Fed Gets Kicked Out of OfflineTV | A Compilation of Members' and Streamers' Reaction


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    00:00 - Scarra's General Explanation About the Situation
    00:57 - Pokimane Talks About How Fed Lied to Others About Their Relationship
    01:29 - Pokimane Talks About How Fed Drove People Away From Her
    01:53 - Pokimane Talks About How Fed Tried to Make OTV Fire Yvonnie
    02:52 - Pokimane Talks About Toast's Interaction with Fed
    03:48 - Toast's Regrets About the Situation
    04:48 - Why Pokimane Left the OTV House
    05:13 - Alexandra Botez's Opinions About Fed and the Situation
    06:13 - Scarra Talks About Chris's (Lily's managers) Situation
    07:12 - Scarra's Thanks to Dr. K and Destiny
    07:52 - xQc Giving a Hot Take on Hasan's Channel
    08:05 - Ludwig Talks About Why You Shouldn't Get Attached to Online Personalities
    08:58 - xQc's Take on Asking for Consent
    09:47 - Devin Nash Talks About Whether Fed Should Get Banned or Not.

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    1. Pepega

      For those who are out of the loop, Yvonnie made accusations about Fed and Lilypichu made one about Fed and her ex manager Chris. You can read Yvonnie's accusation here: www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sr9tik Lily's accusation: www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sr9tio Fed's apology: twitter.com/Fedmyster/status/1277077853553561605 Updates: Lily's second update: www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sr9v4o

      1. Adetutu Ayodele

        @Aaron so first off you always believe the victim until evidence proves other wise. I don’t think their is any evidence actually proving that he didn’t. Even if Poki did or didn’t manipulate (I don’t really know since I never seen a clip) that doesn’t give Fed a right to anything the girls said he did. Yes AS I SAID IT IS ALWAYS A NO. You should ask before doing ANY AND EVERYTHING and you can absolutely see if a girl isn’t into it or not. And if Fed didn’t do it then why didn’t he say that? You know why, because he did and he acts like he didn’t and uses alcohol as an excuse which is not right AT ALL OKAY. And also every girl is different so some may not be able to/know how to physically say no but that still doesn’t give ANYONE an excuse to take advantage of them.

      2. liv the hooman

        @Aaron hold up first of all they didn't "accuse" these are real story's that happened and It is always no unless you say yes that is a basic thing everyone should know and you have know idea what Poki was feeling cause even if she was manipulating that doesn't automatically mean she was jealous and wanted fed it could have been for multiple different reasons and where did Yvonne say that Poki was manipulating them? give me a link please and even if she was/wasn't that still doesn't excuse his behavior, also some girls cant say no or it is hard for them to say no and you have to realize that.

      3. Aaron

        @Adetutu Ayodele if i decide to accuse you of rape right now people should just automatically believe me and your life should be ruined FOREVER? this is a very serious thing we're talking about here and it's not to be taken so lightly,especially since i'm admitting right now WE'VE NEVER EVEN MET,but people should just ignore me making that statement right and cancel you right? you believe the evidence because people are emotional and always have a bias,in this case it was that Poki told Yvonne Fed was trying to have her fired because Poki was jealous that Fed spent all night with Yvonne when Poki wanted him to drive her somewhere

      4. Aaron

        @Adetutu Ayodele no you believe the evidence,and when the "victim" themself comes out and says "i didn't want him canceled i was manipulated by Poki" that tells you enough,you cannot expect a man to be a psychic or time travel,once you consent that's it you don't get to decide a year later that you want to revoke consent and accuse someone of rape

      5. Adetutu Ayodele

        @Aaron this is not how it works. First off, you ALWAYS believe the victim until proven otherwise. Also you don’t have the right to downgrade how the girls feel. You wasn’t there and don’t have the right to say that it was rape or not. When giving consent, it is always no until someone says yes. If he asked for consent before just going into their bed then this would have never happened. It is Fed’s fault and the girls have the right to speak about what he did and what they went through. You sound like a person who would do this kind of thing as well and I hope you change your mindset and way of thinking so you won’t end as Fed.

