Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender (2012 Full Documentary HD)


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    Freddie Mercury was one of the most charismatic, complex and fascinating characters in British rock music. The story of Queen is a well known one but this new film focuses on Freddie Mercury and the solo projects he worked on outside of Queen. Using extensive archive footage of interviews with Freddie Mercury, concerts, video shoots and personal material, much of it previously unseen, along with new interviews with friends and colleagues, a portrait emerges of a man who was very different to his flamboyant onstage public persona. A generous, caring, thoughtful man with a self-deprecating sense of humor and a genuine passion for music. Freddie Mercury touched the lives of millions through his career both with Queen and as a solo performer and this new program will delight and inform his legions of fans. / Bonus Features
    Freddie Mercury goes solo / Extended interview with Montserrat Caballé / The making of Barcelona: Special Edition 2012.

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    1. Abraham Mcdermett

      WATCH HERE 👉 GRAVE CALLER, A Supernatural horror movie


      Hilarious that he ended up wearing shirts n ties etc. Probably smarten himself up laterally 🙌🏼

    3. That 6.0 F100 Guy

      Born too late to see Queen on concert and born to early to explore the galaxy, sad.

    4. Ashley Graham

      We miss you Freddie 💗

    5. Erah Queen

      11 / 23 / 2020 im here ... 😂

    6. tatiana roveda

      If you close your eyes and just listen to Monserrat- you'll understand what Freddie heard...

    7. Inês Mota

      alguém pfvr legenda isso?? :(

    8. Менталист я


    9. Petr Dvorak

      Lover of Life, Singer of Songs 👑

    10. SidFrom IceAge

      God Freddie Mercury is so great😂. I sometimes pretend im Brian May and Freddie Mercury at the same time😂. I have an acoustic guitar pretending its the Red Special😂

    11. Victor Hudson

      I can't even imagine what he's feeling at 1:12:35. Trying so hard to keep it together

    12. Shane Schuller

      A genius

    13. mishti jai hind

      Wherever a Indian goes he is remembered n treasured

    14. Kent Rutley

      Freddie gave the world wonderful music & song which will always be with us forever. We will miss him and his love to perform for us. Thank you Freddie.

    15. Mary Viveros

      J'adore Freddie Mercury!💕

    16. Der Mic

      This difference between his normal and his acting/singing voice..amazing

    17. Mairon Santos

      Just loved it!

    18. Self Care

      35:47 *sorry*

    19. TheEVN7


    20. Lidia Poczkajska

      any1 in Nov 2020?

    21. Rachael Williams

      he died the exact day I was born... I'm so sad I never existed in the same world as this beautiful man.

    22. Oh Gee Georgie

      In a way though, Paul Prenter was partially responsible (but not entirely) for Freddie getting HIV, if you think about it. Getting him to come down to that level of debauchery. Freddie, I think; without Paul would have sought out love instead of sex if left to his own devices. He was a shy man, seemed to have class and manners, but Paul kind of introducing Freddie to drugs and the club scene brought him down many notches to the lower class. I think Paul could see that Freddie was easy to sway and manipulate because there was something in Freddie that was lacking. For Prenter, he liked the power it gave him to be "in charge" of a rock star.

      1. Kerrie Edmunds

        I thought the same Georgie. Wish he’d never met him.

    23. Jack Kennedy

      Freddie was such a funny playful type, and I think this is something that was missing from the movie. Rami did a good job playing Freddy, but you got a very stiff portrayal of the real man. And the humor that came natural to Freddie is something that draws you into him as a person. I think Freddie was looking for 1 person to see beyond the showman and wanted just Freddie the person, the little boy that hid inside of him that just wanted to be hugged and held while he cried, and understood his pain without asking questions.

    24. Lukas Šablevičius

      Michael Jackson is Smokin g:D Sorry They smoke Together :)

    25. albert donnelly


    26. Liam Yardley

      The best singer ever 👍

    27. Adriana Kapplova

      He was GENIUS-R.I.P.-I love you💗

    28. Jamil Goldsmith

      Michael and Freddie should have went on tour. Smh

    29. Jamil Goldsmith

      Freddie Mercury will forever be an icon, a scholar, and a legend.

    30. Sebastian Viecco

      42:01 one of the highest notes he has hit and it is amazing.

