Daft Punk - Epilogue

Daft Punk

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      girls: men don't know what sadness is the men:

    2. k nc

      Thank you for the music, you absolute legends of the industry

    3. Kerie Mobley

      F to pay respect

    4. yer tre

      Enigmatic even in the end

    5. kanoto Chan xd :v

      La historia nunca olvidara tus cancuones legendarias

    6. Rgfl 473

      Apúrale chico apurale

    7. Rgfl 473

      Pura intro nomas

    8. Олесь Єфіменко

      thank you for everything and miss you already 😔

    9. Stal

      They'll be going around the world in seperate directions now😔

    10. D E S P A I R P H R O G

      Thank you for gracing us all with your presence in music. Your work will be forever treasured. T ^ T

    11. PurplePlayerV

      ... Well, there goes my only favorite musicians.

    12. Haha good name I lack

      "Our work is never over" Yea. That was a lie we all believed.

    13. Xp_sculpt

      Bro am about to shed a tear dude, an really going to miss the duo 😢

    14. unknown

      Its now a tradition to come back to this once a month...

    15. Un pibe chido :3


    16. Dünning Krüger Dissönance

      Daft Punk is still on check their new band PRIEST - THIEVES

    17. Dünning Krüger Dissönance

      Check PRIEST - THIEVES

      1. not relevant

        Sounds trash

    18. Dünning Krüger Dissönance


    19. Dünning Krüger Dissönance

      Don't cry. Daft Punk is still alive in the band called Priest. Check out the song 'Thieves' It's worth to the name of Daft Punk.

    20. wolfy_YT

      goodbye to a legend

    21. Isaac Bellido

      Váyanse de los comentarios.. Quiero estar sólo :'(

    22. Choupeur


    23. Choupeur

      No please you are the beste just fo why 😭😭😭😭

    24. wtf man

      i love u guys but this is the worst farewell ive ever seen. not even a new song for end but reusing a 2012 song...

      1. Lance Smith


    25. John 57

      une légende s éteins ....


      good bye DAFT PUNK

    27. lukasoccer

      Started the year I was born, ended the year my first child was born.

    28. Rohan Rao

      Am I the only one who feels like a family member is no more?

    29. Spyks-26-

      see you

    30. River Styx

      why is this giving me Star Wars vibes?

    31. jÆçkØ

      Daft punk made my childhood even tho if I'm from 2006 my mom loved them before she died R.I.P Good friends... Daft Punk 1993-2021 They will be missed

    32. Thomas' Musings


    33. Glacyite Freez

      "Why don't you listen to the coolest DJs in the universe?? Oh right, you can't...*buuurp* they blew up."

    34. Josip Vukoja

      Daft Punk had only one good album-Discovery.


      Always remember your memory for our legends 1993 - 2021

    36. IMP MUSIC

      that makes me sad

    37. Cyan soul


    38. 100 crack fist of the north star

      It's been fun you guys. Thank you for the great tunes though the years.

    39. LeonBeats

      It was awesome growing up with your songs. Goodbye 👋🏼.

    40. Kosma Lewandowski


    41. traveler.

      they live for a 18 years, i thought everything is gonna be fine but... they just gave up or died...

    42. Pogging Puro

      You'll be missed legends

    43. kamil stoh


    44. A Z

      I love you. respect. Merci.

    45. t0x1ck1ng 977

      My 💔 is bleeding as hell!

    46. ghost

      all jokes aside. imagine making a impact to everyone by your song but most of your fans doesn't recognizes you. what a legends, you will never be missed

    47. Eugene Zaru

      Thank you.

    48. Riley Crosskey

      Their work is finally over. Rest in Peace, Daft Punk.

    49. Oscar Javier García Serrano

      1993 2021

    50. Leo E

      This is far better than any anime sad endings.

    51. Da qt Miku

      But you said your work will never be over??

    52. Игорь Панин

      Господи я заплакал

    53. Phxmaell *

      Just one more time! After this pandemic please!!!

    54. pinky


    55. 2Maq

      Those auras.

