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    Could you escape the DUDE PERFECT CORN MAZE!?!
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    "I GOT IT"
    Performed by Ryan Innes
    Courtesy of Position Music
    Written by Arlo Lake
    Bonus points if you're still reading this!
    Comment: How long do you think it took Cody to escape the maze?
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      do fortnite nerf battle, ad dress up as characters!!! u should get a bunch of veiws!!!

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    8. Jonril Saballa

      cody will never escape for 56,000 years

    9. Jonril Saballa

      gar it’s not my honor but in a honor of cody is a honor of the duty

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    11. Jonril Saballa

      where is cody’s balloon

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    16. josh's journey site

      yes i could esape the maze becuse i win every cron maze battle and i can beat pepole

    17. Bhuvan Sri Sai Tirunagari

      This crop circles is clear proof that dude perfect is doing collaboration with aliens all these years

    18. Nerf Everything

      dude perfect corn maze me: im losing my mind

      1. Oliver Pelletier


      2. NBA Top Play's

        yeah its pretty cool

    19. DanSwitchZero

      Let's see how many subs I get from this 🤔

    20. Parker Puskar

      This is like 10 min away from my house

    21. Grant Hoffmeyer

      Poor Cody

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    23. Amandeep Prakash

      Just missed it tyler but dont worry u will always be best

    24. Max

      /lobby could help him out

    25. Cyber Cable

      Hi dude perfect

    26. Julie Ragsdale

      Cody: The problem is the corn all looks the same. Me: That’s kind of how corn works.

    27. Gaurav Rao

      Boys never grow up. Their toys just get bigger and expensive.

    28. Ryan Murray

      6:06 karma for Gar

    29. omer ofek

      4:06 Top 10 anime betrayals

    30. huxley fortnite

      RIP Cody :(

    31. Allison Gesford

      Rumor has it that Cody is still in there. Rip Jody Cones

    32. Woke WRLD


    33. Frank Perez

      R.i.p cody

    34. Tyler Storck

      I feel bad for cody lol

    35. Joey Khalil

      But where was codes when u found him?

    36. Annie Lee

      Was Cody okay?

    37. Drazan Juric

      I love when ty sayd "im coming for you jerry!''

      1. Fk

        he said gary, which is short for garrett

    38. Fruit Facts

      Legend has it that Cody still thinks that the first part of the challenge is still going on

    39. oybek shmsddinov

      you better let everyone know

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    45. Josh W

      Welcome to the Dude Perfect Battle Board. These wins include both single and team battle wins. According to the Dude Perfect Battle playlist, there are a total of 61 battles (single and team) 1st Place: Tyler (duh) 28 Total (23 single wins and 5 team wins) 2nd Place: Garrett 14 Total (9 single wins and 5 team wins) 3rd Place: Cody 13 Total (8 single wins and 5 team wins) 4th Place: Cory 11 Total (8 single wins and 3 team wins) 5th Place: Coby 8 Total (3 single wins and 5 team wins) I hope this is correct.

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    48. Bloxy Explo

      2020: =Cory Targets Coby= 2021: *=Coby cheats and gets out of Cory’s arms=* Karma: Haha lol noobie Cory

    49. Gamer Guy1000

      Anyone else notice they took out the panda part

    50. josh's journey site

      yes i could becuse i run faster

    51. Lawson Smithers

      me thinking " did they leave cody"

    52. Oliver Daurity

      Whenever it sounds like he says Jerry, it’s Garry, whenever it sounds like Garry, it’s Jerry. This confuses me so much.

    53. Nerf Life

      I just went through your videos to find my first video I saw, as soon as I saw it I subscribed, Go Kart Battle, It came out 7 years ago meaning I’ve been subscribed for 7 years, I’ve never unsubscribed or have ever wanting to, you guys are awesome!

    54. Water Cloud Domino

      If they left cody in the corn maze then how come he was in ot 20

    55. J T ツ

      4:35 I didn't know nerf sold helium tanks. ;)

    56. uwbadgerfan

      The trickster

    57. Random čalis

      Where is cody!?

    58. D C

      Masks. Global pandemic. Really hope y’all are quarantined down south.....

    59. Austin Giannasio

      What drone and device are y’all using in this video I would like to get one of my own

    60. 7A22Dhairya Manish Gupta

      Cory mad

    61. Alfredo Velasquez-Urbina

      Legend has it that he is still in the maze

    62. RummanZ World

      Coby should just try to live there

    63. Meena kshi

      Hi find him

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      Hhhhhhhhhh waw

    65. Saroj Jha

      Legend says - he is still lost.....

    66. sapna shashank

      I did it nice

    67. Petrina little

      Lol, he's still there.😆😆😆

    68. Juliet Heath

      i gotta say cor, sometimes you make it hard to be on team cory, but im still here. let's goooo garret, deserve it bud. i guess we'll have to move on from cody...

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    70. Vinnie nemr

      Ok go back and get Cody wth

    71. Thalha Malani

      Nice betrayal cobes..proud of ya🤣🤣🤣

    72. Prema Pradipa Dasa


    73. kus4n4g1 z

      A corn maze Battle Royale would be amazing

    74. Floris Broos

      Some say cody is still in that maze

    75. Fouad Husni

      Go Cory

    76. Zebra YMCA

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    77. Gun reviews with Petit

      Yo Cody did you find your phone😂😂😂

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    79. Dinithi Fernando

      I lie your games


      I feel so bad for Cody

    81. Max Mostiler

      So they left Cody in Pennsylvania.

    82. violette232 Green grass

      Can you make a video game stereotype video?

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    84. Lucas Soares

      Did they ever find cody

    85. It's Maxy

      Still team Cody

    86. Brooke Barnes

      Is Cody okay

    87. wonderer

      Clever guy

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      Next time say the rules of this battle are complicated

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      3:38 same Cody

    94. Alicia Huber

      I can't believe y'all were so close to my town. So sad I couldn't meet yous!!!

    95. Pepper Person

      They should do a reverse battle where the name of the game is to lose or well be the worst

    96. Chair