Essentially Ellington 2017: Edmonds Woodway High School - It Don't Mean a Thing

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    Live from the 2017 Essentially Ellington High School Jazz Band Competition and Festival, it's Edmonds Woodway High School from Edmonds, WA playing Duke Ellington's "It Don't Mean a Thing."
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    1. bandgeek89

      props to most soloists laying the same solo in the recording of this version

    2. Emmanuel Atiko

      Really good ❤❤❤

    3. roland moinil


    4. Carlos Martinez

      A couple donna lee licks sprinkled here and there

      1. Lucille Dodger

        Thanks I’m not the only one who noticed!

    5. Jetson Bladimir García Ramos

      Just awesome

    6. Galen Hart

      This is the most talented high school band that I’ve ever seen.

      1. bandgeek89

        you haven't seen Garfield high school yet. Seriously, they're famously known for their jazz band

      2. Connor Brien

        You should check out Plano west high schools rendition of Cotton Tail and Newark academy playing Jac the bear. Those contain the best solos and sound.

    7. Sliderr _

      They vibin

    8. Lucas Shuman

      Dang, I wish I was there

    9. roosterslime4119

      *Director: Jake Bergevin* *Solos:* Piano: Nebee Yohannes (0:00) Vocals/Alto Sax: Natalie Whitlock (0:39, 2:44, 3:01) Trombone: Jack Hillman (0:45, 0:57)** Vocals: Unathi Machyo (1:32, 5:16) Bari Sax: Kyle Bainbridge (1:32, 2:18, 2:36)* Clarinet: Rimmy Le (1:32, 2:09, 2:27) Tenor Sax: Stuart Harrison (2:53, 3:11) Tenor Sax: Kevin Long (3:20) Alto Sax: Brandt Fisher (3:55, 4:49) * = Honorable Mention Award ** = Outstanding Award *Full Individual Awards List* *Sectional Awards List:* *Honorable Mention Reed Section:* Rimmy Le (Clarinet), Brandt Fisher (Alto Sax), Graeme Hafford (Alto Sax), Tenor: Kevin Long (Tenor Sax), Kyle Bainbridge (Baritone Sax)* *Honorable Mention Soloist Award:* Kyle Bainbridge (Baritone Sax) *Outstanding Soloist Award:* Jack Hillman (Trombone)

      1. 8-bit jams

        bro ur amazing!

      2. roosterslime4119

        @Gavin Rice Grit and Grind my friend, grit and grind

      3. Gavin Rice

        roosterslime4119 now tf do u know all this

    10. Jonathon Neville

      High school ?!?!

      1. Stanley Nkele

        Unbelievable, hey

      2. Jonathon Neville

        I see how my commment looked like I was asking which high school. I was really just exclaiming "This is a high school band? Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

      3. Go Washington Huskies Football

        Edmonds Woodway High School

    11. Tango Mike

      Love it. Greets from Germany!

    12. Bianca Alshaer

      This is wonderful

    13. LAVICHO

      Omg the second girls voice and persona is just amazing

      1. brian glenville

        You are 100% right but no 1 girl is pretty damn good as well .... a special lilt in her voice.

    14. a b0bfelice

      Wow! A lot of talent in one high school!

    15. Nic Montero

      Edmonds is a city not too far from my high school and when our school goes to the local festivals Edmonds always comes with the best performance. That alto player just graduated this year and got a full ride scholarship. I wanna move there. Everyone there is insanily talent.

    16. ryN


    17. Shane Karas

      Holy crap. That vocalist is also a sax player. Thats just amazing

    18. Abel Ton

      I wish my high school was this cool

      1. McHenry Maney

        Same here

    19. Daniel Cronson

      That was truly awesome, especially for high school kids, dang. The bar has been raised people.

    20. 光明


    21. crfdln

      Wow!! This group deserves 100,000 hits. Nice work by all!!

    22. breath dream



      Correct me if I’m wrong, but that second tenor looks like a buescher True Tone. I have one in my attic rn and the low b key is on a different side than the rest as well

    24. Mr. Pete Entertainment

      the faces the bassist makes are funny

    25. John C

      Awesome job!! They're all great. Bass player looks like he's having a ball though!! : )


      -1 point for having a bari without a low A +1 for the amazing baritone tone

      1. ji

        Whats wrong with the low a?

    27. ticklesdust

      This is probably my favorite version that i've heard of this song. Good tempo, not rushed; wonderful musicians, and most of all this song captures the sort of "chip on the shoulder" attitude to me.

    28. Adam B

      Finally, this song lives up to its potential

    29. Sing Mei4 Sha

      0:58 wow

    30. Andy Lopez

      what's the alto's setup? the male player with the black or rose gold(?) saxophone

    31. Dennis P

      Wonderful to see them carrying on this legacy

    32. Chris De Jesus

      Nice donna lee lick the alto incorporated with his solo!

    33. Taner Erdem


    34. Ian Benedict