    56. Đào Quang Tùng


    57. Yazıyorum


    58. Castiel Ackles

      Estoy aquí de nuevo No lo acepto aún

      1. Yurem Chacon

        Yo no soportó quiero que vuelvan

    59. Gunnerblaster

      This hits harder than most feature-length films.


      the end of an era

    61. Jose Serafim

      Im cry

    62. Aus Productions

      Wow.....I listened to daft punk tons in 2013.....goodbye men you guys won’t be forgotten

    63. JojoTheJetPlane

      All good things must come to an end.

    64. HyperPixel

      good bye, my friends

    65. SkyWatersong

      I miss you guys 😢

    66. r҉e҉d҉h҉e҉a҉d҉e҉d҉ ҉ ҉p҉s҉y҉c҉h҉o҉

      daft punk... you've made a lot of people's childhoods great, just by giving us amazing music. you're allowed to rest. thank you so much for brightening the years for us

    67. Noah Destajo

      29k dislikes? 29k more people being sent to hell.

    68. Vincent M B

      Diablement émouvant.

    69. ParadigmUnkn0wn

      Punk's Dead ಥ﹏ಥ

    70. Hearty The Wolf

      I will remember you 😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤

    71. Happy Boi

      Everything has an expiration day This video tells us the expiration of high quality musical androids : (

    72. iiBlue Sapphirex

      imagine the words. you're just on your phone and you get a notification, daftpunk posted a new video. "We are back." *that would be nice wouldn't it.* *lets hope in the future because this is really hurting us deeply man*

    73. 35 DİECAST

      Thank you for everything you'll be missed...

    74. Tony stark

      Aww no 😭

    75. Sebastian Campoverde

      porqueeeee daft punk era la mejor banda de electrónica

    76. X-Lørd

      Thanks for 28 years Daft Punk - -X-Lørd-

    77. Eduardo Arnoldo

      Punk forevermore

    78. Beka Stepanishvili

      Does someone know why they split? Like real reason

      1. andresgn 25

        @Brege no they’re both alive nobody died nobody knows why they split up / retired

      2. Brege

        The silver helmet guy died. That’s why he exploded and golden helmet guy didn’t. At least that’s what I think

    79. pedro laus


    80. Can Bey

      One More Time...

    81. adintest

      power rangers but it's actualy good.

    82. Prathyaksh Hu

      Anyone revisiting this video and crying?

    83. Ekarat Aroonrat

      I just started to listen to your song and already love your music but, well I guess I am too late.

    84. The ghost of Angolan past

      Goodbye old friends you were always harder better faster stronger and your work will never be over

    85. Thederpy_man

      They impacted our lives around the world. They were harder, better, faster, stronger. They were robots that rocked. We will want to keep listening to them one more time. Thank you Daft Punk. Yall have been in my life thanks to my Dad. He is such a huge fan of yall. The first time I heard about yall was when I was 8. I really didn't know who yall were until I got older. Now, you are gone. Me and my Dad are sad to see yall retire but we are happy to hear your music 1993-2021

    86. Pixelguel Gaming


    87. PLL Skip

      Everybody gangsta until they realized it wasnt april 1st

    88. Alex Chetcuti

      Thank you for the amazing memories from all your albums. You will be missed.

    89. benjamin escobar

      Around the world around the world around the world around the world

    90. nicreeper

      "Work is never over" it never is, my friend.

    91. EJS Productions


    92. murathan turgut

      Everybody thought it was a song until 5:20

    93. BlitzZ

      is this the end?? of draft punk?

    94. MonstyDR

      We’ll remember the best music duo on earth forever! No matter what! You were always the best! DAFT PUNK FOREVER!

    95. Katenara

      I'm not crying, you are :C

    96. Forbidden Melody

      I will treasure every note, every beat, forever in my heart. Thank you, for everything you created, for everything you shared with us. Take care, superstars.

    97. ボムヤマラ로마

      수고 했다...진짜..

    98. Sacha Van Huynegem

      All the best thinks have a end