    2. YourLocal Weeb123

      Does poki know that her messages telling fed that Yvonne was lazy and I had to leave were leaked and it wasn’t just him sayin it

    3. luv Tokyo

      pokimane rlly made her seem like she was the victim although she was the one manipulating Fed smh

    4. Lyann Nieves

      bro I felt so bad for toast when he started crying it was so sad

    5. Droid YT

      Did anyone else see that someone in toasts chat called him a cry baby

    6. BekahJung RNDMThings

      Who's fed lol

    7. --

      If you're gonna touch people sexually without consent when you drink, maybe stop drinking...

    8. Speed Cubix

      Why is poki struggling to talk

    9. Velporas

      Fed is thirsty asf

    10. Madelynn Trevino

      this made me sad because i just watched the thanksgiving video.

    11. Erin Hughes

      When toast started to tear up I did

    12. Lu H. Garcia

      Seeing toast like that really made me sad

    13. Patrick Hall

      Feds not a bad guy he's just BROKEN #justiceforfed

      1. Patrick Hall

        @Salamanderr 😂😂

      2. Salamanderr

        Hes not broken hes weird

    14. Vanessa Cruz

      Toast is amazing 🥺

    15. Alyssa N

      Ngl it’s totally not with this situation but no wonder why Fed can’t get a girlfriend

    16. Potato_Brah

      never liked fed in general but know i know why i hate him

    17. Senior Yeet

      Umm.. Wtf happened I liked fed why is he in trouble. I mean he seems like something he did was horrible

    18. Keith Buan

      can someone tell me what happened - and how it begun

    19. Avery Ruth

      🎩 👀👂 👃 👄 lost me hat 💪 🤳 🦵🦵 🕳

    20. James Blenkinsopp

      I've only recently gotten into OTV, this vid kept popping up in my recommended, and now it's back but I know a little more and I think it's time to see it all. It does definitely feel like Poki kinda led Fed on, but he still clearly needed to be ejected because of the stories so many others had.

    21. Crusader #13

      Scarra doesn't get enough recognition for what he does. He seems like a really nice guy who isn't too nice to tell someone to fuck off if they deserve it. Idk I just think he's probably a really nice person lol.

    22. Crusader #13

      I like how Scarra seems like a really nice person. But at least he'll tell people to go fuck themselves if they actually deserve it. Good balance. 👍

    23. Unscriptablee yes

      “Fed was the imposter.”

    24. Sarina

      toasts voice sounds extremely fragile and it sounded like he was about to cry and was holding back tears..

    25. Pedro Gonzalez

      This guy made toast cry!! That asshole!!

    26. Over1Noble

      Simp you guys are simps the guys on this channel are simps Fed had nothing else but to admit it seen this happen before where girls falsely accuse of men, disgusts me

      1. Daven Lim

        @madeline jane crowe yep

      2. madeline jane crowe

        @Daven Lim or were you talking to the OP

      3. Daven Lim

        fed's not gonna fuck you dude, he only goes for women

      4. madeline jane crowe

        this isnt falsely accusing. there are back ups and fed literally admitted to it

    27. Red Sol

      Fed and his throne of lies hiding a twisted heart.

    28. robert lugosi

      I really don’t like scarra, like what fed has done was really bad but scarra is really fucking annoying

      1. robert lugosi

        @Salamanderr dude, don’t be rude I’m just saying I don’t like scarra in general not that I don’t like what he is saying about the whole fed situation I don’t know if u believe fed or the rest of the friend group but my whole comment was based on the fact that I don’t like scarra, my opinion not yours, so don’t be rude and let me be

      2. Salamanderr

        @robert lugosi are you dumb? It was scarra

      3. robert lugosi

        @Salamanderr wait who explained fed or scarra cause I’m just saying I don’t like scarra but his opinion on the subject matter is much like my own

      4. Salamanderr

        He explained the situation clearly you just dont want to admit that your wrong

    29. Lintsay W.

      I always got a bad vibe from Fed... I guess my intuition was right again

    30. Charlene Yang

      I'm sorry but i really hate xQc

      1. Xiazyl custodio

        Bruh look at you profile

      2. Unscriptablee yes

        I agree

    31. Huntracony

      Did Poki apologize for being emotional? Toast cried, that's a great reaction to talking about abuse in your house. Crying isn't required, but definitely don't fucking apologize for having emotions.

