Dr. Fauci & Dr. Birx Cold Open - SNL

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    Wolf Blitzer (Beck Bennett) interviews Dr. Fauci (Kate McKinnon) and Dr. Birx (Heidi Gardner) about the newly approved COVID-19 vaccine.
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    1. adam kinzinger

      treason Fauci donated money and colluded with the Chinese Communist Party to help cover up the Chinese covid-19 epidemic

    2. Lake County Naturalist

      Kate is awesome and you can see she's loving every minute of it.

    3. Siberian Cajun

      Do a bit about Biden during his presidency for once....

    4. zed.k.

      any other year im 2 this year im 10 lmao

    5. zed.k.

      Kate needs a raise lol

    6. Melinda Young

      Just what I needed, a good laugh

    7. MegaFairandsquare

      Still going strong! #epic

    8. l s


    9. Chuck Shoomer

      Why aren't Ralph S. Baric and Shi Zhengi Li part of the skit?????

    10. Redd BlaZe


    11. Scud Buster

      Is this supposed to be funny? Wow gay as hell

    12. Nicholas Druce

      Kate sounds like Slappy Squirrel.

    13. karatechick306

      Any character Kate McKinnon plays is my new favorite SNL character.

    14. First Last

      My opinion about this video does not matter.

    15. First Last

      This skit dragged on for about 4-5 minutes too long.

    16. immanuel withus

      Kate killed it!!!!!!!!!! She's a rock star!!!!

    17. Lando 44


    18. Nehir Karadağlı

      damn i really want to say "live from new york its saturday night"

    19. Zhenya Mattes

      If Covid doesn't kill me here Greys Anatomy reference will.

    20. Mason Koski

      I legit thought that was actually Dr.Fauci when I first saw Kate xD

    21. Jodi jo

      This is a fckn joke. Seriously

    22. MissStephanie H


    23. Private Citizen

      This is basically a restrained version of her Giuliani.

    24. Gumpy of the Bubba

      Fauci makes over $400,000.00 from the government per year? Why don't they fire this overpriced old guy and use the money to help us get vaccinated?

    25. Jared Hanamaikai

      Anthony Felchi does disease come from God or s8tan. I am God and I know that we aren't diseases satan is.

    26. Md Reza

      I really feel bad for Dr Birx now after CBS interview and SNL

      1. Sab Sin

        I feel bad that she let her credibility be abused by the crook. I feel bad that she went on tv and bragged about the crook's penchant for data and science and his business acumen. I feel bad that her children didn't care enough about her to encourage her to not be complicit in killing over 440k people. The best thing for her is to retire and move to some remote island where she'll never again have to show her face in public.

    27. Jose Bocanegra

      Adolescent Ross Perot with laryngitis and a doped up Noah Cyrus.

    28. Geoffrey Siehr

      How dare you SNL question in any way question Dr. Birx's actions while she worked for a psychopath. Shame on you. She was on the frontline during the HIV crisis and has dedicated her life to the public welfare while you were working on your little sketch comedy. You should watch her Face The Nation interview and issue a public apology. hufast.info/plan/vide/o42WZr6u0InNoYE You can only hope to accomplish more in life than Dr. Birx has.

    29. kman20


    30. Real Americastrong

      Fauci has blood on his hands for killing Americans! 2019 Fauci, funded scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology... for work on gain-of-function (bio-warfare) research on bat corona viruses.

    31. George B

      I want Kate to be my face mask! 😍🤤😙

    32. Stacy Thomas

      What happened to brad pitt? Though Kate is fantastic also lol.

    33. Laura Elaine


    34. Zay

      anybody named mildred? well, my great grandma's good lol

    35. LGKids

      Just like the PS 5! Lol! Peace!

      1. TonyKanameKuran

        Peace is not a word to play.

    36. Isabel Peterson

      Jesus is king

    37. Lucy Gardner

      that height difference :)

    38. Cringe Master64

      why is this blocked in the uae? had to use a VPN to see a couple of the videos???????????

