FaZe Dubs: The Rise...and Fall

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    This video talks about FaZe Dubs and his journey in competitive Fortnite.
    FaZe Dubs: hufast.info/up/Sh4uYOKH6K2Mtp8od1UwIw.html
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    Writer: babam
    Host: Kristoph
    Editor: James Xarth

    #fortnite #fazedubs #fortnitetips #fortnitechapter2 #consolefortnite #xboxfortnite #ps4fortnite #pcfortnite

    Közzététel: 10 hónapja


    1. Nova

      Honestly as stupid as the n word is, it is a big part of many games and honestly makes some games more enjoyable like Modern warfare

      1. Nova

        I don’t say it btw 💀 but it’s funny when people get mad and start yelling it

    2. ExtremeGrief

      FaZe Dubs said the n word

    3. S4 -YT

      11:00 that's the worst aim ever

    4. Dan Dancer

      I love how twitch is a gaming platform but never bans the thirty things on there Thots:Hideing

    5. Jerzey55

      Commentator made Dubz N word moment sound like a funeral

    6. Clan_alpha5 Fortnite

      For my first ever duo win the last guy was hacking and when I looked at the kill feed it says d his name and was structural by the ban hammer

    7. ctcsignal

      this only affected him for like a month lmao.

      1. Zen Scorpio

        Ikr he deserved to be punished more severely

    8. el colito

      imaginate que castiguen a un argentino por ser racista ajjajajaja aca somos demasiado racistas como para q hagan escandalo por decir n3gr0

    9. troy Riot

      i thimk that dubs should be not kick but punished

    10. Jace Zimmerman

      my question is did dubs forget that his friend was streaming? or was just told when he said it? and he must definitely not do it habitually when he went silent he probably knew wtf was about to happen.

    11. Alex Robertson

      He sounds like a teacher 8:45

    12. X- Man

      I hate Faze Dubs

    13. wewanteazy

      why are they being so surprised that he said sh!t we have lazerbeam

    14. Nicholas Leyva

      The gaming community will never change get over it😂

      1. Zen Scorpio

        Bro go fuck yourself

    15. Brawl Sava

      dont play rust if you have problems even hearing n word lol

    16. dummy

      y’all call this bad. Sheesh turn on game chat in cod.

    17. Misho

      Who is he?

    18. jerrica1225

      Parents:That is just wrong Teens:say's that same slur

    19. Thxnder ϟ

      I didn’t know it was that horrible to say, now I realize it. I’m sorry to anyone that I’ve hurt and I promise to not say anything like that anymore


      4:03 yesterday

    21. cxiser _

      1:40 his name is FaZe Dubs FC why you need yo FaZE reminders in your name

    22. Kyan Bonus Gaming

      "you will probably never find a cheater" me playing the plane only gamemode ;-;

    23. EpikMurk


    24. zapix

      L2 Z

      1. zapix

        L2 ZeTsHe

    25. lolez !

      lol yall saying "ignorance saying n word" while bunch of people from da hood even if they are white, they say "nigga" in every sentence

      1. lolez !

        Zen Scorpio thats a lie, mexican foos, light skin foos white foos being saying n word🤣🤣 and them black niggas not mad politician bout who says n word. While you here talkin all that but wont run up on foos that say the n word

      2. Zen Scorpio

        @lolez ! I’ve seen white people from the “hood” get beat up for saying that word even though they grew up there

      3. Zen Scorpio

        @lolez ! that’s not true it doesn’t matter where you’re raised the, only way you can say the n word if is you’re black

      4. lolez !

        Zen Scorpio go tell em niggas from da hood🤣🤣 if u raised in Da hood u can say nigga🤣🤣 or if u black

      5. Zen Scorpio

        If you say the n word and you’re white then you’re an asshole

    26. Hugo Negrete

      POV when your life is ruined at 17.

    27. GingkaSnapss

      Cheating maybe sin but fake accusing is worse than a sin

    28. Victor Liebaut

      8:33 what did he? I did not hear it

    29. Zach

      If you hit every shot, people will think you’re cheating

    30. Jason Little

      The power of a word this shit is ignorant man he said a word rapist and sex offenders get more chances the people who drop that word I’m over it

    31. Stuart Anderson

      I liked this story

    32. TT 80

      guys trust me if dubs was a girl it would be alinity all over again

    33. amanda c.