    32. jasity lazcano

      Maybe this why he can’t get a girlfriend🤣

    33. TOVG

      Scarra: One of the gods of wholesomeness and deserves more recognition, protective over all of the members, wants the best for many people, upfront about everything, whether he wants to say it or not Toast: Softie that deserves respect with the fact that he had blamed himself even though he couldn't do much with time being Lily: Deserves respect for having to not only deal with the situation itself but also having to deal with lowlife scumbags who tried to say she was in the wrong Poki: Very serious and didn't feel like having to feel terrible about the situation and what the whole crew went through, seemed as if she wanted this quickly over with so she could get in better mind space Michael: Very helpful for not only Lily and her issues, past and present, but also helping everyone else with the situation and trying to keep everyone together Yvonne: Tries to help with the house issue, thankfully not pressured into talking about, hopefully can get through all of it and not have that bad mind set and worry about what could happen when alone Like it or not, Offline TV puts most shit upfront and deals with it in a respectful manner, such as keeping it between each other for a bit, but also in a manner of realness, showing how what happens is what happens, there's no going back. Think before you leap, there could be something you don't see and you won't get out of the situation.

    34. DeathByRhapsody

      No one cares what XQC thinks or says about anything lol.

    35. Maria Legarda

      Wait im kinda late, but what happened with yvonnie??

    36. mira chen

      “I’m not your friend. I’m not going to hang out with you. I don’t care about you because I don’t know you.” that was extremely important and underrated thing to say from ludwig. people being upset about it need to realize that he means on a personal level. he cares about his supporters on a collective level obviously but he’s never going to care about you as a single fan and more people need to realize that.

    37. Anonymous Gaming

      I love toast ❤

    38. Bloodria

      Still hard to see toast tear up

    39. Jacob Carlson

      Fed wants poki and poki likes the attention so she wont break it off. That’s why this is so painful :) I wanna know what happened but I feel bad for Fed because he sounds like a lonely dude. And he gets to be around this beautiful girl. Who probably likes him back. But just isnt ready yet.

    40. TheLastPurple

      Lud's statement about not getting attached kinda hurt, but it's the truth. It's so easy to build a connection with them (comfort streamers/yters) but you can never(?) be in a platonic relationship (and romantic, but ew) with them. Like, at the end of the day they're just some strangers we found on the internet who we watch for fun.

    41. Bubble Gorl

      My heart SHATTERED when I seen toast cry-

    42. spicy cactus

      can someone remind me what Fed did to Yvonne?

    43. R. Lazybones

      You go back and watch OTV videos, and you can see his awkward behavior around the girls many times over.

    44. Vanessa Baur

      When I started watching offlinetv I knew something was off with fed

    45. Nugget Draws

      Toast almost made me cry

    46. HalfViper 6

      Just shows how people change so quickly, I loved him in the old vids. Real shame...

    47. nis lol

      Big mistake to bring fed into OTV 😴

    48. youtubemanchina

      He seems machiavellian from darktriad to be honest...

    49. xVSolarVx

      Well I know fed did some sh*t, but I also kind of feel bad for him too.

      1. xVSolarVx

        @Zara Orte I don’t know just with poki’s leaked text messages with him just adds some hesitation and doubt on this whole drama situation.

      2. Zara Orte

        @xVSolarVx i think the mindset has made it so that even when there is a clear victim u don't side with them cuz u feel like there r cases out there that the opposite happens u r true but it's not the case here tho.

      3. xVSolarVx

        @Zara Orte your right but we aren’t there friends or family but I’ve had friends and family of mine basically get a rape whistle blown on them for literally no reason. I think it’s a bit more messed up that if a dude gets harassed by girl no gives a sh*t, a girl gets harassed the whole internet makes the guys life hell.

      4. Zara Orte

        u wouldn't if u or ur family were the victims

    50. Hyakku

      I am glad they he is gone , Michael is way better

    51. Angelica

      As a family man. And how close toast is to his sister. This happening to the girls... He probably felt guilty the most. Toast deserves the best girl/someone

    52. lunxcy

      Toast nearly crying hits the feels 😨


      Fed messed up big time

    54. Beezle Scorn

      Even before finding out all this I could tell that fed was a piece of shit because of how he acted in videos

    55. Itz MadamRose

      Ngl poki is lying u can just tell come at me if u want

      1. Daven Lim

        ngl you sound like an incel

      2. Unscriptablee yes

        Not a lot to argue about as you provided no point on what she was wrong on, uh.