    39. jldude84

      Beck's Blitzer is perfect lol

    40. kisha1682

      Keep the vaccine on Mars. Every night it's below 80F

    41. Lorella Messana

      I really appreciate the Phaizer hi hi hi 😂haemorrhoid tubes . Medicine is an opinion , food is religion but Sicilian oil in one and the other 😂😂😂😂😂😂😘🌹

    42. ma ta

      I Never get what is SNL's problem with Donal Trump. this suppose to be comedy show, we get that but why such a degrading insults ? that makes me wonder this Press is the one running for election, they are the ones decides who wins or lose, or where and which country we should go to war with like WMD lies, Or Who should be popular or who shouldn't be, I have evidence to ruin your life or have power to cover it up ,I can fuel the riots or ignore it, I will make Tik Tok more important than Global Warming or celebrity affairs or Washington corruption, What did the president do good on versus what he is capable of ,his Orange face, fake heir or his comments such as ''Wouldn't be nice all the countries get alone" ,No I won't bomb anyone" I rather talk to even North Korea to see what are the concerns are. YEAH, Trump is Right ," Corrupt Media is the Peoples worst enemy" such as this show in NBC.they are, must the Part of the whole entire Covert operation. Turn off your Fake Channels. Please

    43. John M. Castillo

      Kate McKinnon makes life worth living


      I'd love to see a coronavirus movie with Tom Hanks

    45. Two Sheds Johnson

      Wolf Blitzer..."an indoor man with an outdoor name"??? Sorry, is that supposed to be funny? Lame.

    46. Brooke Lawrence

      “any other year I’m a 2 this year I’m a 10”


      Aren’t these cast members standing to close.

    48. Grant

      I'm just here to stalk Heidi....sorry.

    49. The 25Kid


    50. Ashley Casey

      Um, what happened to the days when SNL was funny? This was absolute shit. Even if you remove the fact that this is just part of the “normalization” of outright lies, it still is literal shit.

    51. James Masters

      Dr Brix.....these Hermes scarves don't wear themselves 🤣

    52. Moe Bacon

      F you Fauci. SNL you're a joke

    53. Thanakis Lupis

      it's kind of funny to me how SNL doesn't have a Corona fact check.so then it's obvious who you were working for and this is all propaganda it's not even satire

    54. Thanakis Lupis

      Yeah this is terrible you guys is no longer entertaining I watch live streams that have more views live then this is had in the time since it's been up

    55. Responsible Citizen

      How does the government have the expertise to determine whether the vaccine is good, but can't make it. This is just ridiculous.

    56. Mark

      Would like to see them do one on Baldwin's wife, -- im Spanish, no wait im a white girl

    57. Alex A


    58. Galaxy Lucia

      For a minute there, I almost forgot what Fauci actually looked like IRL. Kate is scarily good at portraying male figures 😂😂😂

    59. R Vaxx

      They couldn't even cast an elderly man to be a better elderly man

      1. Canais Young

        Because the show's current cast is younger than the show itself.

    60. S M

      4:28 social distancing? Is that you?!?

    61. YES HELLO

      Kate plays Fauci like a sane Giuliani lol

    62. Brian Bray

      Biden is funnier.

    63. Lorrie

      Kate McKinnon is the most amazing actor, and thanks to the makeup team at SNL!

    64. Painful but FUNNY!

      Click the Owls face if you want to see a guy get hit in the face with a soccer ball in slow motion!

    65. Alex Dreal

      This is a bad look. They should be doing this outside, all those covid droplets are just lingering in that air with them taking their masks on and off.

    66. Salty Nicholas Pride

      hufast.info/plan/vide/eImUmr13sJO7oqc FAUCI lied people died

    67. Just Saying

      Why do you continue to call American People .... HERD Population?

    68. The Bennett Family

      Jamaica 🇯🇲 is my kingdom and I will reign in love, I will free vybz Kartel ninja man and all the prisoners in the world, democracy is finished ✅, Babylon system is over, Jesus Christ my lord and savior he as chosen me and my wife and have made us ture royalty in his sight, king and queen to rule the world in love.

    69. BklynBryan

      Who's here after Dr. Birx announced her retirement?!?

    70. Levana Vered

      Where are the masks & 6ft distancing? Smh. What. A. Joke.

