Elton John feat. Lady Gaga - Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Live on the Sunset Strip)

Elton John

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    Elton performs 'Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me' with his special guest Lady Gaga at a surprise show on the Sunset Strip, West Hollywood. This special concert celebrated the release of Elton's brand new album, Wonderful Crazy Night.
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    Elton John feat. Lady Gaga - Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Live on the Sunset Strip)

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    1. Maricene Lima


    2. Janize Ann Manapat

      Wow! Classics,,,great! Mr.Elton John, one of my fave song of yours,,,Lady Gaga, hoooray! Wow!,,♥️😍🤓🤠

    3. Farshad mn

      no body can beat George

    4. Rayssa Carvalho

      Amo o Elton jonh

    5. JinrohDFLL

      im not hating or anything.... but she ruined the song. superstar and all that, I'm not gonna tell anyone who to love. but there's only one world class performer on stage here.

    6. Karen Mcdermid

      Ma wee mums funeral song love 😍 this song soo much goosebumps miss you so much mum 😇 2021 till forever xxx

    7. Alistair McElwee

      Elton has been singing this song for more than 4 1/2 decades. I used to listen to this in the mid-70s. He still makes it fresh. Lady Gaga is the icing on the cake!

    8. YhWh ElOhM

      Elton John.... Suffit ! ❤️

    9. Maricene Lima

      SIR É LEIDY GAGA 🤩🤩🤩kk🤩🤩🤩

    10. Andrea Albarella

      Mamma mia

    11. Dan s

      Love Elton John, but oh how I miss the days of ROCK..........

    12. Lorraine Campbell

      Elton john u rock every song u have done has been amazing

    13. Celo Neu

      muito tri

    14. Nancy Maschio

      ❤Sir Elton John🕴💃 Lady Gaga❤

    15. Triscuit Biscuit

      Trust me Bit, not even the sun wants to go down on you.

    16. MrCabimero

      EJ- all these years later he still has it. No autotuning- just belts it out. His music is the backdrop to my generation. What a gift to have had him all these years. Thank you Sir Elton for all of your gifts.

    17. Pigs Trotters

      That was the worse duet I've ever heard from Gaga and Elton, no harmony whatsoever...and I like her so much. Compare it to the one , same song, Elton with George Michael. hufast.info/plan/vide/h6mtprKDqKG2ZaM

    18. Stephan Puehlbauer

      Ja Lady Gagga hat es richtig gemacht ! Sie ist auf der Schiene von Emy Weinhaus weiter geritten ! Und hat Erfolg damit !

    19. Joana Cavalcante


    20. Blair Heather

      Fun Fact: Gaga is Godmother to Elton's children :)

    21. Ronan Rogers

      Lady Gaga looks like Princess Ann 50 years ago

    22. raul illapel

      Una dupla de gigantes de la cancion.

    23. Loriane Cerland

      Iconic 😭❤️

    24. kibet vincent

      Lots of love from 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

    25. Iraiz Hernandez

      They are terrific, but George Michael and Elton John were something else,.....R.I.P

    26. Adolfo Ruiz

      i always loved how Gaga looks so 70s here.

    27. Giuseppe Raimondo

      Immensa Lady Gaga

    28. James

      2 wonderful performers!

    29. Robert Strauss

      Once in a lifetime 2 iconic singers on stage this will never happen again god bless elton and lady

    30. Jafuni

      Those Gaga gestures though - who was she channeling? 😆

    31. Valmir Marcel


    32. Halp Me

      Lady Gaga is really such a high-caliber artist. Love her so much! ❤️

    33. Toufik Jbara

      Great to great greaaattt

    34. Vanessa9999 Penada

      OMG...two of my most favourite singers...😭😭😭💕💕💕

    35. Ricardo E

      sorry Lady, George Michael is too good for you

    36. egstak raghu

      I did not hear them sing the song because I was concentrating on her heels thinking wheather she will slip and fall but till the end she did fine Now 2nd time I should listen to them singing

    37. david miller

      cameras & masks, ya'll. thanks!

    38. Lidija Baulovska


    39. Bobbie Vasco

      Broken heart

    40. Ricardo Soares


    41. Mimmo Sieni

      Elton John ain’t got the voice anymore

      1. Mimmo Sieni

        @Joseph Prince is elton john your relative, how comes you defend him over and over? He has had is times but now it’s time for him to watch Tv 📺 sitting 🪑 on his comfortable sofa 🛋

      2. Joseph Prince

        @Mimmo Sieni that's because he's in his early 70s 🤦🏻‍♂️

      3. Mimmo Sieni

        @Joseph Prince of course he should be, but unfortunately ain’t good anymore

      4. Joseph Prince

        You expect him to be as good as he was in his prime at his age?

    42. Erick Hussey

      I was there for this! Once in a lifetime opportunity to see Elton John and it was a free concert at the old Tower Records on Sunset. Amazing performances!! I will never forget this day

    43. Santomon

      Lady Gaga looked ridiculous lol but oh well....Elton is a master on the piano still....effortlessly

    44. k lewis

      Is that tom petty?

    45. Sophie's Fun Toys


    46. Pamela Avant


    47. zoltan lajos varga

      The Blue Planet Music by Zoltán Lajos Varga

    48. mihaela ungureanu

      dave ramsey

    49. Irani Nunes

      Sir John you are perfect! I Love you!

