Dennis Lloyd - Anxious (Official Video)


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    Dennis Lloyd - Anxious (Official Video)
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    Director: Omri Rozi
    Producer: Ori Amitai
    Director of photography: Eyal Bau Cohen
    Editing: Shahar Beeri & Shay Asheri
    Art Director: Yael Komorovski
    Production Manager: Shany Ravitz
    1st AD: Noa Shrenzel
    2nd AD: Oneg Efron
    Gaffer: Lior Maytal Hoffman
    Post Production: BlackBoard Animation and Design LTD
    Additional VFX & Colorist: Eyal Bau Cohen
    Additional 3D Artist: Ronen Wolman - Refresh Animation
    1st AC: Amnon Babaev
    2nd AC: Avi Siman-Tov
    Gaffer Assistant: Meir Hayon
    Art Assistants: Gil Yaron, Shay Berenstain, Gabriela Andrea Markevich, Izi Siyon, Gordon Mati
    TechnoCrane: Roy Arama, CRS TechnoCrane OP
    Stunts: Keppa stunt - Sergei Klimkin stunt coordinator, Tanya Plazner stunt woman, Hosh Michael stuntman
    PAs: Sebastian Mizdrahi, Yarden Weinbren
    Executive Producers: Josh Fluxgold & Sam Fluxgold

    #DennisLloyd #Anxious

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    1. Dennis Lloyd

      This video was inspired by the darkest time in my life, when I wasn't allowed to release new music. During that time I experienced my first panic attack. My head was spinning, heart pounding. It felt like the world was collapsing around me, but eventually, it was all just in my head. I hope this song helps anyone struggling with anxiety and depression like it helped me. You are not alone ❤️

      1. Hafsa Sair

        I'm your biggest fan from morocco ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

      2. Kristina Ru

        I went throught the exact same thing! We are stronger , we are awake, we are powerful! It's not a curse, it changes your life, you are never the same but better! You appreciate every moment!

      3. Carolina Lopez

        Jamás solos Dennis!!

      4. Sasori Akatski

        We love you Dennis......... we need your songs as they are very heart touching...........💕💕💕🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶👽👽👽👽👽

      5. Sasori Akatski

        I can't select the best song of you.....Cuz I love your all the songs...... love your unique style.............. unique creations..❤❤❤❤❤....... wish you all the best. .....................

    2. ניצן

      שיר מדהים!! המילים המסר הלחן, מטורף ...תודה!!!

    3. L A

      So underrated! I love this guy's music! Always unique with the beautiful guitar pieces.

    4. RayofLight General

      The most overrated word on HUfast is underrated

    5. MrKylieM


    6. Matthew Woolf

      Dennis, you are out if this world.

    7. Rüzgar Efe Özer

      This Music is in Radio Energy

    8. Loren Ll

      we really need this, more than ever in this precarious situation. thank you Dennis! ❤️

    9. Laura Fugger

      The mmm mmm mmm part is reminding me of another song, I just can’t figure out which one 😣 I think I might remember it’s a female singer but not 100% sure... is anyone able to help? 😩

      1. Laura Fugger

        @Delia Elisa Lukian unfortunately not 😣

      2. Delia Elisa Lukian

        Manuel riva & Eneli - mhm mhm??

    10. Magdalena Lenik

      Grałeś w BigTimeMrash☺

    11. Ivan Keystore

      Add subtitles please!

    12. Magdalena Lenik

      Love You

    13. שוש סטרומצה

      כל שיר שלך...מעולה.....נוגע בנשמה...

    14. מוטי אוחיון

      Amazing song and video

    15. Aman Juleuov

      Good song, honestly I don't like most of new bullshit that named as songs. Keep it up

    16. Kristina Ru


    17. Michał Templariusz Marten

      Pozdrawiam z Polszy :D

    18. פארי אליסף

      Dear reader I don't know you and you don't know me We are probaly not from the same country Maybe we even don't believer in the same things but still there's something that we both have We have a great taste in music

    19. TULASI A/P SILVA KUMAR 2/3/2005


    20. Monika Durlak


    21. עמית

      מתי הופעה בישראללל

    22. yael s

      It makes me full of motivation every time I listen this song! Waiting for a show in Israel 🇮🇱

    23. Marie mgnd

      Sooooo amazing!! ❤



    25. yamen bon

      Love from Damascus. We are always anxious due to the problems which we are suffering from. We are literally alone.

