[Full Album] NCT - The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.2


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    Track List:
    00:00 01 90’s Love
    03:34 02 Misfit
    07:10 03 Raise The Roof
    10:22 04 Volcano
    14:11 05 백열등(Light Bulb)
    18:10 06 Dancing In The Rain
    21:46 07 My Everything
    25:27 08 Interlude: Past to Present
    26:38 09 Make A Wish (Birthday Song)
    30:27 10 무대로(Déjà Vu;舞代路)
    33:55 11 月之迷(Nectar)
    37:14 12 Music, Dance
    41:10 13 피아노(Faded In My Last Song)
    44:46 14 From Home
    49:06 15 From Home (Korean Ver.)
    53:27 16 Make A Wish (BirthdaySong) (English Ver.)
    57:16 17 Interlude: Present to Future
    58:37 18 Work It
    01:01:33 19 단잠(All About You)
    01:05:07 20 I.O.U
    01:08:48 21 Outro: Dream Routine

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    1. bunniesandapples1829

      Hey HEY HEY HEY

    2. bunniesandapples1829


    3. Grace Anne Estrella

      We need MV for Nectar of WayV

      1. Johnny Suh

        yes we're simping for nectar and volcano mv haha

    4. Johnny Suh

      yangyang's vocal in iou is healing fite me

    5. raisinbran turtle

      this is an opus. they (not just nct but all their staff, composers, writers, etc.) worked on all of this in the middle of a pandemic. on top of practicing choreography, interacting with fans online, making video series, hosting music shows, etc. i'm not even saying nct is my ult group but the sheer productivity and distinct image they project is terrifying. i'm worried about them (taeyong especially), but also just shocked. most of them aren't much older than me.

    6. Amal's world

      💿' TRACKS: 01. 90s Love 02. Misfit 03. Raise The Roof 04. Volcano 05. Light Bulb 06. Dancing In The Rain 07. My Everything 08. Interlude : Past to Present 09. Make A Wish (Birthday Song) 10. Déjà Vu 11. Nectar 12. Music, Dance 13. Faded In My Last Song 14. From Home 15. From Home (Korean Ver.) 16. Make A Wish (Birthday Song) (English Ver.) 17. Interlude : Present to Future 18. Work it 19. All About You 20. I. O. U 21. Outro : Dream Routine

    7. Paola Chiappori

      Bellissime canzoni molto curate

    8. Shyuan XD

      Omggg "My Everything" is sooo nice T^T I'm crying...T^T

    9. Julieta Lovaglio

      40 Dislikes, JAJAJA, tontos, no saben lo que es arte.

    10. yoongies


    11. Kim Juwon

      This whole album is amazing! All songs are a bop! STAN NCT STAN TALENT!

    12. Hui Seng Lau

      0:00 01. 90's Love *Title 3:34 02. Misfit 7:10 03. Raise The Roof 10:22 04. Volcano 14:11 05. Light Bulb 18:10 06. Dancing In The Rain 21:46 07. My Everything 25:27 08. Interlude: Past to Present 26:38 09. Make A Wish (Birthday Song) 30:27 10. Deja Vu 33:55 11. Nectar 37:14 12. Music, Dance 41:10 13. Piano 44:46 14. From Home 49:06 15. From Home (Korean Ver.) 53:27 16. Make A Wish (Birthday Song) (English Ver.) 57:16 17. Interlude: Present to Future 58:37 18. Work It 1:01:37 19. All About You 1:05:07 20. I.O.U 1:08:48 21. Outro: Dream Routine

    13. exol forever kai stan

      Arab smtown stan

    14. Stefany Torres

      i lovve this album of nct, their music is very very cool

    15. nette movement

      although resonance is a mix of the songs i kinda wish it was in the CD :(

    16. mityeri hernández

      Make A Wish

    17. jaelyn frye

      just... bounce

    18. OH YOU ARE NANA ?

      i love all the songs but light bulb, dancing in the rain, and nectar is just **chef's kiss**

      1. Cakep Parat


    19. AishaKyes

      Only one song from each subunit other than NCT U huh

    20. Moe Sann

      Thank you for uploading this.

