Full Face Using FROZEN Makeup Challenge 🥶

James Charles

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    HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to freeze every single product in my makeup routine! This makeup challenge was insanely fun to see which products still worked and which ones turned into ice cubes! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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    1. Finley Edwards

      james being a sister scientist at 10:30 tho

    2. gurleen Kaur

      Bruh moments for James pleas3

    3. Julia Gorsuch

      I live in Minnesota and there is snow and I like the wintertime

    4. Maheka

      It is boiling hot where i live Lucky James

    5. Maheka

      Poor James. Thank you for being so suportive PS. Theodore is soooooo cute im a dog lover

    6. Harshaa Goel

      putting cold stuff on hid face in a freezing weather.... Classic James

    7. Hilaria Monageng

      No there is no snow were I live. I live in Botswana 👎🙅❄️

    8. Rizza Eligio

      james:does it snow in your country? me:nope it doesn't !btw i live in pilippines!

    9. Britney Raquel

      my snow is water because i live next to bretman rock

    10. Loulwah Al Rghaib

      LIER LIER PANTS ON FIRE (•̀ᴗ•́)و

    11. miidnorth ୨୧

      “lhet it gHoiw”

    12. Loli Scolari

      No Australia

    13. Aidan Mc Mullin

      ofc all the products are going to be cold BTW im saying this hate commet to see if you will notice me James your my idol

    14. Wendy Ibarra


    15. Olivia Minich

      theres snow where i live and i HATE it

    16. Lama Queen Roblox

      🙂You are a boy or a girl, I do not understandBut you made his son’s video, you are a girl? Nor are you a crazy person, I don't understand anything from you

    17. lonely_. potatochip

      Its literally so hot you can curl your hair on a metal pipe here :(

    18. Nichole Delisio

      Hi James! I am a big fan and I have ur pallet! I live on a tiny island in the middle Pacific Ocean right next to the equator so no it does not snow here. Love you and hope u notice me❤️🙏🏼

    19. Wonder Ellie

      I come from England and it snows sometimes but not that much and I love it when it does

    20. Lori Blevins

      I do have snow but I live in tulsa oklahoma


      Why does it feel weird to put o- AM I DYING!?

    22. Tyri Solber løvdal

      Mix all your makeup and use it

    23. Ria

      Haii James I just wanted to say that when you put the eye shadow on I feel it would have look slightly better if you didn't put a thick line under ur eye. Also this is not hate just a comment love u ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    24. Tyri Solber løvdal

      I Think makeup says walking in a Winter Wonderland.

    25. Tyri Solber løvdal

      Hello cold sisters i am James Charles

    26. Tythya Chhom

      *sister location* James Charles:I should go there

    27. Sharon Sara Santhosh

      I'm from a place called Oman which is a desert, which means it doesn't snow here. I luv winter btw.

    28. Serena

      I live in Texas and there’s snow in winter

    29. T. H. Mostafa DIPU

      no james there is no snow in bangladesh but i really wanna see snow and i am from bangladesh

    30. Brandy Belt

      im from the colder part of Arizona so when it snows here it dumps

    31. Vishwa Rabari

      I am from India but in india it's not snow type weather but still winter is winter and Indian winters are not that horrible as your 😁so I enjoy them

    32. Ella Henson


    33. Annette Andrews

      I like that he puts on make-up and shows it he is so confident and so funny to

    34. doryanna aldava


    35. -anime For life-

      As a Canadian I have no struggles doing my makeup with frozen makeup

    36. Brynn Lamb

      Yea there is snow here where I live I’m in westerly and I love the snow

    37. Anushka Subramani

      This is one of the best vids he has posted! Amazing! James you’re absolutely amazing!

    38. Aashna

      How is this posted in Jan of this year feel like I've watched this in December of last year 😳

    39. Anushka Subramani

      I don’t know why I was smiling like an idiot all throughout the vid and when it reached 6 minutes I started laughing like crazy bruh

    40. Elise Reeves

      And can you give me a shout out tomorrow it’s my birthday

    41. Elise Reeves

      I love you sister’s

    42. Elise Reeves

      No but I live in St. Louis Missouri

    43. Cordilia Penny

      you sould do a heat one. plssssssssssss

    44. Queen of Long intros

      When it did end up snowing where I am it snowed alot, and once it finally ended we had around 2 to 4 feet of snow. And we had icicles that were around 4-5 feet tall.

    45. Alexa Galvan

      In my city it snows like once a year im in el paso texas

    46. Natassia Stewart 8*4

      Do you wanna swim in sand on a sunny beach ????