    26. Dumb Asssam

      sick music video bro. also sick song, and yeah just sick everything. I LOVE IT!

    27. Mustafa Saad

      Iraq ♥️

    28. Vijaya Lakshmi

      Awesome👍 ❤💥

    29. Naor

      גאווה ישראלית! מדהים אתה

    30. Nadin Wilde

      Every single song from him is the story of my and so many people's lifes.. So good to know that you're not alone

    31. Paulo Henrique

      Quem sofre com ansiedade vai se identificar muito com o clipe e música. Muito bom 🇧🇷

    32. lucky thilakrathne

      ❤ it... from 🇱🇰

    33. whocares ;-;

      oh i can totally feel that, 'mmhmm, mmhmm....'

    34. Joaquín Villagra

      Hi there, Dennis, my boyfriend and me used to listen to your songs all the time. He passed away 3 months ago and since then I could not listen to any song that reminds him. But today I woke up and found this amazing song. Inevitably he came to my mind, but now with a smile. Thank you for this, you are the best. Greetings and love from Argentina.

      1. מנשרוב נטלי

        I'm sorry for your loss🥺Be strong and don’t forget that music is the best medicine💓 love and respect from Israel ❣️

    35. Leia Snowbeach

      I love this song 😌

    36. Isabelle Haas

      Just seen in the tracking list of Radio24 (Switzerland) that this song was played minutes ago and found it now on youtube. It's very beautiful, thanks for sharing this song with us 😘

    37. Liana dziewanna

      Love Pl

    38. Pure Bacteria

      זה מדהים איך המקום משנה חיים אתה מדהים ברמות אחלה שיר הוספתי לפלייליסט שלי יום מדהים !נשיקות

    39. איתמר מלול

      למה לגנוב ממישהו מת

    40. Dumb Asssam

      Saw a youtube ad for this, i love it!

    41. עדינור


    42. Ema Nuță


    43. Andrew Bonafilia

      Yourr basically stealing from Vanessa Carlton dude.... Everywhere to me. Within 5 seconds I could tell

    44. MARTINNA

      Best song of Dennis Lloyd!! ♥️💥💥💥

    45. nieooj gotoy

      mhh Fighting on my own

    46. Sonja Palčić

      I feej anxious,depressed.... I think that I'm not only one...🙏🙄

      1. nieooj gotoy

        פאקינג נחסת על ידי אינסטגרם רק בגלל שהפצתה את הפאקינג דעה שלך לגבי החיסונים. שכל אחד יעשה חושבים!

    47. Moody Music

      People watching this like: - in bed - not in a full screen - reading comments

      1. Calin Marius

        this me lol

    48. רועי ר

      שיר חזק

    49. ליאל אלון

      אין עליך דניס!! יוצר ענק, זמר מדהים. כל שיר פוגע בול. תודה!!!❤

    50. ceerw buty

      mhh Fighting on my own

    51. Joanna Tyczewska

      Eternity, l see You nad this perfect song like that...Love Joanna Tyczewska Poland 💔

      1. ceerw buty

        Maybe one day you will arrive in Romania, after the pandemic✌️

    52. Ștefan Cantoriu

      That chorus 😍

    53. omar kooman

      I feel the same way he feels these weeks and days

    54. seeni gzty

      אוהבים אותך מוכשר שלנו!!!😍 בעזרת ה׳ נפגש באור הזרקוקים אמן!😍🙌🏼

    55. DLHToronto

      Love it!

      1. seeni gzty

        Love it...maybe Paris....Spain,Italy,France, or even CANADA. Thank you for the music good luck on your next song.!

    56. Damian Karpiński

      Poland 2021 🇵🇱. Amazing Song 💗

    57. R. U.

      Great Song, yes!!!!

    58. נריה סופר

      הלך חדר שלם

    59. bcvbb hyui

      Fascinating song, absolutely addictive! Heard this song first on an Austrian radio station even though I am in in Miami, USA. Keep up the great work!

    60. dilika nilakshani Fernandopulle

      Wow. I don't know what to say about this is all about the society and inspirational🥺🥺and I just feel anxious😇😇

      1. bcvbb hyui

        כפרה עלייךךךךך❤🧡💛💚💙💜 מי גאון של אמא, מי ??? תביא חיבוק מייד🤗🤣

    61. M A

      אלוף אבא שלי סרוף עליו❤

    62. T T

      פאקינג נחסת על ידי אינסטגרם רק בגלל שהפצתה את הפאקינג דעה שלך לגבי החיסונים. שכל אחד יעשה חושבים!

