Dolly Parton - Jolene -1973


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    from The Porter Wagoner Show

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    1. Argooh

      She needn't worry about any man wanting anyone else. Damn.

    2. Mark C

      "There's my story. Thank you."

    3. Tara Greene

      Dolly Parton wrote Jolene and I Will Always Love You on the same day in 1972! She is a beautiful hearted genous

    4. Hannah Brewer

      makes me blood run cold everytime

    5. Meranda Marie

      Yess 🙌🏼

    6. Jase B

      Porter was hittin that!

    7. Hey Hey

      that voice MY GOD. 10 out 10

      1. Meranda Marie


    8. Stoli Cartman

      The bigger the hair the bigger the costume.....the smaller the person must feel....was you still in there dolly?

    9. Henrique Cardoso

      Nobody's gonna talk about our best girl Jolyne Kujo?

    10. AJC

      Watching this just for serotonin

    11. Rangda Rangda


    12. Yourgirlkayls

      Jolene’s trifling.

    13. ACMENEWS

      One of the best songs ever,.

    14. Ryan Bbbb

      Damn she was so fine, jolene must of been a absolute jaw dropper 😂

    15. Jonathan Falkowsky

      She was only 27 here. She still wears a wig.

    16. Smells Ahoy!

      Why do they always clap in the middle of the song, multiple times, back then? And why is that guy being a complete creep and nobody cared?

    17. gerard grand

      wonderfull , super voix helloDE FRANCE

    18. Stephanie Schuurmans

      He is sitting waaaaay too close to her. Give the woman some space bro

      1. Connor Sagan

        He’s trying to speak into the mic

    19. Suqnflower

      this song is such a classic you can't tell me otherwise

    20. Erik Pinsonneault

      is it me or the fucking pink dude is too much in her personal space ...

    21. OhMydarling bailey

      And I were thinking we were doing way to much with extensions now a days, she have a whole hat sitting on top of her head😅😂💀

    22. 日本

      This is the year my parents were born

    23. Fredd Marshall

      Dolly for President 2024

    24. Joel Hall

      Quarantine has brought me here today. I’m okay with this.

    25. WonWinOne

      These comments are full of people saying that they hate country but country is honestly the best type of music

    26. Ace. Rosewood

      I see where the Simpson's got its inspiration from with the episode where homer is the manager for that country singer.

    27. Frankenstein Bottle

      I'll never understand the 1700's English look she's got going on here.

    28. choy

      Never saw the younger Dolly. Beautiful!

    29. Rose Gold

      she looks so finee in this

    30. Amanda Lee

      I can’t help rolling tears in my eyes although I have nothing with this song. The real emotions always touch people‘a hearts.

    31. No Body

      She was so prettty♡

    32. Nana Luu

      it bothers me how close he is of her. give her some space man.

    33. kimberly mikita-jones

      Such a cool song! I remember hearing it as a crossover hit in '73 or '74, first time I'd ever heard Dolly. Great guitar accompaniment.

    34. Jb Barber

      That methed up

    35. lazyjames ?

      I loved her from day 1.

    36. Honest Comments

      Maginificent. I love American country music.

    37. Eachann _

      She looks terrible now, its insane

    38. Fiorella Gomez

      Nunca la habia oido cantar. Muy bonito 👏👏👏

    39. Leandro Terra

      Deixa o homem da Dolly em paz Jolene!!!

    40. Lo ve

      i love this song, but i can only say one thing.. if you are 'jolene' please take the men away from their girlfriends.. and then dump them after you have your fun. because if they are so easily swayed, then you are doing a favor for the other ladies... they will be heartbroken at first, but they can surely manage :)

    41. painkiller1968

      The clapping in the middle of the song is annoying. Dolly in her prime. Jolene wouldn't have a chance in hell.

    42. Vişne Para

      İts fuckin good

    43. Whater

      u know it’s good when the audience feels the need to applaud in the middle of it

    44. Janina Andersson Stridh

      why is he so close to her

    45. Progje

      I like the quality of this video, some video's from 2020 are worse then this one... Thank you :)

    46. Sarah smith

      why he like breathing on her

    47. N Man

      Gay Dean brought me here.

    48. Gaetana Nelson

      Somebody told that man, "Hm, that is a good look for you, man. Yes, a pink coat with a bunch of thrift market iron-on patches on it with rhinestones for good measure. You should really wear that on a show."

