Family Channels Should Not Exist.

Andrei Terbea

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    1. Andrei Terbea

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      1. SolarDrawzThings

        HobbyKids : Hopefully this doesn't happen

      2. I have left this account

        YA GET INTO IT

      3. der Tobi Gamer

        how many are left?

      4. der Tobi Gamer

        Im fucking sad that i can't buy this figurine because i need the money for sth else :(

      5. Camo Gilly

        i agree with this video all the way. im thankful my mom simply posted baby pics, cringe songs i made up, and me being extremely stupid as a toddler on facebook rather than the insanity these children are dealing with. I see privacy as a higher level than others, so i obviously gave a tantrum for those pictures. May these children seek the sweet taste of mercy the lord has in store for them soon.

    2. That one Kid

      Hi Andre I know this is a old video but can you do a part two for fgteev

    3. 237 YT you talk abt Funnel Vision?..... they're a family channel but its not harmless at all but idk whats behind when not recording they also have a family gaming channel and idk else?....i be a fan of them since i was 5 i was watching them in the computer after i aged to this.....i wonder whats behind when the camera is off...idk hope you notice this comment

    4. Mr.Shannu

      How can people be such karens? Wtffff

    5. Giorgi Iobidze

      the wiping rocks were really useful in the USA covid pandemic.....

    6. TheShelbyLee

      Andrei I’m genuinely curious, how do you feel about family channels that are run by the kids. My sister watches one of an Australian family but the kids are the ones who run the channel. The parents are in it but not that often. I don’t have a problem with it, compared to other family channels I’ve watched. Where you can tell the parents are making the kids do something they don’t want to.

    7. Boyfriend

      Hear me out, the only good family channel is fgteev

    8. Sergeant Chong

      I like how there is KArl Marx in this video cause Communism in theory is great in practice is stoopid

    9. dPeace Gaming

      Hmm yes, swearing is worse than CHILD ABUSE

    10. Corben Heuser

      parents: has hids parents after starting a youtube channel: i can milk you

    11. lorelaii

      My 6 year old little sister watches family channels that include Daily Bumps and Shot of the Yeagers. Sometimes when I have to look after her I have to make sure that what she's watching is okay for her to watch. And I do think those channels are okay for her. This comment is not to support every single family channel out there, because I know a lot are bad for kids and just want clicks, money, and views. But if you have a child/sibling under 10, I recommend those channels.

    12. ThatReaperPlayz

      My baby brother watched Vlad n Niki what do you think about that?

    13. Giraff arts!!!

      There is some more messed up stuff about the Norris nuts

    14. Fluffy_FurryBaBy

      Your not alone

    15. Mild Saucy

      So my friends could've had twins,you know the rest,but one constantly uploads on their youtube channel,he could've done this,bit no,he uploads gaming,like he always does

    16. Mild Saucy

      My little brother is stuck to this like glue

    17. NI iildea

      I have the same opinion as I had in the lifehacks video.I agree 100%

    18. Cyber Weeb

      That poor fish

    19. Elijah Bruffy

      he didnt even mention R*anT*ysR*view

    20. Giyuu's DEPRESSION

      5:33 is it just me or are the views going up and down?

    21. Joeliroy Video

      Can you make a video on dhar mann and other motivational channels

    22. guard rail lover

      Some family channels think their kids are good for money. I will show 1 example Ryan's world LITREALLY the worst offender Ryan is a good kid but the problem is his perants. He is used as a way for money , as he grew up , his perants got more children so that when he is fully grown up and turns on his perants and cant milk him for money anymore so they use his little sisters incase anything like that happens. You can even see ryan now sounding a bit dead in the vids because he is bieng forced to play with theese toys. This is an example of child abuse. Forcing them to do stuff for the perants own amusement , disgusting.

    23. Marvel legend Gamer

      Wow you’re right

    24. Kyle Nelson

      That miscarriage video is messed up. You yourself can post an update, but including your children’s reaction to something so dark and recording it is messed up. It’s even worse when it’s used to make money and boost your status online. I for one am not interested in watching, “hey, your little unborn sister died. Now show of all our subscribers on HUfast how sad you are!”

    25. Jacob Persico

      9:35 Troubled teens industry. A horrible industry a lot of them torture children. The Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton Mass USA for example gives painful electrical shocks to there students for minor behaviors such as wetting there bed.

    26. Agent Codey

      This is basicly child labor

    27. christopher brooks


    28. Floridagirl _life

      Omg‼️ my heart just broke when that boy said, " its his falt. ...🤦‍♀️ " she is so emotionally removed.

    29. ItsKara

      i hope more people see this video and educate to be more aweare. Great video!!!!!!!!!!!

    30. Gabriel Mihuleac

      Your mather

    31. Behrad K. Farahani

      I think the ace family can still go on??! What do you guys think?

