Four children thrown to safety from burning building in Istanbul

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    A mother rescued four children by throwing them from a high window of an apartment that was on fire in Istanbul, Turkey. Neighbours caught the children with blankets spread out below as black smoke billowed from the building. Local authorities said the children were in good health. The mother was hospitalised as a precaution and then discharged
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    1. Pnini Shidlovsky

      Wonderful women!!!

    2. g1heart

      الحمد لله على السلامة

    3. Mustafa Raad

      الحمد لله ع سلامتهم... الأم شجاعة ربي يحفظها و يحفظ الأطفال

      1. Blink Roze

        اه بس الام ماتت

    4. ادهم عليان


    5. Jay R

      Fire fighters to slow to respond..

    6. chacha Truth


    7. senad od Bosne

      Aferim anem ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    8. 24hSto Ned

      Turks are awesome people. They even call an ambulance for a cat. Truly a first world country and a role model.

      1. EasyEnglish

        Cats basically rule in Istanbul,there is even a famous statue for a cool cat called Tombili

    9. Heidi Tay


    10. Swing Trader of Dalal Street

      It needs lots of gut ... even I can't do this.....

    11. -Dublin-

      we couldent do that in britain such a nanny state ,cant even let kids be kids and play conkers ,never mind saving kids in deperate need of help .great to see some comunnity spirit in the world and most of all common sence prevailing

      1. rack punch

        Oh, put a sock in it!!!!

    12. Shabby

      So happy they all safe and sound. Alhamdulillah. Great neighbours and community team effort.

    13. Tran Duy

      Turkish people look like Egyptians.

    14. kaimiz

      Amazing woman and community ❤👏

    15. Nona Eubinis


    16. Dan Bruce De

      Team effort paid off

    17. H H

      Courageous person!

    18. Potr64

      what about the woman, how did she get out?

      1. ggoddf

        @Jagroop kaur i dont know for sure. she could have fallen aswell or the firefighters could have catch her up before the flames did. idk

      2. Jagroop kaur

        @ggoddf but how she came out?

      3. ggoddf

        she was hospitalised but she survived

    19. K Pee

      Did the mother survive???

      1. Tang Mei Lian


    20. Who Dat

      Dammmm this is scary

    21. Electro Pop

      Well done hope they family are now safe

    22. Doublethink

      Pity they didn’t have the same regard for Armenian, Kurdish, Greek & Cypriot children.

      1. Jagroop kaur

        @Nathan exactly .

      2. Youtubers fan And dj too

        @Vengeance Dragon those people live in the USA too

      3. Nathan

        pretty sure the individuals holding that blanket would have done so for any child of any creed.

      4. A G


      5. Doublethink

        @Vengeance Dragon - Were the Americans stealing their land, or there to combat tyrants?

    23. Adorable Animals

      What about the mother?

      1. Ryan Harnick

        @Daniel Hall I was just thinking the same thing.

      2. Ryan Harnick

        Yes what happened to the mother

      3. Niall

        'The mother was hospitalised as a precaution and then discharged' In the description*

      4. Daniel Hall

        @Patrick Sinclair pathetic individual

      5. Daniel Hall

        I was wondering this too. If she sadly died, may she be remembered for her sacrifice. If she lived, she is a hero

    24. Infinite Zen


    25. Gulam Ismail

      Some positive things