    71. Jessie Joy

      This isn’t even remotely funny. The only thing funny is how not funny it is lol

      1. Jessie Joy

        @Lindsay McBride no not at all. But if you think this is funny...you must be a democrat

      2. Lindsay McBride

        you must be a republican

    72. Charles Farley

      Are any of you old enough to remember when SNL was actually funny?

    73. clamightymau

      it's -70 degrees CELSIUS, btw... if pfizer didn't clarify that y'all think the whole vaccine transport, storage etc. it's a little 'easier'. well, it's NOT.

    74. bocoy noiu

      "I'm your host Wolf Blitzer, the indoor man with an outdoor name", lol.

    75. R Bell

      The only way to heal is with cold, hard steel

    76. RedPug

      Alifornia, Brew York.

    77. Caesar Flickerman

      *Remember citizens* You are not allowed to view this years annual HUNGER GAMES unless you inject yourself with the capitols syringes! 💉 I LOVE IT!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!

      1. bocoy noiu

        SNL still Sucks.

    78. Mike Arisbrocken

      Kate can do an impression of anyone.

    79. Don Allen Jr

      This is cool on so many levels. NBC using it's Corporate influence and money to persuade New York City to suspend lockdown requirements so SNL can continue to produce great comedy. Yes, local businesses, schools and places of worship are suffering and kids are getting depressed yada yada yada, but we need comedy at this time. Letting actors perform without social distancing or masks, and paying the audience $150 to show up is critical to the humor of the show and a small price to pay - it simply isn't the same without a live studio audience and there's *no way* it would work with masked actors, lol. As they say in Hollywood "The show must go on!!!".

    80. MisterTutor2010

      The Pitt version was better.

    81. obama_biden treason

      fauci is a man corruption, embezzlement he not working for people. he just want collect money covid-19 by company. look all year what he do ? he allway said different. only trump working for america.

    82. chunky hoey

      I'm glad Jim Carrey no longer do this too. Because he's shit.

    83. fox star

      I'm glad Dr. Birx avoided her own safety guidelines and went to a family Thanksgiving!

    84. Jerome Lawson

      PLEASE COPY & PASTE EVERYWHERE! The ATF & #PresidentBiden are making it illegal to own gun parts (not just for AR-15's) and 80% receivers . #PresidentTrump PLEASE BLANKET PARDON ALL PEOPLE WHO OWN GUN PARTS & MAKE IT LEGAL AGAIN TO MAKE YOUR GUN. #FireReginaLombardo BanTheATF

    85. K G

      Wheb does the Trump vaccine become available for 40 - 50 yrs old

    86. Nancy Glandon

      Not funny Fauci

    87. Jay M

      My gosh, I get no humor out of females playing male characters (and vice versa). Every time I see this woman playing Giuliani, I roll my eyes. It's so stupid. Couldn't they find a guy to play the role?

    88. Nancy Hull

      She is an awesome Fauci!

    89. kolim jone

      I liked Beck's Wolf Blitzer: hard exterior, gruff voice and minimal gestures and expressions. Nailed it Beck.

    90. Tenjo Dero

      Elf Fauci said he flew to the North Pole and gave Santa the vaccine himself. He must have vacationed out there for 21-days because, a second dose is required 21-days after the first shot to make the vaccine truly effective.

    91. Pavel 49

      Kate is able to do pretty much anyone.

    92. Marcos Buslon

      Best cold open in so long

      1. kolim jone

        He’s really funny.

    93. Tom Back

      Ahhh SNL..still trying to divide people..same old hollywood..

    94. Sarah Kolfat

      “your mcsteamys, your mcdreamys” STOP not the greys reference

    95. Marty G

      When I was a boy SNL was hilarious but these days it’s just horrible. I really feel bad for the SNL alumni. The current mission statement of the producers is quite sad.

    96. S. Fox

      Well we are doing the state’s alphabetically..... Acalifornia and Bnewyork - I thought that was way to funny

    97. Cynthia Rhodes

      The fallacious throat contrarily suspect because ferryboat compatibly screw below a impolite weed. snobbish, real cousin

    98. I Moon

      And I think I’ll be joining too 😂

    99. Tony B

      Jack White is there best musical guest in 2020. He was good, very entertaining to watch.

    100. B Scott