Elton John - Your Song (Top Of The Pops 1971)


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    This performance of ‘Your Song’ was Elton’s second appearance on Top Of The Pops, airing on January 14th 1971. This was just one week before the song became his first-ever entry on the UK Singles Chart. Taken from Elton’s eponymous second UK album, the now classic ballad peaked at #7 and spent 10 weeks inside the Top 40. This performance, recorded at the BBC Television Centre, features band members Nigel Olsson on drums and Dee Murray on bass.
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    Elton John - Your Song (Top Of The Pops 1971)

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    1. Tessa Lee

      This song makes me cry in the inside! I LOVE YOUR SONGS ELTON!😇

    2. erock81487

      the best songs are the ones that are timeless - it can be played for any generation and still have meaning to it. this is one of those moments in time.

    3. Paige

      this song is dedicated to my mum, who passed on the fifth of the last month. i know it’s supposed to be a love song, but when i hear it i can’t help but think about her

    4. Patrick Meisinger

      Durfte ich 1995 in Wels (Austria) live erleben, mit meiner damaligen Freundin Sigrid - war ein Wahnsinns Konzert! Danke dafür!

    5. Meddows

      this helped me calm down from everything

    6. aibandidos

      How can someone dislike this? Should be ilegal

    7. Javier Sánchez Benlloch

      creo como cualquiera que esta es una obra de ARTE

    8. Patrick C.

      I can see and hear how Elton inspired two of my favorite artists. Kurt Cobain in his voice, funnily, and Jenny Lewis in her style of performing

    9. Sonja K


    10. Solom,ms.minnie Barner

      Discussion for today the world,question was jesus christ or christ jesus in the world and if he was in the world was he a part of it. This is for the birds, the snoopy with faces .

    11. Rock Hard

      The thing about song's that Elton sings are like words that I've already spoken in a past life.. Amazing.

    12. ed _ijohn25


    13. ed _ijohn25


    14. Adam T

      #Vivo Daddys little girl 😉😊☺

    15. Super Pulseadas Armwrestling !

      Beautiful song 💙💜❤ Hermoza cancion 🌠

    16. Garry Elliott

      it is January 20th 2021 today 50 years & 6 days , after this video was shown , still going strong ,,,, timeless

    17. Xiuming wang

      2021 anyone else?

    18. Élite Élite

      2021 who's there ? 🤧🍷

    19. Miguelina Ramírez


    20. Benjamin Revå


    21. Lelenia Religi

      Io sono nata nel 71,lui è un grande artista, lo amo...

    22. Srta Cunha

      I love him so much

    23. Eylrn

      This is a clickbate

      1. Eylrn

        For the good side of the word

    24. Татьяна Танкович

      Божественно! Слушать буду и на этом и на том свете! Если существует рай, то там будет звучать прекрасная музыка Реджинальда!💋💋💋💋💋😄


      who's listening in 2021 ?

    26. Sparrow TV

      The song is 50 years young this year!

    27. micaela sequeira

      Desde Argentina Elton!

    28. Loretta Reid

      I agree. I love this song so much. A simple story of love and sharing with someone. It speaks to my emotions. 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏

    29. Solom,ms.minnie Barner

      I got to use the bathroom and call Tyrell I will talk later. Kisses and hugs

    30. esdras pires


    31. Solom,ms.minnie Barner

      And when I was in the last hospital when I would pray l would see after I finish praying something would acknowledge my prayer with my eyes closed and I am not going to say because of those people carrie Barner solom has spoken

    32. Jason Barnett


    33. 비트짬처리

      I heard this song when I was young, so I hummed it faintly. but I finally found it.

    34. Solom,ms.minnie Barner

      I am carrie Spence Barner, Marcus wife, Tyrell mother. I used to live in ahoskie north Carolina a used to be a nice warm friendly special family oriented feel. A special place for Marcus and carrie, l feel in love with him here excuse me I have to put on my mask it's stinks here. This is now the city in the bible. Clue no name. Jehovah laid him down in peace. My brother. Kiss. Solom Barner has spoken.

