Fredo Bang - Top ft. Lil Durk (Official Music Video)

Fredo Bang

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    1. Fredo Bang

      Comment “🔥” 5 Times If This Hard🦍🥀

      1. Travis Thomas

        🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 4snhs!!!

      2. Cornpopwasabaddude Andhehadsomebaddudeswithhim


      3. Cornpopwasabaddude Andhehadsomebaddudeswithhim

        I’m glad you out this back out the single was🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this even more 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯 with durk on it

      4. McKinley Simmons


      5. Zwervoo


    2. Pedro Fernandez

      Can anyone translate what’s being said?

    3. money gang

      I wonder when dudes gon go back to rapping

    4. Lil Def

      Put this on Spotify already 🔥🔥🔥

    5. EcoCrazy

      number 1 on trending?!

    6. Forex Goats_SA Forex Trading Institution

      Durk Talked Bout Vons Funeral❤️ Pray He Heals

    7. vaxzy



      NBA youngboy punching da air right now lol all his ops clicced up #OTF #TBG #YNW

    9. PRIMO

      I just subscribed to your youtube channel

    10. Carlo Gambino

      Hate to be that guy but no masks?🥴

    11. Lord Baelish

      This is why blm is a joke.

    12. Suavee Lo

      Erbody in dis vid 😂🔥🔥🔥

    13. Uhh Dexter

      ADF SAMSKI - OUTRO!!!!!!!!!

    14. Alex Thomps

      They did dem one in out hood 🇭🇹🇭🇹💯💯💯 EastSide Steppas

    15. Elijah Hall


    16. Organic Soul Gumbo

      I was at this video shoot. 🔥 You see how much love these boys got in FL on 4nem grave!

    17. TAL13AN

      This is a real nigga party

    18. Andoria Galloway


    19. OG Nets


    20. Abubakr Butt

      1. ÙÓ UMZW

    21. ND9 Productions

      fredo, choppa, durk, shiesty issa dreamteam lowkey

    22. Ayo Olukoga

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    23. Hindu 3

      U niggas ain’t busssss shit how long you had that gun 😭😭😂

    24. darsell moore-cole

      Love it, blessings. Keep going up..💕✍🙏

    25. Cece Marie


    26. Karim

      this goes so hard

    27. Hindu 3

      I got niggas mad at me cause I wouldnt cross ✅✅


      If only you was wit GeeMoney

    29. G Shock

      this beat harrrdddd

    30. Ahijah DMŠ’


    31. Gookey

      Folks everybody was there

    32. Travis Kaye

      This is a fire track

    33. Jbjunio_9

      0:53 Kid Trunks?

    34. Real Spill


    35. King David

      Great more trash rappers with same flow

      1. King David

        @Aaliyah who did you see then if you really went thru it

      2. Aaliyah

        just been through your subscriptions list and ofc you’ll say some shit like this!



    37. Luc Mulder

      You have the beat of adf samski “outro” This beat is stolen

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    39. Eyereign81

      Classic Already..Might the anthem for 2021

    40. KeenoMusic


    41. Adrianne Williams

      "i just sent a text 150 if you catch em" #LLKV

    42. Almighty Gideon

      2.2 mill in one day

    43. 10KSub Without Any Videos Challenge 21

      I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life

    44. Almighty Gideon

      dis shit fire asf

    45. jmarcguy

      Dem boyz going hard on dis one bruh and dey knew had dat #1 spot wit it on da real. I been listening to music since for over 40 years and dis joint hit hard. 🔥

    46. Calvin Biefeld

      *Love this song...I'm also a singer,please visit my channel:)*

    47. KassTy

      Beat from “Idols Dont Cry” by Seb Torgus. Check it 🤍

    48. Sai Lavish

      Nobody peep durk tasing nigga

    49. Lowkey RapScene

      Choppa, doodie lo, ikey, bortlen, spotemgottem, durk, bang, bosstop hotboiii, muwop, tbg, who I miss?

    50. STAR[X]

      Sounds like shit

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    52. Cringe Monkey

      Pause at 1:45 wtf is that nigga looking at

    53. Jack

      This is the equivalent of following through and then removeing your pants and seeing what santa has left you

    54. mike si4

      Is this a youngboy diss "we want everybody top"🧐🧐

    55. Kimberly Elise

      Durkio 🤎

    56. David Austin

      Nice Flow!!

    57. Roman Numeral

      U know gee was fredo close friend and von was durk close friend so they both lost there brother RIP gee and v.roy

    58. M Joxanny


    59. Clout Chaser

      I played this song to a fat kid he is still fat but he likes the song

      1. Peetwo


      2. Larson Prospecting

    60. Tomiwa Akinyemi


    61. Tomiwa Akinyemi


    62. Tomiwa Akinyemi


    63. Tomiwa Akinyemi


    64. Tomiwa Akinyemi


    65. No Trust Flow

      1. ÙÓ UMZW

    66. Cameron Woods

      Damn I seen SpotemGottem hot boi nle damn 😂😂😂

    67. Tyrese Anderson


    68. Tyrese Anderson


    69. Tyrese Anderson



      How is his hair standing tall like that ?

    71. Tyrese Anderson


    72. Tyrese Anderson


    73. Tyrese Anderson


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    75. DiscoMatty McNiceness

      Why the eff is this auto toned generic clown's video recommended for me to watch? It's horrible.

    76. Forever Grateful

      NBA young boy punching the air after listening to this. Rip GMoney💯

    77. Str8Snag -_-sng

      In gee we trust in von we trust

    78. Kevin Durant

      The enemy’s of the enemy and they showed von in da beginning you already know

    79. Vero Razo


      1. JayTheDawgLiftOff

    80. That1AnimeDubbed I_dubbed_Anime

      I found this in my recommended and this slaps

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    81. Vero Razo


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    82. Cor-J Cox

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    83. Fhxz Zay_23


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    84. Maliki smith

      durk snapped on me👹🌪

      1. JayTheDawgLiftOff

    85. Street Spiritual

      Lol Lil Top ( aka Youngboy)

      1. JayTheDawgLiftOff

    86. Yung BraidheadBreezy

      Okay but dis fire 🔥 rip von 😕

      1. JayTheDawgLiftOff

    87. Youa Glizzy gobbla

      Love the collaboration

      1. JayTheDawgLiftOff

    88. MBK_Avo

      In the name of gee 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🚀

      1. JayTheDawgLiftOff

    89. John Doe

      Rip gee he’d be proud fredo

    90. jie li

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    91. Gatlin Empire

      DJ Chose A Beast on this Beat!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

    92. DJ Shawty Swag


      1. JayTheDawgLiftOff

    93. DJ Shawty Swag

      Lit 🔥 AsF 🔥💯

    94. DJ Shawty Swag


    95. Deshawn Wilkins

      this shit fire ong

    96. DJ Shawty Swag

      Lit 🔥 AsF 🔥💯

    97. Kvng Huncho

      I got problems with some niggas bc I won’t be fake🤟🏾💙

    98. Master Mind

      Like comment 👍 or else.....🔫 😑

    99. Fred