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    He’s eccentric. He’s ruthless. And he’s rich as f**k. Enjoy the most entertaining podcast we’ve ever done, and learn how to become a billionaire in the meantime.
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    ***PLEASE NOTE***
    Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.

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    1. Roll up the fruit

      scam artist alerty

    2. cat napz

      this guys the worst, boomertistic no comments allowed on his videos...Pena is a pusssssssssy sautee this man

    3. Mr D

      Hope y’all know he’s a FAKE billionaire who has/wants young people to commit suicide. HUfast - Derek Van Shaik Dan Pena

    4. Jacob Sed


    5. Luis Castañeda



      If you are wondering wtf is up with this dude, just skip to 22:45

    7. ziv kaminski

      I don’t like talking out of the ego, but his life was made on talking down on people and exposing peoples ego’s and diminishing them. Saturn will eat him up. Love is the key.

    8. Narvaez Neves AiMacant

      "Morrison's coke out or something"

    9. Clorox Bleach

      Forget 450 million, I bet you this loser can't come up with $1500

    10. 阿月浑子Cracked pistachio

      this crown Bitcoin would go to zero

    11. Epilef Channel

      this is the best episode u have had.... dan adding value to this shit

    12. sewerin stoqnow

      Yo this guy is not a billionaire, he owns less than 10 million dollars and you shouldn't follow him. Check this video out exposing him: hufast.info/plan/vide/ro7Ffc6DxaqppH0 . Not my channel or video, just thought I'd be helpful to someone who doubts or thinks is getting mislead by this clown Dan Pena

    13. sewerin stoqnow

      should've asked thoughts on gay and transgender people

    14. Jvcklive


    15. Aliyaan S

      1:02:45 is so true

    16. Sarah Patterson

      Show me your friends and I will show you your future is something my grandma always told me

    17. Grandaniel Danielcoyote

      im sorry but i just looked into this guy and hes an absolute piece of shit egotistical lying idiot

    18. Dustin Clark

      He should get his story straight he said his kids are embarrassed for him coming on the show but I'd say they are just embarrassed by him on the show their s a difference.

    19. Dustin Clark

      Logan became my new favourite person when he said " is it possible you became a billionaire by luck because you sound like someone that should be in jail" this guy is a total nut job and is full of absolute shit. Seams like a silver spoon baby trying to act like he's got his shot together being an absolute douche bag.

    20. Mayapur Rapinett

      Alpha on the external, lacking in the emotional. Some great tips anyhow 🙌

    21. Eduardo G

      Mike is the man, i wouldve given grandpa some shit he needs someone to tell the truth in his face straight up ... Good Job Mike dont let anyone try to put you down ever

    22. Jordan Nielson

      Tony Robbins played a song I produced and left on a usb drive in Cali at his San Jose conference in 2018

    23. Dead Body

      Mike be beating off to his girl on the hub

    24. youngg1201

      He hurt Mikes ego 😭 such a loser bro. You can tell and btw saying “well Logan made more” makes you sound like a little bitch mooching off your friends success but hey what else can you expect from an addict.

      1. youngg1201

        @Camilo Madrid he’s telling what YOU perceive as the truth. Speak for yourself. I’m fortunate enough to make great money and I know the hard work it takes to get there as to why I respect Dan Pena. Mike is mooching off of Logan’s name He’s just such a great person he puts his friends on so they can make money. How are you gonna call yourself a man and clout off of someone else.

      2. Camilo Madrid

        Mike is atleast telling the truth, the dan pena is a total scammer lier, that guy is not even a billionaire, check out yourubw videos were they expose him, wouldn’t be surprise if logan is even wealtheir than him

    25. Tyler Durden

      $450 million trillion dollar billionaire. Okaaaaayyyy. Pahaha.

    26. Jack Challen

      You guys should bring on a famous London gangster from the 80’s called Dave Courtney

    27. Ben Daulton

      You have to be an absolute idiot to believe this wannabe desperate for you to believe and buy his shit. According to this guy success is being a failure going to jail. Then going to prison for years for attacking someone. It's just so obvious!

