Donating To Smaller Streamers


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    I donated $10,000 to smaller streamers on Twitch
    My COFFEE ☕:
    Twitter 🐥: Jack_Septic_Eye
    Instagram 📷: jacksepticeye
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    1. jacksepticeye

      Thanks for all the support. I'm glad that we're able to pay that support forward and make others happy :)

      1. casha rashin

        @Raphael Mad n. l

      2. Brandon Hay

        Hi Mr beast-uh I mean jack!

      3. Saltysnowman8

        Thank you for the feel good content ❤️

      4. 3D MASTER -

        @jacksepticeye You are wonderful

      5. GamePlayingBoi


    2. Amber

      That second one was awesome haha edit:The guitarist chik is badass! That is amazing! Yaas!! 🙌 This video got me all hyped.

    3. David Twig

      Just jack being nice no biggie

    4. Shaun Irimpan

      MrBeast is insulted by the comment jack u called him a lunatic

    5. Hannake Knight

      i absolutely love this. more people need to pay it forward like this. if i could i would

    6. Jayden Ween

      8:00 Lmao

    7. Anthony Brewer


    8. iCallH4x

      oof get_right was simping on that girls stream

    9. sc0ttish gamer

      Jacksepticeye should definitely do a chargeback for like 1k then do an actual one for double😂

    10. Mish Seyoiph

    11. Liam Mcphail

      Today Jack’s feeling great so he wants money to be sent to him jk

    12. The Scottish History Guy

      I'm not experienced with twitch so what's gifting subs?

    13. Michal Miles

      Jack you know how to put a smile on everybody’s faces

    14. Game Master James Productions

      For the father of BloodBourne, try Dark souls Jack.

    15. Your Sad Friend

      23:21 5-year-olds when kids bop comes on.

    16. D-Dawg In The Streets

      Does anyone know the name of the song the girl is playing in the beginning on the violin

      1. D-Dawg In The Streets

        @Austin thank you you are a rockstar happy 2021

      2. Austin


    17. Jaheim Arneaud

      that music girl went from what ever language was that to english real fucking quick

    18. BiggusD!ckuss9000

      16:35 Jack over here tryna fight pewds 😂

    19. M Kissane

      Seans use of they/them for anyone he doesn't know warms my heart!!

    20. Steven Meade

      i miss his old outro :(

    21. Craig69

      Imma be honest i haven’t seen any charity streams but donating 10k to a charity stream and then refunding is just a dick move

    22. Megan Wild

      OMFG I remember watching Oli around end or July start of August time. he was only averaging around 50 viewers tops. not he's averaging 500 every stream. I'm so proud of him.

    23. Emma Mac

      i just KNOW we all went to the minecrafts speedrunner dudes twitch to simp yeah ty

    24. Alice Something

      30:08 “I KNEW IT! I didn’t...”

    25. Jack Scoular

      What Jack says: artimas critical cast shield What I hear: wooooooords

    26. emma. bruh

      Ok but their reactions are just the cutest but it’s also hilarious

    27. notimeforyou '

      'ill forever be known as pewdiepie's friend huh"

    28. Wolfeh Neko

      23:57 She sounds so nice xD Edit: that cat cam is adorable and I think all youtubers with pets should do this lol

    29. Hank the Skank

      "Don't wanna seem like I'm doing it for recognition." Yet makes a 40 min. video about it lol. It's alright to be known as generous.

    30. Khalil Daoud


    31. WakaWaka Wakatoshi

      Omg that Minecraft streamers made me so happy 😃 He’s so happy

    32. Random Marvel Fan Girl

      I'm Australian! :D

    33. Mr Memelord

      I would be pretty happy if a big streamer came into my lonely stream and gave me 1000$

    34. Clint Kanthe

      Did your Nordic music phase come after playing God of War?

    35. Bruh Moment

      This literally makes me so happy, it honestly reassures me that there is still good people like this in a world we live in now. This literally makes me cry happy tears, I am just so happy that he did this. I also am following a couple of people from this video. Michi & Phonecats

    36. NARKO420

      What do u think of outlast 3 COMEING OUT IN 2021

    37. Magical Rooney

      13:14 felt like such a challenge accepted moment lol

    38. Quinterrius Kinds

      His hair banging like wtf

    39. Stab me y

      Wow you fuckn dissed pewds on his setup apologi video soon

    40. theSilverBlazeX

      The harp girl was what made me year up. She was beyond words. She was so happy.

    41. Dollarsisbad

      “Im surprised people even know who I am” *has 26M subs*

    42. Dominic Garcia

      29:23 Either a thousand dollars or a credit card LOL

    43. Androlis

      did no one notice get_right in the comments on michis livestream?

