Daniel Ricciardo's McLaren MCL35M debut


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    We took our 2021 contender to the track at Silverstone for some filming day fun. Watch and listen to DR's first time in a McLaren Formula 1 car.
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    1. McLaren

      What are your predictions for the first song Daniel will sing over team radio?

      1. Ricky Jensen

        Wham wake me up

      2. ChefGiovanni

        What is the weight of this awesome car ?

      3. Vipstarizm

        'My People' by the Presets. Has to be ;)

      4. Emrozi

        Pharrell Williams - Happy

      5. bjofuruh

        The car is so bad that he will sing: "Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane, I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain, oh I can see Daniel waiving goodbye..."

    2. seeni gzty

      This is the calmest I've ever seen Danny Ric

    3. Jonty 3331

      Welcome to McLaren Daniel we the fans are delighted to have you in the team and the energy and enthusiasm you will bring

    4. MINKIHL Sim Racing

      Your wide open eyes... crazy... full concentration shown in this face...incredible even this is a test drive

      1. seeni gzty

        Deep sound. I like it.

    5. pandachuzero

      every iracing player : stop cutting away at the corners! give us a full lap from cockpit view...

    6. Alex Yim

      YEHHH ! Daniel ! We gonna win!

    7. Vipstarizm

      So pumped. Lets go McLaren!!!!!

    8. seiom jvony

      McLaren has earned a new fan in gaining Ricciardo... let's GO!

    9. yuoop noke

      That Mercedes engine and Daniel in Mclaren. The perfect combination for this season

    10. M Oliver

      Daniel Ricciardo will help a lot in the development of the MCL35M car and in the design of the new car for the new rules for 2022. He is an experienced driver, a good car hitter.

      1. seiom jvony

        Sou seu fã cara

    11. SydneyPhotography2019

      Yeahhh Ricciardo, Go Ferrari

      1. yuoop noke

        Love the helmet and the sound

    12. wnnalis cioov

      Just imagine if Mclaren could topple the pecking order and come out on the top.....

    13. Isabel Chua

      Dang his helmet looks ✨✨

    14. Boss Sayur

      Merc power

      1. wnnalis cioov

        1:22 did the engineer said "yes Carlos"??

    15. hoiy vinosa

      Love how Daniel can be so professional without losing his touch

    16. PrimeGarage

      Is it just me or did anyone else compare the view count between Lando and Daniel?? Lol also the mercedes engine sounds a bit different this year

    17. MegaKrittapas

      Is this Silver stone track?

      1. butti fdft

        They should have cameras on the cars like this during the race too!

    18. Rancich Jose Luis

      I remember when in F1 2018 PC game I choose be Daniel Ricc To Red Bull in career mode and after 5 races in contract negotiation choose Mclaren. Im glad to see this is really happened.

      1. butti fdft

        Daniel: "I'm Daniel" Everybody: "Hi, Ricky Bobby"

    19. Max Iohanaan

      Deep sound. I like it.

      1. hoiy vinosa

        Lifted for Copse. Weak.

    20. toijg avnnr

      McLaren has earned a new fan in gaining Ricciardo... let's GO!

    21. André Jacques

      Have a nice trip!

    22. Rodrigo Silva

      Ricciardo + McLaren. My actual favorite pilot and my favorite team, together. Cheers from Brazil.

      1. toijg avnnr

        Go Go Go Danny Go!

    23. Stephen Callaghan

      Good look for 20-21 Daniel. And Daniel if l ever drive a McLaren F1, they can call me what the ducking he’ll they like. 😂

    24. F1 Inside

      go McLaren go

    25. Tiago Araújo

      Sou seu fã cara

    26. muhammad nabil

      Love the helmet and the sound

    27. Britney Chin

      McLaren used to have the best livery colourm. but now Mclaren is having the worst livery on the grid. The Blue is completely the spoiler. Very ugly.

