E-GIRL vs. SOFT GIRL when GRANDMA is coming - Relatable family musical by La La Life

La La Life

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    Are you also E-GIRL in real life but SOFT GIRL to your granny? =))
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    00:00 E-Girl and E-Chris
    01:14 E-Girl Song
    01:47 Grandma is coming
    02:30 The SOFT GIRL
    02:57 The SOFT BOY
    03:27 Grandmas visit
    05:18 Grandmas hospitality
    06:03 Grandma tries iPhone
    06:30 The vacuum cleaner hair hack
    07:15 Knitting with granny
    08:08 E-girl and e-boy outfits
    08:55 E-factory and E-girl cocktail
    09:10 E-granny
    #egirl #softgirl #granny
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    1. La La Life

      What's your vote: E-GIRL or SOFT GIRL???

      1. Give me Bobux

        I vote joe ma ma

      2. Diana Jayaraj

        soft girl

      3. Kristoffe Carl Marfori

        Soft gitl

      4. noor shahid

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    2. Anna Playz

      10:29 grandma has teeth see

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    4. Michelle Haschka

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