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    Arise, Diablo, Lord of Terror. Diablo II: Resurrected is the definitive remastering of Diablo II and its Lord of Destruction® expansion - two hallmark entries in Blizzard Entertainment’s genre-defining action role-playing series.

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    1. Benjamin Davis

      Probably not going to buy. Not because DII wasn't amazing, it is. But I played a cumulative couple years of it and I just don't see new content here. Cheers to Blizzard and best of luck. I'm sure they'll make a killing


      La amazona parece un travesti, el paladin un cuidacoches y el barbaro es mi tío con problemas de peso

    3. Vinticore

      Remember Reforged

    4. sanjin romek

      Baal !!! :D


      Finally, nearly perfect.

    6. eddzetarabbit

      Looks like I need to buy a new graphics card (and a cpu) for this.

    7. Thadeos Nataso

      Please, make it good. I love you Diablo

    8. Radek Krčmárik

      If u dont ruin it , please ...do also Diablo 1 resurrected. It is a masterpiece.

    9. Francisco Bonduki

      Minha vida social acabando em 5..4..3..2...1...😂😂😂😂

    10. thisguy

      It's weird that this remastered version looks like what I remember it looking like in my childhood. Didn't realize the original graphics were so terrible.

    11. лео акутин

      picture not bad, but why does ALL movement look like LOG...its shame

    12. Fergulix

      Hello Diabli II Reforged!

      1. Fergulix

        16 times the detail of diablo 2

    13. oppa jaemin

      so where is carbot mode??

    14. VisInvis

      Paladin all the way

    15. VisInvis

      Yeah, i might buy this

    16. Ztt

      So i can't install a mod to make characters more classic looking, because it's mmo, game as service now?

    17. spyros feggis

      after long time blizzard is back and strong ..plz blizzard dont die again and rise again with good games ..TY e lot for that great gief D2 cant die it is always in my heart...

    18. Vaulkor

      If any game deserved a true remaster, it was this one.

    19. empty

      have shame on yourself and make a new game lol what joke look how buggy and broken this gameplay is

      1. empty

        @Francisco Ponce lol they could do something better than grim dawn for example, this is just greed talking. Launch a game like this on 2021? Nah bro

      2. Francisco Ponce


    20. Ernest Ray Degamo

      Diablo 2 movie please. Vin Diesel as barbarian or batista or THE ROCK

    21. ถวรรณชัย ปรางศรี

      am 30 years old and crying for sound this game

    22. T0MYA

      please PLEASE don't do what you did to Warcraft 3.

    23. HEATHEN

      Please make console compatible with keyboard and mouse.

    24. Log

      I like the bone spear from necro. Now it looks realy like a spear.

    25. konroth rec.

      release the soundtrack finally

    26. Ev

      0:55 so ugly :(

    27. Tom4z

      please change amazon face, he looks like trans

    28. Ion Bolog

      So..is blizzard pretending that reforged didnt happen?

    29. 3xantrik

      Firstly, thanks for remaking this game. So many, hype now. One and only please, PLEASE make the Druid and werewolf almost same again. I mean the skinny, charismatic, blonde skin guy, not the new one. A character doesn'n need to be old, dirty and ugly to run diablo world, can be charismatic, clean and again can be legend. Also werewolf, new one look like a big rat. Please make it look like the old one. Thanks.

    30. appaleet

      You have removed Act 3 right?

    31. DeadMansCurve

      A humble message to Blizzard.... I have been a committed fan to your hard work and effort for a very very long time. It's very rare that I see your name and don't get excited. Your reputation alone carried many games to my library since the original Diablo. Diablo II in particular is a game I fondly consider one that officially pulled me into the gaming world. I love you as a company and I love the work you have produced in the past. With that said... Please don't botch this. It's irrefutable that your recent management team has lead you to a very damaged reputation. I don't know the finer details or politics that you have to deal with, but please help set a new standard and have ACTUAL GAMERS MANAGE A GAMING COMPANY. I, for one, am just so genuinely exhausted with the abused trust we gamers face nowadays with most modern gaming companies... I won't waste anyone's time describing why gamers are upset because that's been said plenty already. I'll just say that I am excited for Diablo II: Resurrected, but my bruised trust from Warcraft III: Reforged and other modern games have securely convinced me to NEVER pre-order a game again until some serious change happens in this industry. When I give 100% of the money, I think it is fair for me to expect 100% of the game and all its advertised contents. The gaming industry is young, and the wrong people have capitalized on its youth and are now hijacking the successful momentum of great names like Blizzard until it is eventually bled dry into an empty husk to be absorbed into another company... Again, I ask to the gaming powerhouse that was once Blizzard... Please don't botch this. I am genuinely worried it's not just my loyalty to Blizzard at stake here... I would like to clarify that my issues are NOT with the developers. Developers have been catching heat for some reason lately, which makes no sense... The developers of this industry are unsung heroes who deliver us phenomenal entertainment of many forms. The vast majority of my discontent, from what I understand, is with the management teams who publicly make empty promises and decide to release unfinished products WHILE ACCEPTNG FULL PAYMENT. GAMERS WILL WAIT FOR THE BETTER EXPERIENCE. INVESTORS WILL PROFIT WHEN GAMERS ARE HAPPY. It blows my mind watching this industry I've grown to love let the wrong decisions happen and dig their own graves... I hope all of you and yours are safe and well in these difficult times. Stay safe. Cheers.

