🌙 English Songs Playlist | (jungkook, lauv, taylorswift, troyesivan, edsheeran...) - Pt.2

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    1. Luana Ngan

      00:01 sasha sloan - dancing with your ghost 03:20 jungkook - 10,000 hours (cover) 06:06 jasmine thompson - like i'm gonna lose you (cover) 10:02 billie eilish - six feet under 13:10 camila cabello - consequences 16:18 slander - love is gone (ft. dylan matthew) 19:15 czarina - i miss you 22:54 tayler buono - wildest dreams (cover) 26:21 alexandra porat - you are the reason (cover) 29:45 landon austin - send my love (ft. kaya may) 32:55 conor maynard - someone you loved (cover) 35:34 keshi - skeletons 38:08 troye sivan - the good side 42:38 mich - lucky one 45:14 troye sivan - fools 49:00 taylor swift - lover 52:38 renné dominique - somewhere only we know 56:34 ed sheeran - supermarket flowers 1:00:10 lauv - breathe 1:04:08 kina - can we kiss forever (ft. adrianna proenza) 1:07:16 echosmith - bright 1:10:54 jordan clarke - freaks 1:13:54 taylor swift - love story 1:17:50 lauv - changes 1:20:29 ella vos - turbulence 1:23:21 sofia karlberg - too good at goodbyes (cover)

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      when i get stressed while i do my home work i listen to this playlist

    20. Sara Gazar

      This playlist is the best that I ever found! Thanks! ✨

    21. christopher law

      When the nostalgic hits, you can not just see, but feel, listen, hear and even taste the moment...even tho it's not physically there.

      1. Music Guru Of MIND

        hufast.info/plan/vide/hom8obmruKjGeYE 😍😍😍 i love this playlist..wow

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      Hi!! enjoy my first aesthetic playlist! XOXO

    24. Natalia PM

      Thanks for put jungkook here, i always need to hear him

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    26. I want to see your kids

      Any ARMY that remembers Joon singing 'Fools'???? His vocal is so amazing!!!!!

    27. Hanis Sofia

      literally me while thinking about sad things

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    29. Suhaiza hanizat

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      Note to self : 00:01 13:10

    31. iijie w

      it's 10,000 hours for me ;)

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    33. emilie mauger

      Can we kiss forever : i was cryning so hard ;( 10000 hours : i knew it if you like this song me to!! thx for evrything! have a good day! ^^

    34. Clinton Gnamah

      52:36...i don't like covers but this cover is heavenly*

    35. MLAV

      For those who listen to this song. Can you give your idea about this song - Dancing with your ghost ?or what it means ?

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    76. Hân Khát Nước

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    77. Trang Do

      love this playlist but it might be more perfect for me if it had lyrics for all the songs :(((

    78. Min Capulong

      Perfecy songs when traveling alone or maybe with friends

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    80. Chim Chim

      1:26:30 press replay and you can listen without ads ;)

    81. 3

      Guys share some LOVE in 2020, Love you all !

    82. Yassine Houtate

      You're my story That I feel it will beautify my soul Hug my inside Be here around I need your sound Vibrating my solitude Getting me out Let your pure eyes open up my heart Mind if you beaufy my soul You're my story Walking towards my fears Shake them away Hug my inside Raise me up Love me kindly Where we're guided, it's love that keeps us alive. Lost isn't a feeling I felt when you hug me. My lyrics 🤗

    83. Laura A

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    92. 으-어

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