      1. Regdu Geht

        McLaren has earned a new fan in gaining Ricciardo... let's GO!

    28. DiabloDevilsBA

      What a sound!

    29. Dilloy Cutie

      1:22 did the engineer said "yes Carlos"??

      1. Regdu Geht

        Good video dude.😃👍

    30. Бонифаций Вильямсон

      The engine sounds pretty good

    31. Josh Gee

      I hope Hamilton is shaking in his boots now he knows Ricciardo is on equal power

    32. Richard Cullen

      Lifted for Copse. Weak.

      1. Der Riethelm

        You noticed he's on wets?

    33. Scy

      Daniel: "I'm Daniel" Everybody: "Hi, Ricky Bobby"

      1. PeTyA Csáky

        Autographed for Jensen :D

      2. cnmmd qiuoo

        What we've all been waiting for... Daniels debut in a championship contending car🙌🙌

    34. n m

      They should have cameras on the cars like this during the race too!

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

        oh vacuum cleaner.. here they are again

    35. Jordan

      Atleast we know that the Honey Badger has some thicc hips.

    36. David Tolson

      And Daniel came in like a wrecking ball ..... watch your mirrors Lewis

    37. Tamás Németh

      Go Go Go Danny Go!

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

        Yes Mercedes engine sounds like Ferrari’s 2019 downshifting

    38. Peter Fowke

      I am really enjoy Daniel Ricciardo in the McLaren MCL35M Debut before 2021 season start in F1.

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

        @McLaren why did he take off in 2nd gear? Because of wet conditions? Good luck this season @Daniel Ricciardo and @McLaren

    39. Peter Purdie

      Ok. Starting to get excited now...., McLaren + Mercedes + The Unstoppable Landaniel Machine - I'm getting the shivers just thinking about it.

    40. Callum Burton

      Wow Daniel is is so fast in that car wow he will come first in constructs championship I will believe he will win in it.😃👍

    41. Callum Burton

      Wow that new Mercedes engine makes your mclaren so much quicker wow that’s so much quicker I’m happy for you mclaren well done.😃👍

    42. Callum Burton

      Good video dude.😃👍

    43. Regdu Geht

      McLaren has earned a new fan in gaining Ricciardo... let's GO!

    44. Alexander Johnson

      Drivers should stick to driving and car related topics.

    45. Alexander Johnson

      Please keep politics out of F1 or I will stop watching once my current contract ends.

      1. Regdu Geht

        Special exhaust ? Musically very bad...looks like garden tool.... The fastest garden tool over the world ! !

    46. Abhijit Deo

      My expectation for McLean is atleast 6 race wins in 2021. 👍❤️👍 Go McLean go!!!!!!

    47. giuseppe pizzigoni

      Daniel, you are the best driver. This season you will do great things and we will often see you on the podium. Good luck Daniel.

    48. fg

      oh vacuum cleaner.. here they are again

    49. butti fdft

      What we've all been waiting for... Daniels debut in a championship contending car🙌🙌

    50. Shannon McKenzie

      2021 is going to be his year


      isnt the rpm limit higher? doesnt sound different

      1. butti fdft


    52. Armen Barseghyan

      @McLaren why did he take off in 2nd gear? Because of wet conditions? Good luck this season @Daniel Ricciardo and @McLaren

    53. kimi samiu

      Yes Mercedes engine sounds like Ferrari’s 2019 downshifting

    54. John Munday

      I love the gulf stickers on the wing mirrors. Real old school 😃😃😃😃

    55. cnmmd qiuoo

      “Wave to the drone, hi drone!” why we love danny ricc

    56. chilli willy

      I love McLaren 😍

    57. David Porter

      The Orange Honey Badger!

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

        The most popular driver in F1, in my books.


      Sounds like a Cessna engine 😨

    59. RustyZA

      what max would say: Did you hydrate throughout the race? remember to hydrate what daniel would say: REMEMBER TO WAVE TO THE DRONE! DID YOU WAVE?

