeGg

    2. Cray Jackson

      i dont remember the pink floyd part around 28:00

    3. Mateo Delgado

      Muy bueno todo pero los anuncios me han molestado en todo el video

    4. Ellison Cocino

      DAMN! This is GOLD

    5. Rafael Camilo

      Bom d+

    6. iLoxy / BloxxerBro12

      Thanks man, now I don't have to spend $200+ to get Random Access Memories playing on my old Walkman Nostalgia hits hard

    7. fetucin

      do yall rememer 2019? when everything didnt suck

    8. Cav Cavalcanti


    9. Paulo Omena

      Damn, Horizon has the most Pink floydish feeling i've felt in a long time.

      1. Paulo Omena

        @Nordic39 they're not similar, but horizon reminds me of pink Floyd

      2. Nordic39

        never heard pink floyd music, did not know it is similar to Daft Punk, lol

    10. Ты уже не будешь Прежним


    11. Ты уже не будешь Прежним


    12. Q-uinn

      12:08 bro wake up its 2013

    13. Diego Robledo

      Great job!!

    14. RandallSlick

      BTW, I think you've won the prize for the best-sounding audio on HUfast. Do you take requests?

    15. RandallSlick

      Brilliant work and straight to my favourites. Metal C-64 was, is and will always be hardcore cassette love. Thanks so much for giving the old three-legged dog some wheels. Sounds wonderful.

    16. Jimi Q

      sound worst

    17. top kek

      Loved it, Aleksey Zhendi. This has been good music file.

    18. V D

      this album is so well mixed that it would sound godly even on a toaster

    19. Alfon Ferrúa

      Beyond ♥ qué temonnnnn

    20. Arthur Drumond

      16:05 just lost my mind, I'was flying

    21. top kek

      i cry everi tiem

    22. top kek

      Thank you. Been looking for this for ages!

    23. Guardian de las Royals


    24. Carlos Mettal Fernandes

      Criatividade absoluta 👊

    25. Adam Shepherd

      "Me, I just wanted you to stay" :'( - after Epilogue

    26. Sid Wolfblood

      I woke up from a nightmare caused by crippling depression.. these guys are my go to for the cure to the heart ache inside.. these guys should have their own holiday to celibate lol

    27. Javier Balgo

      Where did I put that CD album now?

    28. Copreme Bot

      The plucky planet primarily offer because february relevantly produce alongside a boundless willow. open, dizzy engineer

    29. Rama Nityananda

      Gostei bom nível Haribol!

    30. Diana Guadalupe Delgado Montoña

      Genial miusic.. I love

    31. Ociel Garcia

      M A D E I N J A P A N

    32. Ali Qaidi


    33. Soufiane Azbouri


    34. Sergio Gonzales

      No Giorgio = dislike

    35. Jamal Jama

      The sparkling anethesiologist cellularly disagree because butane progressively subtract forenenst a gaping icicle. six, large market

    36. Bhuvan Medidi

      Yeah boy, yeah!

    37. User

      The best album ever

    38. Vayron Maclean


    39. danny pham

      The homely butcher conspicuously treat because income immunocytochemically fence astride a faint fair router. foamy, elite partner

    40. firefrog101

      I used to jam to this on my walkman

    41. zluz4

      Thats me as a kid using the work computer of my mom, listening to gorilaz, some clan of xymox and daft punk

    42. AnybrowmCris

      Lo escucho desde que tenia los 13 años y ahora tengo 20. Siempre serán los mejores

    43. gonzalo quintana

      And i came here for Instant Crush...

    44. Luis Miguel Olivares Moctezuma


    45. Felipe Rush

      estoy medio bajon

    46. NoBody

      Been binging RAM songs for literally years but tis my first time hearing Horizon. So pissed rn ngl haha

      1. NoBody

        @ゴーストghost hi five!

      2. ゴーストghost

        Horizon is my personal favourite on RAM and I only discovered it a few months ago lol

    47. GianniSmarrelli

      If you could drink liquid gold, it would taste like heaven and sound like this.

    48. DasEnk

      Another RAM album video with 800k views just got banned as I was listening. So here I am lol.

    49. 先生

      Soo cool !!

    50. Joel Bangalter

      NO LLORAR primera regla

    51. Gabo

      When you decided to walk away When I wanted you to stay... Good bye daft punk :'(

    52. George Thompson

      So, I'm not a sound expert, how different is this from the CD version?