    31. Sean Roberts

      There can be only one 🙏

    32. Crazan

      merry xmas

    33. sukoy0716

      Freddie: " Cock Bollocks Satisfaction". CBS meaning😀

    34. Superflysister 777

      So here i came on as an MJ Fan...let me watch a little Freddie...definately very happy discovering "my man" in the doc in the very first minutes. Then watching...and crying my eyes out regarding Freddies meeting with Monserat. Michael loved and connected to his fans on such a deep level because first of all he was a fan himself. Loads of stories on him breaking in tears meeting his idols who helped him overcome his heartships. So i really felt that. No matter what the album sounded like. I cried happy tears for him the moment she said...lets do an album then. Wow that was everything. ❤ The only disturbance in this doc is this judgemental 💩 head Matt Lucas....ughhh hope he did his homework by now and shuts his big mouth on stuff he knows nothing abt. Ok edit...: on a last note watching that he wept for his death and lit a candle. So he has feelings. He is human. He loved someone. So now how u go trash someone else who is dead and other ppl loved and cherished and lost way too hurts. He needs to shut up and just love who he loves. And not trash others memories.

    35. Wolff Myrtie

      The greatest front man ever. No band will ever top the live aid performance. I'll say it better than the Beatles, stones, zeppelin etc.

    36. Rocky Disaster

      I'm watching this show twice & this is 3rd time i'm watching this documentary but never get bored 💝 Well this is FREDDIE MERCURY PERSONA I BELIEVE ❣❣❣❣❣❣💘💘💘💘💘💥💥💥💥💥💥

    37. Liz Angel

      Amazing person, a true queen, miss him 💔👑

    38. Lily Bryant

      And yet somebody probably still has that wig he threw

    39. Ariel cantal

      i love fredie, the way that i love maria ozawa

    40. Peter G

      I remember watching live aid in 1986 and it was so boring and I just waited for Queen to come on to the stage.. then Queen came on.. that's it, they made Live Aid and the only 20 minutes worth watching... Anything before and after was just noise.

    41. Lemons World

      Great. Thanks! :D

    42. Joe Hughes

      He was wonderful, A great singer who went to soon.

    43. Zoran Kalina


    44. e balle

      He has serious over bite..

    45. Martin Bezuch

      There is no better singer in human history

    46. Ramón Mestres

      Va ser una de les estones mes boniques i emocionants de la meva vida sentirlos en directe a uns 15 metros a Montjuïch de Barcelona.

    47. Tommy Sweetweather

      I've never heard anyone say " Freddie was a nice guy"....those who knew him say he was generous and things like that....but they never say he was a sweetheart......

    48. Butchie Block

      I cannot imagine the bullying and humiliation he must have dealt with as a youth, because of his overbite. Then again perhaps if he was in a foreign school they may have been more sympathetic, let's hope. Turns out, he was quite the talented entertainer!!!

    49. cockroaches oggy

      The bigger are better , in everything 😅

    50. cockroaches oggy

      The bigger is better ... in everything you know that 😅

    51. Goot dees

      It’s impossible to avoid falling in love with Freddie ❤️

    52. Julie Raymond

      Also,none of us can continue acting like we did as teenagers/ young adults anyway.Parents flipped their kids enough then with threats of "Grow up,or else people will talk about you." Ironic, isn't it that some of these same parents/ guardians actually behaved that way in front of everyone,and never flinched once if anyone mentioned that to them.

      1. Julie Raymond

        Or, they excused it quickly by saying they were only reliving their own teen years.Nonsense! They just refused to act like they were over that part of their lives,and did the embarrassing thing of trying to be like their kids and their friends.I imagine many kids told their parents about this ,and the parents either ignored it ,or said they were very immature, too old to behave that way,especially if they were over 40 .

    53. Julie Raymond

      Besides, many we hear of today,would have been closeted in the past 40_50 years,because of the backlash they would have gotten. When I was a kid,I never knew Elton John was gay. I knew he dressed in wild,colorful costumes ,and had flashy sunglasses for years. Also,though Freddie never married,it does not always mean someone is gay/ lesbian.Sometimes,people never marry,by choice,or ,they cannot find the right person for them.It isn't all or nothing here.Everyone is different.

    54. Julie Raymond

      Many people have had the obnoxious and false idea ,that if you like some band,actor/ actress ,etc,who is lesbian / gay,you are approving their choices.NO,NO,and NO! You may appreciate their talent in their jobs,but,if you feel that way,you are disturbed.

    55. Cecilia Jalop

      Crush ko talaga si Freddie Mercury

    56. JimD2525

      Freddie Mercury WAS Queen, made Queen (Band, he had a Fantastic Band). He WAS "The Great Pretender", the Best of 'The Best'. A Very Sad Loss (& I don't care IF he was Gay). Freddie Mercury WILL Live FOREVER, the BEST of the BEST.

    57. Lorraine Flynn

      In a video once Freddie said When I am dead who cares. Wow was he wrong. If only he knew how wrong he was. We care Freddie oh my goodness how we care!

    58. Showjumperjason

      Do you know, I am told at least twice a week I look like Freddie Mercury, now I just say we are related. 😂🤩

    59. Jack Wolfe

      Do you think he'd be blown away with audio tech these days?

