FLYING CAR! GM reimagines transportation! (Full eVTOL reveal)

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    At CES 2021, GM reveals a flying car dubbed eVTOL. The electric flying vehicle is GM's vision for personal transportation.

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    1. Rs Ra

      I wouldn't ride in anything made by GM. The mess would malfunction and fall out of the sky.

    2. Jimmy Bond

      Fluidic propulsion is apparently the new thing.

    3. Jimmy Bond

      What nonsense.

    4. דניאל אלון

      Dear followers!! Don't let the beautiful pictures confuse you . Anyone who buys a new car from GENERAL Motors the chance you threw your money into the trash is very large. In this company there is no customer service, the company's management does not care at all, if you have a problem or a malfunction, you can only pray to God there is a chance that the help will come faster. GM is a very dangerous company, be careful and keep your money safe.!!!Share so more people don't get screwed.

    5. Jesse G.

      Ehang way way ahead!

    6. Nastja S1

      pure vortex.

    7. Adam Cogan

      Imagine being mid-flight and realising you forgot to charge it....

    8. mrglasecki

      Consider hemp bast bodies and hemicellulose graphene for energy storage

    9. Vasco Pinto Ferreira

      What about the noise?

    10. Wojciech Zgodowski

      Then put it into production and everyday use. People are sick and tired of seeing concepts then it never gets manufactured and used. What happened to the electric hydrogen car with a bolt on body 🤔🙄. People imagined their future driving such cars, but then manufacturers never made that car. They stomped on people's dreams. Atleast they could've made an electric 300mpcharge version that looks identical. Same thing with Chevy volt. The concept looked nice with it's design and then came the production model, people were like:. What is this piece of crap doesn't even look like the concept.

      1. Jesse G.

        Ehang is already doing it they are already building and have full contracts.

    11. Kreylix

      It's a Drone not a Car. I repeat, a Drone, not a Car. Cars, for example, have wheels and ride the ground. This is much more like a helicopter. HELLO, CNET?!

    12. Jason Schmidt

      Looks cool, but what if one of the rotors fails ?

      1. tabbyash

        you'll have a sick view on the way out!

    13. Bruce Moose

      Lovely. Now we got to watch for shrapnel falling from the sky. This is a no.

    14. X S

      About time

    15. 777 777

      who here from leafy

    16. SpankMe Alot

      I wonder what happen to that one guy 20 years ago , who actually build a flying car? it was with 4 turbines aimed at the ground , looked something like a formula 1 car , in that news report they mentioned he once injured himself testflying a earlier concept , and they mentioned it should cost few milion

    17. 194misterx


    18. Daniel Miles

      Do you have any backup system if it all of sudden stops and falls out of the sky like a rock I see lots of areas where you can put lighter than air materials

    19. ASHAR KHAN

      Wait gm is making flying cars ...great we are gonna have more crashes everydayb

    20. Cody Highfield

      3000 thinks this is ancient

    21. Alaa Moosa

      Who imagined that we would have self driving cars like we have now? Same applies for self driving

    22. stillak

      Full reveal? This is all CGI

    23. Top Hat

      Hurry, get in VTOL to go to fancy restaurant downtown. Later that evening: Why is it taking so long for our meal? waiter: our staff is late for work.

    24. OMAR Leslie

      Its funny how we used to talk about electric is the future and they denied the truth but out of nowhere, as soon as an inventor makes the leap now they on board. We as a people make our own destiny, don't wait on government or big banks to run your life, make your own path and leap.

    25. Patrick Davan

      Don't like autonomous.

    26. Prince Ocke

      Could I upgrade your system to were it will run on water

    27. olsonspeed

      gm Marketing didn't bother running this by Engineering and let the Art Dept. design this ______. No one mentions that these rotor vehicles are LOUD, imagine hundreds overhead or taking off at your neighbors at 6AM.

    28. haha

      You need to make sure no one is behind the car when you land otherwise you may chop his head off!

