Ethan & Trisha Do An Athletics Competition - Frenemies #22

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    1. Kayla M

      The rolls royce was so out of the blue and unplanned i love it 😂

    2. Cami Collins

      am I the only one who thought the ben Shapiro impersonator sounded exactly like Jason ????

    3. Ash Ray

      I don't understand why Trisha would always conclude that Ethan has personal issue or trauma whenever Ethan expressed his dislike about something. Girl, that's just his opinion. Everyone can dislike something without it being related to personal issue or trauma.

    4. Jax Maberry

      I love how anytime Trisha asks if some A-list celebrity will come on the show, Ethan’s always immediately like “yeah he’d for sure come on the show, absolutely.” I want that kind of support in my dreams

    5. Cee.xo

      Sorry but it was really cute when Trisha got Ethan that snack even though it wasn’t keto

    6. Muted Alpha Behavior

      It freaks me out a little bit that all they’re talking about are proteins with chicken and meat and eggs when keto only let you lose weight when you’ve got 80% fat going into your system. That’s the macros that they have to achieve, women I have a limit of about 25 to 30 g of carbs And men can go up to 50. Like if you guys aren’t eating mainly avocados and sour cream you’re not gonna lose weight. I lost a whole 30 after only three months of full on keto no calorie restriction just 80% fats and 20% proteins - And I’m a pescatarian so my proteins came from mainly fish

    7. Jay

      no bc i’m obsessed w them and I love their friendship...

    8. Muted Alpha Behavior

      It’s pretty disgusting that this Bryce (whatever the fuck) is who these kids obsess over and make famous 🤮

    9. Julia Ackerman


    10. stan min yoongi

      thanks for making me laugh as much as I have while watching Frenemies

    11. Claire McDaniels

      Facts don’t care about your feelings. The fact is that the virus DID come from China and it is becoming more and more apparent that it was created in a lab. Having said that, there is no reason to hate and beat up Asians here in America. But DON’T blame Trump/Trump supporters for that!😂 That is the personal choice of someone who is evil regardless of their political affiliations. I’m a Trump supporter and don’t believe Trump instigated any hate towards Asian Americans, that is ridiculous 😂 That being said, I love watching y’all’s podcast, minus all the political bullshit!

    12. Kobolt

      This is the best episode of frenemies hands down

    13. Shelley McLaughlin

      I want Trishas outfit in the Athletics competition lmao! Ethan was killing me!!

    14. Katy Woo

      that pink outfit with the balancing definitely confirmed that the day i meet trisha is the day she becomes my muse //hj

    15. klemens duffe


    16. Elizabeth Bentley

      she coordinated her look with the hostess cake !!

    17. Josh Smith

      In N Out is literally the worst thing to eat in a new Rolls!! It’s soo messy!

    18. J

      trisha arm wrestling with acryllics kind of legendaric

    19. Haileymay help

      5:45 lmaoooooo ethan “you can’t fix dumb” felt

    20. Kayla D. Nieto

      I just started watching this podcast like 3weeks ago N I'm literally in love wth this channel, i love you both lol I know fuckng cringe but fr 😂this is all I watch my family is tired of me at this point but "peace&love"😂😂💗🖤

    21. Skosha VanNostrand

      I can’t look at Ethan in a jock strap with a straight face.

    22. Kayla McNichols

      Is there frenemies merch ?

    23. Ashley Wilks

      Fashion nova is trash. They don’t let you return anything which I didn’t realize so I bought 500$ worth of clothes. I wear a size medium and ordered a size large everything was severely tight, and rompers I got weren’t stitched correctly so there was one pant leg. I never wore a single thing.

