Everyone Uses Chrome. But Why?


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    Why is Google Chrome so popular?
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    1. ZAN karozamo

      i only use edge and opera gaming i just trust both of them for saving RAM i guess

    2. Devon Nall

      Am I the only Safari guy here?

    3. Seshpenguin

      As a developer, I love the overall experience with Firefox, it has the tools and information I need and doesn't get in the way either.

    4. Pixeleer

      i use firefox tho

    5. Andrei Vlad

      I see a lot of firefox comments. Everytime I try to use Firefox there's this thing with the scrolling that fucks with my head, it just isn't smooth/natural as it is on Chrome-based browsers or Safari. Even with smooth scrolling on or off or with other tweaks. Call me weird but I just refuse to use it solely because of this, currently using brave and I'm happy with it.

    6. Undecided

      I use Chrome, because my email, cloud storage, digital wallet, & other stuff is connected to it.

    7. Shamanth K S

      Dogebrowser... Waiting to see April fool's video on it lol.

    8. ken

      Its waterfox or ungoogled chromium for me, whichever i feel like downloading.

    9. RashMundo

      Chrome is googles botnet. If you’re gonna use it, use chromium at least. Firefox 4 lyfe because I used to love Netscape

    10. Harvey Brett

      james' shirt looks too small 😔

    11. XOX

      I use Brave browser for BAT rewards then purchase a kilo of coke every few months without having need of feeling guilty to spend my own money on it

    12. NickSneaky

      Me: I use 2 browsers! Brave and the new microsoft Edge. I also use Firefox when i have problems Everyone: I use Chrome Everyone in the comments: Wait but i use Firefox Teachers[Wich is one of mine]: I use Opera Tech teachers: I use Opera GX! Developers: Wait i use chromium

    13. Andrew Young

      As soon as I got a taste of the sweet Edge beta I started the transition. Now I'm a confident and secure woman. 💁🏾‍♀️ Jk, I like Edge. Its my mane.

    14. The Paralives Guy

      I ❤ Firefox!

    15. Lukatjee

      I'm running Brave, it's the best from both Firefox and Chrome

    16. Romel

      Well. I don't. I prefer Firefox.

    17. Aditiya Chauhan

      In The Comments "I Love Firefox " Everyone:

      1. Aditiya Chauhan


    18. jj binx

      Chrome is pure dogshit firefox and slimjet rules

    19. Krankie V

      I've been using Firefox since 2007 when I bought my first PC. I've had very few problems with it. Dabbled with Opera for a short time, it was fine but I went back to Firefox for whatever reason. The computers at work all have Chrome and that works fine too for the most part, but I've never felt the urge to make the switch. Firefox has been good for me and I don't really see a reason to change.

    20. The Claussy Gamer

      Opera has been the king for years. I've been using it for a long time. I was aware of it even longer, but at one point, the simplicity of the browser won me out.

    21. Ainz Ooal Gown

      chrome added tab suspensions so when you aren't actively looking at a tab, it puts them in suspend mode. this is similar to how extensions like the marvelous suspender worked, to reduce ram usage when using browser with many windows and tabs. so i don't reckon the ram issue is as big as a deal as it was compared to before. as for anger at chrome, they wanted to limit the popular adblocking extension ublocks capability via manifest 3 www.theregister.com/2020/12/10/googles_browser_extension_platform_rewrite/ google will only have themselves to blame for chasing away users that want EFFECTIVE adblocking capability, which google seems keen on crushing. The moment they make things like ublock useless, that's when people will move away from chrome in droves, to other alternative browsers that don't do that nonsense.

    22. IC 1011

      I use chrome as well but firefox is my favourite

    23. L. G.

      If you love the free internet, use Firefox.

    24. Void S.

      And there's people that use w3m or lynx

    25. Zoro Hack

      Microsoft Edge.

    26. korukoru

      I use both just the same

    27. Hambert

      The fact that the only thing on focus is the plant on the right pisses me off. Dragon cameras for this? C'mon LTT!