    44. Giorgis Raditsas

      Oh my god, jacksepticeye is the most wholesome person ever, Ilu, you are the best

    45. Draven Bradshaw

      Screams in mic "this is my shit!!" 🤣🤣🤣

    46. sir nuggets

      he is a simp

    47. SEAN AMOS

      This absolutely melted my heart. Keep up the good work Sean. Funny we have the same name as well. ;)

    48. Shadow Jahren

      Legend says the POGs are still going

    49. P. Cux

      7:21 You killed smaller Streamer using donations! you murderer!!ヾ(*゚Д゚)人(*゚д゚)ノ XDD

    50. Gustav 489

      its funny how the minecraft speedrunner is probably watching this vid

    51. Jomarys Ferrer

      that was AMAZING he is so kind

    52. Christopher Bryant

      jacks telling me to sub and like when ive been subbed for 4 years bro, I WILL NEVER LEAVE U JACK ❤️✊💪

    53. Bernardo Tenório

      19:17 she’s Brazilian. That’s awesome

    54. Asbjørn Seim bech

      So what ur saying is that if ur in a good or bad mood, u still wanna donate to people.................THATS WHOLESOME

    55. Ceejhay Franco

      Play with the vanoss crew terroriser and nogla is in the group

    56. Taco Astley

      Jacksepticeye more like coolsepticeye

    57. JasperIsPog

      Jack: so when I donate can you translate it (Donates) Wtf Me: what she saying?😂

    58. Breezy Yur

      No no no no no jack proceeds to zoom in on link 😂 14:44

    59. Dulgoon

      Legend ..

    60. Archetyp3

      Wait, how is the Felix guy not here? He was a great streamer, just needed some donations.

    61. Isabel Munoz


    62. Ismagol Skwad

      U should donate streamers with zero viewers. :D

    63. Derrick Pearson

      your last one had 4.9mil views and this one had 4.8mil lololol

    64. Forest Kellow

      You killed me jack, YOU KILLED ME

    65. Chaotic Chaos

      11:42 Ah yes the one and only dream/green blob

    66. CradixMoto

      what she saying is.....oh she went and translated her self.

    67. GeopioneerGSXR

      His eyebrows have manbuns too..

    68. Juju hernandez

      For the 2.4K dislikes shame on every single one of you... this man is just trying to put some light in some people’s lives.

    69. Dream Is hardcore!!

      Yo I really want to be a HUfastr because I think that it would be AWESOME to play with other you tubers

    70. omni

      You are the nicest man on earth Jack

    71. Dream Is hardcore!!

      Dude with the guy who’s hands were shaking i was LITERALLY laughing my head off XDXD

    72. Elite Gaming

      every time my best friend comes over withch is every weekend he sees me wathing this

    73. Reset

      Mr. Beast? Nahh, he's Mr. Worldwide

    74. Dillon Olsen

      Atomic Kawaii

    75. Abii May

      stop it why am i crying at this video omg

    76. Jacob Källman


    77. Lindsay Tut

      This video just made my heart happy.

    78. Hunter Timoteo

      If this ever happened on one of my streams I think I'd lose my mind. Like not even in a dignified way. I'd just open up my business and yeah, lose my mind.

    79. Aljaž Brilj


    80. S A. D

      Love you jack 🌹

    81. ooof

      all they people hes made happy over the years 🥺🥰

    82. Sandra F


    83. Raven Esquire

      I'm close to 50 years old & I love ur content xx for the love of God, don't stop xx

    84. Damien

      I beat kos first try I found him very easy he us easy to parry as well

    85. George McKenzie

      Awesome man thank you for helping those man

    86. Sheamus Gaming

      Jack has finished his transformation to a modern HUfastrs now

    87. R.G.B Jaguar

      mr beast enter the chat jack importance 0

    88. R.G.B Jaguar

      i think you should give them money with your actual name

    89. lil bean UwU

      7:19 lmao I just can't rn QwQ

    90. Connor Dunn

      Do you have Invisalign I think that’s how u spell it

    91. Black&BlueProductions


    92. Imma Karma

      Jack feeling down: Let's make other people feel better Jack feeling great: Let's make other people feel better I have no words for this

      1. Andrew McKamey

        Jack is just a down right good guy

    93. ComradeTiberius

      Mate I swear you're gonna give somebody a heart attack one day...On a positive note though, keep up the good work!

    94. Hoy There

      27:13 Is she an angel? She is the most beautiful human being I have ever seen. Her voice is so soothing too.

    95. Lightning Striker

      Hi Jack I'm IRISH can i have a shoutout would mean a lot to me.

    96. Billy Bundleballs

      30:25 I was not expecting that, but I am glad I saw it

    97. Baked Chubb

      "I felt bad so I wanted to make other feel great" "BUT NOW I FEEL GREAT SO IMMA MAKE OTHERS FEEL LIKE SHIT

    98. Entei Flame 2

      I wish I was that lucky

    99. Mohamed AmiriOS

      The have the same voice as TheDooo !!! I'm absolutely sure that you are TheDooo !