      1. Cassie

        Nice collection!?

    63. Nicoleta Cherechesu

      I am falling in love with this song and his text!!!!

      1. Cassie

        Fantastic song 2021 😃😉

    64. Makeswary Nagaiyah


    65. ירין ירמיהו

      שיר מצוין,לדעתי בין ה3 הטובים שלך. הסגנון והקול כאן מזכיר לי מאוד את ג'יימס ארתור. תמשיך להיות מצוין יאלוף!!!וכמובן לתת לנו כבוד במוסיקה העולמית!

    66. Shamal Avinash

      Love from Sri Lanka ❤️🖤

    67. Andr3y Dragonu

      Maybe one day you will arrive in Romania, after the pandemic✌️

      1. bowen voowy

        Türkler burda mi?

    68. Enver Başpunar

      özür dilerim nehir ^^

      1. bowen voowy

        Nice song ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

    69. kondaurova kondaurova


    70. Katerina Smitkova

      Best ❤️❤️❤️

    71. Warrior shadow

      Love it...maybe Paris....Spain,Italy,France, or even CANADA. Thank you for the music good luck on your next song.!

    72. opzz xsin

      Great song! This song describes me... :') I hope that anyone else who suffers from anxiety can get over it.

    73. DanielUGP

      This Song litrally makes so emotional. Its so Beauitful!

      1. opzz xsin

        Great song. Much love from kc mo

    74. Kayla Brito

      Who's here from the ad?

    75. Anna P.

      I love this song. ❤️

    76. Zehava Grauman

      כפרה עלייךךךךך❤🧡💛💚💙💜 מי גאון של אמא, מי ??? תביא חיבוק מייד🤗🤣

    77. Jamsipopsy

      F! I feel ya !

    78. Eryk Kaczanowski

      Fantastic song 2021 😃😉

    79. Innocent


    80. bofooit gojo

      הרבה אהבה מישראל יחתיכת אומן ❤️🙏🏽

    81. Elvi Nako


      1. Elvi Nako

        @bofooit gojo fr tho

      2. bofooit gojo


    82. Issac Massey

      One of the only ads I clicked an now I love this song haha

    83. Subhra Bose

      Nice song ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

    84. Mohammad Ghasemi

      Türkler burda mi?

    85. E K

      When did Jacksfilms learn to sing?

    86. Danni V

      Nice HUfast ad!

    87. לימור לוי אביעזר

      מושלם!!! אין דברים כאלה. כל שיר -- בום!!!

    88. Sonja Koppenwallner

      Fascinating song, absolutely addictive! Heard this song first on an Austrian radio station even though I am in in Miami, USA. Keep up the great work!

    89. Jack Karr

      Great song. Much love from kc mo

    90. Fred Galaxy

      Thank You Amazon prime music. For recommending me this song!!!!!!!

    91. Ruby Rose Ignacio


    92. Moana Pooh

      this can go be about anything🥺❤️. And just hearing Dennis's story makes my heart sank towards something I or WE can ALL relate to. School, work, family, the start of a new relationship, friendship, the darkest time of your life, people leaving you etc. We should know and keep an open mind and accept who comes through our life and be ready for whatever happens. Any negativity you think about, control your stress until you feel calm again. Never let your negativity control and wither you away to live what life can truly offer. Thank you for releasing this music to give us a sense of the presence and wisdom of where we are and what we need to gracefully keep going. You are never alone, ty Dennis Lloyd

    93. aspenfallen

      I keep coming back to this song over and over. There's just something about it. The Alternative Version is my favorite, but they're obviously both great. Keep up the amazing work, Dennis

    94. ariana mark

      אף פעם לא מאכזב

    95. A.Q.A A.Q.A

      Perfect. #'Diabla

    96. Somia Elshemy

      2:44 Hits

    97. Nillap Amiri


      1. Cassie

        כבוד 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱❤️❤️❤️

    98. MiMs

      Canada 🍁

    99. Alondra González

      You are the best

      1. Cassie


    100. Esther Joy

      I love this song and the video is amazing. I'm 14 and i'm writing a song about anxiety.