    32. Victor B

      At1:23, not even close to the original d2. poor quality indeed.

    33. Victor B

      The character window, stash window looks was done in rush. Far more behind diablo2 original feelings. When northern blizzard is gone, you are done. Blizzard, You just don't know this game and its players.

    34. Bartooc

      I was waiting for mobile exclusive.

    35. Kyle Ward

      Arreat plateau and fighting the 4 barbarians was probably my favorite act in the whole game .... Mad respect Blizzard for bringing it to console as well ... Not all hereos wear capes my friends

    36. 尚明


    37. •Yn1kyl• •ChanneL•


    38. Edgunsuk

      I had the best traps assassin on the planet in this game , i pray they keep skill charms and the rune system < ANYONE HAVE A DATE ON THIS ?

      1. Edgunsuk

        @misuyy fong was a great community one of the first games that created one took 2 days to a week to get top lvl and you could still play it for 2 years after that .

      2. misuyy fong

        Ultra hype for this and i didnt even play the original...it looks so good!!

    39. Kyle Ward

      I'm so excited

      1. Kyle Ward

        @misuyy fong hahaha

      2. misuyy fong

        0:54 but why does the amazon look like an old man..?

    40. Reshaping Rob

      Maybe they can resurrect my account they deleted which I spent 10yrs playing but didn’t sign into for 90 days - losing all my elite character builds with all the best gear ? 🤷‍♂️ 🤬😤🤯👎🏻🖕🏼

    41. Марсель Ибрагимов

      Who dislikes the trailer? What else do you want?

    42. Dayvid Danger

      "Why work on Diablo IV when we can just make Diablo II again using Diablo III's engine?" PERFECT! That buys us a whole 'nother year of doing almost nothing. You sir are promoted. Fire everybody on the Diablo IV team, we'll hire them back when we need them. - Blizzard, probably.

    43. Boosted Daily

      That's what I'm talking about!!!!

    44. Farty Towels


    45. Bubba Gump

      Happy about this, just so I can play it on console. I have it on my laptop, got it last year but I’ve learned I’m not a PC gamer. I’d much rather play on TV with a controller in hand, so this is very welcome

    46. JDAnalog

      if it doesn't have LAN THEN its a massive massive disaster

    47. lavweber

      This is the best news from Blizzard since Throne of Baal! Don't even bother making Diablo IV anymore.

    48. Scott Van Der Sluys

      I'm really excited about this. Seems like everything I've been waiting for for the past 15 years. Except some of the characters. The sorc is young and playful sounding, and appeared so in the original art. And the zon... definitely didn't look like Mr. Burns. It would be great if they tweaked the characters to match their voices and the fantasy aspect of the game a little more before release. Regardless... Take my money.

    49. DamienSlayer666

      Definitely getting it on the switch

    50. Kerem Can Yenisu


    51. Sepulchral Miasma

      I see a massive chance for them to ruin an already monumentally perfect game.. I remain cautiously skeptical yet hopeful.. They better keep it simple stupid like the Starcraft 1 remaster. Hopefully this isn't just catering to console players at the expense of everything else...

    52. Nikolay Penkov

      Does it come with pindle bot preinstalled? :)

    53. Kiwoong Park

      This was supposed to have been announced instead of Diablo Immortals.

    54. DaLi

      0:54 but why does the amazon look like an old man..?

    55. Hiphop Finest

      Ultra hype for this and i didnt even play the original...it looks so good!!

    56. unnamed

      Still doesn't look as good as PoE

    57. Евгений Давыденко

      Ааааааааааа хочу хочу хочу хочу

    58. Voiiid

      Why does the amazon's face look like a man..

    59. Take Note

      We remember Warcraft 3: Refunded, thanks!

    60. Indrawibawa I Nyoman

      There is no cow level

    61. CallMe EJ

      Yep I’m getting this

    62. Barnabus Korrum

      How many features you gonna remove?