    29. Ryan Chow

      I948: “we will probably have flying cars in 2020” 2020: Even the planes aren’t flying.

    30. mike koutras

      Gm sucks

    31. Eagle

      This will never come to market

    32. Agron Haliti

      Haters will say its fake

    33. Oz

      So the flying cars nowadays are just helicopters

    34. lokospoko

      Nice but only CGI... 5 years old can do this

    35. Harsh Ram

      1 flying is wow just think about 1000 of these flying on top of you!

      1. Nelson Lacayo

        It probably for the rich , so it will be limited in the sky.

    36. Maura Ronda

      The Jetsons! Still waiting for this futuristic world. Lol

    37. Alexander Hang

      GM learned so much from Nikola.

    38. Bearty

      all we now need is for someone to modify a DeLorean

    39. Roy Tee

      "Luxurious two-seater designed for you and someone very special" ... "for a more intimate journey". WTF? A flying boudoir?

    40. Ken Heron

      GM stands for: Goofy 'Magination (This will never happen.)

    41. The Moto King

      The future is here.

    42. CMAenergy

      Can one see those taking a chance with batteries running down and someone has to take a chance to fly, and coming down in traffic or in a residential area, unexpectedly and even failures to accidents, sudden failures of one engine or more, and look up as it comes tumbling down., People will need to have or be able to fly like a helicopter pilot, These are basically similar except computer controlled to some degree,

    43. Fabian Heine

      Thank you but we already have elon musk developing actual future technology, we don't need your animations.

    44. Airspeeder

      We're all for more eVTOL content! Flying cars are the future!

    45. Cristopher Garduno Luna

      I wonder if the skies will be full of these and if they'll be loud AF. I don't understand how these massive sized drones can produce enough downward force to fly without causing a ton of noise pollution

    46. I Made chili

      Powered by the L37 transverse Northstar v8

    47. Kenneth Burtch

      In all seriousness we don't need this

    48. R S

      Another pointless presentation, from a failing automaker. Nothing on battery developments or new products. Just CGI.

    49. Twevet

      Uh huh I’ll believe it when I’m not looking at a CGI render lol

    50. PlanetMusk Vlog

      Legacy Auto has never delivered their concept vehicles to the public. Why should we believe THIS will ever become a reality through GM? Tesla, on the other hand, always delivers their concepts. Elon has been designing a VTOL aircraft for a couple decades... I think Tesla delivers on this

    51. Goce Dimkovski

      Where is the prototype? Can I try it. If NOT, it does not count. Anyone can render in 3D.

    52. Somber Seven

      It’s all good until someone crashes and burns

    53. Morten Helle

      If you think the neighbors kids drone sound is terrible, wait until you hear this one.

    54. Roudy Dog

      GM Globalist, only 1%of the world population will be privilege to use it. Every Sifi movie of the future show's this stuff and if you notice only the wealth class flies the rest of the human race scrounging to survive. Hey GM where's our Money we bailed you out with. We want it back or do we need to come and take it?

    55. henry bogle

      Cars being carried by autonomous drones is the future, not this.

    56. Ben G

      That's not a car.

    57. Jesbaam Sanchez

      Ah ahhhh *looks at the small text disclosure* simulated. Just like all the things GM does

    58. Jimmie Floyd Jr


    59. Christian Duyao

      Watches the Dark Knight Rises once

    60. Austin H

      West World wants their set back. They actually have work to do.

    61. Story Cloud

      Yeah but how are you going to land on a busy street? And where are the minivans for the soccer moms with five kids 😆

    62. Jake

      Jim is planning big things!

    63. Matthew McGarrah

      Why's everyone a bunch of haters?

    64. conmanumber1

      These are crap dream ideas. Everything that people said that will happen in the future had not came to fruition. There is no way one can say what the future is.