    56. Ultra Zentony

      I can't listen to Pokimane. She faked to Fed.

    57. Nacho

      wait a minute... why did fed got kicked out?


      I started crying when Toast was regretful. I was thinking “damn he didn’t do anything” but then seeing him actually being regretful and- yeah I just... yeah

    59. mila chantel

      this fed guy seems like a total loser

      1. Unscriptablee yes

        @SpanishBoiiJohn ur wrong here buddy

      2. Zara Orte


      3. SpanishBoiiJohn

        No u

    60. Renus Subedi


    61. stultus

      How tf do u have ads

    62. Nerd Bandit

      Dang when toast crys im instantly convinced !! I'm way late

    63. dandaman2343

      4:17 is when a guy said cry baby

    64. GreenMean Machine

      I just learned why fed wasn't in videos anymore and now im kinda upset that these things happen with HUfastrs that you watch and enjoy

    65. Big dick daddy Gaymer

      This aged poorly

      1. Daven Lim


    66. HeyGuysIWatchALotOfAnimeForIAmAWeebDontHatePlease!

      I feel bad for Toast, he feels guilty for not being able to help Fed. The way his voice was breaking and almost cried, it made me sad too.

    67. Holly Ihasz

      guys please don't try to twist what Ludwig said. it is 100% ok to watch and be a fan of content creators, that's what they are there for, they are there for you to like them and watch their videos. what is NOT ok is idolizing these perfectly normal people for doing perfectly normal things. its not ok to romanticize these people that you don't know a lot about. these people online don't know who you are. they all have thousands if not millions of people watching them, stop acting like your special because you're one of those people. also, if your one of the people who sexualize youtubers/actors or celebrities, you need to stop and think about what you are saying, thinking, and posting. think about if someone was doing that to you, it would be hella creepy and weird. in conclusion, please don't obsess over these people online. you can like them and their content, just please don't make them your life or death.

    68. Searown LuL

      toast is a fucking legend

    69. Evan Mic

      In the toast clip there’s a Kobe event on the right 😔

    70. sparky boom boom boi

      What happened to Yvonne?

    71. Master Wu

      They could just restrict him from alcohol lmao, not kick out

    72. noodle head

      I found this group a couple months ago, and I had no idea about this. I love how close they are and how supportive. makes me love their streams even more. as for fed, he'll probably get his karma later in life. just block him and ignore him forever. no views, comments, or streams. take his platform awayyyy.

    73. LegendaryFireDragon

      Toast is one of the newer members if you look at it and he acts all funny and dumb but is so mature and well Don Scarra is the most lovely person the way he defends lily and is always by his friends is soo sweat.

    74. DatGuyRich

      bro the next time i see toast cry i think imma lose it lmao i shed a tear when he started sniffling

    75. 4ksandknives

      I'm deep in this rabbit hole of drama now!

    76. STRAY clowns

      oh gahd what toast said hurt a lot...i am so scared i would end up in his situation where i dont know how to help my friends if i kew someone under the same roof that i knew had harassed them. not being able to protect my friends and then it happening again would break me

    77. Abhijeet Shrivastava

      xQc got my respect for this

    78. Shanghainese

      Man I thought Fed was a really good guy. Now I see he wasn’t as good as he seemed.

      1. Nipun sharma

        @Matthew Murdock as good as bill cosby :)

    79. Patrick Hogan

      Feds doc blows sh*t up. People be so fake 🙄

    80. jin ist König

      Lud is such a mood

    81. The_Biggcheese150 officiel

      Fed always looked like he was nice but now i see why he's gone

    82. Ariel Brouwer

      4:17 to the person that called toast a crybaby, I hope you step on lego's then slip

      1. Shadowblade 2405

        But he deserves it

      2. Shadowblade 2405

        Dude that's cruel

    83. Misty Balido

      Ludwig just I hate u

    84. Misty Balido

      We need to make a community

    85. Ashmit Bajaj

      Who’s watching in 2021- like and comment

    86. Bre H

      toast was being emotional and crying and talking ab how he felt and someone in the chat literally said “CRY BABYYYYY”

    87. Abhra neel

      9:20 I get it how her fist goes in

    88. Mesa Jar Jar Binks

      I don’t really like xqc or his content, but he definitely makes a good point. It’s easy to get caught up in yourself and lose the communication between two people in those kinds of situations.

