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    Shot By: Moses Israel
    Produced by: Lex Nour Beats
    #Gotham #Batman #Joker #Dax
    I think that we’re headed down the wrong road
    Fakes real and they say real’s fake woke
    False prophets on these screens everywhere we go
    But what did you expected when dumb people got smart phones
    More memes cool make it all a big joke
    Crown your fake kings and let them sit up on your fake thrones
    You’re young now but just wait until you grow old
    When life gets real you’ll remember all these words I wrote
    I went roaming walked multiple ways
    For 40 nights 40 sleeps yes multiple days
    In the dessert no food water searching for the answers but you listen to these people who got nothing to say
    You wouldn’t know real if it slapped you right in the face
    Ain’t for the culture I can tell by the sh*t you embrace
    I’m in Gotham but my minds in a different place
    So F*ck your co-signs, money, and your radio play
    I be shaking when I write my music
    I’ve been anti-v*olent but don't push me cause I just might do it
    They won’t give you no credit cause they know you’ll use it
    And that’s what happens when the master starts fearing the student
    In this city you’re a number they don’t see you as human
    Just a puppet they replace for their games and amusement
    In a city full of angels with the biggest influence I see demons with a platform who just fucking abuse it
    In Gotham..
    Everybody knows everybody
    if you ain’t got a blue check you Ain’t anybody
    Redo, repeat, sleep, double tap, see copy
    Lost souls unaware they’re turning into dead zombies
    Everywhere you look is plastic all fabricated
    Everything you’ve seen on tv was exaggerated.
    Don’t nobody see you till you get a million
    followers and when you do they treat you like you’re someone and you’re validated
    What do you do?
    How much money you make?
    Who do you know?
    What do you drive?
    Where do you stay?
    And while you’re answering those questions
    They’ll be calculating how much of it they can see themselves trying to come in and take
    If you’re fragile don’t you even try come to this place
    They gon' build you just to break you then rebuild you to break
    Let you reach your own limit then heroically save and that’s exactly how Gotham turns you into a slave
    In Gotham
    Everyone goes and they lose they’re souls cause they can’t control in Gotham
    Everyone lies
    it’s an eye for an eye
    you will lose your mind in Gotham
    Everyone goes and they lose their souls cause they can’t control in Gotham
    Living in Gotham
    Living in Gotham
    Living in Gotham
    Living in Gotham
    Nobodies from here
    But everybody come here
    Wanting to be famous till they realize the price of fame brings close everything that they once feared
    Consumed by the algorithm it becomes clear life’s a simulation all controlled by a puppeteer
    blind people leading blind people driving cars to a destination that is unclear while they can’t steer
    1 year 2 years 3 years 4
    Drugs alcohol addiction morgue
    Fake friends women gold digging as a sport
    who convince you, you should live a whole life you can’t afford
    Nobody sees you, you’re continuously ignored
    Everybody wants fame they don’t care what it’s for
    They don’t wanna build theirs,
    They’re just tryna take yours
    This is dog eat dog in this messed up world
    You think you need this place but you don’t
    Happiness is not a physical place you call home
    Did you ever wonder why you feel like you feel when you take that time away from your phone
    Fake shit goes viral we know this won’t
    They’ll say they care but will never show
    Gotham isn’t just a place it’s a mind state
    Watered by the thoughts that manifest what you grow
    In Gotham
    Everyone goes And they lose they’re souls cause they can’t control in Gotham
    Everyone lies
    it’s an eye for an eye
    you will lose your mind in Gotham
    Everyone goes and they lose their souls cause they can’t control in Gotham
    Living in Gotham
    Living in Gotham
    Living in Gotham
    Living in Gotham
    Don’t Tell them how you feel cause I promise they won’t call back
    Everybodies in it for money so it’s all bad
    Killing off my demons I’m rapping this in all black
    I ain’t gotta
    I ain’t gotta
    I ain’t gotta
    I ain’t gotta
    Prove nothing to Gotham they ain’t done nothing for me... for me

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    1. Dax

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      1. RANGER Ğ

        Honestly I just want to be famos and money to live a life because without it you don’t have that what a rich person has and that is money to travel the world in 6 months or to do that what he wants to do like to live a dream before this life ends and I think money is in the same position like love because you need both of them

      2. Ducky Guy

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        Man I been through hella shit in life 22yrs old your music just clicks I feel this song hard I’ll spark a blunt throw on my headset and play your shit max also your new grinch song fire asf thanks man keep it real you help allot of people with your music and that’s something people don’t get that’s some of y’all can have music so good and that connects with us so well for me it ain’t about how famous you are how much you got you could be doing this in ya moms basement but if clicks with me like this does ima support thanks again G

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