Eating 🧊🧊🧊 until I get Lou! | How many Gems & Mega Boxes!?

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    Eating 🧊🧊🧊 until I get Lou! | KairosTime Brawl Stars
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    In this video I'm going to be eating Snow & Ice until I unlock Lou! Lou is a snowcone machine so I think it's only fitting that I eat snow until I unlock him! How many boxes will I have to open in order to unlock Lou?! How many Mega Boxes or Big Boxes will it take?! We're about to find out!
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    1. KairosTime Gaming

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      1. Prime 3k

        You now what funny I Predicted this since brawl talk

      2. Richard Neece

        Guy r you ok I'm scared

      3. Veljko Nikolic

        You played at oj acc

      4. Michael-Anthony Samuels

        I'm freezing no actually

      5. Waffles Forever

        At least he has cooled down after that spicy challenge :P

    2. Miles Moon

      Eating dog food till I unlock colonel ruffs

    3. Owen Sun

      those snow cones looked delicous

    4. Underbros Wormhole

      I feel like I'm the only one who knows about this but colette has a HUGE crush ion spike (also you should update your relationship vid)

    5. Cheung Edmond

      Omg kairos ate ice Cream

    6. Teo Ee Hong

      Now everybody know where is ur door

    7. Yannis The boba artist

      What’s a brain freeze? I never had one before

    8. ThatTurtlesDude

      *Me who got it from a free big box, in the same day as Bibi and 2 gadgets in 1 box*

    9. Amatourax

      2:51 that voice crack was a BIG OOF

    10. CalKing559

      sooooo.... scooby snacks for the new one?

    11. Anna Kozlowska

      I got him from a small box at 650 trophies (;

      1. Anna Kozlowska

        I was so lucky !!! It made my day

    12. JedisCanFly

      When colonel ruffs comes out eat dog food until u get him

    13. SomalienKFCWorker

      He should do cyanide for Baron

    14. Kokichi Ouma

      Ice cubes 🧊 tastes nice

    15. Bruh Tutorials

      I think this was actualy tasty

    16. Cupper Kid

      Honestly I would like to do this challenge playing brawl stars and eating snow cones what’s not to like

    17. OsmanAga-FG

      New video:I drink poison of healing or harming until I get byron

    18. OsmanAga-FG

      Thumbnail:pure cuteness

    19. Toni Soto

      Wait i need to know something after you get lou and have the brawl pass do you need to get him in boxes or do you get him already?

    20. Jenny Foong

      Isn’t this supposed to be a good video for KT because isn’t it gonna be ice cream instead of ice?

    21. Monsterclip1037

      Imagine what he had to eat if he did this with spike

    22. An EPIC Ordinary GAMER

      Instead of skill based matched making its rank based match making

    23. Romantique Lolly

      We need a chromathic music

    24. JeremyHeijie Carvajal

      Man i wish i have that

    25. priz

      new brawler: shoots poo karios: 🤢 original comment by Master T

    26. Mildred Ong

      Can brawl make twin epic Theme:angel and devil The angel in called milly and then the devil is called tilly

    27. Inashi Zhimomi

      Hi bro i got lou from brawl box

    28. the op barley magic man

      I liked you better when you were screaming oh God oh God when you eat a hot chocolate but spicy chocolate

    29. N A مجرم

      Dude i feel like i'm LUKY bcs i get a brawlre from in a bug box

    30. fardeen bholai

      I love to see kairos suffer

    31. Atomic crawl

      Why does lou hat have mr p face on it

    32. Yxles


    33. War Pickle

      one time when my brother and i were doingthe 24 hr vchallenge in a room btw we did this when i hod a xbox so i played on my xbox for so long that it got so hot and it cooked my chicken

    34. 5S GAMING

      “Kairos ASMR”

    35. Forbananalike HI

      I already Have Lou Bruh

    36. Ashley Rivera Reyes

      No entiendo inglés pero igual me gustó el vídeo ._.:D

    37. Ashley Rivera Reyes

      No entiendo inglés pero igual me gustó el vídeo ._.:D

    38. RayRay D

      Kairos in pain Me wanting to be eating all those snow cones

    39. Clobus Bobus

      Kairos: takes one bite Also kairos: BRAIN FREEZE

    40. ImalwaysActive

      I got lou in free brawl box I swear to god

    41. Luluboss BG

      8:24 My chance:0.000000001% Kairos chance:9.9%

    42. IIDSIIScorpion

      "Lou is a little bit on the weaker side" *no*

    43. mim akther

      The unbecoming defense externally describe because angora startlingly mix excluding a obeisant silver. scarce, first salmon


      U good?

