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    1. Alexis

      That shane analysis did not age well lol

    2. Georgia Overdrive

      I’ve now watched this 20 times and HUfast still recommends it to me. It’s never going to stop!

    3. Soup Not King

      Watch three grown men argue woth eachother.

    4. Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries

      What a great set. Wish I could hear what they were saying.

    5. MyBlood IsBlood

      I love how the first two minutes and fifty five seconds, drew us just looking back and forth at them awkwardly.

    6. enderman in water

      Trump supporters raided the capitol today

    7. PickleBrick

      Easily in your too 100 podcasts

    8. Hey what the actual flip dude

      47:39 scared the shit out of me

    9. Ina Newleaf

      I have no idea why HUfast always autoplays this one specific episode. It's played so many times it's like setting a school alarm to a song you like and then you get sick of that song because it reminds you of how you hate getting up for school.

      1. Austin

        Felt this

    10. Daniel Nightingale

      lol...big periods

    11. Don Carter

      No facial hair in the earlier days.. fucking weird now lol

      1. Cooper

        They look like innocent children

    12. Annabelle Alpar

      Drew and Eddie’s reaction to Gus peeing in the kitchen sink is so funny

    13. CHmLgN

      1:28:16 We didn't have a point system, but this was me. In SEVENTH GRADE. Not a good look to fill your shitty plastic chair with piss on the second day of *ahem* SEVENTH GODDAMN GRADE. Fucked my head up for about a month, thought I had to or was involuntarily about to piss constantly. I didn't like that teacher very much.

    14. Justin Edwards

      This guy is weird

      1. Justin Edwards

        @Fart Soundeffect aww. Thanks man

      2. Fart Soundeffect

        Not as weird as you

    15. Basie neil

      Where Gus 1:40:15 oh there he is good

    16. EmeraldEyeBall

      Here’s that ready player one poster they were talking about myhotposters.com/products/ready-player-one-movie-poster-101484?variant=6954214326337&dfw_tracker=29545-6954214326337&gclid=Cj0KCQiAqo3-BRDoARIsAE5vnaIIe5UtaRkPSh0Hxzjy9dR_AqCPilZfdVHNuC1mNM9R9ZcoNUaHMtsaApalEALw_wcB

    17. Mule The Donkey

      view to like ratio is really low for some reason on youtube, idk why *why not like videos, people?*

    18. InfiniteNote

      Imagine if someone just watched this and thought they were serious and just dumb

      1. Fart Soundeffect

        No one thinks that

    19. James Tanner Echols


    20. meep

      i laughed SO hard just listening to gus describing shampoo shoes please if disney can remake all of their movies gus can remake shampoo shoes

    21. mateo delgado

      tom cooz

    22. Jordan Maller

      Comment If you rewinded

    23. Daniel Brown

      God damn these guys don’t know how to fuckin count. E-I-G-T-T 5 syllables. It’s that easy

      1. Daniel Brown

        @Fart Soundeffect I was clearly joking. What I said was so far from correct, and I was playing off of the joke in the video

      2. Fart Soundeffect

        Youre like a child that brags about any little thing he does that he thinks is better than anyone else.

    24. arlen cowan

      Eddy looks bald without a moustache

    25. Greg Klinger

      The funniest part of the making fun of the janitor story is that the janitor probably makes more than the teacher that got mad.

    26. mikebolt

      The incensezen ad is way funnier now that the site is down.

    27. Joe Speno

      This podcast is terrible

    28. FrozenEpsilon

      I remember watching ifunny the movie so long ago. I never knew that was eddy.

    29. hunt2334

      At 47:38 I see the spy kids face in the top right corner, try again jamie won't get passed me.

    30. Graham Thiel

      hey guys great set better set than any audio podcast I've ever listened to

    31. SozinsComments

      Wait, this isn't an audio podcast?

    32. believer 101

      They call this a podcast, but where is the part where they sell there souls to eachother?

    33. Jiggerjaw

      To make that custodian story even worse, the fact that they punished Gus by making him do the thing custodians do, basically indicates that they think it is a punishment to be a custodian. What a load of projection and BS. I hope young viewers who are dealing with crap at their schools find these stories helpful.

