Fat Cry 3


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    Did I ever tell you the definition of an overused joke
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    Video Sources:
    GTA IV Mission: hufast.info/plan/vide/i2qbaLCKln7Poac
    Far Cry 4 Gameplay : hufast.info/plan/vide/j5zDe96BzqqXhaM
    Hellblade Gameplay: hufast.info/plan/vide/pW2zj7ab13TTeHU
    HALO CE Flood: www.ccchufast.info/plan/vide/bmy2Zrutu6GreX0

    ► New Outro music: hufast.info/plan/vide/d3uUbs6Dq4Tel4U
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    1. Failed Abortion

      This video is officially more popular than Petscop. And to be honest, it deserves it entirely.

    2. Dr. Teller

      Look at those midroll ads


      @Pyrocynical the ending edit you did was amazing

    4. The Non Smoker

      I used a trainer...!

    5. G-MAN

      What's the theme at 24:17 ? I know it's a Valve game

      1. G-MAN

        @Failed Abortion I thought it's from TF2 at first, but the tone was very not like anything tf2

      2. G-MAN

        @Failed Abortion Thank you

      3. Failed Abortion

        Triage at Dawn from Half-Life 2

    6. AstroNaim

      starts talking about vass while playing portal music

    7. Little Joe Pot Fox

      Flat Cry 3

    8. Radwan Mossalam

      you forgot to talk about that one wierd dlc that had no context in game but you could redeem it from uplay lmao

    9. John Doe

      02:03:26 > whatever ending you pick, Citra gets penetrated either way lol it was unexpected

    10. Tongs

      This is the forth time I’ve watched this and i just realised its call “fat cry 3”

    11. GivemehNuggy

      Fat guy farts 3 times in a row

    12. Andrija Vasiljevic

      4:10 and right off the bat, a jojo reference

    13. Private_Ryan1

      this video's ending is really fucking good


      In the ship mission there is a glider but it only takes you half way on the ocean

    15. ARipeBanana

      A video that deserves 20 million views.

    16. Private_Ryan1

      hoyt reminds me of Makarov from MW2 and 3

    17. Wevooh

      I loved this game don’t shit on it

    18. A True Hypocrite

      2:10:17 There the ads are gone now

    19. Cup Nudo

      ta oo's.

    20. LassEinSmoken


    21. eeffoC

      "LISA I'M HERE" *"disgusting"*

    22. Private_Ryan1

      this guy should either make petscop 2 or far cry 2 next

    23. Michael M.

      man this video was blessed by the algorithm many times.

    24. Joshua Hazelton

      I don't care you fantasize about inhaling fat furry farts. Come back, me and my girlfriend miss ya, bro

    25. Malek


    26. The Big Cheese

      I have no clue how many times I rewatched this but Im loving it lmao

    27. Radovan n

      1:10:21 the guy with a beenie is called vincent his on the wiki as well farcry.fandom.com/wiki/Vincent_Salas

    28. Penny

      Why does Vaas's lips looks so thicc fam

    29. Poco Loco

      "FUCK YOU" "Okay :)" "FUCK YOU"

    30. Javier Thompson

      100 percented the game twice, about to do it again, I guess I'm crazy

    31. Grey hound

      now we just need Fat Cry 2 and 4

    32. Harrison Dooling

      38:07 : *exists* Me an assassins creed Odessey player: *visible confusion*

    33. Death destroy73

      Far Cry 4 is literally the definition of my childhood, aswell as Far Cry 3, they're both fecking God-like

    34. Panzerkampfwagen Ausfüring VI tiger h1

      Say wut u want bout the game bec idc, but don’t you dare say ride of the Valkyries is bad

    35. Thomas Crowe

      Usually I would try to put a funny comment but this was just good. Better than some shit Hollywood is putting out.

    36. yet-i


    37. Moojfo -

      This video's from 2020? I feel like I've been recommended this for 2 years or smth

    38. Noble Cyborg-Savage

      31:14 commando pro

    39. Tee Vee


    40. Noble Cyborg-Savage

      Man your videos are so funny And as someone fluent in video editing I appreciate how long it takes

    41. Sintexte

      did it just changed from Far cry 3 to Fat Cry 3 go take a look

      1. SeanEee

        it was always fat cry 3 you brainlet

    42. Martin Bekovski

      You review the game using wall hack mode to see through walls and then complain it's too easy?

    43. dre of italy

      i was just vibing to the witcher 3 music in the backround

    44. Tokyo Warfare

      10M views? yo're famous now or wtf

    45. R3NFR0

      I love this video with a passion

    46. Spyturtle 49

      58:11 actually pyro one of the best and most fun ways to tackle this mission is to find a pirate patrol boat with a machine gun on it. You can then use it to pick off the pirates from a distance. But I can understand that the lack of inventive options for this mission is pretty terrible.

    47. Supercat

      21:08 clip of earrape guy? XD

    48. Zel Kittz

      "This game plays you, As much as you play it" - Silent Hill

    49. Rhys crone

      where is the far cry 2 video pls

    50. Nico Nico

      i dont think there was really a point when hoyt found out it was jason. he had been following what jason was doing anyways and probably just recognized him right away

    51. abrakadabra

      I like this game. This is nice fucking game.

    52. TFrills

      I played his game while on LSD and had the time of my life.

    53. Mom get the Camera

      What's the background music in 35:02

    54. JJ Fortune

      The title be hittin different now

      1. Big Boss


    55. system64

      Do you know the definition of *bagguette* ?