    49. Meg Eaton

      She looked like she was about to cry at the end.. :(

    50. Edward Mccoy

      Don't infect my man

    51. KGB2101

      No one can sing this like Dolly. A powerful song whomever's name it is. We all know this has happened and destroyed many lives.

    52. Abigail Rogers

      #LOVE !

    53. I.J.M/Taryn Praditngan

      Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

    54. nailler 9

      Amazing set of lungs.

    55. Chassity Prinsley420

      Is our Dolly Ana de Armas’ grandmother?😳😳

    56. Min Bro

      Miley Cyrus: 😎🤲🏻

    57. Post_blue93

      She is Jolene ..

    58. junbug1029

      Porter is a creeper just like Biden.

    59. Chaloon Dolaro

      This song is so gentle.

    60. Weeble Lehmann

      C'mon, old Dolly and old Kenny?! Forget about it

    61. Neo Gero


    62. Kaylee W

      To quote the famous philosopher Raven Baxter: "The bigger the hair the more we care!"

    63. A Fp


    64. Sofia-Rose Gionomo

      The fact that this song came out the year my mom was born is so weird to me because no matter how many times I listen to it, it always sounds new and refreshing to me

    65. Tour without being a tourist.

      Pure and perfect story. Her best work a scaled down and powerful.

    66. Henry Wennberg

      wow my dad is 3 years older then this

    67. Jonathon BLEEP

      This video has a smell

    68. WonderWhatHappened

      She wrote this song the same day as " I Will Always Love You". One of the best songwriting days in history..

    69. Melissa Moonchild

      God his proximity makes ME anxious


      Follow listen and fall in love with Ginna Bonny's country

    71. Donna Kline

      And there was Jesus....

    72. youejtube

      Why do the audience keep clapping during the song?

    73. Renan Lopes Martins

      Quem está aqui pelo Mairo Vergara? kkk

    74. Brian Meadows

      creepy vibes at the beginning but it was 1973

    75. 1378natalie


    76. Matt Eagle

      Porter was so creepy lmao

    77. Milton Friedman

      That guy is so creepy....Jesus

    78. CheesyDelphox

      uh where are the jojo fans

    79. Vaneza Figueroa

      I love her

    80. Tim Bales

      So sweet so talented so beautiful, a true superstar, I love Dolly Parton she is one of the best America has produced and also Kenny Rogers, R.I.P. i just love classic country music.

    81. byron p

      Porter Wagoner was the Liberace of country. Without the talent.

    82. Rose

      I miss Dolly back then when she was just a natural beauty now she has had so much surgeries and even though she is still gorgeous I just miss when she looked like this

    83. jangalexis Ruiz

      Why on earth do people think men only cheat based on looks? Im not saying this about Dolly, there are women who are beyond gorgeous but only on the outside, and they get cheated on constantly and deserve it.

    84. stone0808

      Dumbest shit ever

    85. DR H

      Jolene took Dolly's man. Dolly took Jolene's good looks.

    86. Aisling Schweiger

      Any man that can be taken isn't worth keeping 🤷‍♀️

    87. Stay Glossy


    88. • m x c h a b e a r•

      omg she sounds so smooth, I watched this like 8 times

    89. the1theonly _princesseri

      I like Tequilas version better

    90. Ernest

      That's a lot of hair.

    91. Frank Romero

      I thought this was Britney Broski hahahaha you can't block me here!

    92. Gregory Jeffrey

      So far no JOJO references, just wait until next november

    93. Andre, High King of the Summer Sea

      Gay dean, gay dean, gay deeeeean

    94. Rory Dale

      an ANGEL

    95. delreydavid

      If it ain't Jolene, it would be Sarah, or Rachel....... This song is about a cheating ass husband, and a weak broken woman who does nothing about it, but blame the other woman.

    96. big ben

      that hair omfg

    97. Gwen Stone

      This dude is super creepy. His suit tho.


      IM JOLENE ,stop fucking singing my nameeeeeeee

      1. Better Now

        Out of curiosity where did your name come from? Was it random or a family name?

    99. Anonymous

      I can't be3live someone could take a man from dolly.

    100. Petar Grigorov

      She looks like a french monarch :D