      The terrible hail actually disapprove because peanut typically slip to a kindly beet. jagged, spotless adjustment

    34. JTDECKY OC

      Hey, big shoutout to the announcer of this video, most people would’ve gotten mad at this, instead he took the high road and told people what was wrong with it and how long it had been going on

    35. Tomakze

      He said a racial slur? Lmfao. Wow, you are pathetic lol. I mean, let’s be honest. If he wasn’t white no one would care. If he was black and said a racial slur no one would care.

      1. Zen Scorpio

        Because black people are allowed to say the n word and it’s racist for white people to say it

    36. OXYED

      Black people call me cracker all the time and we can’t say the n word

      1. Zen Scorpio

        Do you seriously not know the history the n word holds?

      2. Zen Scorpio

        Cracker isn’t a slur and doesn’t hold the same power as the n word

    37. Ask Wen

      Words have power. I appreciate the sincere tone of this video. Slurs have lasting impact on the people they are used against, and if you’re someone who doesn’t understand that, you need to figure it out and be a part of the solution instead

    38. Faze swa,y

      Yooo Ifut we chag

    39. kayan davis

      thats why i dont watch streamers if someone is better than them they im lagging or hes hacking

    40. rampage Diego


    41. Darren Huynh


    42. Julius Hopke

      Bro shut up dubs is still poping and ur not even at 1m Subs

      1. Julius Hopke

        @Scarywall RBLX so

      2. Scarywall RBLX

        you don't even have subscribers

    43. Saleel fn

      Imagine Keith ALAN watching the clip

    44. Oscar ray Pina

      More like FaZe cake

    45. X4 ESPORTS

      I bet Keith Allen wouldn't be as butthurt as Kristoph. He clearly doesn't play fill.

    46. Ghos1neFN

      my friend said he was playing solos and he died the guy hit every shot like every shot

    47. Dark862

      He was not hacking. *he just had a good gaming chair*

    48. BBG Safzyy 漢字

      IKR Crosby

    49. Bean Man

      Faze L’s

    50. Pyi Piankhi

      What the hell is sensitivity training going to do...nothing he needs his ass beat he looks like a spoiled privileged white kid

      1. Zen Scorpio

        I agree with this

    51. Poopoo Doodoo

      THat was was cringe

    52. Daquan Duckling

      God damn you’re such a pussy lmao

    53. chopperpye on yt YEET

      Dubs: goes and be racist doesnt get bamned jarvis : hacks in one game gets banned for live Me : wtf

      1. Niamh Power

        I feel u

      2. Niamh Power

        Soo true

    54. Fletcher Button

      Yes dubs said the n word but tbh he didn’t fall if he is still is in faze and he is not banned from the game so he chilling

    55. MrPilotans

      Li since entitled narrator, like, chill the fuck out.

    56. Yosef Berhan

      christoph: good cheating detection Kona: im about to end this mans whole career

    57. sxlidify

      This video is basically when someone blames someone in among us

    58. Not active Poggers


      1. Zen Scorpio

        You’re not loved

      2. Zen Scorpio

        Attention seeker

      3. Astro123


    59. Liltreetrunk 32

      You act like y’all haven’t said it ether

      1. Liltreetrunk 32

        Shit I know but in them lobby’s there’s at least 1 white kid screaming on top off lungs the N word

      2. Zen Scorpio

        Cuz it’s racist and if you say it and you’re white you need rehab

    60. myoriginalname

      Seriously ? banned from everything for using a word black people use all the fucking time?, cancel culture= cancer culture

      1. Zen Scorpio

        Are you fucking stupid

    61. rqcked

      Some of yall dont realize that this is coming from the perspective of a black man, not another white teenager whos careless and says it everyday because they’re a raging racist.