    89. João Augusto

      Toast is such a good guy

    90. still bblue

      Ok, I know this comment will make me look like I support poki, but I don’t .(I’m actually a fan of toast, corpse and sykkuno hehe) but from me, this document does not make any sense. Because this does not match up with Scarra, Toast, Fuslie and Peter Park’s statement. About considering firing Yvonne >> They mentioned that Fed that was the one spreading the false rumors that Yvonne was being lazy and did none of her work, which was actually after the sexual thing, Yvonne never wanted to work with him. And about Fed’s story that pokimane and Fed being together does not make sense. Fuslie was like “Relationship between Fed was toxic to a lot of people” and Poki cried on stream saying that she lost some long time friends because Fed did not let anyone around her. Lastly, Scarra confirmed that Fed lied about a lot of things to make him look good. So ifdk Fed is telling the truth

    91. Icarus Falling

      Pokimane wasn't so shiny in this in the end wasn't she

      1. Marisa

        are you talking about fed’s document? I read somewhere that he said he put that together and made some of that up to try to get over poki, like as a form of “therapy”. not saying it’s false but he does have a habit of over exaggerating and just making things up.

    92. yfkcertifieddopeness

      Damn bruh, I honestly shed a tear when toast was talking. You could tell how hurt he really was

    93. samir maharjan

      Toast i a detective in real life too🤣

    94. Chloe Simpson

      I wish I would’ve had a toast to try to protect me

    95. loser berry

      I saw the name of the video and I'm like noo

    96. Oliver Smith

      For every tear that Toast sheds, I cry an ocean... 🥺🥺😭😭😭😭

    97. postian449

      I always knew there was something up with fedmyster...he was always talking about sex and girls for no reason and just always seemed like an all around pervert that was never fun in videos. What an asshole. I knew there was something wrong when everyone is hoping to not get paired with him in videos

    98. Allie King

      omg... I’m a new otv fan and have been binging all of there vids, so to just now see this is crazyyyy

    99. Anotheruser

      Alternative Tuttle : Grown ass adults acting like little kids

      1. Vante ta chikito

        me parece que no entendiste un choto maestro

    100. elise vlog

      1:58 that happens to me too.... my "bestfriend" sh*t talk me to my classmates(cause he is popular in my class and everyone is his friend while i am that loner introvert person in the class...) without me even knowing.... i only knew it when one(maybe two) of his friends told me something like "why do you want to kill him?" when in fact i don't even know what they're talking about...so i got frustrated and didn't know what to answer..... eventually i answered something that isn't true....... i already notice it way back when my classmates looks at me with disgust in their eyes when i want to be friends with them or close with them they pulled back like i have some disease..... and that isn't the first time that That happens..... that was the second time... the first time was when im grade 4 and my "bestfriend"(she was a transfer student at the semi end of the school year and i was the first person who reach out to her.... maybe that incident is the reason why i became introvert but i choose this and im happy) talk bad about me in my teacher behind my back..... i only knew it when my friends(at that time, i was friends with everyone......) told me that she said to our teacher that i was bullying her..... when infact that isn't true.... so i was so disheartened.... at that time i told myself that everyone can betray you at anytime...... i didn't learn my lesson at that time so it happened again hahahaha imma be honest... i was so frucking angry because of what i heard at that time and i became a friking shit, i was blinded and failed my grades(i was supposed to be top 3 at that time which is wasted because i was blinded with hatred) and she became top 3 and since i was blinded by hatred, i blamed everything to her, i talk bad about her which made my reputation bad haha o well.. i have learned my lesson and looking back.... i was so pathetic haysstt..... looking back, i hated myself that time cause what if i hurt her because of what i did..... what if it made impact in her future...... what if something forced her to do it(like maybe her past experience) hayystt im soo dumb i don't care... edit:the first incident was when i was grade 4 and the second incident was when i was grade 8