Elton John & Taron Egerton - Your Song (Brighton & Hove 2019)

Elton John

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    Fans were treated to a special surprise when Taron Egerton joined Elton on stage at the 95th show of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour in Hove, UK. This duet is the first time Elton has been joined on stage by a special guest for a performance since the tour began back in September 2018. Following the worldwide release of ROCKETMAN, the star of the movie joined Elton to perform one of his most beloved tracks, ‘Your Song’.

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    Elton John & Taron Egerton - Your Song (Brighton & Hove 2019)

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    1. Max Woods-Evans

      You really can tell Elton’s love for Tarim is pure and probs sees him as a son

    2. Sebastian Berloni

      Hermosa canción

    3. Ronald Wellman

      Couldn't have chosen better to play Sir Elton

    4. Maggie Chenault

      3:45 the way elton looks at him awww

    5. Laura Firpo


    6. Rohlík s máslem

      I very love this song

    7. Mart_ Pac

      it gose wel in gay comunity :D

    8. Nathan Elias


    9. Anna Udry

      Dont mind me, im dying 😍

    10. Stacey Madgwick

      these two are such beautiful souls.

    11. Johan Karlsson

      Live concerts are so 2019...

    12. jessica Ferrier

      The talent 🙇🏻‍♀️

    13. Cubs Popply

      You just gotta love the energy of both of them.

    14. Grace Noelle

      Taron’s feeling himself 😂😂

    15. Victor Khe

      Taron sings like my tough uncle here. nice!

    16. Herlia Husein

      Awesome 👌

    17. natvrql

      Elton is a legend and the talent and passion Taron have are immaculate

    18. Luiz Oswaldo Guimarães Negrão

      Que me perdoe Rami, mas no Egerton foi muito melhor em Roket Man do que ele em Queen! !!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

    19. Chiara Cubellotti

      Love this! 🇮🇹❤️❤️

    20. Franco Baffetti

      Waooò amplificatore dietro a taron.....MEZZABARBA ..ottimo

    21. Paula Bastos Brisola


    22. اكرم حسن

      اختصاصكم الكلاب البريئه وحاش لهم نكن لكل مسبح مصلي ما أمرنا الله تعالى بحفظهم ورعايتهم

    23. Eva Gillard

      That was AMAZING ❤️

    24. Martin Carranza

      Que lujo poder cantar a dúo con un icono de la música.

    25. tim smith

      Two puffters singing. How cute

    26. Dominique Pharan

      Bohemian rap city and Rocket man was both great movies !

    27. Silvia Fattori


    28. Jj W

      It is awesome how the spliced current clips of Elton singing with the ones when he was younger.

    29. Maricene Lima


    30. Exotic

      I love them both sooo much! Theyll never die!

    31. Rage Lopez

      This song makes me cry all the time because is so beautiful and perfect

    32. Sander PlayGames

      Magnífico esses dois!!

    33. Hunter Hagen

      I already liked both of these guys but this and the knowledge of how much work Egerton went through to get down Elton johns speech and voice amazes me and the amount of respect that went on here!!!!!! Truly and deeply heartwarming!!!!

    34. Jonathan arlex jimenez camacho

      Elton hercules john forever

    35. Amparito Sarango


    36. max 007

      Kingsman the golden circle

    37. SAMurai2K

      It actually upsets me that I'll probably never get to experience anything like this. Im 15 and have missed out on great artists like Queen and Elton John by the time I'm old enough to go to concerts it will all just be terrible modern music...

      1. tachi pirina

        I'm 25 and i feel the same

    38. malvin strucc

      I just love them.

    39. Edvania Rodrigues

      Amo amo amo ❤

    40. fidel contreras

      El último gran dinosaurio de la música y el rock que queda...

    41. fidel contreras


    42. LouisTube hd

      I like his dressing gowpn

    43. melanie guzman

      OMG this is so cuteee!!!

    44. Soffpotatisen och storpingu

      Taron is nervus....

      1. Soffpotatisen och storpingu

        And cool!

    45. Aaron Furlong

      Eggy's under deep cover

    46. Harry Kenyon

      Taron deserves every accolade

    47. Veroun Bhim

      Imagine being friends with Elton John AND hot af AND able to sing like an angel.......damn

    48. Iona Parkin

      Ummmm can someone tell why there’s 1.7k dislikes are u ok THEY ARE AMAZING SO turn that dislike into a fat like

    49. kapppz

      Old, white icons are notorious for losing their pipes as they get older. Not Sir Elton. I enjoyed the movie a lot but side by side I have to say there is no comparison.

    50. BOB

      I bet Elton butt fricked the sh..... outta him after the show.

    51. Jose Espiñeira

      Wow. That was Wonderful

    52. Caleb Strife

      I cant be the only one who wants them to tour together before eltons done lol.

    53. Nancy Bailey

      You can tell how much Taron looks up to Elton!! He just adores him!!