    34. Barba Ro

      Drew Gooden sucks.

      1. believer 101

        Ur not a real GUY.

    35. Barba Ro

      This guy isn't as funny as he thinks he is.

    36. The Destroya System

      On the topic of stupid school rules, we had one teacher who was super homophobic so she'd write up any dudes displaying affection (not even like gay couples, just straight dudes hugging their bros) and it was super toxic. I can only imagine these dudes thinking like "I guess expressing affection is gay and that's bad, so now I won't express any affection" and that's just so fucking stupid because guys are already taught to repress emotions. And this fucking teacher is encouraging that. Fuck that lady.

    37. Gaming According to Peter

      The summoning guide was really cool.

    38. Vito Scaletta

      53:28 drew could not look less amused

    39. Mustafa A. Elbarawy

      Dreg Wooden...just sayin.

    40. oCptt


    41. sam sam

      jch bin gefangen

      1. believer 101


    42. Cavin Gonzalez

      "I think that's the most pretentious thing I've ever said." "Nah." "Nah that's fine." adorable

    43. suj

      my humour is so broken im laughing so hard at the poop jokes please help me edit: oh god the shitting the pants story was so sad oh my

    44. First Name Last Name

      Use me as a like button

      1. First Name Last Name

        Gabriel Antos ahahahahah I cant remember why I commented this but I’m very happy with the outcome

      2. Gabriel Antos

        lmao this is the saddest comment

    45. Eddie

      it feels so dirty to watch ppl sitting so close together now 😔

    46. Karan Gupta

      Tom coooz

    47. tyler

      im glad eddie grew that stash it makes him way sexier

      1. believer 101

        It also makes him look like the dude from UP. So u think the dude from UP is sexy? Cuz same.

    48. That one dude •-•

      6:33 “hi so sorry Cindy I had someone in the Oven”

    49. Maureen Kelly

      5:50 Thanos can

    50. Dragonfly B!tch Bauer

      My daughter did road work ahead and I had no idea it was Drew bc I'm in my mid 40's so never really watched alot of vines and I've been watching Drew awhile but not all his videos, in fact I've been watching more YT vids bc of virus

      1. believer 101

        Wow, now all I need is your email adress, phone number (optional), security code, credit card number, street adress, and birthday. Lol

    51. SaulDL

      Bru drew has a channel for a few months which got 100 subs, i have had my channel for years and had made over 100 vids (they are privated due to the new laws) and i am still on like 80 subs

      1. believer 101

        @teehee actually, it's because he is funny

      2. teehee

        i think its because commentary was big in like 2013-2017 and he capitalized on that and his vine popularity

      3. Gabriel Antos

        you make fortnight and minecraft videos dude lol what you expect

    52. PotOfTeaMulan

      I am so confused, I don't understand when they mean anything, if ever, at all and still I am 100% here for it Also, I can now tell apart the back of Drew's head in a sea of a thousand heads probably

    53. Mongoose

      It’s so weird seeing eddy and his with no mustache

    54. Swirly McDonald

      Drew always looks like a confused child everywhere... and honestly... we stan

    55. henoryry

      Does Drew know it’s a bit at the beginning? 😂

    56. Christopher Wheeler Music

      I couldn't find the scratch 'n sniff part of the description...

    57. Jennifer wilson

      And the intro!!! OMG.. so uncomfortably funny! Love it

    58. Nadia •


    59. Irish Empire

      I cant believe you got Rock the Dwayne Johnson on the podcast!

    60. Efe Acikel

      I thought this was a legitimate podcast turns out it's just a big skit

    61. Alec Brookens

      he said tom Cooz

    62. Elle Woodford

      If I got in shit for,"making fun of the janitor" when I definitely wasn't i would told the teacher to go fuck themselves and leave

    63. D-Nice7915 xD

      Me looking for the scratch and sniff in the description: 👁👃👁

    64. Epic Rhino Films

      Eddy should never not have a mustache. The mustache is what defines Eddy. The mustache is who Eddy is. You live by the mustache and you die by the mustache.

