Drift0r vs. Eight Thoughts (Full Podcast)


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    My Twitter: drift0r
    Last night I agreed to go on Eight Thoughts Podcast to talk about a variety of issues. In the past, we have not gotten along well to say the least. However, this is a step in a new direct for me in making amends. We do talk about a lot of hot topic such as Activision paying CoD HUfastrs, free CoD points, me being a tranny or transexual, clickbait, Tmartn CSGO Lotto, WingsofRedemption lowlights, US politics, socialized healthcare, M3rkmusic and his wife, responsibility for videos and audience, and many other things.
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    1. sav

      Anything drif0r does is basically an L

    2. Ian Matthew Kline

      What team did you play pro ball for? NBA or a Canadian league? Just curious, love your content (I'm new to your channel)

    3. Navpreet Saroya

      It’s funny how the starting clip is considered racist, but eight tho it’s is black lul

    4. Andre Brown

      2 years later, this still is the greatest and boldest cross over ever.

    5. Johnny Mikes

      This is gonna go down as one of most historical events in history

    6. Lamo Damo

      We love drifter

    7. Lamo Damo

      Drift or is something

    8. Logan Hennessy

      I wish they did this again

    9. Speed Cola

      Eight Thoughts low key a snake though. He'll act one way in DMs and what not but then act and speak completely differently in his videos. And then he tries and play it off saying he just plays a character

    10. Humanimalz

      Both these people are great

    11. Lol Lags

      “I have cancer I’m sorry feel bad for me.” Hahahahah

    12. Toni Suurnäkki

      Driftor has some huge balls. Speaking about painful things in his past. Huge respect👍🏻

    13. 3ric585

      Watching Driftor lie for nearly 3 hours, lol!

    14. It’s Isack

      They need to do another stream like this to clear the air a little bit 😂

    15. Scooter King

      This was so awkward

    16. Chakerz 123

      jeez he is racist af

      1. Chakerz 123

        @Punished lmao shush

      2. Punished

        @Chakerz 123 hes black from the waste down

      3. T T

        @Chakerz 123 what did he say?

      4. Chakerz 123

        @T T yes he is, he's a white man saying a word which was used to call black people slaves.

      5. T T


    17. Get Owned Kid

      I knew this wasn’t gonna age well

    18. Soviet Plays Games

      You should have debated bdobbinsftw before he quit HUfast

    19. T-REV 19 Gaming

      You guys should definitely do this again entertaining to say the least. Idk why this popped up on my suggestions though lol

    20. Albeeni

      Who's here after Drift0r arrested Blu for no reason

      1. T T

        @Puck Shack nice spelling

    21. Northern Sentinel

      when a simpleton meets a moron

    22. Michael NY

      Wow. Thought I liked you.. but now I love you... #420fam #gasonly

    23. Christian Andrade

      Democrat v Republican

      1. PRS1

        @Christian Andrade word thanks for the reply. Been trying to figure drifr0rs political leanings for a minute. Lol

      2. Christian Andrade

        @PRS1 driftor of the democrat and ET is the republican

      3. PRS1

        Which is which

    24. lpedits 20

      Man i hate Eight Thoughts.

    25. TwoTonePony

      Is it 110%?

    26. JZ Gringo

      I don’t even care if he is racist, it’s not even like he’s hating anyone, it’s like he’s making fun of racism as he makes a racist joke. Eight thots could be a black guy joking about every race and I’d still love him

      1. Soviet Plays Games

        He isn’t racist. People who make racist jokes are really mocking racists by laughing at how rediculous their opinions are

    27. JZ Gringo

      Eight thots is high on life man

    28. VOLD GAMER

      eight thoughts is just a racist asshole

    29. Dr. Medic

      I miss when this was a thing. But I wish Drift0r told 8thoughts why he isnt invited to events.

    30. Uziibert 98

      Woah i cane straight into racism?

    31. Rick James

      Hour in I realize this is a year old lmao.