    35. rachel jandin

      I love this song for ever...

    36. Nourdine Mezrar

      Masterpiece from music planete 💕👍🎹🎶🎵😎

    37. Rob Bird

      Damn 🤩

    38. bubble butt

      My fave song 💐♥️

    39. Sweet Pea

      This song still alive in 2021, anyone??? I feeling so peaceful and full of love ❤️!

    40. Ivan Luciano

      they both die at the end? anyone?

    41. Andrey

      I'm only 16 but this song makes me cry Goodbye the best days from my childhood ❤️

      1. It's just Moses

        Well don't worry... Future's better

      2. Andrey

        @lera tarasova мои родители переехали с России в Израиль 🤣

      3. Raquel dos Santos

        makes me cry too, and i from BR too

      4. Noel Antão

        @lera tarasova who cool!

      5. lera tarasova

        @Noel Antão im 16 too ;) hello from russia

    42. 20. Karol Napitupulu [XA4]

      This is my Father's favorite song, i always remember he sang it to me when i was 5 years. So this song is kne of my memories of him. But sadly he had a stroke and lose his ability to talk and walk.

    43. current_interest

      John Elton is really good

    44. Solom,ms.minnie Barner

      The shark 102 I love a lot of radio stations, but this one is my favorite. Please understand crying clue darling Conner

    45. Matthias Sobottka

      I was listening to this one twice on my phone here. And I wanted to listen to Nikita but I was in the way to customers. So when they got in the car I turned on the Radio. Guess wich song started right from the first beat.

    46. Julia Tripodoro


    47. Stan Reed

      What's with the ChiCon sub-titles?

    48. maily

      This was my grandma favourite song and I can’t not cry while listening to this I miss her so much

    49. Gary Leach

      I sang this to my first wife at karaoke.

    50. sandi ferlin

      i died last week this was my favorite dong RIP

    51. Cecilia Cardenas

      My song 😊🥰 To me...from me 🤗❤️

    52. Timoty Hunter

      Use to sing with one special person in my life, such an uplifting song of love

    53. Didimoni2020

      I am KING of singing every E.John Songs. ^_^

    54. Fabrizio Brogna

    55. Malcolm Williams

      Great song elton

    56. Graciela Gonzalez

      Una canción que perdura en tiempo. ✨ Gracias por tanto Elton!

    57. Ste Hooker

      This song has everything, amazing..........

    58. hakim irki

      Life was so complexe and difficult till i heard his voice

    59. Mr.Panquake

      This song got me through major social anxiety and depression, his will to be in the moment and show his true colors is just awe inspiring and empowering, thanks Elton 🤩

    60. Arlane Bispo

      Simplesmente genial!! Grande compositor e interprte.

    61. E D 95

      Elton is a living genius!!!

    62. Francesca Brandani

      Vorrei dedicare questa canzone a tutti coloro che più amo....

    63. karakon gcon

      Who’s watching in 2021?

      1. Deep Heat

        Oh stop it!

    64. Brian Londry

      it always takes me back to a certain period of my life, and a smile always appears. a special song.

    65. Samantha Murphy

      What a beautiful song, by a beautiful man. 😙

    66. flor santi

      mateo and rufus...

    67. Tyler Huseman

      We still have one legend left

    68. Maddie Rhoads


    69. Exotic

      Sadly he was bad additecet to Drugs... ;(

    70. Emerson Tenbrink

      This song played at my friend funeral he died from a landmine

      1. Emerson Tenbrink

        The last time I listened to him he was on gorillaz

      2. Carol Kelly

        So sad..RIP.

      3. Moisés Ibáñez


      4. Emerson Tenbrink

        Rip Josh

    71. Rick Fountain, Jr.

      IMAGINE IF ELTON HAD NEVER BEEN IN OUR WORLD!!!! This man is perhaps one of the greatest performers/writers EVER!