      1. Ashley Wilks

        And the first time I wore something it tore the seams Bc it’s cheap

    24. Katie Johnson

      Omg I’ve never seen any of Bryce hall’s videos nor what he looked like but that video was so fricken embarrassing it was SOOO cringe 😬😬😬 trying to get the other kid to fight him. They all look young and immature but the other kid wasn’t as bad as Bryce in that video just omg. He was totally drink beer me not apple juice, that for pointing that out

    25. Katie Johnson

      Keto doesn’t work for everyone. Trisha should try carb cycling and workout with Moses on high carb days. Btw Trisha def unitedly won that exercising competition

    26. horse2503

      its about opal lol

      1. horse2503

        apple juice? definitely was alcohol

    27. Ashley Crowley

      1:22:10 Trisha's ankles are so flexible wtf?? They must be double jointed or something

    28. C Villarroel

      Trish definitely won 😭

    29. Erika Rodriguez-Vazquez

      TALKING OUT OF CONTEXT the bryce assaulting zach was like 3 years ago i think in 2017-2018 .

    30. Rafael Flores

      “Thank yaw”

    31. Its_Simply_Tru

      Thank you Trisha for bringing awareness to the Anti-Asian Hate. It's been really hard for us right now. The media doesn't talk about it until there was a shooting massacre.

    32. spooks

      I love them. Ethan hypes her up sometimes and she's so nice to him. This friendship I didn't expect but I love it. Its so real and pure and honest.

    33. spooks

      I know Trisha won't see this but I just want her to know she's one of my heroes for being so real and showing her mistakes so openly but still having a good soul. :)

    34. Di-Meliora

      Trisha’s genuine laugh when she’s doing the competition (especially the parachute one) is so contagious and wholesome.

    35. Maelin Sorrell

      I loved this whole thing.

    36. Claire Reichle

      When Moses had the best idea for their autographs and Trisha and Ethan just completely ignore him 😂😂😭 at 1:38:45

    37. Audrey Stockdale

      Glad Ethan is bringing awareness to fast fashion, but I really hope TeddyFresh is sustainably and ethically sourced... Just looked it up and it's made in China...

    38. Audrey Stockdale

      Time for another athletics competition!

    39. maiboulangerxh


    40. Jack Byram

      If This Isn’t A Wakeup Call Idk What Is😳

    41. IttyBittySoccs

      "Whos hating on Asians when there are Jews walking around?" "Wdym people love Jews it's like SUPER trendy :))" I love this podcast.

    42. Karen Peromari


    43. Karen Peromari


    44. Angel Colon

      "I don't want to fight you because..... I was loved by my parents."

    45. jamjamxox

      I love TikTok.. and have no idea who this Bryce kid is, i don’t even remember his last name as I’m watching this😂😂

    46. Austin Greene

      ethan: it’s bad parenting, they don’t need to give their child everything just bc they have money trisha: i’m so triggered ethan: you’re right. give the mom credit too i’m sorry

    47. Danie M

      I love how Trisha guesstimates the whole Faze clan scam scheme just within 2 minutes of her hearing about them.

    48. lywo

      the matching pink and black frenemies rolls royce is best friend goals omg so cute 😭😭💝🖤

    49. Momma Jesus

      The atmosphere in this show calms my anxiety. Ive said it before but Ethan reminds me of my dad (reactions and facial features) and I think that's why but it is so nice seeing a healthy relationship being built for once, too.

    50. Jordan Wilson

      Also you I would rock the fuck out if bryce hall if he was in my face like that

    51. Jordan Wilson

      When ethan was telling trish how he was skeptical about her and moses in the beginning and now he is happy they are together made me cry!!!

    52. A J

      Honestly Trisha is stronger than me

    53. Talic-os

      Who is the "pussy" guy? He is cute

    54. Courtney Emily

      Bryce Hall is a disgrace to humanity....

    55. Talic-os

      Ethan, 70 dollar jeans can also be made using slavery work.....

    56. Jessie j Turner

      Ethan doing situps IS LITERALLY ME😭😂

    57. Talic-os

      Ethan finding out about Asian hate, tho.

    58. Tencrotch

      the first three letters of the URL on this vid are: gAY

    59. Egjjf Fhkkd

      The tame blood hepatosplenomegaly launch because clipper phenomenologically push save a toothsome stove. humorous, festive agreement

    60. Nikko Frost

      it made me really uncomfortable that the guy kept dismissing & joking about the topic.