    62. Exility Ghost

      Ok why you black that henchmen

    63. Vlog Blog

      #(((((()())))((((())))))&&&&&***(***6*6*6*6*6**&&$4$44$(6;7);););;88)9:’ounbhygggvtughdfvfdhhvrfugdfrhuhdrfjhfhhdhuhuyhivdrguhhivdruhhiuivregthhuiveruhighiuhhvrefgiuhhvgrethhiuuhihgrfvehhiuvuhhfighhuihiuhhuihfdgv. Ha u don’t know what that means hahahhahhahahhahahhahahhahah

      1. Astro123

        It’s doesn’t mean anything

    64. Samuel Carmona

      When your so good you get accused of cheating.

    65. Fableex

      I can't believe Dubs said that.

    66. Mamoun Eltahir

      Dubs is stupid

    67. RRough

      and Now he's dominating in Fortnite and is famous as ever! Fuck being politically correct, everyone knows he didn't mean it as a racist way, every teenager literally says it.

    68. PeanutXXD

      It happend for me on Csgo

    69. royandescartes

      you don't think he meant it in a negative way? nigga shut the fuck up. he says racist shit ALL THE TIME. How is thaT not being negative already?

      1. royandescartes

        @Zen Scorpio it sure is. and he is racist.

      2. Zen Scorpio

        Racism is racism

    70. Reverted Clox

      Bruh I’ve seen 11 to 20 yr old say the nword with hard r on purpose not even like unintentionally like dubs but like actually mean it

    71. Alix Lazarre


    72. Lufy

      Dubs: says n word Twitch: you f*cked up Pokimane: says n word Twitch:I will act like I dind t see that

    73. Car Bateson

      Then kona used aimbot wall hacks and he didn’t get banned

    74. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

      Why u use k for floor?

    75. Daryan Dark

      I wacht it

    76. Noah Rowland

      Where’s my Buncha Crunch gang😥

    77. GrimmThiefah

      The last time I used open mic in fortnite some kid asked to see my wife naked we both laughed kids will be kids

    78. Aspxct- w

      One time in 2 yrs I ran into a hacker he killed my whole squad and 5 min later he was banned😂

    79. Skorpio

      Bugha is so toxic

    80. Juan Moreno

      What about kiwiz, he says the n word to

    81. EncryptedD8

      Two days ago i just saw two ppl get struck my the ban hammer

    82. Lorrenzo Sigala

      This is the Internet. "I thought that the gaming community had evolved". Yeah. But, nobody really care what goes out. And, the people watching and commenting about the 'racial slur'. They do the same thing, but I'm complaining about some dumbass shit.

    83. Reaper

      What did he say

    84. Hyped X

      How is that a fall?

    85. Mr Zapppey

      who care about saying racial slur who cares rip this is so corrupt for any reason you look that words are just wordes he /did/not -do- anything

    86. Kudos

      N word with hard r smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. Tyler M

        I mean he's 14. Im black and idgaf. Everyone makes mistakes. Id use a 3 strike policy.

    87. GTW JONELL

      Who thinks Keith Allan is better at commentating

    88. Bomb Studios

      I have played Fortnite for almost 3 years and I have never ran into a hacker.

    89. Vincent Arreola

      Everyone says the n word

    90. Not Splashy

      4:05... just shows what epic has done to the game

    91. Oliver 141

      Ok so im not english and I really didnt knew that thr n word was something bad, why? Cause I see it on every fucking song and I didn thought it was something bad so "musicians" really should stop using it

    92. Fly

      4:10 hitting different now...

    93. DEMON118

      Best anti cheat system... lol

    94. Maddy’s Mission

      He said the word not directly at black person he didn’t mean too be racist

    95. Nbl Pterafox

      Jarvis got banned and dubs got this? Sort it out epic

      1. subbung to everyone who subs to me

        Dubs said the n word

    96. Giyuvfx


    97. Xi Jinping

      👐 Oh no someone said the N-word. It’s the end of the fucking world guys. 👐 🙄 get over your self your acting like a little bitch that’s got to be censored from everything. Pss sounding like you’ve got PTSD.

    98. Fucc

      I don’t think he should receive any hate.smh

    99. Mystical RAGE

      They let a girl get f by a dog and banned him I’m not saying he was in the right but I’d twitch do your job