Footage of Arecibo Observatory telescope collapse

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    Footage of the collapse of the Arecibo Observatory 305-meter telescope. Credit: Courtesy of the Arecibo Observatory, a U.S. National Science Foundation facility
    Video 1. This video was taken from the vantage point of the Arecibo operations building (Building 1), where the Arecibo telescope operators conduct telescope operations. At the center of the video is the telescope platform, including the Gregorian dome. The catwalk, used to walk from the ground up to the top of the platform, is seen to extend from the left side of the frame to the top of the platform. Tower 4, the location of the August 10th auxiliary cable failure and the Nov 6th main cable failure, stands vertically to the left of center. Next a small puff of “smoke” can be seen emanating from the top of Tower 4, which is the beginning of the failure of Main Cable M4-2, followed by M4-1 and M4-3 and the remaining Tower 4 auxiliary cable. The auxiliary cables were added in the 90’s to support the added weight of the Gregorian dome. With support no longer provided by Tower 4 cables, one second later, the corner of the platform begins to drop. With the Tower 12 cables, off the frame to the left, and Tower 8 cables, off the frame to the right, still connected to the platform, the platform swings down toward a point mid-way between the two towers. Next the support cables from Tower 12, off the frame to the left, slice through the middle of the catwalk, which comes crashing down into the dish. After that, the 328 ft long bow-shaped azimuth arm and Gregorian dome begin to separate from the platform. Next the seven Tower 4 backstay cables that connect the top of Tower 4 to the ground begin to pull the top section of Tower 4 to the ground. The fate of the top section of Tower 12, off the frame to the left, is similar to that of Tower 4. The top section of Tower 12 is seen entering the top left corner of the frame and then, tumbling down the hill, to rest in front of the operations building. Trees in the left of the frame suffer considerable damage as they are sliced by the falling Tower 12 top section and cables.
    Video 2 This video, which starts with a view of the top of Tower 4, was taken from the vantage point of an Arecibo Observatory drone, utilized for monitoring the condition of Tower 4 support cables. Four cables are seen in the center of this video. The top cable does not support the telescope platform, but instead supports the catwalk described in the narrative for the previous video. The three lower cables are, from left to right, M4-1, M4-2, and M4-3. Note that a number of individual wire strands of the M4-1 and M4-2 cables are noticeably broken at the beginning of this video. The M4-3 cable does not appear to have any broken wires at the beginning of this video. The first indication of the coming failure is the breaking of another M4-2 wire, accompanied by a puff of “smoke” and chips of paint flying away from the surface of the cable. Four seconds later the entire M4-2 cable appears to disintegrate. The failure of M4-2 is followed a fraction of a second later by the failure of M4-1, followed a fraction of a second later by the failure of M4-3. The drone operator then swings the drone around to view the reflector dish and fallen platform, azimuth arm, Gregorian dome, and the falling cables and catwalk. The top section of Tower 12, near the Visitor Center, can be seen tumbling down the hill to the left of the operations building. The Tower 12 backstay cables that connect the top of Tower 12 to the ground cause damage behind Tower 12, well away from the edge of the telescope dish.

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    1. Goeij Mejisju

      Levolution event.

    2. Peppe Ddu

      Why they didn't lower the receiver to the ground instead of waiting for the cables to snap?

    3. Kevin Keys

      Rebuild bigger and better....Start with the the 65 Million we gave the Kennedy Center and the 10 million for gender studies in Pakistan in the covid bills.

    4. Pie 4life

      Seems suspicious that a drone was just watching seconds before.

    5. E Sebastian

      It's a reason for everything Nothing is done for without a logical explanation you want to see then make a telescope dont want them to see break telescope.This world is full of insurance scams you can see it in the drone footage that it was stripped of weather covering 1 then some lose wiring 2 and some type of black tie up for some reason I dont know if anything the cables should've had weather covering period the one that didn't was the one that went first 😔America oh ah man what is going on witcha..... I feel like 911 all over again 😭

    6. M3menzt0 X

      scarier and sadder than i expected

    7. Daniel

      luckily, they just got a few million $$ to fix it all up again. :D

    8. Dangerous Rebel

      battlefield 4 .....

    9. Manish Satapathy

      I stand in solidarity with the family members of the Arecibo Observatory.

    10. AxΞLツ

      Witam drogich Polaków

    11. since1876

      I can't believe I couldn't find a comment calling this fake!

    12. SampTube

      For England James...