    61. ecophilia

      Can we like cancel Bryce Hall and never talk about him again, please? What a loser.

    62. Samantha Brandt

      The balancing..... I was DYING! Ethans fucking outfit! Watching him hop around with a fucking jock strap! I’m dead 😂😂

    63. lea Zaifman

      1st time ive heard of brice hall

    64. Lily Litwinko

      There is so much potential for merch- I know they have merch/merch in the works. But they have other things they could make for sure.

    65. avasaladino

      yo why tf would they do that to dixie on the phone...

    66. lea Zaifman

      hii david........ and now byeeee Felicia

    67. Prashant Mishra

      This was the best episode. I love both Trisha and Ethan . Love from India 🇮🇳

    68. E

      Men on average have 50% more upper body strength than women so props to Trish.

    69. JLBHabs


    70. Julianne Cunningham

      trisha trying to open the can because she has long asf nails

    71. y yg

      with peace and love Ringo kind of looks like an older skinnier Ethan

    72. y yg

      bryce hall has the soul of a spoiled 12 yr old boy in a 16 year old boys body

    73. Niharika Aggarwal

      oh my god. I'm dead! too funny.

    74. Silkstone Barbie

      gAY is in the link, love it

    75. Erika Coleman

      Bryce us the guy that shares # notallmen but then spews toxic masculinity through his pores 🤢🤢 tiny peepee energy

    76. Stanley Do

      1:32:15 the kinda hype person I need

    77. Parth Shukla

      is it just me or does Trisha rap everytime she speaks

    78. Dani Silveira

      i freaked out when she pulled out the pink monster thats my shit

    79. Sugar Beet

      Trisha you are not supposed to do push up with implants!!! That can migrate please don't do it again

    80. Trevor Welsh

      I signed into my boyfriend's account just to comment that I've been on a Frenemies kick for about a week now & I love seeing Trisha have a good friend.

    81. jessie bootle

      Literally your guys videos are the only thing interesting and entertaining on HUfast you guys are amazing thank you for getting me by.

    82. Hannah Lewis

      The abrasive goal concordingly preach because popcorn actually trip amid a unarmed flesh. old, well-off seaplane

    83. mia noel

      glad that they mentioned the Asian hate crimes

    84. Monica Doran

      Omggg the ending of this episode made me emotional idk why lol 🥺💖💖

    85. plokoon100

      The ending is so poetic. Ethan and Hila started in Israel poor making videos, now he’s eating in a Rolls Royce with hilas brother holding the camera and hila is a CEO lol. Well deserved.

    86. Molly Rose

      pls Trisha literally just said the Asian hate was a trend omg

      1. kristen brooke

        she probably meant it was trending rn. she also corrected herself

    87. Jerusalem Sales


    88. liliannafaithx

      the ending im losing my mind omfg

    89. fan


    90. Tay Charlese

      The shot Moses got of them laughing with each other while he panned out to the front of their matching cars was actually everything. It was so cute it put a smile on my face lol

    91. Tay Charlese

      Trisha definitely won the jump rope tho

    92. Rachel Yim

      most of the hate crimes against Asians are being done by other minorities...

    93. Michael Tru-Blu

      20 years from now, those Rolls Royces will be in a museum

    94. Caitlin Erdmann

      These are the best episodes

    95. Iliana Sakellariou

      pov: ur watching trish struggle to open her monster can

    96. Mental latnem

      Ngl, I deadass thought a rolls royce was that fancy watch

    97. Iliana Sakellariou

      i wanna know what her nails look like up close im obsessed

    98. Selena Odendron

      I agree with Ethan, even though he is probably jesting. I did not like Dr. Drew.. so unprofessional.

    99. Brianna Collins

      I can never tell who that cackling laugh in the background issss

    100. makayla rae

      keto diets don't work ethan they influence eating disorders do your research bc most diets like this don't work.