    50. Lucas Werneck

      They both are ridiculous

    51. Rennix Ribeiro


    52. Samara Lopes


    53. Happy_Hippy _Haley

      This is the gays gospel music 😂😂❤️

    54. Sergi Martinez Espinosa


    55. Владимир


    56. pablo feliciano


    57. Adauto Pereira da Silva

      My heroes. Thank you Sir Elton, Thank you Miss Gaga.

    58. NwO 4LiFE

      This was painful. She sounds absolutely awful here. She's talented but this didn't suit her at all

      1. empreror dim

        She sounds amazing

      2. Steven P

        I disagree, she was great

    59. Leigh Ann Crainshaw

      Incredible. Those 2 together are electric. And her hair is giving me Audrey from Little Shop vibes, so total bonus on that

    60. Anna Damasco

      Lady Gaga! Love her!

    61. 23landcruiser

      There never be another George Michael 😥😥

    62. дима дмитри


    63. Vassily Lucashenko

      Both great singers I agree, but obviously didn't rehearse this as out of synch in many parts on the duet.

    64. Bongumusa Jele

      Nice 1 even today 🤙

    65. Lina Fenikowski

      Love it! But you can't beat Elton John and George Michael live

    66. Carmen Schwisow

      I respect the hell out of Gaga, but this was not her best performance. Not sure if it’s the sound mix or what, but you’d better bring it when your on stage with Elton. Especially if this is the bar: m.hufast.info/plan/vide/h6mtprKDqKG2ZaM

    67. Jonno bloggs

      I want Lady G to record a 70s inspired album with Elton's brilliant musicians.!

    68. Jonno bloggs

      Reg should have worn his Pinball Wizard boots to compete with Lady G's platforms.

    69. M P

      Satanic Bitch link below 🤢🤮🤮👹💯 hufast.info/plan/vide/fXq6arGLrWXTlmg

    70. TheSebiestor

      omg EJ sounds like an old pub crooner!

    71. Barb Dahl Olson


    72. Martin Steel

      Fucking horrendous. I do like Gaga but it's not your finest hour and Elton and George will never be surpassed

    73. Peter K.

      Did you watch the concert or the phone screen?

    74. Tere Yuit


    75. song kiyon

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    76. Captain Style

      the chorus with lady gaga is disgusting sorty

    77. Stephen Joseph

      Who thinks lady Gaga was acting a bit too extra? Her moves !!!!! 🙄🙄🧐🙄

    78. SUPER MARIO 2

      Wat the hell moet elton toch met een roma hooker..

    79. CaptainCritical

      Lady Gaga looks like the bastard love child of Margaret Thatcher and Dr Strangelove.

    80. roberto beto

      eu não falo inglês e fico arrepiado com esta musica.

    81. Ed Bakker

      did LGG pulled some Tina Turner moves there ??

    82. mega man

      Hmmm still thinking lady gaga is still a man to this day

      1. Joseph Prince

        She isn't

    83. Dirk Katz

      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is caused by microwaves of the magnetron oven.Electric power plug also to remove because when he is in, the oven radiates microwaves. When you are sensible,you are a victim.

    84. Stephanie Williams

      i really appreciate gaga but she showboated here and should have allowed Elton to be the star not to mention - their vocals clashed

    85. Roberto Suárez

      I'm a big fan of Lady Gaga. I think she's inmensely talented, but she winged this, and she was out of tune twice trying to do that second high voice. So, kids out there, YOU ALWAYS REHEARSE!!

      1. Roberto Suárez

        @Bruno Monteiro So you mean that sound coming out at 4:11 and at 5:00 is ok?? Come on man, check your ears!! And listen how George Michael does it!!

      2. Roberto Suárez

        @Bruno Monteiro The mic made that the pitch wasn't right in just some notes??

      3. Bruno Monteiro


      4. Roberto Suárez

        @Bruno Monteiro No she wasn't out of tune? Or, no, she did rehearsed?

      5. Bruno Monteiro


    86. Rex Craigo

      EVERYTHING was going great until she came out on stage. There's things I've loved her singing but this isn't one of them. NEVER AGAIN.

    87. GeorgeJansen

      i GOD i miss George Michael...covid 19 ...08072020

    88. Алексей Николаев

      Песня фантастическая

    89. Алексей Николаев

      Звук хреновый

    90. July Nascimentto

      Duas lendas da música mundial, amooooooooo 🖤

    91. nina thompson

      This Line Up Is a Spatula Amazing Show ! N~

    92. Margit Ruisz

      Lady Gaga has no strength in her voice - she is far too weak for this strong piece of music. Lady Gaga is here simply - PROVINCIAL:

    93. Heather Thomas


    94. Vincent Bescom

      Allez lady gaga à fond

    95. Vincent Bescom


    96. Vincent Bescom

      Vaisi gaga

    97. Mahmoud Bay

      Gaga, you’re such a fantastic human being! ❤️

    98. Andréa Gloneck


    99. Rav Naiker

      Love the nod to George Michael with Lady G’s outfit.

    100. Pauldjreadman

      Curiosity led me here. Yup, the George Micheal still stands up.