    60. Olga Pershin

      What a great performer he was and still is!! Love you Freddie!

    61. gibbon146

      Uhh freddie is dead hie dide 1991 so how can they do an iterwie 2012

    62. RipUpHill

      November 24th 1991. My 17th birthday and one of the worst days of my life. I have loved Queen since I first started listening to music. We did a Queen airband in grade 5. One of the greatest artists of all time, a monumental loss.

    63. константин обрезанов

      шоу продолжается .--

    64. caughtinatrapelvis

      I could have told you Freddie this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you..xx

    65. Joe O

      He lived. He extracted ALL of the life out of the moments he lived!

    66. Anna Thornton

      I was Born to Love you - Always 💞

    67. Nancy Lynn

      I still weep for the genius of this man and I'm 61. Give them Hell, Freddie!

    68. luciana de milena camara

      Freddie amor da minha vida

    69. Baroness Fahrenheit

      Freddie was too intelligent for this Earth. That's why he is Mercury.

      1. Ipoision Viva

        Yeh it’s true

    70. Skin Mixer

      Me at 11pm: Ok, this is my last yt video, then I go to sleep Also me at 3am:

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      1. Raseraa

        You commented this again? How long does it take you to do this?!

    72. BlockBurner

      What a douchebag that magic guy was, no one cares about your fuckin magic trick at least show some respect when talking about a musical legend instead of telling ppl u were 2 much of a dork to listen to music cuz u played with cards all day...jerkoff

    73. Francisca Silva

      i wish i could have his confidence

    74. Dillon Manalo

      Did you know boys had boobs in 1985 and 1984

    75. Arminder batth

      "I won't be a rock star. I will be a legend." And that is what he became - a legend.

    76. drybones

      I love how at 5:30 one moment he's chasing the girl, then sees the piano the next moment and just forgets about the girl and starts playing it instead LOL!

    77. Paul Atréïdes

      way better than this garbage movie called "bohemian rhapsody"

      1. david henry

        Yeh unfortunately the group wanted to just make a film about them but paint a very good nice image of Freddie. To get a real take on his life in the movies it would need someone not from queen or close to queen. But they won’t allow it anyway.

    78. PercyPlayz

      Lol that was awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary! Love Freddy's interviews 😊

    79. Nandu Kavalam

      A composer with a difference

    80. zoltan lajos varga

      1. Raseraa

        Why American Postcards?

    81. Joe A

      I could've cared less about Freddie Mercury and Queen until I saw the movie Bohemian Rhapsody and now I'm obsessed!! This had great footage that I've never seen, thanks so much!

    82. Indie Dhillon

      What a Legend

    83. Nikita Nelita Jessen

      That song with him and Michael should have been released I listened to it for a second and it's ringing in my head like I have known it forever. I only found out about Freddie mercury yesterday... I have been watching all his songs the movie bohemian rhapsody. I can't believe such an amazing man existed. I knew all his son but didn't know who sang them so embarrassing hahaha

    84. Blackflag

      Probably the greatest gay icon 👍🙏💙

    85. kim bartol

      Luv him

    86. Michael Salazar

      One of rocks greatest voice ever rip Freddie mercury.god bless you

    87. Valentina Cardile

      Sottotitoli per favore

    88. Theodore Mariner

      The greatest front man ever. No band will ever top the live aid performance. I'll say it better than the Beatles, stones, zeppelin etc.

    89. pianomanhere

      One of the best documentaries ever.

    90. Regnbågsbajskorv -

      One of the best.

    91. Steve Clarke

      "And I dont know why . . . but Cliff Richard was there" Hmmmm Freddy, Elton and Cliff . . . No, I can't connect the dots.

      1. bjbell52

        You left out Dave Clark. hmmm what do they have in common?

    92. Philip

      I was sitting there in tears, realizing how short and endles a life can be and then the dude from little britain came up and I was sitting there laughing and crying at the same time.

    93. Takiya Genji

      I dont know this man,but why i here bcoz his song is good,just hear from my freind playlist and i m 24yo ofcoz i dont know him

    94. Taylor Deaton

      Thank you for posting this!

    95. Melanie Magdalene

      This documentary is so wonderful. I really miss Freddie and Michael.

      1. Adriana Kapplova

        I too😳

    96. When The Music's Over

      "CBS: Cock, Bollocks & Satisfaction!" XD

    97. Maria Rosa Dominguez

      Hacia lo que Quería con esa voz prodigiosa y ese talento extraordinario. We always love you Freddie. ❤

    98. Diane Henderson

      He was the best ever

    99. Brian Cocks

      It’s commander krill