    65. BunRong Hydro Arts

      Just your dream, I dont know when will see your real but now M 40year old😂

    66. Paulie:D

      Wow. That is pretty neat!

    67. Hvac 2001

      Such bulls***, you know this isn't true. GM is doing this because they're so far behind and it's getting worse for them. Reminds me of the promises and lies of this other company that is gone before it started...hmm it's on the tip of my tongue...can't quite remember it.🤔

    68. Mike Franco

      Fix your timing chain problems first. Like I'm going to fly in anything GM makes lol

    69. Luke Heironimus

      Make a decent Tesla competitor and then I’ll listen. Don’t get ahead of your self

    70. cblizz730

      2040 is looking and laughing at this.

    71. Brass Tank

      I hope this works out. Flying cars would be incredible, and actually help a lot with city design.

    72. dirtyd2099

      Cyberpunk is doing a real life

    73. Skip R

      People cannot even drive cars correctly can you imagine them trying to fly around 😆

    74. Skip R

      So basically it's a giant drone lol. I guess people like me who fear heights are screwed.

    75. nik maknojia

      All this needs to be fully automated by every single company no manual driving. Can’t trust people with this thing when they can’t even drive properly on roads..

    76. Michael Roberts

      Is there a truck version and can it be straight piped?

    77. jokamutta

      Hope this will be the future transportation that everyone can afford in my lifetime!

      1. jokamutta

        @Roudy Dog Umm ok

      2. Roudy Dog

        Ha lol afford ? is a club and you ain't in it

    78. Dan

      They ended with saying it has something to do with a consistant gm brand promise. In 10 years time this will be quoted in a curb your meme alongside an article showing what a failure this project was.

    79. Dan

      It will simply never happen. Those flight paths will never be allowed, it is simply too dangerous.

    80. Dan

      GM what a joke. We don't care about your imaginations of what someone who isn't you will pull off in hundreds if years from now. It won't make us invest in your company.

    81. Jubae

      A flying casket, no thanks for now. I own a Mavic Mini and worry enough about my drone not returning back to home.

    82. awesome person

      Anyone got cyberpunk 2077 chills?

    83. Steven Pani

      The price tag is probably going to be astronomical.

    84. Indra Bayu

      Dragon Ball had predicted that there will be flying cars in the future. Bulma must be proud of this.

      1. Nelson Lacayo

        I remember that and what year was the future in Dragon ball.

    85. Xeric

      they’ll never have clearance to fly that low between buildings

    86. pain obsession

      This gives off blade runner vibes

    87. Vorraboms

      I hope it doesn't become real in the next 40 years. I do not want to live a single day seeing the sky blacked out by flying cars.

    88. Xavier G.

      Hope they dont have lots on recalls later on 😔

    89. Dayton Stockwell

      Cyberpunk is calling

    90. Bill


    91. konstantin tsherkezov

      is this early april fools joke?

    92. scorpion zz

      Looks dumb

    93. Bryan Allen

      “When time is of the essence, and convenience is everything.” That phrase should be etched into the walls of the vertiports, as a warning for future generations. What hubris.

    94. Extra

      Detroit become human wasn’t as far off as I thought

    95. Jeff Hortick

      The worst idea ever. People can't drive on the ground! Imagine cars falling out of the sky.

      1. Story Cloud

        Yes and yes. I'm sure you have to be on a five-year waiting list just to learn how to drive the thing. Like how many people know how to teach someone how to fly a car? Yeah.

    96. Chris Top Her

      If GM is making it, I’m out! I see too many GMs on the roadside for me to get in that.

    97. sugreev2001

      Hey GM, there are still a couple of months till April 1st.

    98. abvmoose87

      We dont even have crash proof airframes yet. Industry needs to get way safer and quiter before it can take off.

    99. 12,000

      They re laughing at me right now! Getting my sports pilots license soon.This is the future boom of the world .keep up the good work guys

    100. Equirah

      Yay for highly inefficient vehicles