    13. mandataruu

      were doomed...maybe this the real one disaster of 2020, the gouverment economic strategy, and reducing funds and repairs make this disaster posible, army should repair those structures not to be slaves of pilitics incompetence with this entire tehnologic era goes down, reducing funds and gouvernamental care for those emblems are a stupid mistake

    14. Vile Crocodile

      My tax dollars at work.

    15. Norm Baker

      The odds are astronomical that a video drone would be flying at one of three points during a structure failure unless someone knew it would happen. HELLO??? Biggest publicity stunt for monetary funding ever.

    16. Space Facts Wax

      Thank you for uploading. I had the chance to view a rocket launch in 2018. Amazing experience. I posted a pretty cool montage of the journey to my channel.

    17. BBolt8

      Aliens are coming and they wanted to take it out so that they would not be detected

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    19. Jose Perez

      RIP homie

    20. Alex Heyne

      Enemies are attacking Bravo

    21. Fedot Panteleev

      Das sieht nicht nach einem Unfall, sondern einer geplanten Aktion aus.

    22. sibsbubbles

      That's 2020 for the most part.

    23. MGX GAMING

      Battlefield 4 predicted it.

    24. STAY ALIVE

      Save the arecibo observatory

    25. UNKNOWN

      2020 is drepressing :(

    26. LotsOfS

      That tree at 1:34 is like that person who somehow found themselves on stage with a dancing group and then lags behind as they try to keep up and mimic the moves of the other dancers

      1. LotsOfS

        Better view at 0:38

    27. Aiden Liyanage

      Now it can rest in the mysteries of space

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    29. Solar424

      Providing physics data all the way to the end. RIP Arecibo.

    30. LeDairyman

      They remade the ending of Golden eye

    31. aabsc

      What are the odds a drone was flying and recording the cables just as they snapped? Is it incredible luck or were they flying a drone there recording at all times knowing it was just a matter of time?

    32. // itsvkki

      Heartbreaking. So much energy and money was put into its construction and now it’s gone forever because people didn’t maintain it. Smh.

    33. Владимир Пыков


    34. Ann Holloway

      This upset me way more than anyone close to me realizes. 😭

    35. Nulrom

      This video unsettled me deeply

    36. Captain Sovereign

      BF4 players:Sorry...

    37. Sergiy Lukyanov

      RIP! Nothing lasts forever in this world under the Moon! ;-(

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    39. Joe Vertullo

      That's a great scene of a collapsing NSF.

    40. Space Husky

      Sign the petition to rebuild it

    41. Ekain


    42. PlayhouseRage

      AS SEEN ON TV Drone propellers can cut through any metal or your money back

    43. Hesh Hepplewhite

      That was coooool!

    44. mad doom

      вот это пизданулася

    45. Kuckoo

      I hope Sean Bean wasn't still down there...

    46. Ghost Raider

      Yeah I don’t think there are any plans to replace it. The lack of maintenance shows it wasn’t important to the US. Well in modern times at least.

    47. Naeim Asgary

      battlefield 4

    48. Пётр Кустов

      I guess, they don't need sciense these days...

    49. Samuele 'Sem' Bosco

      So long and thanks for all the fish NAIC :-(

    50. maskatti

      Only in Battlefield?

    51. Renaissance Dreemurr

      It is a tragic day when such a magnificent piece of human ingenuity is destroyed in such a way. It gave us such a marvelous glimpse into that great cosmic arena. RIP.

    52. Александр Владимирович

      21 век, век научных открытий и достижений)

    53. Yeabsera Yared

      Oh my God it's very sad

    54. L2K Cris1123

      this is just the levolution on rogue transmission

    55. Fábio Vinicius Carvalho

      BF4 é você meu filho??

    56. Zipei Zhu

      The end of an era.

    57. TheRealTeal

      What a shame, I got abducted by aliens that very night and they said they were sending a goodbye message to Arecibo before they left.

    58. weed's Reggae

      Bravo encore des tonnes de gravas dans la nature!

    59. nabzim

      As horrible a loss this is, keep in mind it is only an inanimate object. This is not nearly as sad as Alex Trebek's passing. They will likely rebuild Arecibo, or build a new one all together; there can always be another observatory. We can't get another Alex. 😭

    60. ivan adiego

      In one of the frames you can see the guy with the c4 detonator running away

    61. ivan adiego

      And that ladies and gentleman is how you properly deal with campers

    62. Ellen Lawson

      This just didn't collapse, it was destroyed by people.

    63. Primordilian Frenso

      Planetary alignment on DEC 21 and this happened?????

    64. David Carlson

      Sad and creepy!

    65. utubrGaming

      Hearing the news that it collapsed hit me hard. But it hit Sean Bean harder.