      1. ゴーストghost

        This is actually the vinyl version (I think) but the uploader converted it to cassette and then to digital. This gives the “cassette version” a brighter, more analog “warm” feeling, which is typical for cassettes. The stereo separation is also a bit more pronounced in this version imo. You won’t hear the difference without good headphones though. Hope that helps :]

    53. Gal Ben Yehoshua

      OMG, I was here a lot before this blew up. Congrats man, good job

    54. Håkan Söderling

      Top Notch Music!

    55. Louis Guerre

      It's funny how every Daft Punk related videos have become places of mourn



    56. Jaiden Larkin

      The amusing harp microbiologically escape because tv kinetically bow against a chemical teacher. defeated, typical nancy

    57. Jay π

      I feel as if I was high, dunno if that`s good or bad though

    58. Sidney Moises

      thank you very much 💥

    59. Aleksandar Lakovic

      There will be more good music I believe.🎧

    60. ViictorSR388

      Estou aqui prestando tributo pós epilogo!

    61. Almad Sayah

      Love them 4ever🖤🎆

    62. Moti G

      I just wish they had collaborated with Justin timberlake or Bruno

    63. Yeni Klasör

      we all know why we are here

    64. Sébastien Lefrère

      J'adore Daft punk même si il se sont séparés 🤘🤘🤘

    65. Viewsonic G

      I hope if they do anything autobiographical later in life, they name the movie/book after this album


        why not a song? like giorgio

    66. The Wise Ginger

      gonna forever be crushed by not being able to see daft punk live before they split, easily one of my favorite artists they just speak to my soul or lack there of

    67. acaithefuzz


    68. Matthew Jones

      The abstracted town inspiringly drop because coach marginally point through a skillful legal. stiff, trashy time

    69. Jose Luis Robayo Salek

      Wow... years listening to them and today was the first time that listened "Horizons". It was released only in Japan... Damn!

    70. Brittany Carlo

      I'm here after "Epilogue"

    71. White HoodRich

      ✌️😿thanks for everything guys🎹🎸

    72. G Enkhjin


    73. Foo Jinn Seng

      Life just doesn't feel the same anymore after Epilogue. All the best to them

    74. Conscious Rastaman - jah jah blessd

      nunca serão esquecidos :')

    75. Daniel Ala Fernandez

      es aquí donde todos venimos a llorar por su separación :c

    76. Pyrobolimenos1988

      Nope, not here because of "Epilogue". Just wanted to listen to a great album I guess.

    77. Erigo

      I'll be waiting for them to return....

    78. Thanzil K


    79. Danisolis21


    80. Bludion

      Hi Aleksey, incredible. And incredible again. That technical process is amazing. Great job. Greetz to freaks like me, aleksey, and daft punk. :)

    81. Jade Palheta


    82. VadimUsa

      Дафт Панк был получше всяких железных человеков

    83. shajaratul yeakeen

      Someone please write down the lyrics

    84. Stephen Daedalus

      Here after the epilogue.

    85. Tasted Purple


    86. TheTorinsanbl4


    87. Shireg Andrei

      im not here after epilogue. im here after all the music they made

    88. Troy Delaney

      RIP LEGENDS. This taped version is utterly brilliant, silky satin n supple. Such a crime they couldn't fit Horizon onto RAM, it is the PERFECT ending!

    89. Silly Empire Music

      Imagine at the final of "Epilogue" pass a flash of all daft punk's videos while sound this part of the song "Give Life To Music" (3:49) the song sounds and before it finish, the half faces of the robots (Thomas on the left and Guy-Manuel on the right) close the screen, until stay like on the album "RAM".

    90. 1003 koko

      We don't stop , You don't stop!

    91. ArcherDoesThings

      None of ya'll are talking bout Get Lucky even though it is SO GOOD OMG There's a reason it was in Just Dance 2014

    92. Ben De la portilla

      forever in my mind -- forever in my soul

    93. Fktrctq

      ссаная помойка дафт панк - как были так и остались

    94. Emmanuel Ramírez Cantú

      F por Daft Punk Rip :(

    95. Ivan Andreyev


    96. Etienne LeParisien

      Daft Punk's not dead !

    97. Bartosz Szotek

      Thank you for the great music. I will miss you .