    28. pVoqz

      I started with chrome, switched to brave and now I'm using Firefox on my Phone and PC

    29. Elfo

      I use 4 Browsers: - Firefox for working - OperaGX for Entertainment like HUfast, Netflix... - Chrome for the whole Pr0n stuff - Edge to Download the 3 above

    30. Joseph Seed

      Firefox gang lessgooo!

    31. Ashish Gupta

      Because of the Ad blockers anyone? Just me? Shhh; don't tell em 😂

    32. NevermindXY

      Firefox, people

    33. Natna

      I Use Edge And I Love It!

    34. Lovepreet singh Singh

      *everyone using Chrome* Techquicke: why tho

    35. GameStudio

      0:04 Edge : *cries silently*

    36. Jacob

      Chrome is fast, stable and pretty secure but the privacy concerns are way too much. For example, FLoC is literally a nefarious attempt to invade our privacy to an even deeper degree than they already do. I only still have it installed for the sake of site testing. I use Opera GX primarily, though Vivaldi is a great second choice and Firefox is really solid too... though, Mozilla's recent lack of political neutrality does raise some red flags.

    37. Rodimus Prime

      Firefox. I like that I can put my menus at the top/left of the window (traditional style). And the add-ons I use aren't gimped like they are in chrome.

    38. KingMB XJ

      I use opera

    39. Sunny Suman

      Am I the only one using Microsoft Edge? Lol

    40. Terrados1337

      chrome is covenient + I am pretty sure google already sold all my data to every criminal organization on this planet so meh.

    41. rowazad

      geez am i the only one that uses edge? and... its great...

    42. Whiplash

      Firefox users are like vegans - they always make you know what they're about.

    43. RJR Fletcher

      I recall Firefox started getting annoying and I refuse to use "Edge" - Chrome seems to work.

    44. Extrasy

      May the Fox be with you

    45. Barış Tanlık

      Edge means best browser.

    46. MGMbg

      Microsoft Edge is very nice too now

    47. MindlessJo CB

      I've been blessed. When I clicked on the video I got the linus ad for pulseway

    48. Touchthis Productions

      Switched back to Firefox after Quantum was released. This fox is a beauty. Love that they also wrote it in Rust.

    49. axa993

      Dogebrowser boutta happen and you know it

    50. Technical Friend

      I use brave(chromium based browser)

    51. Chung Faame

      Use Brave😈

    52. Ignacio Taranto

      Terrible arguments here. He doesn't mention that a huge number of 3rd party software installers attempt to "smuggle" you Chrome on Windows. He doesn't mention Google's services integration and Google's monopoly. He doesn't mention that most a lot of the web "Standards" where imposed by Google due its monopoly. He doesn't mention Chrome being the default browser in all Android devices. He doesn't make too much emphasis on Firefox being open source too. What a shitty video really.

    53. Faye Bradshaw

      I was kinda waiting for a more honest reason, "Google pushed Chrome down our throats thanks to Android, and their huge search engine that constantly bugged people to use Chrome instead". Like yeah Chrome isn't a bad product on its own but you can't reach that market share in an old market without some serious marketing and market strategy, in this case whether we could it as monopolistic or not might be debatable, but it's definitely not just because of the performance.

    54. Igor Engelen

      Too many comments to check but I use Edge, chromium based :-)

    55. Purik

      Im going to get bulied for using opera gx

    56. Md Khalid Rahman

      I use Avast.

    57. Jaxmeister

      I've used many browsers, but my big favorite is Vivaldi, now using it on both mobile and desktop, couldn't get a better browser for my use, much better than Chrome

    58. G S

      We dont want the web just built around Chromium. We need to keep Firefox and Safari alive.

    59. G S

      Im trying to de google my life a bit. Ditching Chrome was the first logical step. Ive returned to Firefox.

