FORTNITE... BUT WITH *1000 PING* - Funny Fails and Moments! 1153

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    In today's new Fortnite update video, we have put together some of the funniest fails, WTF moments, and insane clips from the new season. New map, secrets, dances, challenges, new locations, new skins, new weapons, and more! Can we smash 20,000 likes for Episode 1154 Tomorrow?
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    1. Scorpy FN

      0:56 the most POG part of the video

    2. UltraYT

      Thank godess this never happened to me

    3. #FreeFortnite

      یارو ایرانی ه فکر کنم😂😂

    4. Asaf Gaming

      מי פה מישראל


      1:14 si what You came for don't forget to use bcc code in the item shop❤️

    6. Andrew


    7. Bekonstudios

      My bro have 2400 ping

    8. TNT- İQ-BOOM

      1:14 its my ping 😑😭😭 i live in iraq if me playing with 1000 ping im can't move and my ping now is 320 i like the new ping 😄 im playing in middle east

      1. #FreeFortnite

        پینگ ایران ۲۵۰ داداش اونم معمولیش irans ping is 250 😭😭

    9. Efe Sarı


    10. betterert

      people with hughesnet, xplornet, or viasat: *intense laughing*

    11. VS-gamer Supergamer

      Yesterday i had a 90% packte loss. Is that world record🤔? Write you highest pack loss in the comments↙️

    12. SuperProH2o

      I had 1000 ping before. It's a so annoying

    13. Braydengames825 9

      How did this man go from a million to 10 million in so short time

    14. Old Skool Gaming

      Best youtuber ever

    15. J4YB0N3Z

      This literally happens to me almost every time I play cos of lockdown

    16. DIOS NIKO

      Jajaja lo que no saben es que soy latinoamericano, chileno y además vivo en el campo

    17. Baltulon

      So boring bcc now

    18. Oreo Playz

      6:24 the real transformers

    19. abood851 A

      Have you heard from a friend who is in charge for and would love the job and would be happy 😊 😀 ☺ 😄 😁 🙂 I have been a friend for and I know that I have been the most important thing to do and that you have been very busy with me and I have been

    20. MPG Gaming

      Bro that is not 1000 ping it's like 270 ping Btw I tried 1000 ping a lot this is like the best ping I ever had

    21. Hector Corbett

      I get 1100 ping

    22. my boys Russell

      My life 5:09

    23. Sbe HD

      In algeria everytime laging with 1000

    24. Parold 7u7

      Yes, people from the first world without knowing that it is 1,000 ping, as always being the favorites.

    25. M. Salifu

      That's nothing, I can't even walk in a straight line when I have 500 ping

    26. sullenshade.

      Wait is bcc losing subs???

    27. kocham miśka


    28. Luca Sale

      Some time s i play with 5000 ping

    29. Yousif Mohamed


    30. Ociepzon

      0:50 Best moment ever haha

    31. Augestx fan Yuh

      The trick shot wasn’t lag dumb so

    32. lag mop

      Huh showing my gameplay at the starting ik what it is to be a default and at a billion ping

    33. Matcool Angulo

      1000 ping is 10 seconds of delay

    34. Charlene Walker Robb

      7:08 YOU SAW THAT 200 SNIPE

    35. Stanislav Kuvinka

      My ping is 25

    36. Manush Thakkar

      I once had 1942 ping in creative

    37. Juan José Vasquez


    38. Suman Kumaran

      My play on 1000ping everyday

    39. A normal guy on the internet with a dog

      I'm as hispanic as hispanic gets... and that 1000 ping thing is just daily plays.

    40. The Felipe

      Bu ne diyor lan bu benim sabit pink 🇹🇷

    41. Gaston

      Ja novatos 😎

    42. Affenschnauze


    43. Kevin Hernandez

      I hate mf who scream fr

    44. IkeTube

      When you need 1000 ping but can’t get it and when you don’t you do

    45. Remo & Dodo

      1:35 Who was in turkey 🇹🇷

    46. SteelClient8270

      I'm literally not joking 1000 ping is my usual ping im legit not joking lol

    47. Yeet Boi

      Remember when lazarbeam played on 10000 ping you rookies 🤣

    48. May Kenawy

      I always have 1100ping

    49. Jamar Taylor-Laboy

      1:14 this is what your looking for

    50. Play_BoT

      My ping is always 1k. Normally.