    28. Nebez Haji

      imagine Dan Pena and Robin Williams in a room together... damn i wish

    29. lee sams

      you deffo beat this Ep, with the mike tyson on mushrooms Ep hahah

    30. Anthony Mclemore

      5:09 -This guy doesnt even need to drink fluids to hydrate, just open the bottle and close it. He really knows how to save moneyz

    31. Jesse Evol

      Shut yo old ass up, I'd smoke your goofy ass

    32. Jett Bhac

      Logan: you want to be a creator, become the idea...guest: I don't know any of those. Logan:..... :|

    33. OG Culo

      He a fraud

    34. Brad Carlson

      Chuck Norris"s dad looks great in a suit

    35. Allen Garcia

      Logans ego vs Dan's ego ,havent watched but I know This is going to be a great podcast

    36. Rad Foxx

      The mike guy is probably cool with men pissing in the women’s bathroom next his daughter 🤣

    37. Mountain Channel

      Dan talks about kids being soft (which they are), but acts like someone who's never been punched in the face. He's great at what he does but his arrogance isn't a good look

    38. Mike the Moocher

      Mans a straight g telling them all how they are snowflakes 🤣

    39. JEEP CREEP

      He's just bustin ball's.

    40. arthur marsden

      This guys a joke

    41. Robert Chiavaroli

      I have no clue who the fuck this guy is but the shit he says is priceless! Haha..calledem "Little Piss Heads"

    42. JC ZSMX

      Mike acting like a fucking whining Karen! Being soft is never a good thing. You will get run over. Which is happening to many guys at this moment. Foh

    43. Boyan Tringov

      "HIV" was created to control the masses and the populations all over the world like this fucked up Covid-19, his word confirmed it ..There is a cure for every single virus ....!

    44. Joey Lopez

      This is the comment everyone was looking for: This podcast had no substance, there’s nothing here. It’s convoluted and has no direction and he makes a few factsalong the way. I guess that’s supposed to make up for the lack of real anything lol. Pena just needs to stop already you wana help people so bad send me a check for $4M

    45. Zackery

      45:33 Activate sync

    46. Joshua Radeen

      The only thing this old man thinks is his money😅

    47. Eugenio Campos

      TBH Dan Peña came to his house and disrespected them for no reason, he had to get checked. Lesson 1: You don't insult anyone at his own house. And theirs a reason he's at their podcast, not just some random adolescents, js...

    48. Eugenio Campos

      Mike had enough of his sht, actually stood up fore something.

    49. Jb Arson

      I really don't even know what I think about this guy...

    50. Neale Sadarangani

      Fuck Jonny had me crying

    51. Matan Coll

      The most underaged podcast episode every!

    52. Russ Allen

      Yup hes get the clout frfr but love the pod cast

    53. Russ Allen

      Logan word give u 1million great guess....tho but

    54. Pera Filipovic

      What did he do every morningg?

    55. Time B

      This guy's a lion

    56. Clay Mccarver

      Anybody realize how full of SH*T this old guy was ?

    57. Benjamin Balazs

      The camera movement is ridiculously uncomfortable, seriously. The interview itself was great.

    58. Kam NYC

      My friend works with him, he’s full of shit

    59. viks tran

      The luxuriant green pharmacologically discover because oxygen temporarily help qua a wet food. abstracted, impartial cardigan

    60. Harry Man

      I love that he acknowledged the reason our generation is the way it is, is only because of the generations that raised us

    61. isabelle thamm

      Imagine this guy takes some shrooms and drops his ego.. just a thought

      1. Jonny Boy

        What should that tell you? Dont do drugs snowflakes!

      2. Kyle

        He would lose his empire

    62. Mike V

      Worst interview on this channel

    63. Austin Dotson

      This podcast made me gain a tremendous amount of respect for Mike

    64. Steven Chugg

      Jake and Mike really went easy on this guy always contradicting himself and lying

    65. Keshawn gzz

      The colorful boundary noticeably call because ship renomegaly weigh above a highfalutin town. hissing, combative journey

    66. NW O

      Ok Logan looks like a brain dead arrogant fuckhead look at the way you guys are talking to him

    67. Dominik Reitberger

      LOL this dude is such a loser, only talks about money.

    68. Illegal Uber

      I like how mike practically just tried to talk shit about his entire style at the end of the podcast😂

    69. Ryan Bike Wells

      Love it

    70. NigerianBaller

      We need more people like Dan, they don't make them like him anymore, this new generation is soft AF, you really have grown people out here bitching and complaining about their parents not paying their rent and car notes 😂😂, I used to get made fun of as a kid for getting beatings, now I just turned 29, I have 2 degrees, a career, never been arrested, don't have any kids out of wedlock, never did drugs, a lot of my mates can't say the same, almost every one I know my age has at least tried weed, I never did, not even once

      1. NigerianBaller

        @beastmasterbg You must be young as hell if you're calling me old, how old are you, 10?