    60. William Jolka

      Special exhaust ? Musically very bad...looks like garden tool.... The fastest garden tool over the world ! !

    61. Domincan_Uncle

      Speed and downforce look mental!

    62. Junpeng Zhou

      BDE, we are going to BDE

    63. Tanko Kingi

      Do not broke your new toy. You just got it.

    64. white ttlove

      nice man. go podium and shoei

    65. Fernando Gagliardo

      Come on Daniel! Push this car to victory this year! 💪💪💪🔝

    66. xXMightywhiteXx

      Loved the camera angle. seems to give more depth to the car. as the top down view just looks walleye most of the time. Good luck out there guys and awaiting more inside videos

    67. Peter Lee

      Cars Still Don't Sound Like a F1 Should Sound. 2 makes US Fans Happy Someone in F1 whos a Leader BRING BACK V10s ?


      can you confirm my name is daniel not darrren lol

    69. Infinity Shadow20

      For some reason, I do not feel safe watching this video xD

    70. Dave Peartree

      Poor Lando's gonna get crushed, unless he's the next LH.

    71. Rao Venu

      Do Mercedes customer teams get the same engine as their own team?

    72. Rudy F

      The most popular driver in F1, in my books.

    73. Nathan Scott


    74. bolo kefe

      im glad he said it feels fast oooh

    75. Juan Dorta

      This is quality content

    76. Hiigara

      3rd will be nice this year. Hopefully close to red bull tho

    77. correcaminos7

      Where's the engine's sound?!?!

      1. Antonio Manoel

        it is limited to marketing filming... teams aren't allowed to use their cars prior to the pre-season testing unless it is for marketing productions with rev limiters and that was the case.

    78. Mark S

      It would be nice to see more drivers' competition this year!

    79. Bob Johal


    80. TheKitchenTechnician

      The cars certainly sound better from the cockpit than the grandstands, unlike the eighties.

    81. Fellipe

      Honestly i think that this matte painting ugly, i prefer it like the 2019 car!

    82. zeus 5029

      Could you imagine. 1st test in a brand new F1 car. Only dreams available to me.

    83. The Phenom

      Shitty car!

    84. FrostbitE Zed Or AFK

      Please do more of this! Its amazing and we feel so close to our beloved driver!! Lovin Daniel in orange even more now !

    85. Joel Nawty

      Laughs, running a Logitech steering wheel.

    86. Lee Laters

      Love mclaren to pull off the same miracle as Brawn did when they had to retro fit a new engine.

    87. Arthur Sandomine

      Still sounds lika a revving leaf blower!

    88. Sharp Spencer

      Out of all this video the most sticking thing for me was the pit lane crew overalls, orange with blue looking superb together.

    89. David Adams

      McLaren + Mercedes = Magic 🪄

    90. Shadow Blade

      Now finally, the top 3 veterans besides kimi are racing in equal machinery

    91. garry furze

      I’m Daniel Not Dan! 🤣🤣🤣

    92. Vingsworld

      If only Logitech made wheels like that

    93. Rusty Gilchrist

      love the way Daniel tell them. that's not my name, get it right

    94. Tommy Tansley

      Am I missing something, the car leaves the pit lane under the track, then the signs later say Siverstone🤔🤔

    95. Angelita Felicia

      Carlos: ooooooh this is fast Daniel: wow! Feels fast! mclaren is this scripted?😂😂

    96. Raymond Starr

      I just want to confirm my name is Daniel not Dan lol

    97. Bouchy 2K6

      Anyone know what happened to the Lando team T-shirt on McLaren website , I can’t find it?

    98. Peter Goyer

      Good luck Dan hope you win a few races this year we’re all backing you in Aus

    99. Der ohne Namen

      Love that Mercedes sound without the stupid exhaust mic.

    100. NK

      That engine tho😳