    65. lil peep

      john cena is dying this suck

    66. lil peep

      bad vid this suck

      1. believer 101

        Actually, no sucking was involved in this video

      2. ggg ggg


    67. TedBundyVEVO •

      not joking this is AMAZING improv

    68. friedmemechef

      what a great set, way better than all audio podcasts

    69. Sammy Tweedy


    70. Jonah Nelson

      "I get half the fridge, he gets half the freezer" lol

    71. Jack Bebrin

      Eddy looking kinda good damn

    72. Stoshnut

      I asked to go to the bathroom once in highschool. I am a girl and had my bag in my hand. The teacher was being a shit head and said "well why do you need to go to the bathroom?" I looked him in the eye and said "well, I'm a teenage girl and I'm bleeding from my vagina and I'd like to put a tampon in." He never asked any of us again.

      1. Stoshnut

        @believer 101 yes XD

      2. believer 101

        Well, did you ever go to the bathroom?

    73. Chickent_Nug

      Eight really is 3 syllables

    74. Skrubby

      Gus' middle school story is so fucked up

    75. Paige Honey

      Tom Cooz

    76. Logan Maye

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      1. believer 101

        Wow, thanks. Maybe I should use this on my Algebra II test tomorrow

    77. Doughboi

      I was looking for the scratch n' sniff smell link and i couldn't find it. Unsubscribing

    78. Tenebris Discipulus

      Aight bois it’s masturbation time

      1. believer 101

        Wtf!? You didnt invite me!

    79. oceanman

      Why did the title say drew Gooden but danny Gonzalez was in it?

      1. oceanman

        @believer 101 yes

      2. believer 101

        So are you Guy or Greg, I'm confused.

    80. swag

      woah you interviewed Danny Gonzalez, the only creator on youtube

    81. FlyingFruits

      Low and behold like a few months ago the dobres pulled a Jake Paul on Cody lol.

    82. Emily Palm


    83. Nart

      Ew Eddy, grow a mustache or something u fucking freak

    84. vee

      I feel asleep watching Danny and woke up to Drew talking about shitting his pants

      1. DamianDCJR

        The circle of life

      2. FlyingFruits

        Oh lol

    85. Barrack Obama


    86. Rice Cakes

      This feels like a 2 hour skit

    87. Mk3 Vr666

      I hope all these are like this. I've never seen a scripted podcast this is epic.

    88. Mk3 Vr666

      6:55 killed me

    89. anja K

      I still don't understand the joke Road work ahead What

      1. believer 101

        @anja K well, you need a sense of humor to understand it

      2. Jade Oreo

        @anja K idk why Emily didnt explain it at all lmao

      3. Jade Oreo

        @anja K "road work ahead" "I sUrE hOpE iT dOeS" that's the vine.

      4. anja K

        @Emily Palm that's still not funny

      5. Emily Palm

        imagine it says "road works ahead"

    90. anja K

      I love it when people don't break character and just keep pretending to be an idiot

      1. believer 101

        "Pretending "

    91. November

      I saw drew and I clicked on it expecting it to be one of his own videos. Realizing I’ve never seen this channel before, I kept listening and absolutely loved the dry humor and sarcasm and little bits of you two with Drew. So funny

      1. believer 101

        Gus Johnson is funny, I found him because of Drew and Danny

    92. S1R

      Today I learned that 8 is a triple digit number

    93. nintenzo98

      Big time fan of the podcast, but only recently started watching Drew (I now am in love with Drew), going back in my podcast backlog it is so weird to see Gus and Eddy on opposite sides of the table.

    94. Jay Hill

      1000th comment :) sadly it’s nothing special. oops

    95. Rosa


    96. 1992 Daihatsu Charade

      This set is way better then those audio exclusives!

    97. Sleepy tortoise Bedrooms

      Anyone else wake up to this

    98. tomi mitchell

      Maids use dawn dish soap for a reason 😉😉

    99. King Kookie

      Seeing Gus and Eddy without moustaches is really weirding me out

    100. Tennessee Elliott

      At my school if u go to the bathroom its a tardy and 7 tardys = an in school detention which means you have to set in a room with up to 8 other kids who could be actually in trouble so i get in the same amount of trouble for having to pee a couple times as for fighting a teacher or getting caught sneaking cigarettes

      1. Tennessee Elliott

        This is 7 hrs without talking