      2. beastmasterbg

        your generation is over old man its our time

    71. David Lorens

      Don't like this guy. Please make interview with Elon Musk

    72. Greek Idiot

      Look we all love money and want them on our daily life.. but this old mummy is painfull to listen to at some points in time he goes balls deep just for money and he only thinks success is measured by money.. someone might feel successful living out in the countryside with his family and farm cows for living..it's just perspective what u think mr billionaire is not a fact is just personal opinion

    73. Lilollaborer

      1:04:26 the first time I watched a Logan Paul vid was an episode of impulsive with some guest I don’t know, but it was the first time I saw mike too. They were talking about guns. And yes Dan, I thought they were snowflakes too lmao but I’ve come to like these guys

    74. Cory Samoila.crypto

      He's kooler than all y'all

    75. Asen asenov

      ATTENTION!!!! Don't fall in to the trap looking for rich life!!! If you leave your comfort zone 100% you will regret later one!!!!!! If you think you will get there and there is resources on earth, to fulfill everyones dreams you totally lost!!!!!!! Only few people get to the top the rest who tried to get there, has been used for fish food!!!!

      1. Asen asenov

        @GFX COMET I didn't fail the system failed me on purpose, probably for some stupid reason like the system failing lots of other people 2 for some stupid reasons like for example to teach us lesson so we can group, or something like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. GFX COMET

        ATTENTION!!!! I'm a loser so everyone else should be a loser too!!! I took some risks and failed so you shouldn't take any either!!!!!!

    76. Justin Meyers

      These guys are too retarded to interview someone like this. Pena is legendary and they spent the whole show being college break douche bags.

    77. HeatleyBros - Royalty Free Video Game Music

      So he made his money destroying the planet but talks shit about how terrible young people are. Got it.

    78. Nicholas Meyer

      What a fucking savage

    79. Justice Wayne

      Dan Peña Fs got a stallion!!! Taking his advice

    80. Mark Simmons

      I love this guy's mentality. He's my hero for real

    81. Qwedked Official

      So basically the intro trick was great tho😂👌

    82. Apples Bananas


    83. cee gee

      Brought a hard copy of the sched lmao

    84. 123 m

      He never answered the question of how he became billionaire because he did shady shit and probably killed a few mofos in the process he's just a street thug that had the chance to know the right people at the right time that's all just like the guy from Wolf of wall St

    85. David Whang

      The oval acknowledgment socially wrestle because ox alternatively return among a shrill bubble. ultra, homely date

      1. Damien Welter


    86. Dailybg

      At 11:29 he talks about the generation that melts under pressure but that isn't true, only some people melt and it's not about the generation it's up to everyone himself to be brave and I've seen alot of tough guys from the young generation.

    87. Laura McMillan

      Watch the big man divert from answering any questions about how he made his money. This man is all hat, no cattle.

      1. Damien Welter

        LOL he literally explained exactly how he made his money

    88. Brandon Work


    89. Ceazer Palace

      This guy is a shit eater

    90. Experience Precision

      The most halarious thing is that Mike thinks he's funny.

    91. Experience Precision

      The most halarious thing is that Mike thinks he's funny.

    92. patriot 2020

      Dan pena. Is a dead breed. Mans a legend. No one out there can replace his wisdom and tenacity

    93. youngg1201

      You can tell that mike and Paul really are snowflakes. It really takes a different breed to understand what Pena is saying and they are just laughing because they can’t fathom the things he’s saying.

    94. husai ni

      Just answer the question How you are getting the money.?? For real..

    95. Vinnie DeLuca

      Dudes a clown, complete actor

    96. Nick Washington


    97. Nicolas Acuff

      This old fucks a joke, claims he’s a billionaire but is barely scratching over the 7 figure mark. I like how he talked shit on Logan for not having money but all of Logan’s company’s far exceed what pena can do. He took over one successful company and then immediately drove into the ground. And people idolize him 😂😂😂 it’s fucking cringe honestly

      1. Nicolas Acuff

        @GFX COMET My guy your dumb af, please explain to me how I’m wrong. If you actually think this dude has money, then you don’t know shit about business 👌

      2. GFX COMET

        You are one stupid nigga 😂😂

    98. Lieke Poolers

      Take notes how many times he ask this grandpa " "how did you make your money Dan?" ... Granpda: "Uhh... I made a lot a trouble when I was young. Money isnt everything." ... Wtf? LOL

      1. Lieke Poolers

        @Damien Welter The guy a fraud, you really think you can be succesful with this mentallity in the business world?! Are you fcking crazy LMAO

      2. Damien Welter

        Not even close to an accurate representation of the conversation

    99. Lieke Poolers

      Logan is worth 19 million at the age of 25, this grandapa tells him you haven't done shit! LMAOOO!!!! Check out Coffee Zilla on HUfast he exposes this Dan Jalapeno Guy.

    100. Bob Llama

      I think he’s lying about shit