    32. O U T W A V E

      no thanks man I have a gammon pd2200. with its 21.5-inch screen and amazing pen that doesn't need to be charged, it's a godsend. it has an amazing 25 ms response time, 13 amazing buttons, an HD display, more than 8,000 levels of pressure, and 16.7 million colors. Thanks gaomon for not sponsoring me.

    33. AviatorAnimations

      That horrible, horrible lady

    34. AviatorAnimations

      Once the kid has outlived his usefulness, she returns him

    35. Ovidiu-Doru Silistra

      I HATE YOU!

    36. mr bwead

      8 passengers be like: shoots kid in face "It WaS fOr DiScIpLiNeD"

    37. SupremeExtreme

      I feel the same way


      Is romania really cursed ?

    39. Dyl the ytp maker 9585 And fun

      I don’t like kid friendly channels the only kid friendly channel I ever liked was Ryan’s toy review

    40. Totally Not Sarahi

      Whole video - *serious* Outro - ha ha hooman and birb go dance

    41. Your pal, Ares the dude

      The 3rd one is monsterous.

    42. Pikachu Is Shook

      How are these abusive parents not being reported on a daily basis? I think this says a lot about society too

    43. Morgan

      Dude the norris nuts have more subs then u are u dum

    44. leafeon is king

      around 7:44 i felt bad cuz im autistic and the fact people would do that is bad

    45. n.t

      ive been waiting for someone to cover the norris nuts. thank you andrei

    46. Santino Giannettino

      ( fond ) i ment words

    47. Rockn Artist

      6:28 I just noticed you said ROY instead of roi

    48. O n i o n A n i m a t e d

      I think that family channels that use their children for money is not good, but if there are kids in the video and they visibly enjoy being on camera and are having fun, I think that’s ok, channels that document literally every moment of a child’s life on HUfast is a bit far though

    49. Carlos Vasquez

      nonchalantly recording your children while he cries*

    50. Hyper Tech

      My opinion in great describtion


      you should colaborate whith dj cook which is another youtuber

    52. Wolfus

      Norris Nuts: But We always get away with stuff don’t we...

    53. Pop Off

      Pov: you came to the comments to see who noticed the youtooz before he uploaded a video about it.

    54. Mr Jackzy

      I know a family channel they are very very nice and travel and all of the kids want to be on camera the youngest is 12 and the oldest is 17

    55. Nebey Weldu


    56. GeekyCusion_

      I Feel Bad for the kids they should have normal lives

    57. Datu 608

      Click bait and fake is in other videos

    58. Mikel Side-Anene

      Could u talk about Ryan’s toys review I want to know if it’s bad or not

      1. Joeliroy Video

        The youtube channel is bad and his parents are using him for money

    59. shadow the demon

      Can we address how many small details this guy adds to things, like how he didn't just toss some squares onto a rectangle and call it a keyboard, no no no, he went and used small, tiny details to make the keyboard look like a legit keyboard and I love it, and I haven't seen that kind of attention to detail in many other yt animators videos

    60. Julia Eversole

      The Norris nuts are my favorite. I don’t think you should have put them in here

    61. Cipy ThePenguin

      Is Terbea Romanian ?

      1. Cipy ThePenguin

        @Joeliroy Video thanks, I asked cuz I'm also romanian

      2. Joeliroy Video

        Yes he is

    62. StienoGamez

      Well, I do agree, but there is one channel that I really like.

    63. Megan Klimowski

      HUfast doesn't take down the downright abusive family channels, but does take down the Coco disstrack. The heck is wrong with HUfast.

    64. ShonenAce

      before this I thought family vlog channels were cringey, I never realised how trash they were

    65. C l ø v e r ツ

      7:20 696k noice

    66. GW Comics

      Child: It's all my fault (starts to cry) Mum: ooh Yeah that's perfect honey...err...I mean no oh no it's not your fault...but good job for crying, when we get get home you can use my really expensive toilet

    67. Rileigh Burris

      The children who are part of these channels, will never know what it feels like to have a normal life, that is not filled with discrimination, hate, self consciousness, or financial burden on them.

    68. LB Red

      yes i agreee

    69. Purity

      Hey guys! Upcoming family channel ❤️ Check is out

    70. Maddy Unicorn girl

      I like to record myself and when I was little everybody put me on Facebook. They stopped when I got older

    71. Pecha Rayquaza

      3 words. RyansToysReviews.

    72. LemonBunnyメ

      I used to watch Fgteev when I was little and now I don't see any family channels anymore But that's the video about saying stuff about some of thing explained in the video Is 100% correct af

    73. Morgan Lindberg Stevens

      It's the fact that the child said it was their fault. Something is going on and it's very worrying

    74. Morgan Lindberg Stevens

      The idea of family channels isn't bad it's the family channels it self ruining it.