    63. VertLIVE

      Blessed are we, who are about to waste another 20 years. Amen!

    64. Filip Lackovic

      Spent my chiildhood grinding in Diablo II, of course I'm gonna stay awhile...and listen.

    65. Arjun Neil Menezes

      Can we have a Diablo 1 Resurrected too 🥺

    66. Blocka Datnikka

      I hope blizzard knows all the of players that played on pc will be switching to console ... cross platform online play would be ideal

    67. senni bgon

      "On PC" - is this an out of season April Fool's Joke?

    68. ra yara

      Many Thanks Blizzard this my favorit game

    69. Kora Na

      Blizzard not being out of touch with their target audience ? What a pleasant surprise of 2021...

      1. senni bgon

        Dads who played Diablo 2 in their childhood: *See this* Dads who played Diablo 2 in their childhood: "Sorry, son, i am the child in the house now"

    70. bence babka

      cant wait to refund this one as well after false promises

    71. Eduardo FA

      We will have a "re-build" system or what???

    72. Marek Õunpuu

      That moment when Diablo 2: Resurrected reveal has more hits than Diablo 4. My body is ready Tyreal...

    73. Stress Lah

      Add on story? Well, diablo 2 one of the best story/ best acts/ best voice over

    74. PlanB

      Diablo 2 remaster wow!!!! cant wait for it :D

    75. leejordan001

      Diablo 2 > Diablo 3 + Diablo 4

    76. Babzik


    77. валерия карпенко

      Ну наконец-то

    78. EpicGifted

      Can't wait for the palace guard to tell me "you may not pass" in HD

    79. Danilo Rozas

      Man it looks terrible like smarthphone game graphics, this will be another mistake.

      1. Francisco Ponce

        Nah bro

    80. vliduu zeeb

      This game changed my life for the better

    81. fireroastedsunflowerseeds of joy

      This better have 8 players.... if it doesn't you guys are in deep.

    82. Handelo

      Cross-progression is cool and all, but considering most of us don't own multiple consoles, I think crossplay is the word to look for here. Anyone know if that will be possible?

      1. vliduu zeeb

        It's nice to see there isn't any technical issue to wrap this Go'old jewel in a modern shroud afterall. "First of all, I think it's probably impossible to really capture it... It wasn't eve

    83. Digimortal

      Done enough Baal runs....

    84. Miranda Bryant

      Will it have local multiplayer on console?

    85. Sam Smith

      Dads who played Diablo 2 in their childhood: **See this** Dads who played Diablo 2 in their childhood: "Sorry, son, i am the child in the house now"

    86. William Barnes

      I'm afraid I don't have a phone powerful enough for this one.

    87. Mr. Ed

      This trailer made my spine chill with excitement. This generation has no idea what it was to play Diablo 2 in its original form. I’m excited beyond belief that this is really happening.I really hope they keep the PvP as it was before. Paladin,sorcerer, and the real Druid. I wonder how rare they will make the Stone of Jordan this time 😜. Not to mention the real cow level!!!

    88. Tony McCrary

      Diablo II: God of Greed

    89. Tony McCrary

      lol, I got screwed on wc3 reforged. I think I'll wait for reviews.

    90. Rodrigo Troncoso Ramírez

      somehow, someway we all know that this will be a disaster, blizzard is already in a no-return path that claims for its death

    91. CrazySerb011

      Will it be available for mobile lmao

    92. Alex zax

      pff, really not investing in a remastered game. i've played d2 since launch till 2004 when lineage2 launched.. moved on, we needed d3 vanilla and u guys f it up. is this april's fool?

      1. Francisco Ponce

        Diablo 3? Lmao

    93. BreivikIsOurHero

      Music from this game remind me how young we use to be how old we are now.

    94. Joachim Fie

      All cutscenes are redone ?



    96. fafaf afaf

      the original was bit darker...just sayin

    97. lucas seidel

      it looks like beatiful. this master-piece.

    98. LanciaBear

      "On PC" - is this an out of season April Fool's Joke?

    99. SoulStorm-Media™

      It's nice to see there isn't any technical issue to wrap this Go'old jewel in a modern shroud afterall. "First of all, I think it's probably impossible to really capture it... It wasn't even a true 3D game, everything was rendered sprites and so to really capture the exact feel of what happens when you click in a 3D environment is going to be challenging at best." - This interview was just half year ago.

    100. John Tripp

      I want to know why we can't get a D4 instead of wasting time on resurrecting the old game. I own all the sets and love Diablo. However, I am tired of rust, ark, things like this leading the way when we have an iconic game that could and should surpass them all. Come on Blizzard! Give us all what we are waiting for. Release the new Diablo PLEASE