    32. pat

      And now driftor lies about swatings

      1. Busting Fat Loads

        @Ryan Kelly yeah I'm tryna find out too

      2. Ryan Kelly

        What happened? Seen this around a couple times

    33. i dab a lot

      This aged horribly

      1. GUNDEVIL1

        @Alejandro Gonzalez yeah

      2. Alejandro Gonzalez

        @GUNDEVIL1 still wondering

      3. GUNDEVIL1

        ^ yes how

      4. blake duffy


      5. Anbu Spiteful

        how come?

    34. Bogard

      The calm before the storm

    35. Emillio

      dang eight thoughts really has cancer? 😳

      1. Yeetimus

        @Socially Retarded WEABOO no he actually has a disease that hasn't been studied much and has killed other people

    36. Get Owned Kid

      My life is now complete...


        just watch 8 thoughts newst video and this will all change

    37. Cialos

      The end of this podcast definitely solidified my opinions on healthcare

    38. DappaMike

      Bunch of black people next door! Hahah

    39. Marcus Davis

      That did sound racist tho! 🤝🙃🤝

    40. fuuzzzy

      I watched the entire 3 hour stream with no regrets

    41. OVO Jacob

      11:00 😭

    42. D34thBySn0wB4LL

      Merk is the biggest dork on youtube he brought it on himself

    43. Balake

      Little did driftor know it would get worse and then eight thoughts would apologize and get better

    44. dusso4231

      God damn drift. You wrecked him while being super polite. I respect that

    45. dusso4231

      I dislike eight thoughts.

    46. James Davis

      Driftor is the reason the term politically correct exits. Dudes a douchebag...


      Brad you are a grown up and well composed guy.. He just shows himself up to be a sad, petty, childish prick

    48. Rob Nickerson

      Whiteboys channel is dead bro

    49. Unknown Magic

      The biggest crossdress I mean crossover event in history

    50. J Chaney

      3:46 interesting

    51. Skoldier Soup

      Simps like you have allowed gaming companies to walk tf all over gamers by having no backbone and bending over to their will at every beckoning call.

    52. Nick Maxcy

      Eight Thoughts you need to put the outro shirt back up for sale again! Cuz mines is getting worn out! Stay Black Brothha✊🏿

    53. Napa Extra

      Just came up here after Eight thoughts went after Driftors wife

    54. Chris Sexton

      Great video with 2 great gamer guys!

    55. Bruce Walker

      Canada is America isn't it?

    56. Bruce Walker

      HUfast is as important as the bowel movement i had last week. (5 sec later) I love HUfast -eight thoughts

    57. Bruce Walker

      Drift0r you're a good dude and have alot of courage for doing this. Subbing

    58. sleepy

      Eight thoughts is just a character. It’s just bullshit that makes it convenient for him to not take responsibility. Just like Howard stern back in the day. The toxicity being thrown out will always leave people around him miserable.

    59. UMadBro

      Eight Thoughts is like a alter ego of mine taking my place while I was away! Driftor is a participation kid throughout his school.

    60. blackstar2356

      Alpha mike .... UK Royal Signals

    61. Ghostea

      this is the prime example of why driftor is better then eight honestly i think eight just likes to be an asshole

    62. Kaito Nova Prime

      That awkward feeling when your a sub of both eight thoughts and Drift0r...

      1. DetroitTigersFan24

        Jeremy B. Driftor is probably the most moral and straight up person on the site and it literally makes me question humanity and realize there’s no justice or fairness to life with the fact people things he’s any sort of corrupt or fake.

      2. J B

        that awkward feeling is because you haven't un-subbed the driftor yet. he's fake, if you cant see that by now then well... gl

    63. Drigo924

      There are few youtubers i genuinely Hate. Pack a puncher is the one that I hate the most, dude builds a fan base on one game and even names himself after it then drags the name through the dirt by becoming what he has.

    64. Jude Masud

      Driftor still giving free hand jobs camping in the toilet 😂😂

    65. Prestige Worldwide

      Eight thoughts is fuggin hilarious man

    66. Pogey James

      Great show, whatched an hour last night then watched the rest just now. Follow you both and did not expect u guys doing this

    67. gungyeon

      You can say stuff about Whiteboy he the real OG.

    68. Zach

      The old guy just doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about, he’s all over the place as well, he doesn’t really represent any type of gamer either no wonder he doesn’t get invited to events or get sponsored

    69. Z1GMA12

      I'm like u Driftor. I try not to be harmful to other ppl. Props man!