    51. mr_cactus07

      Am I hthe only one who thought it was satisfying when he glided trough the hill 4:24

    52. ElectricSalva

      1:13 para que vean como se siente jugar en el lado sur de este continente ANGLOSAJONES

    53. Mats Martin Jürjo

      Btw i did world record on biggest ping ever with 44528 ping

    54. Adrian_Alfa_YT

      Eso es el ping normal en Latinoamérica de que se quejam

    55. Jace-is_average

      I. Literally play on like 68 ping

    56. C builder

      0:56 that happens to me and it happens because the skin does not load

    57. Magski


    58. ErikRios

      Brl, I have more than 2000 ping

    59. Kenny of Robloxia

      nah thats 400 ping 1000 ping is when you just cant move or shoot at all or in some instances u will move on ur screen but not on other players screens

    60. Adgamer_ 78

      I play with 1100 ping in creative

    61. Orange Monks

      1:52 is me lol

    62. Juan Contreras

      Latinoamerica moment:

    63. Alias_Emi -

      POV: you’re watching this

    64. Angel -Miimismo- León

      Como mostraste la skin de Grefg al principio, me veo obligado a comentar en español

    65. Lukas

      literally I playing fortnite

    66. Ben O

      He acts like 1000 ping isn’t normal

    67. juancho gamez


    68. jms is okay

      1000 is nothing

    69. Mr. Gamer

      Bro my heiest ping is 1100

    70. GOD ERROR GlItCH

      I am 1010 ping

    71. IlyThompson

      0:25 nerf scroll wheel reset or just remove it

    72. Yt_Zenith

      How much subs can I get from this comment Currently:17

    73. sxmyy

      I go through 1000 ping everyday

    74. bogdan motatu

      ??? is what you come for!!!! use code bcc! stay safe!

    75. James Sullivan

      Dude the first one's my friend he sent me that lol

      1. Happy

        Lol what that’s my clip it’s literally on my channel I have no idea who you are 😂

    76. B rexy

      1:14 is this what you came for :use code bcc its the best one out there

    77. TCC HotZCocoYT

      1:14 is what you came for Use CODE BCC in the Fortnite item shop!

    78. Samir Said

      I love the start up sound

    79. king ahmed

      That’s my only ping

    80. Jan Šíbl

      I have ping 1000

    81. I. Lopez24

      How doo we send u our clips?

    82. pojim

      2:12 why this game is ruined

    83. NickMan

      The video is what u came for! Use code: BCC in the item shop❤

    84. Mr Mangoes

      why do u steal clips off reddit

    85. Minato Namikaze

      they lost views. its sad really

    86. Cheesydeezy

      bruh thats not 1kping you get stuck on that this is 300

    87. Luis Flores Monge

      bruh you really gonna do me like that? i got the best ping ever 100000000000000 best ping ever nobody wins except me

    88. DumbLmon

      1:12 this is what you came for. Use code BCC in the item shops and stay safe❤️

    89. Javin Habeahan

      you cant move at 1000 ping lol

    90. John Doe

      Bcc is so bad now

    91. David Diaz

      I feel his pain 😔

    92. SONGOKU مهجد جيرين

      Fjghbfvhnjhvkvlvhkkfofjrjbdhrnrofnfkdl ltp odor control of i of i in your country to us in the future of i of the day of kk Nagar New Delhi India in do you have received this email has been a long term business relationship with your country and to the day of i to us in do HUfast mix of kk Nagar New Delhi India

    93. Fabián Fuentes Fernández

      1:14 pov you is Latinoamérica n

    94. Sxp sam

      My friend Justin he’s already taken and he’s cracked at fortnite my guy 😩😩

    95. NR GAMING

      0:56 The skin is not loaded in

    96. Elagcran

      hablo español

    97. MARLON7665

      I PLAY WHIT 1.100 PING BRO

    98. Moris Blaga

      I think he stole my router🤣

    99. maaz gaming channel

      1100 is max

    100. not lem

      That's me every day