    75. mm mm

      I think Bro Vs Sis is one of the only good family channels, they both like being in the videos

    76. Æ Ne0n

      Looking at content targeted towards kids today, they've went a massive decline. I've re-watched a ton of videos I used to watch back when I was 9 and they were still surprisingly more entertaining entertaining than almost every family channel I could think of.

    77. Kendall Miller-Rider

      Just thinking about what I've been through in my life, it would be so much worse if was in a family channel. An example of this is I had to have a presugure one time and the had to shove a tube down my nose, through my throat, and into my stomach. That made me vomit but my mom was by me the whole time, before, and when they shoved it down and helped clean up the vomit. I'm almost crying right now because of thinking imagine if I went through that, with a bumch of siblings around me, my mom not holding my hand, and her just filming it. I was balling when it happened and my mom was with me by my side and the only other people in the room were the nurses. Imagine how much I would've been crying if my mom was a scum. (aka the mom's who run family channel's)

    78. Mikhael Kevin

      Alr alr i kinda agree to you, you cant blame him there child don't focus on studies and ITS possible for them just to use there children for money and fame

    79. Roussoi Gaming

      The communist reference in the beginning is really funny

    80. Joshua Sayson

      You forgot daddio 5

    81. chrisato ph

      Is it alright for a ten years old to have a channel?

    82. YEET Thatsallfolks

      Wow nice 6 ads my guy

    83. Jenni, C.E.O of Ora

      Bruh when my little brother was younger he was obsessed with Ryan Toys Reviews, Hobby kids TV and a whole plethora of family channels. Now he says that for his 7th birthday he wants for his birthday to be the biggest party ever, and that half of the guests will be on team Snowman and the other half on team Santa and that we will hide our gifts and he has to find them. *I dunno man that seems pretty sus* (lol when he said it I thought “Omg then we’re gonna make a family channel called CatFamily and blow up and post you’re complex as algebra birthday plan lol)

      1. Acer72

        My mom started a family channel for my little siblings where they do cringy stuff. She grounded me for not wanting to be apart of it. LMAO

    84. mysteriieux

      just btw, the norris nuts (as in the kids) actually edit the videos themselves so they add the subtitles and probably include the clips they choose to include.

      1. Thecat cat

        @mysteriieux yeah he got that part wrong, but he's right about the other things mentioned in the video. Also, the parents let the kids share way too much personal medical information about themselves. Even if the kids want to share this, the parents should step in and say no. Kind of unrelated but lot of recent comments on their tiktoks/yt are saying that they don't eat enough, their mum is too restrictive with their diet, they should get a proper education and be allowed to have more friends their own age. People are really worried about them atm

      2. mysteriieux

        @Thecat cat the video talked about how the parents captioned their videos and that’s not true is all. And the kids themselves seem to manage the channel especially now that they’re older.

      3. Thecat cat

        I know that's true, but why does it make it different? The parents are still technically exploiting them,

    85. The dude on your bassment

      I will beat you 10000000000000000000000$ THAT every dislike is a loaganpauler or a child that whatches ''Ryan'' toys reviews

    86. Quentin Fugee


    87. MW 2019 Juggernaut

      Other channels Me: Good Family Channels Me: ew ( I know that all of them are not like this please don’t take it seriously)

    88. Ruby LEE

      The holderness family channel is a nice one

    89. Ruby LEE

      On behalf of all people named Ruby: We do not accept her

    90. Roblox Jada

      As Person with ADHD you can't use your kids for Money and You know there is Pedophiles out here watching your videos with kids and You can't Give your Adopted Child with Autism Away I know Raising a Child with a Disability can be hard but You can't give it away to someone else

    91. Layla Baker

      Soty family is a good one they are very good

      1. Tiktok Top

        No they trash

      2. Acer72

        Soty is cringe.

    92. Pajamafn

      I thought he said " they have 6 children from 50 to 5 months old" lol

    93. Cosmic Space Butt

      *6 mid-rolls* in *15 minutes. Mid-roll *every 2.5* minutes🤦‍♂️ Edit: If they had been equally spread out

    94. Isiah Osborne

      ayy i thought about fgtvee

    95. Domen Žigart

      Eat your cereal

    96. Laurel Traeger

      It’s sad that I used to actually support the noris nuts and 8 passengers

      1. Zainab Plays Roblox

        I used to support Norris nuts but I got bored because I found their content.. Trash..

    97. Jake Calliou-Bousquet

      Vlogging is so dumb

    98. ScriptedBlanket

      I remember the sad times when the goose thing was lost

    99. Noob icon1

      the child catches the ball ( and she's not pregnant ). umm honey to the bedroom. does that describe how stupid that method is Edit: also what are the chances that his bed was taking away because he didn’t want to be in a video