    45. Charlotte Tatum

      How much brain freezes?

    46. Rhys Girard

      instead of ice he should have done eating really minty stuff ( minty gum, breath strips, ) then drunken cold ice water!

    47. Angelita Cortez

      Im jealouse of him eating snow cone its looks so yummmyyyyyyy

    48. Lil spooky pump

    49. Jahseh Onfroy

      What is a blizzball

    50. Panoscrete

      LOL I just got LOU

    51. Arhum Tariq

      I think kairos enjoyed this video way to much

    52. Mathcoolb

      Me who eats ice: First time?

    53. Mohammed shatla

      When i saw the video I was thinking that kairos was going to eat ice cream

    54. • Sleepzy •

      im suddenly craving ice

    55. Lulu Castillo

      I feel bad for you kt

    56. Yesika Calderon

      KairosTime I was in your bounty match I was Jacob

    57. Riaz The Minecraft

      What about eat fidget spinners until I got Leon 😂 (But he got Leon so nvm)

    58. Cwc Anes

      The chromatic sound cuold be a mix legendary and mythic

    59. Piano Delisi Ege

      why are u doing this for ur helth for just for a game


      He is look alike wren from corridor digital

    61. Gloria Ensign

      He should do a change where he eats the same amount of ice as many coins

    62. Itz Wolf Gaming

      We all kann agree that kairos was born in the 30s

    63. DerpyDuck146

      Every time a new brawler is released I do a crazy challenge. Me: For Mr P you eat ice cream and for Bea you literally drank honey. How is that crazy?

    64. TanujReddy Pulakandam

      That looks good

    65. RaZe_rover

      After he said I had too much sugar he started talking really fast

    66. Арианка и Кольт BS

      7:08 blur tongue! Kairos didn’t tell us the truth... that he is an alien...

    67. Adam

      We finished the ice or cold trio

    68. xXx Pandora xXx

      11:43 just incase you didn't notice he has Mr.P mark on his hat

    69. Smiley Gamer

      Kairos: uses Lou voice lines Lou: uses non snow cone flavours Kairos: uses random flavours to make up for it


      dude..if there will relase new toxic brawler what will u eat XD

    71. Michael Gabriel

      I feel hungry now.

    72. Himel Mondal

      4:26 were all thinking it.

    73. jens arnborg

      Where did u buy that snowcone machine?

    74. Declan Elliott

      Hey it’s not supercells fault you did it I mean you chose to

    75. Erion Mustafa

      That sound of Kairos I laughed so hard 😂😂😂 6:21

    76. 123


    77. Sad - Cloud

      Lol Sad Play roblox

    78. Adam Fang games

      Today I well get lou

    79. TROY CABAN

      bruh my chances of getting a legendary is 0.0909

    80. Mateja FF

      Drink poison untill you get Byron xD

    81. Whatsoever Pete


    82. MPA_ 473

      K-A-I-R-O-S Use code kairos in the brawl stars shop

    83. xLenn_Dxrk

      I maked a nieuw account and I got Lou not from brawl pas just out of a mega box 🍦

    84. Siddhant Desai

      Waste of gems

    85. Progamerguyyouknow

      i love how his tongue keeps changing colours xD

    86. Daylormaster

      Don’t fucking lie you just like the ice :)

    87. murthy sutrave

      Omg thats so tasty even i want it :(

    88. Mert Ozdemir

      Why did you use OJ’s footage in the oneplus ad ahahhaahhaah

    89. Sonam Agarwal

      Kairos doing this.......... Me who got Lou from big box without using brawl pass Ooooooooooo

    90. Kyris

      Now I can watch this while having lou

    91. Aarush Achar

      I got lou in a mega box after tier 30 and my brother got mr p at the same time yo

    92. EasonWasTaken

      I’m kinda considered about your health after 2030

    93. dux mew

      oh so your gonna eat ice? well thats n ice

    94. Flames on Ice

      Kt doesn’t swallow he keeps on eating

    95. A chomky seal

      New brawler: does hardcore drugs Kairos: 👁 👄 👁

    96. B e e.

      11:38 I thought that was his hair.

    97. Connoriscool



      Kairos can you make it like when you open a brawl box you eat small bite if you open big box you eat medium bite and if you open a mega box eat a big spoon

    99. RealBxrrytiana roblox

      why does it say eatimg blank on my screen