    21. fathona priska pramesti

      OMG, I'm stuck in my everything

    22. 11. Luh Gede Yunita Mas Aulia

      ye dpt iklan nct 2020

    23. shiro 3827

      Omg i like this Song... Hiks so powerfull


      NCT have no bad song

    25. SONAM PELZOM 201606


    26. kamolpan nooson


    27. mark's yogurt

      Ive been repeating this playlist for about 3-6 times

    28. mark's yogurt

      Thank you for this playlist!! NCT deserved it as the AOTY in AAA 2020!!

    29. Lynnie 1315

      This album is Great but SM better give DREAM a full album next year😐 NoMin only have 2 songs (excluding Deja Vu) in this album

    30. Johnny Suh


      1. Lee Taeyong

        @Johnny Suh oki :)

      2. Johnny Suh

        @Lee Taeyong yea :) anw wanna play among us with me tonight? taeil - hyung will join us too

      3. Lee Taeyong

        @Johnny Suh oh ok

      4. Johnny Suh

        @Lee Taeyong i- uh... b-because i think czennies will l-love it...

      5. Lee Taeyong

        @taeyong's febreze wht?

    31. *Sun Flower*


    32. ardie

      I don't know why they have to make it into two parts when part two is just a repackage or extended version of the first part.

      1. AirenL

        maybe pt2 is a repackage of pt1

      2. IHM

        @Vocal Legend Moon Taeil SM only made SUPERM for the money😭 and yet their album packaging for most of their groups is so cheap 😭I would know

      3. Vocal Legend Moon Taeil

        @IHM yes,they have to feed 23 members

      4. IHM



      AOTY 2020 ARTE!!!

    34. Chatise Smith

      why is the best track at the bottom D: And by that i mean I.O.U

      1. cyninshadows

        saving the best for last.

    35. Anisa Balqis Hadiana

      Thank you

    36. Johnny Suh

      the interlude : past to present give me chills idk why :"

    37. chunkybar


    38. helloctober 15

      I believe NCT Dream will have their 1st full album after 2020 project ajshfks

    39. sameena

      SM needs to rethink how many lines Jaemin gets because wtaf. He's literally in 2 title tracks and that's it (minus Deja Vu)

      1. AirenL

        Jeno also only in 2 tracks beside deja vu

      2. NewOldObsession

        @Hike Bake I remember seeing a performance with Lucas being sad or tired or something so people all thought he was exhausted but it could be bc he didn't get any lines in this album, who knows?

      3. H

        If you think about it lucas is one of the most popular members and is always getting lines so its kinda fair💀 plus he was in maw and that song blew up

      4. N Thapa

        @Hike Bake lucas is in 4songs in pt.1 tho compared to jaemin ,jeno and winwin in 3 songs overall

      5. Blue

        Judge winwin

    40. Krystal El

      light bulb really reminds me of old kpop . something like B.A.P idk why but I feel so old and im just fucking 20 .

      1. cherre c

        woa I can imagine B.A.P singing it

    41. anne luna

      I still can't believe that Resonance is the AOTY on AAA 2020. They deserved it!

      1. -김ᴊᴜʟɪᴀ


    42. babeh sheiart

      Dance in the rain? Super M?

      1. babeh sheiart

        @helloctober 15 oh i see, thanks

      2. helloctober 15

        No, SuperM's song is called I Can't Stand The Rain

    43. Sandy Cardoso


    44. Oneika Roper

      I really hope they do an MV for Nectar lol Thank you for uploading the full album with both pt 1 & 2 together! ❤

    45. cakka kind

      NCT U-Work It

      1. A Houseleft

        I was wondering where that is

    46. Yasmin Nurjanah

      all of the songs and how they put the tracklists in order is just *chef kisses*

    47. Jd Gonzaga


      1. Jd Gonzaga

        @수빈빵 its a *mouth pop* 😌 *BOP*

      2. 수빈빵

        bob? bob dylan?