    72. bailey rickey

      FIFA 21

    73. alcocer jerry

      Travis Scott Fortnite concert

    74. anthony shannon


    75. Clara Converti


    76. Nely Milenova

      I cry everytime I listen to this song. Not because of anyone. But because of 'They Both Die at The End'. Someone please stop me :'(

    77. simphiwe mphurwana

      2021 we made it,hang in there guys,stay strong keep a positive mindset

    78. Tiziana De Vittorio


    79. gkl3z

      i prefer this version for sure

    80. Alex Malan

      Elton john is the great pop star of an era .

      1. Dominic Torreto

        @Virat Jaat ya that's why Rocketman win an Oscar in 2019.

      2. Jethalal Tarak mehta

        As my opinion sir Elton John is best singer than the new generation singers.

      3. Anurag Malan

        @Virat Jaat ya great movie of 2019 .

      4. Virat Jaat

        I respected more Elton John sir when I see his biopic movie Rocketman.

    81. Erri the First

      I wish I had even half the talent Sir Elton John has.

      1. Mr Kim Jung

        me too!

    82. MIKE TNKZ

      Im 16 , and i learned This song on the piano, and the lyrics too , i sang it to my crush and she said: i like the song one form lewis capaldi , but this song is nice too.. guess who's not in love anymore?😎

      1. Daniel Pinheiro

        @danshakin please, i hope he Gave up on her lolol Lewis who? Pfff...

      2. danshakin

        Never give up dude.

      3. alif ncs


    83. Lucky

      This is how many times that Elton John demolished the 4th wall... 👇

    84. Joe Manni

      God bless Elton John a true legend. Happy New Year 2021! This song is dedicated to everyone who lost a loved one. "I'm calling out your name tonight" by Richie Levoi hufast.info/plan/vide/f4nEfKyet5eXhGw

    85. johan reeds

      damn, I wish I was born in this generation of music.

    86. fábio santos

      Eu casava com ele sem pestanejar. Amooooooooooooooo de paixão desde criança.

    87. Raven Ozuna

      Anyone here from red white and royal blue??

    88. Karma Akabane

      No I certainly am not waiting for a comment mentioning Mateo and Rufus from They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

    89. Richard Nicholas

      Great song!

    90. Nikola Labasova

      Ľúbim vás ľudia

    91. Sara Hamel

      Yeah it's almost 2021 HNY!!!

    92. Micro Wave

      Can people seriously stop talking about this and that person died in the comments of sad sounding songs? It's really annoying

      1. Deep Heat

        I know! It's like this song should come with a warning - "Listening to this may cause love ones to meet premature & unfortunate deaths."

    93. HELEN ZHOU

      幸运获得好作品演绎The Theme📝

    94. Idgie CrazyHorse


    95. redthunder238

      Early 70's Elton is some of the best music ever.

    96. Crazy Cajun Lady

      I have spent my whole life hearing Elton John and never fully appreciating his songs until now. I am 45.

      1. Sweet Pea


      2. Serdar Uzun

        Same feeling at 32

      3. danshakin


    97. Brukatata

      who's here because of the Proposal of Patrick Sugui to Aeriel Garcia !!!!!!!!!!!

    98. mimpikujadiguru laskarpelangi

      TOTP usually don't do live. I'm glad Elton decided to sang live, he sound so good.

      1. manco82

        TOTP already had seen Elton's astonishing performances on BBC in the spring of 1970.

    99. #Cyber Slay#

      I've been practicing this song for my gf recovering from covid and this is my most favourite song pretty hard but I'll do anything for my gf ❤️

      1. JooJ Joojador de joojs

        Hope she gets better bro

    100. Richard Levoi

      Great video. This song is dedicated to everyone who lost a loved one. It is called "I'm calling out your name tonight" by Richie Levoi. hufast.info/plan/vide/f4nEfKyet5eXhGw