    54. Zu Amps


    55. Arena Soltani

      How wonderful life is when you two are in the world

    56. Joe Manni

      This song is dedicated to everyone who lost a loved one. God bless. "I'm calling out your name tonight" by Richie Levoi hufast.info/plan/vide/f4nEfKyet5eXhGw

    57. ASMR DUBAI

      It's hard from me to swallow what he said. No one can replace you. I am your ultimate fan. I am from Dubai, UAE. I grew up listening to your songs and translating them to my languages, and then wrote them down. No I will not watch the movie because if I do I will have to admit saying good bye to you, somthing I could never do.

    58. Antho59230

      Send love and hope to the world please ❤️

    59. Nattanon

      Young elton feat Old elton hahaha

    60. ITACHI yt

      La puta madre que ermosa vos tienen los dos.😢😢

    61. Sara Quaranta

      I love them ❤️

    62. Ava Cummins

      I love the bond between these two! :)

    63. Cory Hozzly

      bee gees

    64. Bluebeard


    65. Beatriz Villalba

      Maravilloso!!! Gracias infinitas desde Uruguay!!!

    66. Bradley Stiller

      I want to go to a concert like this and not have to deal with Covid. Please. This is magical.

    67. LeafmeAloyne derpy deu

      I wish his face would not disapear so i could remember it but i know his voice. I like this cuz no guitar n.n

    68. Sam Finoh

      I like his robes lol

    69. Amália Marczin

      Sooo.. I grew up in the 80's and 90's Hungary. Of course I knew who Elton John was. But I never actually took the time to listen to any of his songs really. Different generation different culture I guess.. I watched the movie in lockdown and i absolutely loved it! And since then i just can't believe i missed out all those incredible live performances that are thankfully up on HUfast for us to watch. So thanks for that and to Elton as well for being such an amazing personality and musician for everyone in the world ❤❤❤

    70. Bryson Wester

      I love how they look to each other when they say “how wonderful life is, while you’re in the world”

    71. Isaiah_goh 2249

      I like how he is just in a bath robe

    72. Paula Gonzalez

      Excelente pianista y compositor!!!!! 🎶🎶💟🎤👓💟🌠🎶🎶

    73. Cíntia Ellen

      Magníficos ❤

    74. Benjamin Bellasarian

      front row seats. most amazing time of my life! luv u Elton!

    75. Elyse Lyford

      I am in love. Videos of Elton and Taron are the only thing getting me through life 😂😂❤️❤️ and I’m inspired to start collecting sunglasses like Elton 😚✌️

    76. John Raymund

      Love this song

    77. Moaz

      Elton John, Bernie Taupin, and Taron Egerton would make a great trio 😭❤️

    78. QuicK2

      I see Present Day Elton J. singing with past Elton J. with a little bit of Gorilla and a Secret Agent.

    79. Alexander John

      Taron singt wirklch toll. Aber Elton hat seine songs mit soviel gefühl gesungen, und finde das fehlt taron teilweise noch. Ansonsten ist er echt großartig.

    80. Alexander John

      Elton is just phenomenal

    81. The Epic Sky

      I miss songs like this

    82. Whirlwind Solitary

      so gay

    83. Kai Mauracher

      still blown away seeing these two performing this classic ♥️

    84. Random Person

      Can they just sing together forever? They’re so cute together. I love their friendship. This is magical

    85. Freddie

      I’m not crying, you’re crying ☹️😭

    86. CATZTEEAL Youtube

      i love how throughout this song the sun started to set. STOP CONTROLLING THE WEATHER ELTON

    87. Mason Hanbury

      0:51 bro that look on Elton's face is like him seeing his younger self, as well as his spirit that will live on when he passes

    88. Ivana de Argentina

      👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 👍 ❤ 🙋‍♀️ 🇦🇷

    89. Anthony Fazioli

      Simply amazing. Chills throughout my body.

    90. Hugo Villalobos

      The sky is perfect...

    91. Christine Palmer

      I'm glad this world still has musician from the 80s and 90s like Elton John. He really did an amazing job on being sober for 28 years and still counting

    92. Stefanoapeassassina

      Bellissima assolutamente da brividi.


      in vestaglia da notte?? che peccato e ridicolo

    94. Ba Hu

      Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.

    95. A.R.K.

      Are ya winning son?

    96. CityBoy 16

      Taron wearing pride shirt makes me smile

    97. Music For the soul

      Here’s my cover of this evergreen song: hufast.info/plan/vide/g27XitydnYbDhYU Spread love. Make the world beautiful.

    98. Señor Pequeño

      Elton John junto a Elton John encuentro legendario

    99. Elisa Soto

      Since I had seen the movie I fall in love with both of them, Elton and Taron are so awesome together, also Taron has a beautiful voice. I hope that in the future he'll win the Oscar that he deserves.

    100. Sayak

      Rocketman was a much much better film then BR. Rami was great but the film was ordinary. Rocketman was a roller coaster of emotions.