    66. Werkzeug Schlagzeug

      makes me wonder when the cables on the golden gate bridge will snap?

    67. Steven Ogden

      Fitting...considering how much our Government spends on Science and Science education...Not to mention the complete dereliction of duty of the Federal Government to adequately maintain our Public infrastructure... The only thing we lead the world in now is GREED.

    68. Jerry Diamond

      Just heartbreaking to watch! :(

    69. Shaquile Slade

      Rip can I get a F in the chat for this masterpiece 😭😭🥺

    70. Peruse Perusing

      Of course!!! It's 2020!! If it's gonna happen, it might as well happen in 2020........

    71. KINDLE

      Those who grasp the importance of the cosmos becoming aware of itself shall forever mourn this day. The direction which these uneducated idiots have taken our planet in is reckless & now threatens life itself. The worst on our planet have hijacked it for their own rapacious ends. But here you had a true practical collaboration of scientists around the Globe working together for research. Feels like the end of an era.

    72. TheDrunkenMug

      Very sad to see this Telescope fall into disrepair, being neglected by its caretakers, and ultimately failing due to aging of the structure and bad upkeep. 😟😖😢 When is it enough? When do we start electing leaders who put important things FIRST, and not some short term profit-minded approach...? Iconic and a great Structural and Scientific achievement, which we may never repeat in the decades to come... I'm sad, not only for all the scientists but also for the people of Puerto Rico, and for us as a species. If we cant, as a species, see whats necessary to keep us safe, to discover thruhts about our universe. And perhaps even to reach out to other beings among the stars.. How can we be asured of our continued survival? If we keep to choose spending on short term profits over long term profits, how can the human race ever really succeed? 😕 I truely worry we are digging our own graves, day by day, year by year. 😞

    73. Gaspar CwB

      Battlefild 4

    74. Halie Suzy

      What a sad day for Puerto Rico. What a shameful day for the United States. I'm truly embarrassed that science means so little to my country.

    75. Yuri Ferraz

      Uma pena!

    76. Armed Astronaut #1

      I went there in 2000. I saw it move and people working. Such a epic location now destroyed 😭

    77. G. Vanderleun

      Ah yes another signal accomplishment of the NSA and the corrupt stealing Puerto Rican pols.... A credit to the sleaze soaked state of Puerto Rico.

    78. MM xxx

      Awesome ! let nature take over

    79. JapaDoTi

      F rogue transmission

    80. Sherlock Times

      Press F to pay respects

      1. Sherlock Times


    81. AstroTartJones

      So sad to see that this happened to this beautiful structure. Such a loss for anyone who cares about science and space. RIP Arecibo

    82. Sebastián Nieves

      Why didn’t you guys fix it? You are the ones who own the telescope

    83. Hennjean Smit

      A once in a lifetime event and that's the drone footage...back to school amateur drone operator.

    84. latino heat

      They say all good things come to an end. 1963-2020

    85. cocacolabatman

      hope Sean Beans ok in this GoldenEye remake

    86. Girl On A Quest


    87. Noumena Noz

      So sad. It’s like we literally have the moment on film of when our priorities collapsed.

    88. Robert Goodman

      I was in Puerto Rico in the 1960s but couldn't convince my parents to take me to see the Arecibo Ionospheric Observatory as it was known then, way across the island from San Juan. That was before it was converted to a telescope and was used to ping signals off the ionosphere, which I was more interested in at the time. Actually I'm still a bit more interested in that than in radio astronomy.

    89. Katriel Santos


    90. dowjonesize

      That´s a Lot of damage

    91. Ocal

      Aliens sent flying sharks with laser beams attached to their heads.. the aliens don't want to be found..

    92. Eugenio Mazzini


    93. Nick

      ok but why did they have a drone out recording it already

      1. Iain Stenhouse

        It was inspecting the failing cables and the timing was lucky

    94. lancercncs1

      We lose the Space Shuttle and now this.

    95. Blind Criminal

      such a coincidence that they had a drone in the air when this was happening

      1. Iain Stenhouse

        Not really, since the first support cable failed they had been intensely monitoring the remaining cables via drones.

    96. Markus De

      Very sad moment in the history of science! I once visited this beast and it sent shivers down my spine to just look over that rim.

    97. Ryan G.

      It's easy to destroy than to create. (More fun too).

    98. what the flying fuck ...

      The US can not finance a steel cable for their only radio telescope? ... they must be really broke.

    99. Lostgears

      Non- Sufficient Funds

    100. David Longsyo

      Wow. One of Humanity's most incredible achievements just left to rot? Shame on you Puerto Rico. This is what will happen if we Americans continue to ignore Science.