    48. Tajauna Thompson

      Can someone please tell me how I can purchase this album . Also is there a pt1 ?

      1. katelynn s

        @Tajauna Thompson they do! but for me, theyre always out of stock in stores so i have to order online :(

      2. Tajauna Thompson

        Ok thanks didn't know Target would have it and yes I do have several near me

      3. katelynn s

        i also ordered my part one from target if you have a target near you

      4. cynamoon

        @Tajauna Thompson you're welcome!

      5. Tajauna Thompson

        Thank you so much

    49. 707

      Thank u, Unfortunately I am poor and I cannot buy it :')

    50. NCTzen WayZenni

      01: 90's Love: NCT U (Ten, WinWin, Mark, Jeno, Haechan, YangYang, SungChan) 02: Misfit: NCT U (Johnny, Taeyong, Mark, Hendery, Jeno, YangYang, SungChan) 03: Raise The Roof: NCT U (Taeil, Johnny, Yuta, Kun, Jungwoo, Hendery, RenJun, Chenle, Jisung) 04: Volcano: NCT U (Taeyong, Doyoung, Jaehyun, WinWin, Jungwoo, Lucas, Mark) 05: Light Bulb: NCT U (Taeyong, Kun, Doyoung, SungChan) 06: Dancing In The Rain: NCT U (Taeil, Johnny, Yuta, Kun, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, XiaoJun, Chenle) 07: My Everything: NCT U (Taeil, XiaoJun, RenJun) 08: Make A Wish: NCT U (Taeyong, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Lucas, XiaoJun, Jaemin, Shotaro) 09: Deja Vu: NCT Dream 10: Nectar: WayV 11: Music Dance: NCT 127 12: Faded In My last Song: NCT U (Taeil, Johnny, Yuta, Ten, Lucas, RenJun, Haechan, Jisung) 13: From Home: NCT U (Taeil, Yuta, Kun, Doyoung, RenJun, Haechan, Chenle) 14: From Home (Korean Ver.): NCT U (Taeil, Yuta, Kun, Doyoung, RenJun, Haechan, Chenle) 15: Make A Wish (English Ver.): NCT U (Taeyong, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Lucas, XiaoJun, Jaemin, Shotaro) 16. Work It: NCT U (Johnny, Yuta, Ten, Jungwoo, Hendery, Jaemin, Jisung) 17: All About You: NCT U (Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, Hendery, Shotaro, SungChan, Chenle, Jisung) 18: I.O.U: NCT U (Taeyong, Kun, Doyoung, YangYang, Shotaro, Chenle, Jisung)

      1. buttery bang chan

        This is so helpful

      2. NewOldObsession

        I hear Lucas's voice saying "sleeping" in Raise the Roof...am I mistaken?

      3. Kaylah Hasna

        Terniat hahahaha

      4. N Thapa

        @Heyyo Coco literally it seems many but it make sense like make a wish and from title track. can't imagine those songs without him. volcano he was part of boss so ofcourse this too. light bulb predebut song he did with ty and I.O.U he slayed that song too. music dance, he is part of it as he is nct 127 member

      5. Ariadna Esquivel

        @*Sun Flower* i know right? :') poor boi needs a rest

    51. Linh Bùi

      love u ;>>>

    52. Arwen 알왠

      this album is so amazing. thank u so much for uploading it! What's your favorite song?

      1. Sarah Godinez

        right this is the best!! and my favorite song is I.O.U or raise the roof:)

      2. Anca Tanasescu

        my fav is faded in my last song but also nectar and volcano...idk too many good songs!!!

      3. Lambii thedino

        too many favs all are bop but i love dancing in the rain

      4. BILLKIN


      5. abcdorry

        my fav is misfit. all songs on this album also really good tho.

    53. olga

      thank u!!