    60. ThePeacefulChannel

      Firefox army 2nd division reporting in 🔥 🦊

    61. Tanvir Hasan

      I'm using Samsung Internet Browser

    62. Prithvi Vasistha

      Opera gang😎

    63. Javier

      Brave Browser > Chrome

    64. IntelliPocalypse

      I started using Firefox to alleviate privacy concerns. I caved and put chrome back with no account connected and cookie clearing when I close the browser

    65. Manan Agrawal

      We want a doge browser

    66. jakebschultz

      brave gang

    67. Hugo

      Everyone unless people in comments section where everyone is anti monopoly and uses Firefox or brave

    68. Dante Westerhof

      I want to use Safari, but… Windows 😔

    69. DUCKDUDE4100

      Been on firefox since I was in my early teens and I'll never understand why people still use chrome.

      1. Faye Bradshaw

        Respect! I love Firefox I believe Chrome is only huge because it's the default in Android devices + we got bugged to no end when using the Google search engine, and many people didn't even know there were other search engines to begin with. Chrome is obviously way better than IE but that's not a spectacular accomplishment lol

    70. Noah Bühler

      I want that Doge Browser :-)

    71. FoolSunlight

      firefox is the best web browser i ever used. it’s efficient and the UI felt so much better than chrome. too bad that i can’t use firefox because it can’t run some website i use for school :(

    72. nit Inundate

      3:40 You guys cheated on Ridge wallet!

    73. Charming Peasant

      Firefox is run by some really shitty folks.

    74. s3thra


    75. Steve Alayon


    76. Defence Bangladesh

      I use explorer

    77. Plaisir

      I switched from Chrome to Edge and Firefox. Never going back

    78. Martinesse

      Brave, anyone?

    79. Jop van Eck

      watching this on chromium edge

    80. itsAgasthya

      brave browser exists

    81. Shutter & Voyages

      I use Safari. Way better than any browser on mac.

    82. icanmakeeverythingilovedie

      Chromium Edge is so criminally underrated, man. I actually have leftover ram with it, too.

    83. SoulGen

      Stealing data from me is one thing *But I ain't letting chrome steal half of my memory ram in every seconds*

    84. tiskoman

      their logo has three sixes in it. 666 WDYM why?

    85. KookizMC

      I use opera and the new edge, this new edge is sorta lit. But opera is more stable. I remember I got it in 2013 because my Roblox refused to run

    86. smw freak

      Idk man I can't stand firefox... I use ungoogled chromium

    87. AMG97x

      i feel like this video was just meant to shove an ad into our throat, literally nothing new

    88. Ricardo

      breve feels like chrome and it´s somehow smoother and not so demanding on CPU and RAM

    89. Jordan R.

      Anyone notice that he spit something at around 3:11? :D

    90. Well, I'll be damned.

      From my own experience a year ago, firefox was slightly slower and used slightly more memory than chrome, on my computer. I use whatever is the fastest and works the best, for me that is chrome. Has been (for the most part) since it released. Every now and then, I take a look and see if there is anything better. There isn't, for my use. (or, wasn't last year.)

    91. lucas wood

      Chrome was also one of the first browsers to have the search bar and URL entry in one box, something completely commonplace these days.

    92. Stephen Posting

      I used to use Firefox but switched to Edge a few months ago. 'Brave on my phone.

    93. Nut Youlong

      Legend use internet explorer

    94. Ivan Jakopčević

      spot on

    95. Adam Lyons

      Opera crew, unite!

    96. Henk Finkers

      I am sorry but this is just a poorly researched video. Floc as a solution to the privacy problem? Give me a break. Also some of the browsers you mention st the start are chromium based as well. A bit of a shame that you also didn't mention the fact that firefox has nearly always outcompeted chrome performance wise except for on google products (must be a coincidence) and that developers prefer firefox as well. Also it does not act like a total creep. But in reality. All browsers suck nowadays.

    97. Jothi Prasath

      I use brave browser

    98. Jonathan Jollimore

      Fire Fox or death

    99. t3h 0' a1s


    100. Revu Shriram

      I've switched to Microsoft Edge