    47. Keira Avery-McGillvray

      i live in canada so there is SOOO MUCH snow

    48. Dulce Mejia Rico

      im from texas and strangely we got snow

    49. rainbow magical land

      I am from indo

    50. Cari Jackson

      I live were there is snow and I live in Wisconsin and I love all of the seasons

    51. Cora Buchholz

      6:20 loads of snow in north dakota

    52. stacy hakim

      (1 minute in) Me: I don't think this is a good idea

    53. Ximena Garcia

      But don’t get married

    54. Anais Barr

      Im from colorado in the summer itsnows. in the winter its iceicles faling from the sky. obv someone angered colorado... james: am i dying?! me: no honey ur experienceing brain freeze

    55. Hange Zoe

      love winter

    56. Charlotte Friske

      The blush you have my mum has it

    57. Color Gaming

      I don't live in a snow place I live in Cal but my grandpa and grandma that both past they lived in Sun Valley Idaho where there Is a lot of snow and me and my family go there once a year for a week and we sky there and it really fun!

      1. Color Gaming

        I love skying!!

    58. Gabriel Downton

      yes I have snow and I like it

    59. Doing stuff With Tay

      James Charles you are the best influencer in the world and if anyone cannot see that they have no brain

    60. Emma Viviers

      I live in Florida and no we do not get snow

    61. Michyu Gacha

      Where I live there Is snow all the time an like 12 inches so If we don't shovel then we are screwed And I love the winter because of the cold I rather be cold than hot lol

    62. Nevaeh Poston


    63. Hermione Simran Laltoo

      Trinidad Tropical Caribbean 🆒🎶😜🤪🥺😎😎😎😎 Good Vibes Only~ UwU

    64. Natsumi Addachi

      8:45 asmr moment

    65. Crispy Browne

      No snow for me i live in Australia

    66. Sam Markus

      it never snows I live in Louisiana I love winter:)

    67. Maggie Fluffy

      James really broke his mascara trying to make a video


      Hello And Wow

    69. nukienari Winters

      Why did he say ✨dE-tHaW✨ (DE???)

    70. Luna Lancon

      snow? whats snow? I don't have one of those sorry, but if you like i can tell you how cold it was for a week once, it was below freezing for a week

    71. Elise Peters

      there is so much snow in Iowa. im originally from Kansas which didnt have much snow but now there is so much and I hate it

    72. Elena Guillen

      Well I live in Texas and we had got snow last week and it was amazing but horrible because like Texans can’t survive and day even inside with snow but I have lived in Michigan and yeah

    73. xxxLucyxxx xxxCookiexxx

      No. I live in Florida. :^

    74. Sloth girl

      I hate the cold and I live in tx

    75. Lanie LaBoissiere

      You lived near me in New York

    76. Lanie LaBoissiere

      Yess New York and yesss I love the snow

    77. Advika Ajeeth Nair

      Yea I live in Chicago and we get like 24 in of snow sometimes

    78. LoL joke

      I was born in LA

    79. Moe

      👁👄👁 ❤👄❤

    80. Lerke Klett

      I’m from Denmark and we don’t have snow, but if we have there can be years between the snow time. But my mom is from Norway so we are there in 2 weeks every year in the winter and I love it❤️

    81. hannah zog

      jams pls can i have the jams palat pls

    82. *Tulip’s Tears*

      *chilly mo willy in the sister studio*

    83. Itsss Polly

      We don’t have any snow in tennesse

    84. Fairy tail girl

      That is so pretty I whatch your videos a lot

    85. Linda Stephenson

      James: Where are you from? Me: The Rockies, Colorado specifically

    86. Maitha Almatrooshi

      We don’t have snow because I live in the U.A.E which Is Dubai 🇦🇪 and Dubai is very hot like so 🔥🔥

    87. Britney Colonna

      Did any one see the alcohol in the freezer

    88. Arianna Nicole

      There's snow where I live cuz I'm in NY

    89. I am stupid UwU

      Hi Read more

    90. Sheefa Naimullah

      James looks like a vampire with the foundation

    91. Chelsea Neal

      I’m from Lower Lake it never snows lol

    92. Gacha._ .weeb.

      We do actually do have snow but it wasnt cold enough to do anything 😭

    93. Fabiola López

      No i am from Puerto Rico

    94. Gabriele Mikstaite

      im from Lithuania and there was ALOT i mean ALOT snow and loving it and my friend hates it bc u now wan theres ice on the outside floors? And she ALLWAYS falls on her but

    95. Sarah Kennedy

      where I live, there is so much snow rn lol, its not the best but its not the worst, and I live in New Jersey!!!! :D Please notice me :3

    96. Mia Longoria

      As I’m eating ice cream😭

    97. Lyrik Song

      New Jersey, yes there is snow but I love it and at the same time I don't love it.

    98. Adyson Jordan

      Yes there is snow where l live and l love the winter time

    99. JOEY Mattingly

      Yes and no I hate it in edgington Illinois

    100. sana akthar

      the winter outfit is so adorbs loving it and here in the uk you barely get snow only when it is freezzing like know