💉FOOTBALLERS CREATE VACCINES!💉Feat Ronaldo Neymar Messi Zlatan +more(Frontmen Season 2.3)



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    The Frontmen have to create a Vaccine - the player with the highest success rate wins!
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    0:00 Introduction
    0:19 Salah
    1:14 Kane
    2:09 Vardy
    2:47 Neymar
    4:20 Haaland
    5:11 Merch
    5:21 Messi
    5:57 Suarez
    6:53 Zlatan
    7:39 Rashford
    8:28 Ronaldo
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    Bravo Mike Myler, James Williams, Lauren Bagstaff and Karl Hargreaves (Karl does the art these days too).
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    1. mahdea21

      That’s vedeo it is very bad

    2. cristi Castillo

      This shitty cartoon is not made for kids

    3. karina

      I really like the frontmen t-shirts an hoody's there so cool

    4. Omaga David

      I laughed hard when I saw koeman

    5. Justin Guncay Lojano

      haaland win

    6. Justin Guncay Lojano


    7. Jewel Pierre

      8:33 what ?!?!?!

    8. We moved to 8.12

      Patient: Definitely not Zlatan!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    9. We moved to 8.12

      8:49 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 9:04 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    10. zoe


    11. Phoenix Warden

      Haaland: my test subject died Me: OH NO! Haaland: Good News, it was Robert Lewandowski Me: Oh thank god now Dortmund can win Bundesliga

    12. The Silent Type

      can someone translate it in English 7:58

    13. Rich Fell

      0:40 I hAvE nO iDeA!

    14. Tania Hussey

      What happened when it was after It said ronaldo

    15. Hira Thakur

      8:51 what...........oh beautiful face 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    16. Jibreel Bakari

      Neymar and mbappee

    17. Andrej Trajkoski

      What was smichel doing 2:21

    18. Spades Fn

      Did azlat come back from the dead

    19. Joshua Detering

      Either way, not taking that vaccine!

    20. youtube • 800 years ago

      Everybody's question to this day did the video get demonetized

    21. Eptic gaming


    22. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Cristiano

    23. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Marcus

    24. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Zlatan

    25. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Erling

    26. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Neymar

    27. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Jamie Vardy

    28. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Harry Kane

    29. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Messi

    30. abdulrahman alali

      Hey Mohammed Salah

    31. PiggyHorror2020 YT


    32. el tiburon felix

      Jajajaja te mamaste sigue asi

    33. Dennis Simba

      Haaland is de best

    34. Gabriel Ceballos

      Alguien español?

    35. Amar Ashraf


    36. Wilson Pires

      Haaland is so funny

    37. ارشیا کرمانی


    38. Anis Rahal

      Neymar and rashford should work for the nhs

    39. Lukemaha2010

      Timo Werner without arms and legs is as deadly at Chelsea as Timo Werner with arms and legs 🤣🤣😂😂👍👍 #timowerneriscrap #manunited #manchesterunited

    40. harsh aggarwal

      R I P AZLAN

    41. Don't You Dare

      Holy ball bags what have you done to his face No no it always looks like this

    42. Mostafa zeid


    43. tectorama

      It's rather strange (or maybe not) that millionaire footballers have continued to play during the current pandemic. Even though many have been infected and games postponed. Most other sports have been cancelled. I wonder if money is a factor ? Surely not ? All hail the god of football !!

    44. Luke Daley

      Zlatan: “What have u done to my beautiful face?” Poor Zlatan.

    45. Midget Gamer8

      8:32 what happended

    46. Mark Thepro247

      9:18 American Cup Song



    48. Jaime Harper

      WTF when suarez eye's turned red it fucking scared me

    49. Torcher piggy

      Not even funny i lost my dad to covid-19

    50. ツCriy

      Salad to Ramos lol

    51. Nebojsa Jeremić

      6:23 good thing it isint g virus

    52. Issac Masih

      CUT 442oons F*****

    53. RogueKxyden TPS

      Lewandowski looks like fabinho

    54. RogueKxyden TPS

      When salah did it I couldn’t I laughed so hard I started crying Lmfao

    55. Ömer Tunç Demir


    56. Accidental Genius

      Harry potter spell: 8:00

    57. BrainDead - COD MOBILE

      0.50 Sergio is still breathing

    58. Kangwa Mukuka

      Ahhhh jamie looks soooo much better

    59. *BloxzIJY* Gaming

      i love messi, ronaldo is so bossy

    60. Musa Matsenjwa

      Mo Salah Greatest of all time

    61. GÄ M

      For four shitty tunes😂

    62. Marwa Selim


    63. Juzier De paula


    64. OlgaLucia Leano

      7:07 442shittytoons?

    65. Giorgios Fragkiadakis

      Why Zlatan was talking like Woy?

    66. TU - 07MS 755070 Beatty Fleming Sr PS

      When did Diego Costa become a Frontmen and performed

    67. Maher Loco


    68. Omar Arja

      Timo werner: call the plice (police) 😅😅😅

    69. Daniel TM


    70. IceBoy Trường

      1:27 Ronaldo say:'Jesus Cristiano!'

    71. Pes Mobile

      Türk ler burdamı

    72. Mohammad arsalan

      Harold kane: Tkkhutle thkiima now

      1. Mohammad arsalan

        Isn't it accurate

      2. Mohammad arsalan

        I mean really

    73. Daniel

      Straight up asking zlatan to sue them

    74. LTN 101

      Where is 12 days of Christmas

    75. Rohith Raman

      3:35 to 3:39 Mbappe sounds like Dybala

    76. Cod Mobile

      All who watching this give your life because he's coming soon and I want all of you to go to heaven, repent and spread the gospel.

    77. Cod Mobile

      All who watching this give your life because he's coming soon and I want all of you to go to heaven, repent and spread the gospel.

    78. Jurassic gaming with LiL Flash

      Why is there no Team Ronaldo or Team Messi tops in the 442oons shop ???

    79. AtomicJame 21

      4:05 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    80. Maria Zhispon

      7:56 boris just spoke computer languge

    81. Ted Collins

      Haaland is officially my favourite frontman

    82. Jerome Drackett

      This was funny 😆 lol especially zlatan

    83. Mostafa Bies

      Ronaldo : let him go *Salah turning off life support* what !

    84. Brayan Alexander

      9:35 *messi and the ballet to his head* Ronaldo he desided to take his life lOl that made me laugh

    85. PO CO MI NAZWA

      Please Polish lirycs

    86. Samuel nyingi

      I vote neymar

    87. Z Productions

      I love how Messi has a perfect English accent

    88. Dillon Jackson

      Do 12 days of Christmas please

    89. matthew


    90. Leo hastings

      Why is Ronaldo so him wait why did I say that he is a dumb idiot

    91. Denis Hima

      0:05 messi finger 😂

    92. AHMED


    93. Ahmad Safik

      how can Suarez get the T-virus from umbrella corp.?

    94. silvia adila

      The violent mustard iteratively disagree because software aerobically moan following a wicked poppy. calculating, understood cooking

    95. Liam creates

      I love the boris Johnson mumbling as it is so true 🤣🤣

    96. MJL

      Did anyone notice when Neymar opened the curtains he said "VAR"