    70. umbra

      My favourite 31 year old boy

    71. Tom G

      I’ma subscribe to drifotr he a good man showing up and doing this that’s a definition of a real dude 🤛 big ups our boy drift

    72. Walid Nusseiri

      The contrast of intellect in this video is so stark lmao

    73. HAWK EYES28

      This dude is mad racist

      1. HAWK EYES28

        @She-Rides0 3The-Night that doesnt stop you from being racist. Just as much as having a black friend.

      2. She-Rides0 3The-Night

        His wife is black

    74. UMadBro

      How come everyone references COD as being started in 2011, MW2? MW2 killed the series.

    75. UMadBro

      You People!

    76. x ADK46erx

      He's definitely helped your channel grow though lol. Tons of people that watch him have looked you up, myself included.

      1. themarcshark

        Um Drift0r has over a million more subs than Eight Thoughts

    77. Michael

      When's the next podcast

    78. C T

      Does anyone else think 8 thoughts is just kind of an asshole?

      1. C T

        @Josh Yeah. He seems like someone I'd just have to step away from cause I'd give him one in the chops if he talked long enough.

      2. Josh

        C T He most certainly his, however what really makes it worse is he’s an asshole and knows it and doesn’t take responsibility for what his actions does. Many times in this video he’s said “I’m just making videos” he’s projecting any wrong doing that his videos cause on the “viewers”

    79. Jaycee Williams

      Eww. Driftor being associated with 8 thoughts is gross.

    80. o Scarabax

      Drifter I watch your vids fairly often but I dont sub often. This video alone changed my mind and convinced me to support you. I am in an interesting spot where i like both if you and can see both you points nearly the whole video but I like who you are and I am glad to help you continue to make a living. :)

    81. TJ MaXX

      Driftor is a pro and really maintains his composure with this guy who is kind of a chumpster.

    82. Syko275

      They broke up a few months ago over the discussion of SBMM

    83. kerr lawson

      Eight thoughts: I’m gonna win.......... Driftor: Nope.........

    84. Bob Charlie

      Manifest destiny

    85. Bob Charlie

      Appreciated this conversation and dialogue, however, towards the end when you both divulged into healthcare, I'd be much quicker to entrust a private entity with whom I have a choice than governmental bureaucratic bullshit.

      1. Dane Brass

        but having the choice is a huge bonus. It's not like you *have* to use a national health-care service.

    86. Josiah Anderson

      It's funny these guys completely hate each other now!!!

    87. eja35oz

      So this guy Eight thoughts whole Channel is to hate on other HUfastr’s success? Don’t understand how someone lives off just hating on people. Sounds pretty miserable to me

    88. EMJ2456

      Omg it happened

    89. Christopher Rodriguez, PA-C

      I didn't watch the video, but does anyone know why videos from a year ago show up on the home page? These guys would probably fist fight if they saw each other at the bar.

    90. Mello Do_bot


    91. Jesus Christ, Son of God

      Video did not age well

    92. Casper Cattrell

      How much Coke do you think he is on in this vid?

    93. Steven James Erickson

      An alpha male has no business sipping wine and gossiping with a transexual lol 🧐

      1. SkyWalker Texas Ranger

        He’s a beta. Idk how anybody is still stuck in his illusions.

    94. Ian Smith

      Ahhh, currently gently falling asleep to the sounds of Eight Thoughts brashness and Driftor’s intellectual passive aggressiveness. Night y’all!

    95. Gino

      8 thoughts might actually be racist. And driftor is 32😱😱😱😱

      1. SkyWalker Texas Ranger

        I called him out on a video recently and the hounds came out. A few ppl instantly came out and defended him with some ridiculous statements.

    96. hwhizmw2

      As soon as he made the comment about moving in next to black people I knew this would be bad like this guy doesn’t care about anyone’s feeling classic sociopath...

    97. HiP3R SniP3R

      15:40 😂

    98. HiP3R SniP3R


    99. iHeadHunterz

      The beginning of this video had me laughing hard, cause those are the living conditions that I live in lol

    100. primal spongebob

      10 seconds in