    56. MRflyman

      i found this far cry 3 video more lintresding than any and all far cry games after this one

    57. Patates kızartması

      its multiplayer is actually fun btw I remember playing it back in the day

    58. _bread_

      I don't understand how Hoyt's remark on contact lenses relates to human trafficking... Can someone explain?

    59. Carl

      Am I the only one who come back to this video time after time because of how brilliant it is?

    60. markus


    61. gaming klospos

      vaas Montenegro might actually comeback . Michael mando reprising his role as vaas would be through a movie, tv series or far cry video game or both at the same time . If you're keeping up with his Instagram page, he did comment on a vaas Montenegro having a tv show focused on him . Here is two links showing his previous Instagram stories, it's in French : instagram.com/p/CG-em5BBF9q/? instagram.com/p/CHBWfW0hKxr/?

    62. Pred

      probs my 30th time watching this love it :)

    63. TwistedNematicsGroup

      Your videos are amazing. Thank you.

    64. LoliPoppinsGoesTooFar

      Moving to not pick up weapons reminds me of Halo 3

    65. Juggernog Bruh

      Fat cry 4

      1. left toe

        Fat cry 2

    66. Star Platinum

      2:08:02 i found that before i completed it so i thought it was a grave for grant

    67. Katify

      Make a video like this but on borderlands 2

    68. elephant seal

      Can’t believe I actually watched the whole thing

    69. Thure Raaskou Madsen

      1:08:13 Aussie man

    70. Dylan Randall

      Your gameplay is higher quality than my PS4

    71. Gina Porter

      The giddy dollar corroboratively watch because lawyer postsurgically poke astride a dead quince. normal, dangerous vest

    72. Mr Samoloth

      I watched this whole video 4 times now god help me

    73. David Fast

      Fat cry 2! Fat cry 2!

    74. _bread_

      I'd love to see pyro reveiw the bioshock games; this video is s i c k

    75. Purple Guy

      I'm here In my bed its 2 AM And I need To Laugh!!! YANKEE WITH NO BRIM

    76. Satan mit den geilen Barthaaren

      Sorry but what is a ta oo?

      1. Sturges

        @Satan mit den geilen Barthaaren oh ok its pretty cool tbh

      2. Satan mit den geilen Barthaaren

        I know lol, just making fun of that stupid accent

      3. Sturges


    77. HyperEmoLesPaul #

      i love this sooooooo much

    78. GeoidBurns

      Pyro : Far cry 3 Captions : Clark row 3

    79. Muffin man flipper

      i never thought he would do the side quest first but i accually did all the sidequests first too

    80. ivancreeper Possum

      I grew up with far cry 3

    81. Random Anime clips.

      fry cry 4

    82. Garon Elliott

      Pyro make more deep analysis videos please.

    83. Addy_Ghazi

      This is my 3rd rewatch ..I'll be back again to remind myself of how much I miss playing poker in Bad town.

    84. Gaster The Old Royal Scientist.

      I feel asleep to this. I don’t mean to hate. Just wanted to say that.

    85. BruhRalle

      My 3th time here

    86. Mariothegamer

      It's like Skyrim with guns

    87. Mateusz Korczak

      Fuck, i didnt realise this, in far cry 3, 4, 5 you are always fighting on the wrong side...

    88. brunoswordninja

      Far cry 3 was my favorite Far cry. It reminded me of one of my favorite games, fallout 4, with its open world. I have played every far cry except 1 and Primal. Far Cry 3 had a good story in my opinion. I bought the classic edition for Far cry 3 because it was on sale and I just watch Pyro's video. I loved it. I recently bought it on PC and I am enjoying the multiplayer. Far cry 2 is good but I don't play it often as I am kind of it, don't get me wrong, i like it, its just I don't feel like playing it that much. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is just amazing. Its funny and its fun. Far cry 4 is garbage. It feels like a copy and paste of far cry 3 and I did not enjoy it (i also just finished far cry 3 when i played 4 so I was getting kind of tired of the series) Far cry 5 was pretty good, I mainly bought it for the hours of darkness dlc but it was lame. The store needs work, it should have been russians as the bad guys, not a lame cult. And I recently played and beat new Dawn. Its fun, I enjoy the double jump and the graphics are amazing. I don't really care for the story and I love the post apocalyptic feeling. I'm sad it doesn't have multiplayer or far cry arcade. Also Far Cry arcade was really good. Far Cry isn't the greatest series, it has a lot of problems, but I love it.

    89. longdongbob69

      Fat cry 6

    90. Meme Review

      what’s the background music for 2:00:00

    91. Breadmation YT

      Who else pulls this up to listen to when they’re working on something

    92. TheProAtPUBG 2

      Me: I finally finished the video My brain: what did you just watch? Me: good question

      1. MRGFaulty


    93. Blasterlord123

      I made the mistake of thinking this was just him playing the game, how wrong i was

      1. Nishant Pajni


    94. Mr bloby


    95. Pacha 420

      Pls do an in depth analysis of Red Dead Redemption 2. You are the only capable you tuber to do justice to that game.

    96. joe mama

      A vegan burger option is just a sandwich

    97. aidansmusic

      if fat cry 3 is so good, why isn’t there a fat cry 3 2?

      1. Mr Everything 70

        Same reason there is no Petscop 2

    98. Life Box

      I never felt emotion towards citra sitra slipped me mind so I never chose her

    99. Whisky

      1:27:25 so guys we did it

    100. Nolan Albers

      I think a good game to analyze is ghost recon wildlands. Its not the best game they're is but I think its up there because of the villan and his motivations and the system he has built around himself. I feel it deserves an analysis from pyro himself