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    RC cars are way more fun when they are FLYING!! Our craziest RC battle yet!!
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    1. Frederik

      Does someone know what Brand cobys Pants are from? 🤔

    2. Bolt Flash

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    7. sajarov

      Love your shows BUT don't like at all when you destroy things like when u become rage monster and this beautiful cars, a shame

    8. Mack’s Space

      RC plane..... you mean drone?

    9. Shahab Ashrif Ashrif

      My son daily watch your channel for more than two hours. Now he started LETS GO BABY....

    10. Jake W

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      CODY GANG!!

    25. Anirudh

      00:00 Intro 00:21 Rules Garrett 0:30 TT 0:50 Coby 1:35 Cory 2:09 Cody 2:37 Round 2 3:22 Round 3 4:44 Trophy Presentation/Outro 8:49

      1. Phoenix Flame

        Why though?

      2. FreedFree

        Are you really bored?

    26. Landri Shubic

      LOL congrats cody he did well and cory wasss soooooooo close!!!!!!!!!!

    27. ミーまん【M-man】

      ナイス Video👍 Please see my HUfast 😊

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      this video was released on my brother's birthday. Thanks, guys.

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      Perfect video guys

    36. Street Blue

      you just changed title, don't you ?

    37. Anant Saroj

      Perfection dudes

    38. Perkiooo


    39. Casey Hehr

      Best in battles with points 5th: Cory with 136 points 4th: Cody with 142 points 3rd: Garrett with 155 points 2nd: Coby (somehow) with 158 points 1st: Tyler (obviously) with 202 points

    40. Sok hon


    41. TheKnifeGuy

      Wish I had an X-MAXX

    42. Galang

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      Watch on 1:12 😂

    52. TealApollo69 YT

      What is the roc car call

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    56. Misael Ortiz

      so perfect wow lets go bro 😎😎😎😎😄😄😅😅😅😄😎😎😃

    57. janntul ferdous

      Cody had 2 rockets on the car only one of them lit off thats what caused it to spin,it could of maybe went straight.

    58. Dylan Bentley

      Ayyy he said full send

    59. Michael Manherz

      Seeing those cars get run over hurt my soul.

    60. eatthatpuddy 445

      I love how he just barely survived the head on impact with the front wheel, and with one last sliver of life, he does the exact same thing and losses.

    61. S1n1ster_gnome

      Imagine if they used Garret's double engine rocket on a car

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    66. Nyx Maker

      3:17 to answer your question Only 1 was lit causing the car to spin in one direction causing it to go down.

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    93. Hamodiano Ahmed

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